8 Questions and Answer Before Going to Work that Every Employee and Freelancer Should Know

8 Questions Every Employee and Freelancer Should Ask and Answer Before Going to Work!

What are eight questions that are really helpful to ask before going to work as a freelancer or employee?

Why asked these questions?”

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Most of us spend the single largest amount of time in our lives is at work!

Therefore work is essential to our happiness. These questions help us see, are we really happy with the work we’re doing? What kind of work do we really want to do? Let’s take a look at these questions. Right now. These are the eight questions that are really powerful the ask.

And these questions some of us might be scared to ask these questions for realizing that if we start answering these we might not be able to tolerate our existing job anymore, and that’s good. The root cause of a lot of evil on this planet is good people going to work doing jobs they don’t care about.

Imagine things you might hate like taxes so someone goes to work and is a tax collector or works at the IRS, if that person loves their job, and that’s one thing, but how do you how many people do you imagine, go to work doing something like being a tax collector and just do it for the money? Just do it to feed their families. Those are good intentions, right?

The more of us that go to work we don’t care about and have a passion for the more we create the kinds of things we don’t want to see on our planet. That’s these questions are essential. Because working a job we don’t really care about is one of the worst things we can do to our lives.

It hurts us we’re wasting our potential. We’re squandering our greater abilities to do something else. As long as we show up and do work we don’t care about and thankfully, I’ve had a pretty low tolerance for doing work. I didn’t have a passion for I spent years in law enforcement and I lost my passion for it and I couldn’t keep doing it.

The pain was too great, I tried to do office jobs after college and I just couldn’t even keep a job for more than a month or two if I didn’t like doing it. And that’s, that is essentially the key reason I’ve got business that I love and work that I love. That makes a difference because I refuse to do work I don’t love and enjoy, I’ll starve to death before I’ll go to work and do something for someone that I don’t care about.

I will either find a way or I will not go on I will not just dig a hole that I don’t care about digging just so someone will give me money and I can survive these questions will help you get into your true purpose. Now the reality is refusing to do work you don’t enjoy it doesn’t mean you’re going to just die in a ditch somewhere. In fact, it means you’re going to make space to do things you really love you really enjoy. So look at these questions…

Why are you working? What are you working for?

And the deeper you can get into this question, the more powerful you can get into the work that really matters for you. I’m working to make a world I would enjoy coming back to anywhere.

That means that I might not realize where I’d respond rather it be in Uganda or Ukraine, or Utah. What can I do today to make a world that I would enjoy coming back to and this helps me to have empathy and compassion for all of humanity.

It’s not about just making money from my family. It’s not about just making money from my community. It’s not about just trying to help people like me that look like me and have problems like me. It’s about doing something that’s truly useful to all people on this earth and even potentially one’s not on this earth with us.

I show up here to help you have the most empowered life possible, where you’re aware of your choices, that you can choose to do anything with your life, you don’t have to go to a certain kind of job. It’s all up to you. And if you’re willing to take a leap of faith out of doing things you think you have to do, you might discover the things you will love to do.

Why are you working is a really important question to ask, if you’re just working for a paycheck, there needs to probably be a transition out of it. Yes, I recognize it’s nice to have money to pay the bills. But you can borrow money to pay the bills and make a transition into doing something you love.

You can move in with a family member, you can move to a different place and do work you love. You don’t just have to go to work and collect a paycheck. And I’ve taken massive leaps of faith on that I’m taking another one now is my previous business system ran out of money.

And I’m just literally borrowing money because when you do you love the upper potential is so high that you can have almost any amount of debt you ball get paid off. As people love your work so much. When you’re doing work. You don’t love though, even if you make a lot of money, you won’t enjoy it.

What have you done recently in your life for fun?

Some of us work so much, we don’t make time for fun, we don’t think funds valuable. And if our work doesn’t have any element of fun in it. And then we have to go do other things for fun. If we can’t have fun while we’re doing our work. This really stinks. That’s when you look at this again, help to look at, well what have you done for fun in your work?

What would you do if you had enough money to do it?

