17 Influencer Marketplaces for Brands and Creators on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch

Are you ready to learn about 17 influencer marketplaces where brands and creators can come together to earn money and carry a message via sponsored posts, videos and photos?

What you’re about to see is research that I paid hundreds of dollars to get access to in an online course and now I’m giving it to you for free, because I wish it would have been free for me and I figured well, you can get it for free now.

If you’re a creator this information can help you make money online with whatever you’re already creating. If you’re a brand, you can hire creators with an established following who are also called influencers, to make a video or a post or a photo about your brand featuring your brand and get that out there.

17 Influencer Marketplaces for Brands and Creators on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch

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I think influencer marketing is extremely effective in a day and age where many of us are getting immune or doing all we can to stay away from paid ads.

I personally try and keep any paid advertising away from me and influencer marketing is one of the only ways to reach me personally, if you want to tell me about your brand, or your product, I don’t watch TV. And any thing I do watch is on something like Hulu or Netflix where there’s no ads.

I use websites where I don’t have to look at paid ads. I have things like YouTube Premium so I don’t have to watch ads on YouTube and on Facebook, I instantly scroll down as soon as I see it sponsored and I don’t spend much time on Facebook.

The main reason as a brand you want to do influencer marketing is to reach people who are often unreachable or too distracted to get paid ads.

As a creator sponsored posts are awesome because it gives you a chance to both build your own following and to help someone else, a brand or another creator even to get noticed in your whatever you’ve produced, your photo, your video, etc.

I have my own sponsored package up on my website that has unique offerings. And I’ve tried some of these influencer marketplaces myself. What I’ll do is share the list here with all 17 of them for you with the hope that it’s helpful and the hope that if you find it helpful, you hit that subscribe button, turn those notifications on, then come back and love my videos over and over again.

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Are you ready to take a look at these marketplaces? Let’s go.

1. Famebit

Famebit the second influencer marketplace I signed up for, I submitted an offer on it and I was I had an offer that I thought was too low that I didn’t go through with, I also submitted my Partner Program which is my catch all coaching program and mentoring program. I submitted that as a brand and it did not get approved. Thus, these platforms have their own rules just like paid ads do.

The nice thing is if you’re a brand or if you’re a creator, you can simply look at who’s on the platform and directly connect with them. For example, if you know as a brand, your product won’t be able to be featured, you can just try and go to the creator directly via say email on their channel. Or if you’re a creator and you see a brand has a deal up on Famebit you could try and go directly to the brand instead of working on any of these other platforms.

Some of these tools can just be good for research. I’m even thinking about hiring someone to just research all these platforms and help me get directly connected with brands for my own sponsorship deals.

This is information I hope is helpful as you go through and look at all these platforms. Because some of these platforms don’t look very good. Others of them you might be able to make good money.

As with a lot of things if you’ve got a huge following some of these platforms like Famebit you might be able to earn $10,000 to do a sponsored video on while the majority struggle to get $50 or $100.

Famebit maketplace homepage

That said, you’ll only know once you’ve signed up for the platform.

If you’re on YouTube, the official platform by YouTube is Famebit I’ve got several more videos on Famebit you can see without even signing up, you can watch my videos and see how to create a campaign. You can see as a creator what everything looks like inside I joined as both a brand and a creator on this myself.

2. Grapevine Logic

Grapevine Logic. This calls itself the influencer marketing platform built for results. As a creative it takes at least a week or two to even get your account approved which means don’t expect to get started right away with anything on here. I have not used this as a brand yet.

Grapevine Logic maketplace

On their page here you can see some of the brands it says they’ve worked with already.

3. CloutBoost

On the next one we’ve got here is CloutBoost, it says “DRIVE HIGH-QUALITY USERS WITH YOUTUBE AND TWITCH INFLUENCER VIDEOS”. Note that each platform has each one of these influencer marketplaces has specific social media platforms that you can use. And you want to look at as much as you can to make sure wherever you want to share is on their

Instagram seems to be hot on most of these platforms. Although I don’t seem to get that myself why it’s such a big deal. I don’t use Instagram that much. Maybe that’s why what I like on CloutBoost is you can see examples of featured creator content on here.

Cloutboost maketplace home

You can see creators and brands who have successfully worked with each other and put videos up I like the transparency of that. You can also see how much the the data on here that they’ve got, they’ve got a good landing page. I have not actually used this myself, though I don’t do gaming videos anymore.


This was actually the first influencer marketplace I signed up with, I used it a few years ago and I wasn’t too excited about it. What’s cool is on some of these platforms, you can just get paid to do a tweet. And I might look back into that again. Because some of those might be really fast like I might literally be able to have an assistant go through and do the whole thing for me without even doing it myself.

That is the main downside of these platforms is just the amount of time it can take to do all this.

