$1,000,000/Month for You and $25,000/Month for Me?

Are you ready to make $1,000,000/Month for you in profit? My intention is to help all of you that are following me make collectively a million dollars per month as a result of my help and service to you and in exchange, the expectation is to receive $25,000/Month for me in profit.

That is the value I’m intending to give to you is 40 times more than I’m intending to receive back. What is the context? You might be wondering, “Well, what the heck am I talking about? Where do I get this from?

$1,000,000/Month for You and $25,000/Month for Me?

I’m reading Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill and I imagine what I’ve just set up is very helpful for you when you put it into practice as well.

I’m constantly reading a new book and in “Think & Grow Rich”, it emphasizes the importance of being specific about exactly what your intentions are with money and to be specific about what you’re going to give in exchange for what you’re going to get.

A lot of us think about what we want to get and my experience has shown me that it’s very important to think about what I’m going to give. $1,000,000/month for you and $25,000/month for me.

$1,000,000/Month for You and $25,000/Month for Me?

Therefore, what I’m going to give is information, help, inspiration, teaching, listen, and feedback that all of you collectively to make a million dollars more a month in profit. That seems easy to me.

The key thing with setting up a goal or an intention is that it should also seem reasonable. If I said, “Well, I’m going to be a professional football player in the National Football League” that I don’t believe is practical for me.

That’s not to say it’s not possible, it’s not practical. Now I am certain that I am capable of helping you collectively make a million dollars more per month in profit based on all of the blog posts that I’m creating for you every day. Based on all of the videos I make for you every day.

$1,000,000/Month for You and $25,000/Month for Me?

The ones I made, am making and continue making. The video courses I’ve got available. My Partner Program with private label rights. The Continuing Education and Networking Packages with daily video calls that are available on Uthena.

I have a Contact Page where I’m answering questions directly. I’ve got a Mastermind Program where I’m available to talk to you every day and not only that, I just made it so you can schedule a call totally for free.

Schedule Workshop With Jerry Banfield

Your first call can be scheduled totally for free with me or with anyone else who is doing their workshops as well. You can just go in, pick a time and as long as there are spots left in the group call, you can join for your first call for free.

Then it’s $48 a month or $1,000 for life to join. These are the tools I’m using to deliver the result.

Therefore, I may be able to make a video for you that I hope you make $10 or $100 more per month and that’s how I’m delivering value to you. I may be able to answer questions that will help you make more money each month. $1,000,000/month for you and $25,000/month for me.

$1,000,000/Month for You and $25,000/Month for Me?

I may be able to help listen to you during one of these one-hour workshops. I may be able to listen to you and provide you with a suggestion that helps you make $1,000 more per month.

I may be able to deliver you a video course that’ll help you level up your dollar per hour earnings rate and when you are able to make $20 an hour instead of $15 then you might be able to if you’re working full-time an extra $5.

This is an extra $800+ a month that you can make as a result of a video course. $1,000,000/month for you and $25,000/month for me.

$1,000,000/Month for You and $25,000/Month for Me?

I see that it’s very important to be clear about the value I’m delivering because one of the biggest challenges I’ve been through lately as you can probably tell on my YouTube channel is what do I do? I can do whatever I want and having freedom is challenging.

There are ups and downs to everything, having no freedom, I worked in a prison before and I see what it looks like to have no freedom and there are benefits to that. You know exactly what you need to do. There are downsides to having the freedom I have and it’s “What do I do?

$1,000,000/Month for You and $25,000/Month for Me?

I can do whatever I want today. What videos do I make because I’ve fooled around just making all kinds of random videos and what I’ve done now is I’ve gotten very specific on what I’m here to help you do. I’m here to help you make money and love.

Thus, I’ll continue to have videos about relationships and continue to have videos about things that will help you make more money indirectly.

$1,000,000/Month for You and $25,000/Month for Me?

What I’m reading in THINK AND GROW RICH is the destructive effect of things outside of directly making money has on making money. For example, if you’re in a toxic relationship with someone, that will drag down your ability to make money.

