$10,000 A Day on YouTube?

Would you like to learn how to make $10,000 a day on YouTube because Jerry Banfield is sharing in this post the exact system he is using in his online business?

$10,000 A Day on YouTube?

The video you’re about to watch is a free preview lecture from my complete YouTube course available at https://uthena.com/courses/youtube.

$10,000 A Day on YouTube?

Thank you very much for being here, I hope you love and enjoy this blog post and the video.

Are you ready to make $10,000 a day on YouTube?

I am so excited to share the exact system I’m using to make this a reality. The story of how we got here, I’ve made millions of dollars using this system and I’m so excited to share the details of it here with you.

All you need to run this system is the following, a YouTube channel, a website where you can sell online courses and Google ads. You can start from zero and scale this thing up to make it work.

$10,000 A Day on YouTube?

All you need to make this a reality is 34 sales a day on $297 courses to make $10,000 a day.

Now at first, that might seem a bit intimidating until I show you all the details of how to set this up.

You can also use things like sponsored videos and coaching to reduce the number of courses you need to sell and to provide some additional income opportunities.

All I see is necessary to generate this many sales a day based on I’ve spent over $300,000 on online ads, 20 million ads a day for 100,000 views. That’s enough to drive 34 sales as long as you’re making good quality videos and courses and landing pages.

$5,000 A Day in ad spend

That’s all you need and this costs about $5,000 a day.

Now, as I said, you don’t start this from immediately $5,000 a day, you start at wherever you’re at and scale up to it, and this is where I’m aiming to get to.

When I can spend $5,000 a day in ads on YouTube, I imagine I’ll make $10,000 or more a day in sales.

Now, here’s exactly how to get started with this.

I’ll give all the details that you can use to build this system up yourself, and I’ll share my story after as to how we got here and how much I’ve tested this already, so you can get the information that’s most critical upfront.

All you need to do based on what I’ve already done and what I’m doing is make two videos a day for online courses.

In order to do that, you need a studio set up like I’ve got where you can make videos that are of good quality very quickly, which is what I’ve got, and making this video will only take me about 10 or 20 minutes beforehand to prepare a little presentation in Canva, and then almost no time at all afterwards.

Jerry Banfield's studio

I just hit the record button on my studio over here and I upload the video to my classes and if I want to put it on YouTube, render it and put it on YouTube.

The second key thing is you put two videos a day in the online classes. Then, you upload one of those a day to YouTube as a free preview, exactly as I’m doing here, putting this in my online YouTube course, and then I’m putting annotations around the video and an outro to sell the course in the end of it, and that’s how you do the whole system by then advertising every single video.

That way, every single video is a lead magnet, a potential avenue to generate sales. Every single video can potentially make a sale, if not a lot of sales, and you refine the ad, you set up conversion tracking and you see which videos are doing the best to sell the courses and you can funnel the ad budget into the videos that are proving to be the biggest winners.

You just simply need to then repeat this every single day for a year, and that’s exactly what I’m doing, exactly what worked for me before and exactly what I’m doing now and I’m so excited to share the results of this with you on my YouTube channel, on my online courses as I go along.

Here’s what you need to start from $0, with a website. That’s the main thing you need to begin because you’re going to direct everybody to your website.

Start from $0 with a website

Now, I don’t mean some squeeze page or a one-page website. You need a real website to make this work.

For example, let me show you my website Jerrybanfield.com and look, I’m doing exactly what I’m saying. I’ve got courses up for $297 and they’re on all the topics related to what I’m talking about.

I’ve got a blog on my website with thousands of posts on it. My page loads fast, and all of these posts are taken from transcripts that are edited into blog posts just like this one.

I didn’t write this post.


This is from a video course that I am grateful a freelancer, Michel Gerard, edits from transcriptions and makes a blog post for me, and every single one of these can go out there and make sales every day automatically indefinitely for free.

The blog also builds trust. When you come to my website and you look at my courses and you see my blog, and then you go look around and see the courses, it builds trust and the first key thing you need to make this a reality is a website, and if you’ve got none of this setup today, simply buying a domain is a concrete step towards doing that.

I recommend something like yourname.com that you can use forever because once you get this set up, you want to be able to change what you’re doing. You might get this going and be making $10,000 a day and decide, “Well, now I want to make music or play video games.”

You always want people to be able to go to your exact same website for the rest of your life. I’ve got all the details figured out.

You might think, “Well, okay, anyone can buy a domain, but how do I host it?”