What I like about IZEA is it has a lot of different platforms available in last time used it It had a bunch of different social media accounts you can use. Whereas that last one we just looked at it just had YouTube and Twitch on IZEA it gives you a lot of different social media accounts that you can use, which is good, especially if you can’t use them on other platforms.

IZEA maketplace home

5. Repped.io

It says “INFLUENCER MARKETING MADE EASY” you can log in or sign up right away, it doesn’t have a lot you can see beforehand on here, you can see a featured influencers and some of these marketplaces may be geared towards certain type of content as well, which is why you want to look at all of them and see which one is right for you.

I don’t like that Pepped.io here it has very little you can see ahead of time on it, there’s a blog up but there’s it’s got a blog that doesn’t seem to be active. I don’t know how good this one might be.

Reped.io home maketplace

6. Intellifluence

Intellifluence here, the tagline says “INFLUENCERS GET FREE PRODUCTS OR CASH FOR YOUR REVIEWS”, it says “IS ALWAYS FREE AND EASY TO USE”, which is nice because here’s the basic business model on a lot of these marketplaces.

Some of those marketplaces will take a part of the income you get as a creator and they’ll take a part of the income from what the brand spends, meaning the brand will need to spend 110% of the cost while the creator actually gets 90 that’s Famebit model for example.

I like that this shows some of the brands that are already on, you can click on influencers here to go over and get started and look at a bit more actually I was already on that one.

Let’s go over to brands. It says find the best influencers on here you get a little shot at the dashboard, I have not used this one. So I don’t know how good it is personally.

Intellifluence maketplace home page

7. Obvious.ly

Here it’s got a YouTube video User Guide up here, which is great.

Obvious.ly like most of the others has a good overview of the brands on it that are already on giving you good validation as an influencer, who you might be able to work with before you sign up.

Obvious.ly maketplace

There’s past projects on here which you can look at to which is nice. You can see the amount of followers and the engagement. Although it doesn’t have any price on here you can see the actual photo on it, which is nice to give you an idea of what projects are actually being funded on here beforehand.

Obvious.ly maketplace

You can see you’ve got Google Home on here a lots of health or makeup and beauty products on this one.

8. OpenInfluence

It says “INFLUENCE BETTER, DATA-DRIVEN AND CREATOR INFLUENCE MARKETING SERVICES”. I like the idea of making influencer marketing scalable right now is both an influencer and a brand.

The scalability can be difficult as the more influencers you work with, the more challenging it can be to just manage everything on either end of it, OpenInfluence might be a good option.

openfluence home maketplace

We have a list on this one also have clients it seems Coca-Cola is on almost all of these market places.

We’ve got good testimonials and you can look at the How we Work to see how the process is I like that it’s a highly efficient process.

This one I have not signed up for but I am considering signing up.


I like the idea of a highly efficient process compared to some of the sheer amount of time you need to spend on these marketplaces to actually get a deal to go through and just to even get a brand that they interested in you can be difficult.

9. AspireIQ

This homepage didn’t even load the pictures correctly, I don’t know how good this one is, maybe it’ll get better. If you look over at customers. Let’s see if we can get any better data on here.

Nope, this one. This one has a little bit on here. It’s got some testimonials, but not that trustworthy currently, with the website not even loading correctly, but maybe it’ll load for you.

Some of these marketplaces might have ups and downs by the time you look at it, it might be in really good shape, or might be really good opportunity.

AspireIQ maketplace home page

The lower quality of marketplace looks like up front it might be a better opportunity because creators like me might look in here and say now I’m not going to join something like this, but if you do, you might have some better opportunities.

10. Nevaly

The idea with this one seems to be gaming video for gamers. You’ve got case studies down here, World of Tanks extravaganza, This one seems to be all about and specifically for games.

If you are a gamer, I would say it’d be a really good idea to login and sign up on this one to see if you can get a sponsorship here.


11. NeoReach

It says “SOCIAL INTELLIGENCE MEETS INFLUENCER MARKETING” and you got supposedly maybe this is the list of clients on here not sure what these logos are doing doesn’t explain anything.

We go farther down here we see “BUILT-IN AUTOMATION” which might be good if you can have smooth efficient transactions going both ways.

You’ve got a few case studies down here which, this one with Airbnb it said one week to influencers that doesn’t seem very good.

Neoreach maketplace home
Neoreach Layout

TikTok it said 170 posts created with seven figures on here that might be a good indication of a marketplace worth signing up for I’m doing this for my own benefit to to look through here and say which one of these do I want to sign up more and learn more about and teach more about.

If you see one you’d like to know more about drop a comment and I will take more of a look at it. This one actually based on the data it has from TikTok seems like it might be helpful.

Some of these platforms may go in and out of date as well .

