25,000+ More Google Organic Search Clicks in 3 Months!

How do I get 25,000+ More Google Organic Search Clicks in 3 Months on my website? My name is Jerry Banfield and I’ve been doing internet marketing for years now and this strategy is the best I’ve found to immediately increase Google organic search clicks consistently.

Let me tell you about the whole system. What I do is record and publish videos on my YouTube channel every day. I then released at least 1 video a day on my YouTube channel. I pay a team of transcribers and editors to take the videos off my channel and turn them into blog posts on my website.

25,000+ More Google Organic Search Clicks in 3 Months!

This is very cost-effective. It only costs about a few hundred dollars a week to convert 2 hours of video into blog posts on my website and then what these blog posts do is they are rapidly increasing the search traffic to my website across the board on all kinds of different topics.

25,000+ More Google Organic Search Clicks in 3 Months!

Let me give you some examples here. “3 tricks to trigger more YouTube notifications” was a video I gave to the transcribers. They took the video, turned it into text, put screenshots in it and this allows me to show up not just in a web search but in image search and video search also.

25,000+ More Google Organic Search Clicks in 3 Months!

Everything I do now on all of these videos comes out into a blog post and these rank well in Google search. When viewers discover a page like this, some viewers click and start watching the video.

Someone’s typed something into Google, Google lands them here and then some viewers start watching the video instead of reading a blog post which keeps people on the page and sends people over to YouTube.

Google says, Great. This page is giving people what they want. We’re going to put it higher and higher in search.

25,000+ More Google Organic Search Clicks in 3 Months!

Now, there’s no substitute for simply getting out lots of in-depth posts on very specific subjects people are searching for on your website. I can’t pick any particular niche because I can just do whatever.

I’ve got a YouTube channel. I put out videos on whatever I think will be helpful every day and therefore, I don’t need to stick to one specific niche. I just built my entire website up with post after post after post.

25,000+ More Google Organic Search Clicks in 3 Months!

For example, here’s something very specific: “Creating a Group Class in Acuity Scheduling”. Full tutorials showing exactly how I create my group classes.

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I’ve got opportunities to sell things all over my website. I’ve got the Mastermind program that I sell on my website.

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I’ve got my podcast. I get ad revenue when people listen to my podcast.

I have given a link to my Partner Program. I’ve got my SoundCloud and then at the bottom of the page, I can sell whatever I want to in a little footer also.

Therefore, the foundation of all this is having Google search traffic come through because those Google organic search clicks are totally for free and then the more Google organic search clicks I get, the more great things happen for my business.

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The more people find my website, the more people are starting to go subscribe to YouTube, go follow on Facebook and continue to interact with my business even in live videos.

Join me in my Mastermind, listen to my podcast and it’s these good on my website that is allowing all of this to happen.

25,000+ More Google Organic Search Clicks in 3 Months!

What’s frustrating about Google’s search is that it doesn’t usually happen very quickly. As you can see, this is done over a period of 6 months total and I’ve had my website up since 2014 which is now 5 years. However, the fastest thing I’ve ever done to increase my clicks on my website is simply brute force blog posts and more blog posts.

I research the videos on my Youtube channel before I put them up. I do try and find the best topics but once I’ve got the video researched on YouTube, I just get all kinds of helpful posts posted over and over again.

25,000+ More Google Organic Search Clicks in 3 Months!

I’m only scratching the surface of the increasing clicks I’m seeing because I’ve been putting out blog posts now at this rapid pace for longer than 3 months. I’ve been putting out the blog post and at a higher rate this entire year but in the last 3 months, I’ve just got my transcriber team in the best shape ever.

Before this, I was steadily publishing maybe 3 or 4 posts a week on my website but I wasn’t publishing blog posts as often and the more often I put blog posts out, the more chances I get to rank on videos. When I did not put that many new blog posts out, my clicks did not increase that quickly.

Now, Google usually takes months when you publish blog posts to get people out there finding them in Google search, but once you get them on the post then your post can continue to get people for years.

25,000+ More Google Organic Search Clicks in 3 Months!

These are some of the top pages on my website. You can look at the impressions. This post “Time Travel is Real” was so random that I did something about time travel. It literally gets thousands of Google organic search clicks every few months.

My strategy is to just consistently put out more and more blog posts on the best topics I can think of because just by brute force, I will land on some areas that are good and when I find a topic that’s good and that people are clicking on, I can intentionally make more blog posts on the same topics.

What you’ll notice going through the pages is that some of the top pages I very intentionally made more posts on those topics.

25,000+ More Google Organic Search Clicks in 3 Months!

