#1 Search Engine Optimization Ranking Factor We Can Control

What’s the number one factor we can control on our search engine ranking?

I wish I had known this earlier. And what I’ll do is explain how it works.

I worked with a guy recently to optimize my website, and I was the first question he asked is, which web host do you use?

Watch this video on YouTube.

Let me help you understand why this is important how this works, and I’ll provide my recommendation on hosting.

The number one factor we can control on our website for SEO is the hosting.

Here’s how it works. When we’ve got articles on our website, like on our blog, for example, you see how fast my website loads, I just click on something and it loads right away, even though there’s a whole bunch of stuff on it.

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This is a huge factor in search engine ranking. Because here’s how Google works. Google works based a lot on click through and click back what users do after they find your website.

When a user finds your website, clicks on it, and then your page loads really slow, the user often will click back immediately. And that’s a huge sign that you the user had a negative experience, and therefore you don’t have a good website.

I never saw this mentioned for some reason, when I was learning, SEO and all this stuff I read and what I see is a lot of people have web hosts that really suck.

When you have a web host that sucks. Here’s what happens. When someone finally finds your website. After all the work you’ve done for they click on it, it takes forever to load. And then here’s what happens. They click back and Google says oh, this website sucks. We’re going to put this farther down in search, you work really hard, you bump up and then the first person that clicks it ends up putting it down in search results.

Your website host has a huge impact. And there’s an even bigger point to this, that you might not think of, What happens when your website does finally hit that search term? -you’ve been working so hard, you’ve been optimizing, you come up on the search term- What happens when you start getting a lot of traffic? Here’s what sneaky a lot of web hosts will work pretty good if you have hardly any traffic. And I experienced this the real hard way on a very popular hosting provider.

As long as I didn’t have that much traffic on my website, it loaded, good. But when I started getting hundreds of people a day, coming to my website, then it started to load slower and slower. Even though I had a plan that should have been able to handle it, my website kept loading slower and slower where the page load time was taking over a second.

I ranked on all these different search terms, and then what happens, my website slows down, then I lose my ranking on all those different search terms.

As people come to the website and load slow day back out. And that’s exactly what happened.

I got so mad at my hosting provider. I’m like, this is BS, it should be able to handle this web traffic. They gave me a bunch of BS.

Here’s what I did.

I went searching and I said, Where can I find a web hosting provider that can handle any amount of traffic? And not just have a little server in a server room somewhere. But if I go viral can handle a million page visits. In one day.

I saw an entrepreneur, he worked really hard to get his website up, he got something viral and his website crashed. And guess what he loses all and then when his website crashed, people flag this post on Facebook, because when they’re clicking on it, it’s going to a broken website, his post got flagged, and then it gets removed from Facebook.

So as soon as he goes viral, his website crashes, screws everything up, he loses all of it because he was on a crappy hosting provider.

What you need is a hosting provider that can handle your traffic increasing effortlessly and will only bill you for additional traffic, almost all of the standard hosting providers have the same common flaw.

If your website traffic consistently goes up, it will it will ruin your SEO, as your traffic goes up. As soon as you get to a pain point where your shared server, or your virtual server, or your dedicated server is not fast enough to handle the traffic, it’ll suddenly you won’t even notice it’ll suddenly kill your search engine ranking. And your hosting provider will stand there. Like what we didn’t do anything. And you won’t even know it. But I’ve learned this the hard way, which is why I’ve told you about it.

What you need is a cloud-based web hosting provider.

This is how you use something like Amazon Web Services, something on the Google Cloud, you need a cloud-based web hosting provider.

If you deal with someone who really knows about SEO ranking websites high, that should be one of your key questions if they don’t have any knowledge or if they’re using some of these standard hosting providers that have these crappy virtual servers, shared servers or even a dedicated server that costs a fortune. But still, if you break the server in terms of how much you use it, your website will crash you lose all your organic search ranking.