I got all that figured out.

Check out my resources page at Jerrybanfield.com/resources/, I already did all the work over the years to figure this out for you.


You get your website and I recommend to use a WordPress website, that’s what I use, to give you full flexibility and to sell these courses for the lowest cost, and to have everything in one spot, and for that, I recommend you use Kinsta to host your website because it’s $30 a month, it’s really fast and it’s instantly scalable.

When you suddenly start pushing off 100,000 people a day to your website, you’d probably work up to that, Kinsta can handle that. Your web hosting costs would go up a bit, but it can handle it and it’s ready to keep your website running super fast, and if you use my link, then I can get a percentage of the sale.

Hey, you see what I did there?

That’s affiliate marketing.

That is another way you help build up your income with this exact strategy. If you’re not up for figuring out how to make a WordPress website, I’ve got an entire course showing you exactly how to do it. If you want something more simple, you can use Thinkific and here’s an example of a website with Thinkific.


If you want to set something like this up, which is on Uthena.com, and is my Private Label Rights marketplace website I built up, it’s very easy if you just want to do video courses and you don’t care about a blog.

If you want it to be super easy, you can put all this up with Thinkific, and again, I’ve got a link here that will give you a free month using Thinkific and help me earn as an affiliate.

Then, once you’ve got your website up, which is not that hard to do, I’ve got a total course on how to set it up, and setting things up on Thinkific is very straightforward.

You just upload the videos on the course, write the description, put an image and publish a course, design your landing page, and you’ve got your course ready to sell.

Once you’ve got that up, then you need to set up your studio.

I’ve got exactly how to set up your studio like I’ve got it.

You don’t need to research for years, test out different microphones. I’ve got the exact studio set up you can use to get this done. Again, on my resources page, scroll down to my live streaming studio and equipment.

You click on “View equipment” on Amazon and I’ve got an exact link of what I use. I’ve got the exact microphone, the Scarlet 2i2. You can get the mic holder, you can get fancy with an Elgato Stream Deck if you want to.

Video equipment

I’ve got the exact camera I use right here and I’ve got the capture card. I’ve got a mic that you can use for blogging and a camera you can use if you want to go out, and I have the exact computer.

Now that said, you don’t need to use the exact same equipment I do in order to make this and you might say, “Whoa Jerry, that camera’s $1,299 and that microphone is $449, and the Scarlet 2i2 that’s $200. Jerry, that’s expensive.”

How much money do you want to make a month?

Do you want to make $10,000 a day?

If you want to make $10,000 a day, you need some good equipment. However, it doesn’t make sense to get super aggressive as I’ve learned from experience.

There are ways you can start this out that are a lot cheaper. For example, you can just get a Blue Yeti mic. This is a great quality microphone for $102 you can start out with this, and then the other thing you need is a Logitech C930e.

$10,000 A Day on YouTube?

You grab this camera plus that microphone and now it’s $200.

You get a great camera and a great microphone for $200.

You’ve got that and you are ready.

All you need is your live streaming software, OBS like I use to record videos is free. If you want to make videos for the lowest costs, you use OBS, record it live just like I’m doing.

OBS Studio right here.

OBS Studio

Download that on Windows, Mac or Linux.

Then, use that camera I just showed you and the microphone for under $200, and you can get started making beautiful looking videos just like I am.

You can also go on Amazon and buy a pull-up green screen. Grab one of these, stick it behind you. You can have the nice chroma key effect like I’ve got, use OBS, and for about $300 you can make videos that look pretty close to how mine look and you are all set.

$10,000 A Day on YouTube?

You’ve got your studio, you got your website, now you start pumping out online courses.

The very first thing, if you don’t have a course yet, you can teach how you just set up your studio and you just built your website, easy course to start with, “How I just built my website.”

The next step, once you start learning Google ads. I’ve got lots of lectures on Google ads in my YouTube course and I will also be making a dedicated Google ads course on my website soon.

But for now, my YouTube course has hours of videos showing exactly how to do Google ads.

Next course you can make, after you’ve made a course showing how to set your studio up and build your website, and host online courses, then you can make a course about how to do Google ads.

You simply document when you start doing Google ads for your YouTube videos, document the process, show what you do, when you start making money, you’ve got a great course, there’s your second course, then you can go teach more courses from there.

How do I know all this and how do we get here?

Let me tell you my story and success tips because a big part of what you’re getting is who do you listen to?

If you’re listening to someone who doesn’t have any good results, that can make things difficult. The key thing to begin with this is why.