For example, Facebook Ads Account Disabling is a very painful thing that has happened to my account and many other accounts. Therefore, I’ve put several other posts on my website about Facebook Ads account disabled and those get additional clicks and continue to rank.

OBS Setup Facebook is a relatively new post compared to the hundreds of older ones. Whereas, the top 3 posts are all older. It’s very important to understand the Google search traffic that often older posts are going to perform the best.

25,000+ More Google Organic Search Clicks in 3 Months!

These top 3 posts on my website are years old. Now, what I do is I keep these posts updated also. One of the best tricks you can do to make sure your old posts keep performing well is to do an update on them.

I haven’t updated within the last 3 months on the “Facebook Ads Account Disabled” post and guess what? Now, this post is getting more clicks. I got a thousand more clicks in the last 3 months and it got lots more impressions partially because I did the work to update the posts and partially because Facebook may have just been disabling more accounts.

When the more of your pages that rank high, the more Google brings people to your website. The easier it is to get ranked even higher and higher and higher on additional posts that you do because the more Google likes your website and people are finding it helpful, the more Google will just send people there.

25,000+ More Google Organic Search Clicks in 3 Months!

Thus, this effect is multiplicative. The more blog posts you get up on your website, the more you have a chance to get traffic to all of your blog posts. A rising tide lifts all boats.

Someone might come in one post and when they do, I’ve got a call to the action footer at the bottom. My intention in the footer is to get people to go read other blog posts. Google search may bring somebody in on an old post, but when someone comes over and reads a new post and shares that, they’re helping that post rank higher on Google and bring more people directly.

Therefore, if you want more people to visit your website, it’s essential to have a system preferably with videos and a podcast that has a higher form of media.

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I have both i.e. the videos and the podcast as well. It’s preferable to have a system that keeps bringing people back and I also then send people to my website from my Youtube channel.

I said, “Hey, look. If you watch this video and you subscribed, you might prefer reading the posts on my website sometimes instead of looking at them as a video. You might just want to quickly browse through a blog post”.

I get blog posts on the related videos. I get them pinned to the bottom and the comments on YouTube videos. That means when someone comes to the video and looks down, the first comment that will be on the video is a link back to my website.

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I also automatically share all of my YouTube videos and blog posts on my Twitter just to get them ranked there. The more helpful my blog post is to someone, the more likely they’ll share it on Reddit or their own social media.

The more shares my posts get, the higher everything on the website ranks and the more and more traffic I get.

25,000+ More Google Organic Search Clicks in 3 Months!

Therefore, if you want to build your organic search traffic with Google search, this is a very important metric to follow. Obviously, you can aim for very certain subjects. The exact subject you talk about can have a huge impact on the search clicks you can get.

On the other hand, as we can see the number one post about time travel on my website. I never would have imagined that there would be so many clicks on this one post and sometimes there’s no substitute for just experimenting in a lot of different areas.

You need to see what’s working to get clicks and then continue it. I’ve got thousands of posts on my website and some of these posts are coming up quickly.

25,000+ More Google Organic Search Clicks in 3 Months!

For example, 140+ Video Courses for Private Label Rights in 2019 + 2020! is rapidly rising. Some of the older ones are falling a bit but a lot of these posts that are quickly rising are getting clicks. Here’s a brand new post I just did about the Top 10 Cryptocurrencies for 2020. This one is already getting hundreds of new clicks within a very short release time.

25,000+ More Google Organic Search Clicks in 3 Months!

It is already pulling in almost 400 search clicks and some of the tutorials on hacking pulling in lots of clicks right away as well. Another one is just a group of posts on my website. The tag page is pulling in more and more clicks as well.

Here’s the Income Report for Anchor Podcast pulling in clicks. I just cover many different areas. Here’s a book review I did about How “You are a Badass at Making Money” by Jen Sincero Helped Me!. This is pulling in more search clicks.

25,000+ More Google Organic Search Clicks in 3 Months!

I cover several different kinds of posts. I’ve got great data on what’s getting good search traffic to come in and then I’m able to do more of this intentionally.

These new posts are accounting for the majority of the growth in my search traffic and many of these new posts are just getting warmed up. Many of these new posts have the potential to be in the top 3 depending on whatever the maximum potential is in the category.

I have watched other videos on how to get search traffic and I’ve attempted here to give you in a short format what really works to get a lot of Google organic search clicks. You can see the exact proof of how I’m doing it on my Blog.

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Here’s one of the tutorials: Upwork Tutorial 2019! Secrets to Get a Job Without Wasting Time Applying

I’ll walk you through what I did to recruit my team of transcribers in the post/video. It’s relatively easy to hire a team of great people on Upwork.

Thank you for making it to the end of this post. I’m very grateful for the chance to serve you today.

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