If you work with someone who doesn’t know about the huge value of cloud based hosting, then, you know not to work with them.

What I did is I went and looked for this myself, because I remember using cloud based hosting when I used Google Sites, when I first started my business, the content management system was a nightmare. But Google Sites itself had the backbone, Google hosting it, my site was super fast all the time.

And thus, my website now just rips even though I’ve got a ton of things on it. And the only thing that’s holding my website down at all is that I just have a ton of blog posts, I have a ton of images on it, my website can take a obscene amount of page traffic every day. And it will not crash.

Why? Because I have it hosted on the Google Cloud.

There’s one key limitation with this, you can -if you’re technical enough- you can put your own WordPress website directly on the Google Cloud, I imagine you can do it on Amazon Web Services or something else. But if you’re not technical, what I discovered is that companies are out there to be the middleman to get your website with WordPress and other distributions on a cloud based hosting solution. And then all you need to do is pay them for it.

What I use, I use Kinsta for this. And I probably should have pumped this earlier in the video to earn my max affiliate income. But my primary cares for you to understand why this is so important, based on my experience with using all these other hosting providers and learning the really hard way about how bad it is to be on have a regular hosting provider that you grow out of. And you lose a ton of your SEO as you grow out of it.

If you’d like to sign up for Kinsta, will you please use the link on the sidebar on any page of JerryBanfield.com it looks just like this Kinsta web hosting, I get 20% of whatever you pay for which I’m extremely grateful for.

I found Kinsta before they had any affiliate plan. Because I was looking for Google Cloud managed WordPress.

This is what’s awesome, it’s fully managed, and it’s on the Google Cloud Platform.

This is the key thing. If you really want that infinitely scalable hosting, you need to be on something like the Google Cloud Platform.

That’s why big websites almost always use something like Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform or some cloud based hosting. Meanwhile, almost all entrepreneurs use some crappy virtual servers shared server or a dedicated server that easily can be wiped out.

So you now know better, Kinsta is awesome, because there’s lots of big websites that use Kinsta.

Kinsta has it set up like this:

It starts at $30 a month one WordPress install 20,000 visits, five gigabytesof space. But here’s what’s cool with Kinsta. If your virtual server says 20,000 visits and you go over that it will simply slow you down Is what usually happens or even if you don’t go over it, if you use too much of your server, it will just slow everyone down and screw your SEO over.

On Kinsta, if you go over, they will bill you more.

This is ideal because you want to be able to handle the days where you go viral.

Right now I’m on a $200 a month plan, I get over 3 million visits on my website and what’s awesome is if my website goes viral and 10 million people come to JerryBanfield.com and one day, I’ll just get a bigger bill for it. It might be like $1,000 or something. But I’ll I won’t lose all that search ranking position, I won’t miss out on all that traffic I’ve worked so hard for.

Kinsta gives you the Google Cloud Platform hosting directly on WordPress, which is the number one content management system, it’s a really good thing you can do for your search engine optimization is to be on a cloud-based web host.

My intention is to explain this to you so you really understand it because I know the pain of switching web host. I’ve switched so many times with Kinsta, finally, I don’t need to switch web host anymore.

I am on Kinsta indefinitely, when my website starts getting 10,000 visitors a day. I’ll just have a bigger bill on Insta and it’s infinitely scalable can stick and handle my website up

As you can see, there’s huge clients on here like into it, Buffer, FreshBooks, GE, these are sites that have a ton of traffic and if you look at all the plans on here, you can get on a huge plan with Kinsta you can have millions of visits. If you scroll over here. It just is infinitely scalable.

For example, there’s Enterprise 4, I could have 3 million visits a month on Enterprise 4 and, if I got 10 million visits, I just get a bigger bill.

I’ve repeated myself too much now and I still don’t want to do it anymore. My green screen just busted.

Thank you for learning about the number one controllable SEO ranking factor. That is your website hosting.

I love you. You’re awesome,
Jerry Banfield