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Video Classes

Watching video classes is my new favorite way to learn online while teaching video classes is where I have made the majority of my income online! In 2017, I started making music with no previous experience by just watching video classes and then trying to make songs immediately afterwards with what I learned. As a student, video classes are powerful for learning valuable skills rapidly which is why I try to watch some music classes every day now. Will you try watching one of my classes each day because you might enjoy the same experience?

  1. Best Facebook Marketing and Advertising Class for 2017!
  2. Cryptocurrency Investment and Retirement Planning with Bitcoin/Altcoins on Poloniex and Bitfinex!
  3. Bitcoin Trading Basics with Poloniex.
  4. How I Buy Bitcoin at 101% and Sell at 111%! 
  5. Email Marketing with Udemy, Thinkific, MailChimp, LeadPages, Facebook Ads, and Google AdWords!
  6. Podcast and Vlog Live on YouTube, Facebook, and iTunes with Wirecast and Buzzsprout!
  7. The Complete Google AdWords Course: Beginner to Advanced!
  8. My Google AdWords Story.
  9. Form A Freelance Business Online Today!
  10. 100 Ways I Made Money Online!
  11. YouTube Partner Program Secrets.
  12. Best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategies for 2017!
  13. Shortcut Deadmau5 Teaches Electronic Music Production Masterclass!
  14. Shortcut Option B by Sheryl Sandberg and Adam Grant.
  15. Wirecast 7 for Live Streaming and Recording Videos on YouTube and Facebook!
  16. Self-Publish Books on Amazon Kindle and CreateSpace Today!
  17. Audio Book Publishing on Audible with ACX!
  18. Speaker Meeting 2017.
  19. The 7 Basics of a Beautiful Business Learned with 7 Pailful Failures as an Entrepreneur Online!
  20. QuickBooks Self-Employed Basics for Business Owners Online! 
  21. Employed. 
  22. Twitter Marketing in 2017 with ManageFlitter for Following + Unfollowing + Scheduling Tweets!
  23. Amazon Prime Publishing with Video Direct!?coupon=jbfree
  24. I Love Designing Shirts on Canva and PhotoShop to Sell on Redbubble + CafePress + TeeSpring!
  25. Genius in 21 Days!
  26. My 4 Hour Workday.
  27. YouTube Ads with Google AdWords for Video!
  28. INSTAGRAM! What did I learn getting 18,000 followers? 
  29. Make More and Work Less! Time Management and Productivity Skills!
  30. 2016 Complete Online Teaching Business Setup!
  31. The Complete Fiverr Course: Beginner to Top Rated Seller!
  32. The Complete YouTube Course: Make Viral Videos and Rank #1 on YouTube.

9 Audio Books

Listening to audio books on Audible has been my favorite way to learn since 2011 when I signed up as an Audible gold member. I love listening while driving, exercising, relaxing, and especially when I am sick in bed or on the couch. If you are new to Audible and buy one of my books first, Audible will give me a $50 bounty as their way of saying thank you. Would you try buying one of my audio books on Audible today? Speaker Meeting 2017 is my autobiography and I think the one you might enjoy listening to the most!

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Inspirational Monologues by Jerry Banfield

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Each day I now record an inspirational monologue for my podcast available for you free on iTunes, Google Play, and Stitcher. If you are in recovery, parenting a child, building a business online, trying to be a better partner, and hoping to make a difference in this life, I think you will enjoy listening to an episode of my podcast daily!

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Visit to schedule your call with me today!  How have others benefited from this before you?  One of my coaching clients Gilles Brideau hired me just before launching his business online after watching many of my videos on YouTube.  Instead of hiring a company to build his website for thousands of dollars, he followed my suggestion to hire a freelancer on Upwork for a few hundred which saved him enough to pay for my coaching for a year.  While most new online businesses have little to show for their first few months online, Gilles started a YouTube channel after his first session with me and now has 60+ videos which provide a strong foundation both for new and existing clients.  When you collaborate with me to grow your business the way Gilles has, I hope to help you as I am helping him!