$3000 Spent on Sending Udemy Edible Arrangements Before They Suspended Me!

I Spent $3000 Sending Udemy Edible Arrangements Before They Suspended Me!

Are you ready for a quick funny and maybe ridiculous story I’ve got for you?

If so, let me tell you how I spent $3,000 on edible arrangements, trying to send gifts to the Udemy a staff to show them how much I appreciated them, only to have them then get rid of me shortly after that.

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In 2015 I had some issues with the Udemy policy team after they told me in a Skype call that I could do pay people to take my courses and leave a review.

The review system at the time was really bad. There was a two tiered system where there were private reviews and public reviews and almost all the haters went for the public reviews and would hit the course of the one-star will many of the people that liked it.

Ever saw the private review system and thought they were already leaving a review. That’s one of the ways instructors got way ahead on Udemy in 2014- 2015 was incentivized review systems. In fact, some of the top overall that have made the most money on Udemy had the like me had the very best incentivized reviews systems and I learned from them.

I looked to see how the number one guy on you to me had an incredibly smooth, incentivized review system where he’d give you a year of free web hosting. If you left a five star review or any review on his course this course had 10 times as many reviews as the next one in his area. Thus, I went about to setting up my incentive program with Udemy’s permission then all the sudden people got upset because I got so many my I had it hired freelancers on Upwork, and I would have them, just blitz a new course I released the course had it was like 20 or 30 reviews immediately and sometimes people would leave really bad reviews on it after I paid them but then I wouldn’t pay them to review another course after they left a one star review when I paid them to take the course.

Apparently some other instructors got mad and then that Udemy took off almost all of my paid reviews plus plenty of my legitimate reviews and I spoke out and then they seem to get really upset with me after that for calling out the top instructors saying “Hey, I learned this from this instructor and he’s making the most money on Udemy with the biggest review incentive system out there and you haven’t done anything to it.” After that I felt this fractured relationship with Udemy. I only ever had one policy violation the entire time I was actually on Udemy for over two and a half years.

I was reading this book at the time, it was talking about how when you send people gifts, it does something and there’s this expectation or this kindness, basically the huge power of gift giving. And then a lot of the way business is done and lobbying is done and all those high level transactions are done is with a lot of gifts.

In fact, some industries have even banned gifts. For example, in the pharmaceutical industry, they had a practice of giving doctors unbelievably extravagant gifts, luxury cruises, anything you can imagine in order to get a doctor to start giving to the doctors, patients, the pharmaceutical companies, whatever latest pill they were selling the that has since been banned in the industry because it was so effective.

While in my case, I thought, “Hey, I have this a little bit of a damaged relationship with Udemy,” I thought I will send them some edible arrangements to I love edible arrangements. I thought I’d show them how much I care how much I appreciated their service how much I appreciate it, earning all the money on their website, I contacted edible arrangements got a hold of their corporate sales, and I set it up to send an edible arrangement every single working day to Udemy for months.

I said go through the about page and take every single person in order and send them an edible arrangement, one at a time. And I went through for months spend $3,000 sending edible arrangements, it was Christmas time so there was a disruption in the I didn’t send any over like the two weeks of Christmas during holidays and such. And then the edible arrangements company salesperson didn’t follow up with me to order anymore.

So I stopped sending them overall, the edible arrangement, average cost was around $50. So about 50 or 60 people at Udemy got edible arrangements from me at Udemy headquarters, there was one that would come every single day for somebody to people actually sent me messages on Udemy, thanking me for the edible arrangement.

That was all the feedback I ever got out of sending 50 or 60 people, delicious edible arrangements. And I don’t know what else happened with them. Then within a few months after that a mysterious final suspension happened on my Udemy account.

So maybe they got sick of my edible arrangements. So, “we got a band this guy what a pain in the butt.” I don’t know what happened. But this is just one of the many ridiculous stories I have that I thought you’d appreciate I said about it with good intentions to or you could say it was bad intentions. You’re going to send the edible arrangements in Udemy staff will have to like you then I said about it as if I was on the receiving end of this, “this would be awesome.”

I’m sitting at my desk working a job I get an edible arrangement from somebody I may not have even heard of that is on the platform, I think it would have been awesome to be on the receiving end of that.

So there you go. I appreciate you enjoying this $3,000 on edible arrangements stories.

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I can’t promise an edible arrangement but you never know you get your edible arrangements someday.


Jerry Banfield