MY 2019 YOUTUBE PAYCHECK! How Much I Made on 1.3 Million Views + Secrets to Earn More Ad Revenue!

Would you like to know what was my 2019 YouTube paycheck because if you are a YouTuber or aspire to start a YouTube channel, this will be useful for you?

MY 2019 YOUTUBE PAYCHECK! How Much I Made on 1.3 Million Views + Secrets to Earn More Ad Revenue!

Thank you for all you’ve done to help me be a YouTuber again in 2019. What we’ll do here is show you the income from my YouTube channel in 2019 from ad revenue.

MY 2019 YOUTUBE PAYCHECK! How Much I Made on 1.3 Million Views + Secrets to Earn More Ad Revenue!

I’ll explain how the ad revenue works and look at it in context beginning with 2018 and moving into 2020.

I’m so grateful that I’ve been a YouTuber since 2011. I’ve uploaded thousands of videos that I hope have been helpful for you over the years.

I’m so excited to dive into the numbers and show you exactly how much I made.

Let’s take a look first, for context this is 2018.

Channel analytics

In 2018 I had my second child and I got into doing music and video gaming. I stopped doing the main thing that was getting me ad revenue and that was putting up video tutorials, especially on cryptocurrencies, marketing and advertising.

As you’ll see, in 2018 my ad revenue actually trended downward the entire year from making as much as a hundred dollars a day almost or so at the beginning of the year.

It was $111 in one single day at the beginning of 2018 and by the end of the year it went down to about $20 a day.

Channel analytics

Therefore, I went through a period where I didn’t make the videos that were earning me the most money.

As you can see, these were the videos in 2018 that made me the most money, and I stopped making videos like these because I went off on a lot of total tangents and I stopped doing ads for my YouTube channel.

Channel analytics

I did a lot of ads at one point, and then I lost focus on my YouTube channel as I got into gaming and making music, and being a parent.

Thus, you could say I was coming into 2019 on a big down streak with a lot of pressure to do better in 2019, so let’s take a look at the 2019 numbers right here with the context of 2018.

The total estimated ad revenue is $10,465 in ad revenue.

MY 2019 YOUTUBE PAYCHECK! How Much I Made on 1.3 Million Views + Secrets to Earn More Ad Revenue!

I’m very grateful for that ad revenue.

I think in 2020, if you look at this, we’re in position for a comeback. I mean a big increase.

The 2018 numbers are pretty steady right here. Then, I went crazy making a whole bunch of new videos and tutorials, and trying a bunch of different things, focusing a lot on YouTube, but YouTube does not bring instant results.

What did happen is I made a couple of hacking videos that were going viral and were earning good ad revenue right before YouTube said that those aren’t allowed anymore, and I decided just to take those down so that there wouldn’t be any issues on my channel.

MY 2019 YOUTUBE PAYCHECK! How Much I Made on 1.3 Million Views + Secrets to Earn More Ad Revenue!

Thus, the ad revenue dropped a lot, right when I took those videos off my channel.

However, what I’m very happy to see is that if you look at the whole year of 2019, we are going in a very good direction.

The whole thing is trending upward again, and I think we’re on a path to a very good 2020.

MY 2019 YOUTUBE PAYCHECK! How Much I Made on 1.3 Million Views + Secrets to Earn More Ad Revenue!

I’ll go into detail and show you by the videos and by the months to help you understand exactly how YouTube ad revenue works, and to help you get an idea of what kind of videos make money because it’s not all about views.

If you look at the views on my channel, you’ll see the views have worked trending up here with this, and if you do certain types of display ads, video discovery ads on YouTube, you can actually monetize videos that have been clicked on from an ad, which is pretty cool, and that’s what these spikes are here.

MY 2019 YOUTUBE PAYCHECK! How Much I Made on 1.3 Million Views + Secrets to Earn More Ad Revenue!

If you just look, these are just monetized playbacks, meaning anything that couldn’t be monetized is not counted here. Thus, for ad revenue we can see a general trend upward in my channel as I’ve started making videos that earn higher ad revenue.

YouTube is all about for earning money, making videos that advertisers are willing to spend their money to advertise on.

Thus, there are channels out there that have a lot more views than my channel and who are earning less and there are channels out there who have fewer views than me that are earning more, and that’s all based on the playback based CPM.

MY 2019 YOUTUBE PAYCHECK! How Much I Made on 1.3 Million Views + Secrets to Earn More Ad Revenue!