Therefore, if I can make a blog post or video that shows you how to have a better relationship, how to get what you want, have a definition of success that works for you, if I can make a video like that, that can help you make more money per month.

Why is money so important?

$1,000,000/Month for You and $25,000/Month for Me?

It’s important because money is your gateway to the world we live in, to everything else. It’s having money that allows me to be able to just do whatever I can think of each day to help you the most. It’s money that puts a lot of us into a form of slavery where we are just showing up to do something we don’t care about just to make money and this makes all of the evil that I see in our world.

It’s people showing up and working. They don’t care about money. That creates a lot of bad things like waste, pollution, and the results of people doing jobs on us.

$1,000,000/Month for You and $25,000/Month for Me?

For example, government bureaucrats that go to work just for a paycheck don’t care about their job and they are doing things like collecting taxes from us. If they refuse to go to work and work for money without joy then there’d be no one to collect taxes or perhaps there’d only be people who loved collecting taxes and it’d be a different experience.

Thus, I’ve gotten very clear about this and I encourage any of your suggestions or feedback.

Contact Jerry Banfield Directly

One of the things I see with my goal to help you make a million dollars a month is to make it easy for you to directly contact me via message and email, especially to talk to me the first time for free in a workshop and also to have one-on-one calls available.

What you’ll notice is that the focus is on what I’m giving. The focus is on giving you a million dollars a month in profit. I’ve been off track in my business a lot of times by getting too focused on what I want because I’ve looked at my money and I want $1,000,000/month for you and $25,000/month for me.

$1,000,000/Month for You and $25,000/Month for Me?

Over the last 4 or 5 years, I’ve averaged about $10,000 a month in profit and I want you to earn $1,000,000/month for you and $25,000/month for me in profit because that’s enough money. I don’t ever need to make more than that.

That’s enough to pay all the taxes, to live comfortably, and to have money to give back to others which I love doing. I love giving a homeless person $20 on the street. I love putting $20 in the basket at AA. I love being able to give my massage therapist $100 tip.

I love being able to leave a huge tip for the waitress and then people go, “Oh my God!”. I’m like, “Yes”. It was fun. I love having money to do things like that and I see the joy in helping you to have this same opportunity also.

$1,000,000/Month for You and $25,000/Month for Me?

The key to this is that I’ve set up something I think I am certainly able to accomplish. Now, if you set out and say, I’m going to help people make a million dollars per month, the question is, do you believe that you can do that? $1,000,000/month for you and $25,000/month for me.

I am certain I have the ability to help you make a million dollars a month. I’m certain of that. There’s no doubt in my mind. In fact, this is what I’ve been attempting to do without being so specific about it over the last 4 or 5 years in my business.

$1,000,000/Month for You and $25,000/Month for Me?

I’ve been attempting to help you make more money online. To set goals, it’s important to set things that you’re certain of, and then what you can do is work up to it.

For example, the more you help me see how I’m helping you make money, the more I can calculate WOW I’m helping people make 1.2 million dollars a month. Then it’s appropriate to set a higher goal to say, “Okay, I’m going to help people make 2 million dollars a month now” and then if desired, I can adjust my preparedness to receive back in proportion to that.

I say preparedness to receive instead of expectation. I’m prepared to make you earn $1,000,000/month for you and $25,000/month for me. Now, what I am doing is not being ultra-specific about exactly how it should happen and this is important with the manifestation process.

$1,000,000/Month for You and $25,000/Month for Me?

If you want to make more money every month, you need to focus on how you’re going to help others. I see so many people that ask, How do I make money in a month? How do I make money online?

The key is to give to other people. I’ve made millions of dollars online and almost over seven hundred thousand dollars profit since 2015. I’ve helped other people probably make about seven million to ten plus million dollars online in profit at a minimum.

$1,000,000/Month for You and $25,000/Month for Me?

