New Udemy and Skillshare Competitor, Uthena, Offers Instructors 50% Lifetime Affiliate Commissions

Are you ready to see the new Udemy and Skillshare competitor, Uthena offering 50% lifetime Commission rates for instructors selling as affiliates with 95% Commissions selling your courses and the ability to offer services?

I’m Jerry Banfield. I’m the founder of Uthena and this is my experience online as an entrepreneur. I’ve done a lot with selling courses online. I’m grateful, I’ve earned over $600,000 on Udemy alone before I was banned and that has prompted me to launch today what I see as an ideal version of Udemy and Skillshare.

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Udemy and Skillshare, if you’re new to them, they are online course platforms where you can learn. I’ve been asking, how can I make the best platform for instructors where you earn the most by promoting your courses and you get the most back by participating? A platform that’s good for instructors will be good for students as well because the more instructors you attract to teach great courses, the more you can give students every possible thing they want to learn.

New Udemy and Skillshare Competitor, Uthena, Offers Instructors 50% Lifetime Affiliate Commissions

If you’re interested in learning how to make money by teaching online, I’ve got a bunch of videos on that. It’s the top way that I’ve been able to make money online. Here you can see the terms I’ve talked about and on Uthena, we will upload your courses for you unlike on other platforms where you have to go in and submit them. If you just give us your Dropbox link and the link to the course on another platform, we will get the whole course up on Uthena. It is super easy for you.

There’s a clear need to have a platform that offers instructors more control and flexibility. One of the key things we do on Uthena is, we allow you to have full control over your course pricing where you get 95% of the sale and you can set the price from free to $600 if you want to. We’re helping you to maintain as an instructor full control over your course pricing. You also get 50% lifetime affiliate commissions and this is huge.

New Udemy and Skillshare Competitor, Uthena, Offers Instructors 50% Lifetime Affiliate Commissions

What you are seeing is actually a fraction of the value I delivered to Udemy and it was in Udemy’s best interest to ban me because they get to keep the value of all the students I brought without paying me anything else. It’s actually in these platform like Skillshare best interests. They close a bunch of courses and get to stop paying a bunch of instructors who bought a bunch of students to Skillshare. Meanwhile, they get to decide who gets to make money on all that that you did somewhere else.

Therefore, on Uthena, we’ve got it set up. When you bring someone to the platform, you get to earn the money that they bring in as a customer and that to me is huge. You could fail to sell your course and if you get people to sign up for Uthena, you could still earn 50% of anything they buy. Imagine that on Udemy, a lot of students buy thousands of courses and if you get $500 for referring a student who didn’t even buy your course, that would be an amazing deal.

The purpose of this post is to give you another place where you can get some instructor payouts. Uthena is intended to be complementary to Skillshare and Udemy. I encourage you to go ahead and upload your courses to Udemy, Skillshare, and StackCommerce. Upload your courses to all of those platforms and then also you can upload them now on Uthena as long as you have a Udemy course or your partner. We did offer a $20 reward for the first several hundred courses on Uthena. This is how we got so many courses up on Uthena so fast.

New Udemy and Skillshare Competitor, Uthena, Offers Instructors 50% Lifetime Affiliate Commissions

I think the balance is -$4,000. I paid out $20 per course to help get us the initial foundation on Uthena and now we’ve already got 419 courses. We’re making lots of sales and from here we are open to investors and when we get some investor funding or just with the sales itself then we may be offering those course advances again. However, for now, it makes sense to make some sales and earn back those advances before offering a new wave of them.

What I love about teaching online is, there’s an education revolution going on right now and there’s a huge need for video courses and quality instruction on a lot of these emerging subjects. There’s a huge need for teaching on subjects and yet it’s so competitive on Udemy. The payouts are so low on Skillshare that it’s difficult to make any good money just uploading courses to either of them especially if you can promote and sell your course.

In fact on Udemy, I promoted my courses so much that I was able to earn a lot of money by promoting my courses. However, if I had promoted something like Uthena instead of promoting my courses, I probably in the long-term would have earned 10 times as much versus promoting Udemy. That’s because it’s really valuable to have a customer over a lifetime and with the Uthena setup, we’ve got it.

New Udemy and Skillshare Competitor, Uthena, Offers Instructors 50% Lifetime Affiliate Commissions

You can teach on Uthena, Udemy, Skillshare and set your self-hosting up and do all of those. The partner program is coaching in a mastermind program and therefore, the partner program is paid and it offers a tremendous value. Almost everyone that comes to the partner program, calls every week, participates in the Facebook group and is successful.

I’m grateful for the chance to be inspiration today because I for a lot of my life was the opposite of an inspiration. I drank a lot. I was a real pain in the butt and a problem. So, today I’m grateful to help and be of service. My whole life today is about

  • How may I help you?
  • How may I serve you?
  • What can I do for you?

That’s why I do the live streams. The live streams allow me to do more for you than just uploading the videos. The intention I have with Uthena is to get half of the course videos we have out on YouTube for free. That way on Uthena, we will both be giving you a lot of valuable educational content for free on YouTube and then you will be able to have access to the rest of it.

On Uthena, we’ve got a $981 a month subscription where you’ve got 419 courses and on Skillshare, I don’t know how many courses they have now after they closed all of them. There are a lot of courses on Skillshare available too.

New Udemy and Skillshare Competitor, Uthena, Offers Instructors 50% Lifetime Affiliate Commissions

I have new workshops on my website. So, if you go to, you’ll see this option in the upper right. I started off offering them at $20 each just within like a week and you can schedule one of the workshops and the workshops are for me to listen.

The live streams are a really good way to promote the workshops because the workshops are essentially the video calls with me. So, it empowers me to listen more than talk. I mostly listen in the video calls and that’s where I get the information about what I should create. My mind tells me sometimes that what I do doesn’t matter which sure if I stop doing what I do, you go watch somebody else and they’d help you just fine but at the same time what I do does matter. So, I’m so grateful.

The question is where’s my energy most effective?

One thing that challenged me and my business is putting my energy all over the place. I put up my energy out over here, put my energy out over there, put my energy out everywhere and I’m doing a whole bunch of things and not doing anything well. What I’m focusing my energy on now primarily is doing the live streams, doing Uthena and then my workshop. So, you can already see that’s a significant amount of things to do.

New Udemy and Skillshare Competitor, Uthena, Offers Instructors 50% Lifetime Affiliate Commissions

I intend to go live almost every day and I imagine, if you have not subscribed me on YouTube and did not turn the notification on, will you do it now? That is the way to make sure you see the streams. You can also if you prefer, you can follow on Facebook and put see first and turn notifications on there as well.

I’m going to get it set up also so I can even live stream from my phone, for example, if I’m not able to show up and do one in the office but I intend to do a live stream almost every day even if it’s just a short like 20 or 30 minutes one, just to check in with you, talk about something every day and make a difference for you.

So, I love you. You’re awesome. Thank you very much for being here today and I will see you in the next one.

Jerry Banfield