Why do I want to make $10,000 a day on YouTube?

Because I want to help you. I want you to have the best chance for success having the same lifestyle I do. I’m at home right now in my backyard making this video, and this is awesome.

I’ve seen my wife and my kids all day, I don’t have to go to an office. I don’t have to wake up to an alarm. I have a wonderful life today where I have practically unlimited learning and creative potential.

I don’t have a boss.

It’s awesome.

There is enough space and technology, and people in the world for a lot of us, if not all of us, to be living this way.

I’ve got a positive message to share of love, hope, and faith. I intend to do that on the best scale to the most people with the highest effect that I can. When you get into your why, that carries you through all of the other details.

I want to help you. I love helping you. I love empowering you. I love seeing how many people are having their own business online. I feel like I did that somehow because I’ve been educating people for so many years.

I’m proud to see people who were once my students barely making any money online, learn from me and now they’re millionaires and building a huge following, telling people how to do things that they worked with me on.

It’s awesome.

The key to begin with all this is to imagine your life.

$10,000 A Day on YouTube?

That’s why all the programs that tend not to give you very much start off with this same process. It is very important to imagine your life to begin with.

Imagine how you’d live and what I see is at $10,000 a day on YouTube I’d be doing about this same thing I’m doing today.

There’s not much of a difference because I already have a life of my dreams. I already love exactly what I do and it’s a very small step from me. A little tiny point of mental focus for me at $10,000 a day.

I’ll do a few small things differently. I would have my video scheduled and I would go a little farther in advance, and I would have more clients and more calls I’d need to do instead of making videos, which means I might have to increase and hire some help.

I picture how amazing you feel to know there are 100,000 people a day watching my videos.

I love that.

I love that and it’s key to imagine that and to feel how it feels because that works on bringing into reality.

Then the next step after that, and this is the one that’s taken me the most to learn, avoid haters and doubt. I’ve been very good at visualizing since I first can remember. I remember at six years old laying in the bed at night visualizing what my wife would be like.

I was imagining what she was doing and how great our life would be together. I’ve been very good and a lot of us are good at visualizing if we haven’t stopped doing it.

The main thing I’ve learned in the last several years is to avoid haters and doubt, and I’ve got a process now that allows me to share the very best of my ideas.

$10,000 A Day on YouTube?

This is the cutting edge of my ideas for better or worse, this is it.

The thing I’ve learned is cut out the haters and cut out the doubt.

If you think this is stupid and you think anything that I would qualify as haters or doubt, I’ve set it up so that it’s difficult for you to communicate that to me.

I don’t read my YouTube comments anymore. I have a moderator that removes all the comments that I don’t think fit into our community. I make it difficult to send any emails or contacts to me and I ignore the random friend requests and messages like that.

I have also just learned if I’ve got friends and family members I talked to who think this is too far out, or think it’s not right for me, don’t talk to them about it, don’t even bring it up.

I just learned that last night talking about it and I’ve got a bunch of down looks.

Haters and doubt, avoid them because this takes away from the reality of it, and this resonates with any of our own internal doubt. It’s important to surround ourselves with people who completely believe in what we’re doing and see our vision.

Finally, have fun.

Don’t you see how much fun I’m having making this?

$10,000 A Day on YouTube?

This idea just lights me up. I’ve been so excited just thinking about making this video because I remember how much I was inspired by watching things just like this.

I searched quickly on YouTube and nobody in the first top results has a video about how to make $10,000 a day on YouTube. There are lots of videos about how to make $100 a day, I don’t care about that.

I’m not interested in making $100 a day, or even $1,000 a day. I’m interested in making $10,000 a day and there wasn’t one video showing how to do that.

Have fun!

This has got to be fun.

If at any point it’s a hustle or a struggle, that’s not a genuine improvement in life.

Now, I’ll show you my story as to how we got here and how I have found it completely believable and I expect to achieve what I’m talking about.

If you think, “Oh, it’s absolutely impossible for me to make $10,000 a day,” you need to set it at a place where you think it’s possible at least.

I did the following, in 2014 I nearly went out of business, I had borrowed a bunch of money. I’d made so many learning opportunities for myself and I found a course where a guy said, “Here’s how I’m making $1,000 a day on Udemy.”

I had never made a thousand a day in my business, and yet I took his course and I saw his course and I said, “If this guy can make a thousand a day on Udemy, I can make $2,000 a day on Udemy.”

