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How to Use Your 30 Minute Call with Jerry?

  • Get help solving a challenging problem in your business online! With nearly 8 years as an entrepreneur on the internet including 7 full time self-employed, you can depend on Jerry’s experience to help you make more sales, avoid costly mistakes, and find the best opportunities! If you are teaching on Udemy, Skillshare, Teachable, Thinkific, or Kajabi, you will find Jerry’s experience extremely helpful to sell more of your online courses!
  • Are you hoping to start a side business or become full time self-employed? Jerry has helped friends and followers start from zero and work to $10,000+ a month online based on his experience earning over a million dollars online since 2011 including making money 100+ different ways. You can use your 1 on 1 call to get ideas on what to focus on and let go of to make space for your new venture!
  • Discuss a personal problem that is limiting your achievement in life such as addiction, anger, fear, shame, and jealously. With a past colorful enough to write two books about (Officer Banfield and Speaker Meeting 2017), Jerry now has 6 years married, 5 years sober, 4 years parenting, 3 years on a whole plant based diet, a weight loss journey of over 70 pounds, and hundreds self-help and spiritual books completed. You can trust Jerry to help you transform anything negative in life into gold that you can use to help others starting in the first call!
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Limits on free calls with Jerry Banfield?

  • To help everyone have a chance to speak with Jerry, we ask for a maximum of 1 free call per person lifetime. You can schedule additional calls at
  • You can schedule a call in any free slot available on the calendar above. If you do not see one, know that 1 slot is available per day, 7 days a week with a maximum of 7 days in advance to book a free call. You can check back another time to see if a slot has opened!
  • All calls will be conducted with using the link you receive after schedule! We ask that you please prepare your audio and video beforehand to make the most of the 30 minutes! While the option is available to do a call without a video, we recommend video for the highest quality experience! To help us share the best of our call together, we invite you to allow the call to be recorded with the option to delete the recording afterwards!

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