12. Webfluential


That might be nice if you don’t have one already. I like that it has 5000 brands to pitch to instantly that might be worthwhile.

You can get some insights in the platform here. I like this really makes me want to sign up on here, it says average monthly earning per active influencer.

webfluential home page

Now when you calculate average that can be significantly different from median. Average means if someone earns $100,000 on one influencer deal, and then a whole bunch of people earn $100 that $100,000 order will pull way up the average for everybody.

If there’s a few big creators earning a lot on here, that might not indicate the average influencer, the median influence or earnings accurately. But I really like how they’ve been got the average monthly earning per active influencer and I might be interested in giving this one a sign up as well. It says over 10,000 brands on here. And if you click apply to be an influencer I imagine you can do the next step from there on the square towards the end.

13. BrandBacker

I had no idea there were so many marketplaces for influencers before, I did this a few days ago all I knew about was Famebit and I’d forgotten about IZEA this one is BrandBacker it says “DISCOVER OPPORTUNITIES WORK WITH INNOVATIVE BRANDS ACROSS BEAUTY, FASHION, FOOD & LIFESTYLE”.

This one says there’s over 30,000 influencers and creators receiving weekly opportunities for free samples, paid posts, discounts and more on this marketplace and looks like given what they said about free samples there may be a big emphasis in just having free samples sent and review videos which personally is not interesting to me. However, if you can get paid for doing a sponsored post that might be worthwhile

You’d never know ahead of time, which one of these marketplaces might have a really good niche where there’s no other influencer that meets just the right criteria for just the right brand.

Brandbacker maketplace home page

It might just take signing up for a bunch of these and seeing which brands you match up with. I might even try signing up for some more of these myself and see what I can do so I can present you the data as well.

14. Markerly


Markerly home

Apparently, Coca Cola is on this one as well. Coca Cola is just hits all these markets places up. I’ll even drink Coca Cola so I don’t think I’d work with them.

15. Tomoson

It says “HATE CONTENT LESS”. That doesn’t even make sense says “LEVERAGE 90,000 PLUS INFLUENCERS AND THOMAS’S UNLIMITED CONTENT CRAWLER TO CREATE CURATE AND POST TO YOUR SOCIAL ACCOUNTS REGULARY”. I don’t even get the language on here doesn’t even make sense.

Tomoson home page

If you look down here it says paid opportunities. This is nice that you can see exactly how much brands are actually paying per influencer, 0 to 175 – 500 to 1000 this is nice, you can actually look at the campaigns that are up and browse them before actually joining the website. Even though that initial thing didn’t make any sense. I really do like the how you’ve got it set up right here.

It’s nice you can look at so many different campaigns that are available and I imagine somewhere there’s probably some options to soar you can see a lot of these are free and if you’re interested in getting some free stuff, maybe that’s worthwhile.

tomoson layout

I saw a couple of them on the front page there This one was 500 to 1000 that you could apply for, this looks like you can do a blog post which is good as well Instagram and Facebook are all on here as well. Which looks great. Thus some of these might be good opportunities on Tomoson.

16. Collabor8app

“THE SOCIAL MEDIA INFLUENCER MARKETING APP” which I had never heard of before, the collaborator current reach on this says 822 million that seems pretty good.

It’d be nice if I can actually see on here any of the things beforehand this one I guess is all on a leap of faith you, I don’t even see where to sign up on this one seriously, who designs this website Copyright 2017 well maybe it’s good and maybe it’s not I don’t think I’d be trying this one but again this one might be a good opportunity because it doesn’t look very good from the outside.


17. TinySponsor

it says “THE CREATOR-FIRST MARKETPLACE FOR CONTENT AND INFLUENCER MARKETING SPONSORSHIPS”, I’m imagining that they’re saying the other marketplaces are Brand-first.

You can look at view all featured packages down here and this is cool how you can see what creators are charging maybe I will put up a package on here. I like how you can just put how much it costs directly and go from there and I’ll live looks like there’s a lot of Instagram.

tinysponsor maketplace layout 1

A lot of available on Instagram always, Grannies Cooking School on here 1 million reach nice for $1,000 this is awesome because you can see you can see what platform it is that you can essentially buy these, out of all these I’ve looked at this one looks like one I might enjoy signing up at.

tinysponsor maketplace layout 2

The question for me beforehand though is is it worth my time to even sign up for this? Will I actually get anything, you can see top brands on here not anyone I actively engage with however there might be others.

If you click over here on brands there’s a few more brands on here you can look at.

I hope this was helpful for you to good look at more influence our marketplaces you could join and potentially earn sponsored content on.

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partner program

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I appreciate you getting to the end of this I value your comments, I read most all my YouTube comments, I don’t respond to all of them but I do read almost all of my comments.

I love you. You’re awesome. Thanks for making it today and I’ll see you in the next video.

Jerry Banfield