$10,000 A Day on YouTube?

And that’s the point of this video.

Look at me and say, “If this guy can aim for and can make $10,000 a day, then I’d make 20,000 a day.”

Good, good, be inspired.

I saw that course and I said, “I am certain I can make a thousand a day on Udemy.”

I did not tell anybody about that because of this point: “Avoid haters and doubt.”

I knew if anybody heard about my plans, they’d think it was stupid or they’d think I couldn’t do it.

I was only making $150 a day on Udemy, which I had worked up to over the period of a year, and it only took me six months to get to $1,000 a day because I locked down on that.

In fact, the first month after I had locked down on that, I was up to $300 a day. I doubled my income within the first month. I doubled my income again in the next two months after that, and I doubled that again within the next two months or so.

It only took me six months from setting my eye on that: “I will make a thousand a day on Udemy.”

In fact, within a year I reached $3,000 a day on Udemy.

$10,000 A Day on YouTube?

I had a month where I made $90,000 on Udemy, and I had another month where I made $80,000 on Udemy, and I made a thousand a day almost every single day for a year.

That’s the power of concretely looking at things and being inspired, and that’s why I’m doing this video. I love the idea of you making $10,000 a day on YouTube.

You might be thinking, “Okay, Jerry, what’s the next step? Where do I go from here?”

I’ve given you very concrete directions. The next steps are to get to know yourself and to take some concrete action today, even if it’s just buying a domain, but do more than that.

Choose a web host. Start thinking about the course you could do. Visualize your life making $10,000 a day.

What I’ve found is one of the most helpful things is to help someone else. If you’re struggling from lack of belief. If you’re thinking, “Jerry, no one’s going to pay $297 to take a course from me. Jerry, no one’s going to pay me thousands of dollars to sponsor a video. No one’s going to do coaching with me.”

Here’s how you get through that.

Go buy, if you haven’t already, one of my courses on Jerrybanfield.com. What this does, it gives you that certainty that someone will go through this process.

In fact, one of the biggest challenges I’ve had is raising the prices of my courses.

I got stuck on Udemy and this is why I’m so grateful I’m not on Udemy anymore, but I got stuck on Udemy in this $10 course pricing, and that’s very limiting for how much money you can make because I can sell thirty $10 courses or one $297 courses.

What’s awesome is the number of people who will buy a $297 course is significantly higher than 3% of the people who will buy a $10 course. Something like 10% or 20% of people who would buy a $10 course, would buy a $300 course.

There’s a lot more earnings possible and the idea is you buy one or all.

You can go into my shop. I’ve got a lot of courses for $297, you can get all of them.

You can buy all of my courses for life for $1,000 and if you want much more than that, you can go to my partner program.

$10,000 A Day on YouTube?

I’ve got lifetime coaching. You can work with me forever. I’ve offered this because that’s exactly what I needed when I started my business, someone to work with me over a long period of time. You can schedule up to 12 calls a year. We’ve got group coaching calls.

The beauty of this is when you do it with me, you know that someone else will do it for you. Just on a very basic level, even if it’s not conscious, you’d think, “Well, I’ll buy from him, but who’s going to buy from me?”

When you work with me, then I’ve coached several people already to getting the same kind of results I’ve got, and that’s the next step.

However, I’ve set this up in a way that you don’t have to work with me, that simply by watching this video, you’ve got motivated and you’ll do it a different way. I realize you and I may have some differences, and that’s okay.

You might not be a personality for filming videos, but you can hire somebody who is, you might not be able to do Google ads, you can hire somebody who can, you might not be able to make the website, you can hire somebody who can.

I know lots of people who can do all of those things.

$10,000 A Day on YouTube?

I appreciate your time here with me today. I’m so excited that you’ve read all of this.

I’m certain that this is an area that you are on the right path for.

I trust if you want the best experience, you’ll hop over onto Jerrybanfield.com and get into those online courses.

This was a part of my complete YouTube course, and if you’re watching it in the course, I hope it’s made a great example of a video you can use.

I’m titling this $10,000 a day on YouTube.”

I hope this has made a great example of the video you can make on YouTube to bring a lot of people into your channel in the long term, videos like this can get views for years.

You can continue learning with us in the full class today “The Complete YouTube Course — 0 to 288K Subscribers!” at https://uthena.com/courses/youtube.

I love you.

You’re awesome.

I’m so excited to see you in my complete YouTube course.


Jerry Banfield with edits from video transcript by Michel Gerard.