Let’s take a look at my top earning videos this year because this is a good look into how much you earn versus what the video topic is.

MY 2019 YOUTUBE PAYCHECK! How Much I Made on 1.3 Million Views + Secrets to Earn More Ad Revenue!

Now keep in mind this does not include hacking videos that I deleted.

I’ll show you my top earning videos here and this will help you understand a lot about getting views versus earning money.

What you’ll notice, the top video I had is this “G Suite” tutorial video.

This one video earned $1,000 and it only took maybe an hour or so to make that video and it is continuing to get views and great ad revenue.

MY 2019 YOUTUBE PAYCHECK! How Much I Made on 1.3 Million Views + Secrets to Earn More Ad Revenue!

What you can see with this video is that it’s got $70 Playback-based CPM.

This means on just 26,000 views, which is a relatively small percentage, out of the 1.3 million views my channel had, this one video with about 2% of the total views on my channel actually earned me 10% of the total ad revenue, and technically the hacking videos that were deleted weren’t counted in ad revenue either for this report.

Just keep that in mind, this is only for videos that weren’t deleted. The hacking video was making as much as a thousand a month itself, but that doesn’t count, these are the videos that remain.

Now note that this one video you might ask, “Well, how do you get a CPM that is that high on a video?”

MY 2019 YOUTUBE PAYCHECK! How Much I Made on 1.3 Million Views + Secrets to Earn More Ad Revenue!

The key is it’s about the topic of the video and the length of the video.

This is a 30-minute video tutorial showing how to set up G Suite, which is a topic.

If you’re making a video on G Suite, advertisers know that this is a profitable audience they can advertise their business services to. There’s also not very many videos about G Suite, which means advertisers targeting G Suite, have a relatively small number of options and a relatively big budget to spend, and that’s how you get a high CPM on a video.

If you compare to this Linux tutorial, there are lots of Linux tutorials out there and there are advertisers with relatively smaller budgets, which means this Linux tutorial got $19 CPM.

If you look at other videos like this Android app, this one is making the highest number of monetized views, 83,000 here, and yet it has $6.55 CPM.

That is also because of the countries that watch videos.

This video attracted a lot of viewers in India as did this video, and these got to a lot of views from countries where advertisers are spending less money.

Therefore the exact country you get your views in makes a big difference for how much you’re going to earn on that video.

You’ll notice that the top earning of my videos, are all long format tutorials.

MY 2019 YOUTUBE PAYCHECK! How Much I Made on 1.3 Million Views + Secrets to Earn More Ad Revenue!

For viral growth, these are not that great in terms of someone watching an Android tutorial is not likely to want to also watch a G Suite tutorial on my channel.

This means in terms of getting all those views on my channel and just blowing up, this kind of a strategy is not ideal because viewers that are watching a G Suite tutorial are often not likely to be interested in watching every single one of my new videos.

That is a key if you want to just build your subscribers up really quickly, you want a very focused audience where if someone watches one video, there’s a high likelihood they’ll want to watch your other videos.

My strategy is all about getting that great ad revenue and making good money off of YouTube search, and then what I do is, I bring people to my website for things like my coaching program, for things like online courses, things like a dedicated video sponsorships and private label rights.

I don’t need to get that many views on every one of my videos to make a lot more money than just the ad revenue on YouTube.

Therefore, it’s about deciding a strategy for your channel. It’s a lot of pressure to pick a certain topic and what I like to do is just do whatever I want to, go for YouTube search traffic, and then bring people over to where I’ve gotten a lot more earning potential than just YouTube ad revenue.

Thus, all of these factors go into figuring out a content creation strategy, and my content creation strategy is just to show whatever I’m doing, sell online courses, coaching and memberships related to that, and then that’s how I have my business.

Thus, the ad revenue is a very helpful part of the total income, but it actually is a small fraction. My business earned somewhere around a hundred thousand, maybe 70 or 80,000, I haven’t looked at it yet, but somewhere in there and the YouTube ad revenue is actually a small fraction of the total earnings, and most of those other earnings come from things like selling online courses and services.

This is nice because I don’t have to get very many views on every one of my new videos to have a lot of potential. Let’s look at the analytics on this one to give you a better idea of what I mean.

For example, on this one, when the video actually came out, a lot of the people who look at videos say, “Oh, that didn’t get any views. That’s not any good.”

