5 Tips to Improve Your Business Meeting Etiquette

Great Business Meeting Etiquette Leads to Great Business Relationships!

Are you getting ready for a business meeting? Want to shake that anxious feeling? Want to know how you can be the best you can be?

work toward success with better business etiquetteHere is a list of the most helpful tips that I used to improve my business meeting etiquette. I hope to help you shake off your anxiety, walk proudly into the meeting place, and wow everyone who speaks to you! These tips can even be applied to first dates, interviews, and meeting new people anywhere!


  1. Prepare Yourself!

research for success

There are so many tools on the internet. You should be using these to your advantage for every business meeting! Use a Google search to find: reviews, articles, and anything the person/business has said about themselves. You should know exactly who you are meeting with.

This is especially important if you are meeting with a company. having good business meeting etiquette also involves knowing your material. You should know when they were founded, how many employees they have, their mission statement, what their internet profiles say, what they post about, and more. Your meeting should not be focused around your questions about their company. You want to have time to ask questions that are really important to you, and let them get to know who you are.

Do not forget to ensure that you can get to your meeting early. Use google maps to find out how long it will take you to get to the meeting. Then give yourself at least fifteen extra minutes to arrive. It is important to get their early. Chunk out the time it will take you to groom yourself. Allow yourself some extra time here as well. I know I can be more flustered while I get ready for a meeting. This can make me forget things. I like to have enough time to check, at least once, that I have everything I need about a half hour before I need to head out the door.


  1. Get Their Name and Job Title.


Engage with your potential business partner

At the beginning of the meeting, write down the name, and position of the person you are meeting with. Do this whether the meeting is online, over the phone, or in person! You need to know what level they are at the company they work for. Are they the CEO, an engineer, the marketing manager, the head of human resources, or an intern? This will help you know what they are capable of, how influential their opinion of you is, and how much agency they have in the company.

Above all else, remember that you are meeting with a person. Every person has a name! They may be representing a company, but they are a real human being. You are concerned with how this person thinks about the meeting you shared. When you use their mane throughout the interview, they will automatically like you. We all love to hear our names! It also shows that you are paying attention, and can recall the information they are laying down. Using their name also exemplifies that your interest in their meeting is deeper than talking business. It is important to make a connection on a personal level as well as a professional level.


No one is good at remembering names. When you hear their name, repeat it in your head, and use it as soon as possible. I sometimes bring a notebook to meetings, and jot it down. For example: you meet someone named Bill. You should say, “Nice to meet you, Bill.” When you do this you are not only hearing the word from their mouth, but reinforcing your memory by putting the new information into practice.


  1. Learn About Them.

Curiosity is key to improving business meeting etiquette


You may be there with your own mission or goal, but your first objective is to learn about the person you are meeting with. You are not there to get a new customer, sell a product, or get them to follow you on social media. You are there to learn about another human being. Show them what you can do for them. You need to learn how you can help them by listening to what they have to say. You already know the basics, if you did your research.

If you want to make a business deal with a company, you need to have as much information about what they do. You want to hear about their past interactions, and learn about some of the inner workings. Hearing specifics from someone on the inside will give you a clear idea of how your talents will help further their business. By asking questions you will learn what they need. If you know their needs, you can align yourself with those needs. Their words dictate what you offer to them.

If you did your research, you may have some questions about any of the events, products, services, or news you stumbled upon. This will show that you already know about them, and are motivated and proactive. Ask if they were present when a certain thing happened. ask about relationships with their past clients, customers, and partners. Go in expecting to learn, and ask questions about them. If you are engaging with them about their business, they should naturally want to be learning the same things about you. Let them learn about you at their pace. You do not want to seem too self-involved.


  1. Talk About Them!

Don't forget your notes
Be sure to bring your notes to that interview, but not a hot date!

This follows closely with number three.

I saw a meeting recently that shows what not to do. The two meet, introduce themselves, then proceed with the meeting. One of them take over and begins going on about himself, who he is, his company, and what he does. He had to repeat himself later, because the other people weren’t listening. They did not have a chance to engage themselves. You need to get them to talk about themselves. Get them to tell you everything you need to know. When you let them take the floor, they become interested in the conversation.

  1. Know What You Can Offer Them.

Sad truth: they probably don’t care about what you want from them. 

business meeting etiquette and knowing what you bring to the table
Why are you meeting with them?

They will only care about your needs once you offer your skills to benefit them. For example, I went to a local business meeting. This guy talked about himself for ten minutes. Within the hour he said repeated three things he could do for their business three times. He stated ways that he could increase their success. The other side overwhelmed him with ways that they could benefit him. He had three compared to their uncountable offers. This is proof that if you show how your skills will benefit them, they will be more likely to offer you more.

You have to speak in a language people understand. I am writing this to help you have a more successful business meeting, job interview, or even first date. What do you have to offer the other person? How can you give them things that they want or need? You need to find out what they need, first. Then, you have to pitch how you can fulfill these needs without coming across as condescending or pompous. Recreate the language they use in your offer. This way they will be able to easily understand where you are coming from.

It may help to bring examples of your work. This will allow you to give concrete examples of what you have done, and how it has helped people like them in the past. This gives them a great example of what you do, and how you will benefit their business specifically. It is important to not throw your examples in their face. Let them know that you brought examples, and only show them when they ask. This is very important: only offer information about yourself when they request it! When they ask you a specific question, that means they are ready to absorb that piece of information. They are more likely to remember specific facts about you when they request it themselves. Otherwise, you are just rattling information that they may not want, and they miss the pieces that are actually important.


Your Impeccable Etiquette will Make for Successful Business Meetings!

All of these steps are interconnected. By preparing, listening, and asking questions, you show that you have genuine interest in helping them. These tips are all about ensuring that the people you are meeting with get the right information about you at the right times, retain that information, and have a positive association with the idea of working with you. If you want something from someone else, you have make sure they know about you. We all know that lectures can be tiresome. Do not give lectures about yourself at a business meeting! Set a friendly tone, be confident, ask questions, and offer information when it is asked for.


I hope these tips help you to have more successful business meetings. For more business tips, visit my Youtube channel!