Would you like to know how I think things will be like online in 2030 because this might tell us what to do today?


What are the things going to be like online in 2030?

I’m thinking about that today as I’m waiting to get my car serviced over here at the car dealership.


I just had a great call with my partners too.

We’re considering where things are going in terms of content creation with things like online courses, which is such a lucrative opportunity to make sales and that was hot five years ago.

But where are we going in 10 years, in 2030?

What will things be like online, especially for content creators?

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What I see is a saturated marketplace where there are creators in every country able to create content, able to live stream, able to help somebody and just get their phone out and share.

What’s up RedOne and Faceall? Thanks for being the first on the live stream.

What I’m seeing for trends towards 2030 is all content for free.

Why even bother with online courses?

Why put anything behind a paywall when the audience itself is so competitive?

What you’re really going to want for 2030 is the biggest free audience possible.

For example, one of my partners just told me that Joe Rogan got a hundred-million-dollar deal with Spotify for his podcast.

Meanwhile, Tim Ferriss has a podcast and he makes $50,000 plus per sponsor per episode.

I love you so much too RedOne.


What I’m seeing is that there’s a lot of money to be made in just building your audience for the long term, giving everything you can for free, keeping your expenses low until you start to get sponsorship deals, until you can make ad revenue on things like YouTube videos.

On YouTube, I make thousands of dollars every month and all I need to do is keep uploading videos. I can put videos up on any topic I want to.

How cool is that?

Meanwhile, I don’t have to spend anything. I literally am on my phone, on the car dealership’s Wifi right here.

I don’t even need Internet at home.

I have Internet at home, but I can go out to places around town and what I’m seeing is going forward, more and more content creators all around the world are going to be creating.

What we want to do now is think about a totally free model and just build our audience, and we do want to have a way to personally communicate with our audience because on platforms like YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, it can be very easy to get your whole account taken down just for messing up once.

YouTube, I’ve found is the most stable platform in terms of what I’ve put on YouTube and Facebook. They both have been pretty tolerant compared to some other platforms that have been less tolerant.

Still, you want to make sure to have personal contact information for as many of your people as possible, your really enthusiastic fans. Things like an email address, or a phone number. That way, you can keep connected even if something does happen to your platform.

Therefore, I’m seeing in 2030, here’s what you want to do now to prepare.


One, focus on building your audience wherever is hot.

For example, live streaming is hot, YouTube, but wherever you can get organic traffic for free, YouTube is really good for that.

Facebook can work well to connect with your existing friends, build your audience, get personal information, say, “Hey, if you’d like to make sure to never miss anything…”

Have a link to your website with a contact form where people can put their name, email, and maybe even a phone number. Make sure you’ve got personal connections and relationships with people.

Put out awesome free content. Don’t bother with putting anything behind a paywall, build your audience, both your key people, your really enthusiastic core people via personal, get connected directly with them, and then build your bigger audience out just with free content.

Then you can plan to monetize with ad revenue, with sponsorships, with a fully marketing, and if you want to launch your own product or service at some point, you can do that, but don’t bother with doing that upfront.

What I’m thinking about for my website today is taking down all of my online courses and just putting things up in playlists.

I’m thinking about just putting and encouraging everyone to watch the playlists on my YouTube videos because when I get you to watch a playlist on YouTube that’ll earn me ad revenue while you can watch it for free, which seems like a great deal for both of us.


I don’t have to pay anything for that.

Meanwhile, I have to spend hundreds of dollars to put stuff up on my own website that I could have totally for free on YouTube.

It seems to make no sense to do it a different way.

That’s what I’m thinking about today for where things are going for 2030.

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I hope that it is helpful for you.

I love you, you’re awesome.

Thanks for all the likes and all the views on the live stream.

I will see you tomorrow with some more free content.

Jerry Banfield

Edits from video transcript by Michel Gerard.