MY 2019 YOUTUBE PAYCHECK! How Much I Made on 1.3 Million Views + Secrets to Earn More Ad Revenue!

A lot of the newbies, in my opinion, at YouTube and digital marketing would look at a video like this and say, “This video is a flop. It got 302 views despite the channel having a couple of hundred thousand subscribers,” which my subscribers reflect doing this strategy.

People are subscribing on a specific tutorial video, and then my views reflect that. I put videos out on a lot of different topics.

If you look at the views on this video, I got 302 views within the first 24 days, which you might think right off the battle that this video is a flop and it’s not going anywhere, when my strategy is to get this traffic over time.

The downside, this tends to take a long time where I get 300 views within the first month, but now the video is up to 30,000 views. You can see I got $1,000 in ad revenue to spend an hour or two making a tutorial.

MY 2019 YOUTUBE PAYCHECK! How Much I Made on 1.3 Million Views + Secrets to Earn More Ad Revenue!

That’s my strategy for earning money and I showed you the 2018 analytics where I got away from that strategy, and my channel went nowhere as I stopped doing videos like this that have been the main thing that’s worked for me to make money on YouTube.

There was hardly any revenue in the first month, I got only $2, but what happens is, the better a video does, the ad revenue will keep going up and I’ll keep getting views indefinitely and that’s how it’s continued to earn.

You can see exactly where the traffic on this video is coming from. YouTube search continues to put new people into this video every day. Then Google search and it also goes out in Suggested videos.

MY 2019 YOUTUBE PAYCHECK! How Much I Made on 1.3 Million Views + Secrets to Earn More Ad Revenue!

This video has got a lot of dislikes because people think it’s too long, but the average view duration is five minutes because I made a lot longer video than other people.

The average view on my video is longer, it gives me a chance to earn more ad revenue on the one video, and to get my video higher in search because people watch my video longer just because it is longer.

Thus, this is how this one video is exactly what I’m doing a lot more of and it takes a bit of time to get this going.

If you look at my 2019, I’ve done a lot of these videos that haven’t got rolling yet, and thus I’m foreseeing a big increase in ad revenue 2020 because the last six months I’ve been hammering out tutorial videos like this one, like that G Suite one, and some of these are starting to catch on now and do well with ad revenue.

This YouTube advertising tutorial earned $236 last year and it’s on the way to earn a lot more. Sometimes these videos about just having things like ad accounts disabled, anything you identify as a pain point, these can earn really well.

This OBS setup tutorial, one of the few I made in 2018 that was doing well. Here’s the one I did about PayPal, anything you can do that is financial tends to have really good earning potential.

We can look at some of the highlights.

This ActiveCampaign tutorial I did in July, this earned me ad revenue, but the secret with this one, even though there’s $50 in ad revenue, this tutorial appears to have generated hundreds of dollars in affiliate commissions.

Therefore, when you do tutorials and you get that ad revenue, you don’t even need a lot of views to get good ad revenue, great affiliate commissions and great sales on a website and more of these are ranking higher.

I’m thinking that 2020 is looking really good, but there’s one important thing to emphasize here and that’s all that you’ve done, all the time you watch on my channel, all those videos you like, the comments, the sharing, all that you do is what makes it possible for me to have a YouTube channel.

I’m very grateful today to be able to show up in my studio.

Jerry Banfield studio

I try to think every day, what can I make that will help you?

I’m doing this because I’m imagining this will be something that’ll help you understand how you can make money on YouTube and make money on YouTube in a way that is not popular.

This is not the normal way you see people making money on YouTube. The normal way you see is having a very specific focus channel, and then just building that channel and it’s all about how many views you get within releasing a video.

Whereas my strategy is all about long-term growth and consistency, and potentially making a lot on each individual video in ad revenue.

We’ll look at one last thing here, the ad revenue earnings specifically by month.

January, is starting out real slow at $325 and trending upwards. We’ve got a very solid uptrend across the entire channel on ad revenue.

Analytics by month

Note that the hacking video was taken down in June.

The whole channel is trending upward in ad revenue because of the kinds of videos I’m making and I’m very grateful for that.

Thank you very much for taking a look at my 2019 YouTube paycheck.

I appreciate the chance to serve you on YouTube.

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Thank you for watching.

I trust you will continue your journey with me if you found this helpful.

I love you. Youโ€™re awesome. I appreciate the chance to serve you today and I will see you again soon.

Jerry Banfield

Edits from video transcript by Michel Gerard.