176 Subs vs 286,000 Subscribers on YouTube

You are about to see the results of 176 Subs vs 286,000 Subscribers on YouTube which is a very telling experiment on YouTube. I put the same video up on my channel with 286,000 subscribers and I put it up on a new channel with a lot fewer subscribers.

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I’ll show you the views that got on each different YouTube channel.

This is very enlightening if you’re wondering why you’re making great videos and they aren’t getting views and it also might be kind of depressing as you realize, WOW there are simply people with an audience who get views for free and if you make the exact same video as them, your video will not get views.

176 Subs vs 286,000 Subscribers on YouTube

These are the 2 videos I originally uploaded on my YouTube channel that has 286,000 subscribers. The videos on that channel received hundreds of thousands of views for free within the first few months of release, making tens of thousands of sales. YouTube just showed these videos all over the place.

176 Subs vs 286,000 Subscribers on YouTube

What happened is that YouTube, right after a few months I released these videos, clarified a policy that instructional hacking and phishing videos are not allowed. I got a bit paranoid and took down the top videos on my channel which were instructional hacking videos.

I took all of those videos and put them on a new channel because I wanted to see how many views they would get if I put them on a brand new channel even while promoting the videos on my first channel in the community tab to see the difference of 176 Subs vs 286,000 subscribers on Youtube.

These videos on my channel were proven successes. They had millions of impressions, hundreds of thousands of views and they had no indication of slowing down. Both of these videos probably would have gotten over a million views over the next few years on YouTube, all for free.

176 Subs vs 286,000 Subscribers on YouTube

Now, on the Uthena YouTube channel which is brand new, you can see, these don’t even have a thousand views within the first month and the only difference is which YouTube channel I put them on.

Therefore, when you’re thinking about your videos and how many views they’re getting, it’s essential to understand that a key part of the YouTube algorithm is how many people have watched it already. That’s how I found out the difference between 176 Subs vs 286,000 subscribers on Youtube.

YouTube shows people content that others have already watched and validated. The majority of videos on YouTube don’t have much watch time, validation and don’t have any chance of YouTube showing them all over the place.

If you want your video to stand out, it needs watch time, likes, and comments. If you get watch time, comments, and likes, these are extremely positive factors that YouTube takes to mean the video is outstanding.

If you don’t have any existing subscribers, fortunately, I’ve got a tutorial that will show you how to hack YouTube’s algorithm and get enough minutes watched on your video to rank it high enough that you’ll have a chance to get some of those really good results for free.

176 Subs vs 286,000 Subscribers on YouTube

The results that others of us already having hundreds of thousands of subscribers literally get handed to us from our existing audiences watching videos.

YouTube Advertising Tutorial 2019! $0.02 CPV with Google Ads for Video

It will show you how to get views for $0.02 each or less and if you do it right and you make a great video, you can get an average watch time of 5+ minutes and when you do that, you’ll get your videos out of the bottom and they’ll have a chance to get a lot of views as these did on my channel.

The key to doing this is to test different videos, get those initial minutes watched on them, see which videos start getting some real traffic from YouTube and then you can advertise the videos doing the best even more and that’s how you can build a massive following on YouTube.

This is what I’ve done to build my following on YouTube. I did a lot of YouTube ads and that’s also why sometimes I don’t get very many views on my videos because I’ve built up so many different types of videos on YouTube. That’s why I’ve also seen the difference between the results of 176 Subs vs 286,000 subscribers on Youtube.

I ranked a lot of videos high with YouTube ads that got me a lot of viewers who only liked one specific subject and who subscribed to my channel for things like Ethical Hacking. Then if I don’t make ethical hacking videos anymore, the subscribers don’t even see them on YouTube.

176 Subs vs 286,000 Subscribers on YouTube

I used YouTube ads to rank in a bunch of different categories. I’ve proven that this works over and over again and now with this experiment I’ve proven if you don’t essentially use YouTube ads to get those initial views on your video, you have almost no chance even if you make a video that’s absolutely outstanding and delivers a ton of value.

It’s just buried among the noise in videos on YouTube.

If you want to learn more about how I’ve built my channel, you can look at a lot of things that I’ve done that didn’t work well on my channel. If you’re going to do ads for your videos, you definitely do want to make sure you make a lot of videos of the same type on your channel.

When you do ads and rank videos high that you could say shouldn’t have been ranked high except for the ads, you build this niche audience on your channel which you wouldn’t have had without the ads. And when you don’t give the audience what they want, they don’t see your videos anyway.

You get negative feedback. However, when you do the ads and focus your audience, focus on the ads you’re doing, you can get some incredible results that you will not get without the ads.

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