$100 A Day on Skillshare Premium Referrals

Are you ready to start making $100 per day referring people to SkillShare? If so, you found the right place.

I’m Jerry Banfield, and I’m grateful I’ve made over $13,000 referring people to SkillShare and I will share with you in this video the best of what I’ve learned that works to make Skillshare referrals and help you I will give you very valuable tools in this video that you can use to make referrals the same way I’m making them.

And you can even do a better job than I am doing.

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What is Skillshare?

I’ll give you an overview of SkillShare this is what it looks like when you use the referral link.

I recommend if you you want to make referrals to SkillShare yourself, go through and sign up through my referral link or anyone else’s referral link. This gives you the ability to help someone else earn first and then you understand the value clearly. In fact, I don’t think you will even earn $100 a day. If you don’t go through and use someone else’s link.

The number one mistake I see in affiliate marketing referral marketing is a refusal to actually buy the product or use it yourself. It’s a total waste of time. Do not even bother with this if you’re not willing to sign up for SkillShare.

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The first suggestion I have is actually sign up and use SkillShare yourself then you will see it uniquely how you can make the most referrals, this is a critical step and I did this myself naturally.

I signed up and I’ve been a SkillShare premium member for years now and that’s how it’s easy for me to refer other people. If you’re new to this, SkillShare is an online course platform where you can watch 30.000+ courses all in one place.

Many of these courses are also on Udemy meaning it costs us probably about $300,000 to buy the same amount of access to courses on Udemy or you can get them on SkillShare with a monthly subscription.

What I do is I also teach on SkillShare thus I share my link, people then watch my course and I earn more money. SkillShare premium costs $15 a month or it costs $99 build once a year and that’s the plan I have.

If you want to make $100 a day referring people to SkillShare, you certainly ought to be comfortable dropping $99 so that you’ve got yearly access. This is where you get into seeing how good of a deal this is.

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Once you look around and browse the classes on SkillShare, then you’ve got unique opportunities for example, you could make a list of courses that are on both SkillShare and Udemy put that list out and I bet you can make $100 a day doing a good job making that list.

I doubt someone has went through and done the research to do that yet you make a good list like that and start telling people about it then that you will start saving people a lot of money as they google a Udemy course they find out from your page that it’s also on SkillShare and then the guests what they go use your referral link to SkillShare.

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If you need a pitch for it. It’s like Netflix or Hulu for education. You pay one fee, you can watch all the courses.

If you’re wondering, what kinds of courses do they have on SkillShare, you can just browse around really quick. There’s a lot of courses on SkillShare, you can just click and browse around before you sign up. Look at some of the courses, you can see all the different animation classes, for example, you can go to business classes, you can look around and see that there’s a lot of courses on SkillShare, it’s a very good way to learn online, I’ve watched lots of courses.

What I like on SkillShare versus Udemy is I don’t have to decide whether to buy a course or not. I can just start watching. And if I don’t like it, it doesn’t cost me anything. That’s really nice about SkillShare.

When you know that, you know that people buying Udemy courses are very easy potential referrals. This is how I’ve set up my system.

I will show you the system, I’m using it to make the most referrals, I have a page at JerryBanfield.com/freecourses this is what’s worked the best for me over the last several years.

I have a freelancer who goes through and makes a list of new Udemy coupons every day, goes through and checks every Udemy coupon on this list to make sure it’s valid, and then adds new ones on here.

On this free coupon page, I’ve got links to all these Udemy courses. So I know these are people interested in taking online courses and then I just have a little line in here that says take 30,000 courses free for two months on SkillShare with the link and help us earn $10 when you sign up.


As soon as I started this page off without that as soon as I stuck this link in here, there’s hundreds if not thousands of people a day coming to this page. I’m converting referrals every single day using my referral link and it came in instantly.

Now, how do I promote this page? What I have done to promote this page is I put videos up on my YouTube channel, up on my Facebook page and I’ll show you over here I just made a new video called Take Udemy courses free every day with lifetime access.

I’m grateful within the first few days of release has gotten 1500 views for free, a lot of likes on the video. This video then is going out all over on YouTube.

But for every one view, there’s probably at least 10 people that see the video without clicking on it and then that’s getting people back to this free coupon page who then are converting through to SkillShare.

I’ve done a few other posts like this in the past to this free coupons page. I’ve had different ways of promoting SkillShare on it but I’ve consistently put SkillShare on this free Udemy coupon page and that has worked for years now to bring in new referrals.

When it hasn’t worked as when I’ve lowered the quality of the free coupon page, when the coupons got expired and I didn’t pay attention to it, then the referral stopped coming in.


That’s one way. I’ve reffer people to SkillShare successfully. If you’re wondering how you can get people to visit a page like this and where you get the free coupons, I’ll give you a really easy tip.

You can take the coupons directly off of my page.

Yes, I have someone I’m paying to find new coupons and keep this up to date, you can literally go to my page, scrape the coupons directly off of my page, put them on to your own page, and put your own SkillShare referral link there instead of mine and then you could use something if you wanted to like Google AdWords or make your own YouTube video and send people straight to your page instead of mine.

That way you get SkillShare referrals instead of me, this is one thing you could do if you wanted to set this up.

Another thing that I’ve done that’s worked well for this is,

I’ve made YouTube videos where I do a free preview of a course and then you can take the full course on SkillShare,

…although with my own platform Uthena I’ve also stopped promoting SkillShare and if given you probably don’t have your own learning management system, this is a good system you can do as well.

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For example, I put out a video where I do the beginning of the course, I say you can take the complete course on SkillShare and then I have a referral link that lands on a page like I gave you here before, except the difference is it goes to a specific course, instead of just a generic Jerry Banfield profile page, it’ll go into a course.

When students sign up, if they ever convert to premium, you get the $10 at that point, which means you might not see instant results. But the more people who sign up for SkillShare and eventually convert to premium you can definitely be working to $100 a day doing that.

You also can get links inside other courses on SkillShare.

If you find a course you are loving and enjoying on skill share, you can actually grab a link to share the course and you can make a referral that way. For example, if you love my courses on SkillShare, you can recommend another course directly. When a student takes that course, you can get $10 for signing up that way.

Therefore you have 30,000+ courses you can recommend.

One strategy you can do for this, if you have a Facebook group, you can share it in your Facebook group.

I’ve got a Facebook group here for making money online and learning to work from home as I do, I can share a SkillShare referral link in here anytime I want to you can also use your personal profile.

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You can talk on your personal profile every day Facebook about how valuable learning is what you’re learning and then you could either put a SkillShare link directly in your post, or you alternatively could make people message you for more details and then guarantee a sign up that way when you’re using your affiliate link.

I imagine when you combine all these methods together you have a very good chance of getting to $100 dollars per day earning on SkillShare. One thing I want to make sure you know ahead of time is do not try and manipulate or mess with the SkillShare referral system either SkillShare has easily controlled for things like having a fraudulent activity through the SkillShare referral link I talked to a guy who had his account banned from referrals.

$100 A Day on Skillshare

I don’t recommend trying to do anything up not legit with the SkillShare referral program and order to earn your signups which is why just put the links out there like I’ve shown you and help people discover the value SkillShare offers as a student and you have a very good chance to earn $100 per day on SkillShare.

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I appreciate you reading this post on how to make $100 a day referring people to SkillShare. I appreciate you being one of the elite to read all the way to the end of this post.

I love you! You’re awesome and I will see you on the next video shortly.

Jerry Banfield