Now think about that. If you want to make money, all you really need to do is help someone else make money. This is the basic premise of getting a job. When you’re going to a job, working and they’re paying you, you are helping them make at least 2 if not 5, 10, 15 or 20 times as much money as they’re paying you.

That’s the basic idea you’re doing. What a lot of us get messed up with online is that all of a sudden we forget and I’ve forgotten plenty of times. If we forget we’re here to help other people, we’re here to serve other people, even remembering that it helps to get really specific.

I value your feedback on this very specific value proposition, especially if I’ve helped you make money. I’d love to hear how much money I’ve helped you make and any suggestions you have for videos that I can make to help you make the most money this year and indefinitely going forward.

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I appreciate all that you’ve been through to get here with me and stay with me. I trust that if you want a piece of that million dollars a month if you haven’t already, you’ll hit the subscribe button on my Youtube channel and turn those notifications on.

The best way I can help you totally for free is just making sure that you watch the new videos I make.

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The best way I recommend to get the highest percentage of that million dollars is to join my mastermind. If you want the $1,000,000/month for you and $25,000/month for me, you want to get in so I can help you as much as possible.

My mastermind has 5 calls a week right now and we will get up to even more than that soon. We have private label rights and a Facebook group.

$1,000,000/Month for You and $25,000/Month for Me?

If you want video courses, you can join Uthena University or Uthena Scholars. Both of them have the same basic benefits. The question is whether you want private label rights to my courses or whether you want access to 400+ video courses to watch?

For $1,000,000/month for you and $25,000/month for me, I recommend joining 1 of these 2 because another point in THINK & GROW RICH that was made is the value of a mastermind and what we’re really doing in my mastermind is helping each other make money together.

$1,000,000/Month for You and $25,000/Month for Me?

If you’re wondering, “Well, how are you gonna help me make that million dollars?” Here’s one way it might happen. You might start going to the daily video calls that are in my mastermind. I’ve workshops where you might start going to these on a regular basis.

I will listen to you, hear what you’re doing, and provide suggestions. Following these suggestions might help you start making $100+ a month almost right away. When you network with other people in the group, you will get a bigger percentage of the earnings because it’s working together in a mastermind that allows you to multiply your earning power.

If you think about amazing things like the United States, it started off with a mastermind of 56 people that declared independence from Britain. A small group of people got together, nurtured a big idea, took it out and helped it grow with the rest of the country.

Therefore, mastermind. If you want $1,000,000/month for you and $25,000/month for me, being a mastermind of people collectively working for the same purpose is critical and the bigger of the piece of money you want to earn, the more important it is to think about what you’re going to give to others.

If you’ve got some limiting ideas about money then this is where it really helps to join the mastermind and to ask specific questions but you can always comment on my youtube channel. I can address a couple of limiting things about money right now.

If you think money is the root of all evil, where’d you get that idea from? Money has created a lot of amazing things, all of the buildings, many of the world wonders, and all of the technology. All of these things have been created by money.

Money creates amazing things and allows us to work together in ways that expand the world of possibility. Money is really just a game the adults in the world are agreeing to play. Money really is created out of thin air, does grow on trees and is abundant.

$1,000,000/Month for You and $25,000/Month for Me?

Once we get that mindset, the money will abundantly flow to us as it has flown and continues to come to me. The more I open myself up and focus specifically on what I’m giving in terms of your money, then it’s kind of effortless for me to be prepared to receive.

Thus, it might be, for example, a few hundred members in my mastermind that makes $25,000/month for me and then I help the members of my mastermind earn hundreds of thousands a month which when combined with all of my YouTube viewers and everywhere else, comes out to a million. $1,000,000/month for you and $25,000/month for me.

I don’t know exactly how it’ll work but I trust the process to make you earn $1,000,000/month for you and $25,000/month for me. Thank you for reading this entire post. I care a lot about helping you to earn the most money, to have enough money today and to enjoy your life.

I appreciate all you’re doing to help me just by watching the videos and reading my blogs. I love you. You’re awesome and I’ll see you in the next video/post.

Jerry Banfield