A lot of us assume we have to do what we’re doing for work because we don’t have enough money just for a second, use your divine power. And imagine that you have enough money for whatever you want to do.

Imagine you’ve got a billion dollars in the bank and do whatever you want today, you might have to get through some silly fantasies that first of global domination and ego driven mania of being president or whatever, get through that and think to the next thing.

Think about your daily life after you did all those fantasies. And you’re sitting at home and you’ve been president, and everyone loves you. Now what? now what would you really do when you don’t need to make any more money. I hope this is what I’d be doing if I had a billion dollars in the bank because this is worth doing, regardless of whether it makes money or not.

Because it’s really helpful for you, the more you can synchronize what you do if you had a billion dollars and what you actually do today, the more you may have all the money you need in your life, the more there’s a disconnection between what you’re doing today and what you do.

If you had enough money to do it, the more unhappy you’re likely to be in the first step honesty, when you see that, hey, I’m doing something that if I had enough money, I absolutely wouldn’t do this, then you need that honesty to see the difference first. That takes us into the next question…

What would you be willing to do for 20 years?

I did some office jobs after college. And I remember working at call center, I quit after a week like I can, I couldn’t even picture doing that for another week, let alone 20 years.

And yet I jumped into careers like law enforcement. And I pictured doing it for 20 years until I couldn’t picture doing it for 20 years, the shift work, the insanity, the fear of death, the drama at work, both that I caused them was there by other people, and all the situations you’d get in.

I’m like, man, I can’t picture doing this for 20 years anymore. I can’t picture having a family and getting up at 5:30 in the afternoon for night shifting going in and my family wondering whether I’m going to come back or not.

I can’t picture doing this for 20 years. Think long term about things because the more you can synchronize, what are you doing now with what you’d like to be doing in 20 years, the more it all adds up. I hope I’m doing something pretty similar to this in 20 years. And that’s what’s awesome is to do the same kind of work today you’d love to do for 20 years, and also can be helpful to ask…

What do you hate doing?

I hate having clients give me a project and trying to use me as a mouthpiece to say exactly what they want me to say.

And then editing and having some idea of how my video ought to be. That, to me looks arbitrarily different from how I said it. Well, you shouldn’t say that people get offended, and you need to take this out. And you need to redo that. I hate that.

And this tells me I should not make myself available to make videos for clients that are intended did it to be sales pitches according to a very specific routine. This tells me that I should stick with doing things how I do them, and empower others to do that.

This tells me that in it’s in my better interest to not seek opportunities that will require me to do what I hate. I hate trying to censor and formulate my voice based on what someone else wants. Because there’s so many other people who are good at doing that my honest truth comes out Harvard supposed to.

And there’s so many other people who are good actors and good actresses that can be a mouthpiece. I don’t make a good mouthpiece. And how do you think I’ve learned this the hard way by grinding in over a project and literally giving a client hundreds of dollars back out of refusing to even do any other changes, like you know what the changes you’ve requested, make this video dishonest, because I expressed the good and the bad parts of it. And when you want me to change it, remove everything I did that doesn’t look good, or might offend somebody, then you know what, just take your money back and I won’t do this again, it can be good to look at what you hate doing, you might realize that you honestly are trying to get more work doing what you hate doing. That’s kind of insane, right? gotta realize that first.

What experience you already have online?

But it’s especially helpful for your new Freelancer or trying to build up you might not think you’ve got any experience. But I guarantee you’ve got more than you think. For example, I didn’t think all my years of playing video games mattered much for freelancing online.

But it does, it means I can very rapidly learn a new system online, there’s I’ve played so many video games that I’ve got this sense of how things are coded and how things should work. And it makes it really easy for me to just jump into something and learn it a new software or a new website, I can often jump into it and learn it in just a few minutes.

All my experience playing video games, has made it very easy to learn new systems and new software. I’m used to learning and using these things, and I’m even used to how they go wrong. And I know what to do when that happens. Often you just need to refresh or try again later.

And it’ll start working again, instead of banging your head against the computer screen metaphorically or actually, for hours wondering what’s going wrong, only log on tomorrow and it’s suddenly fixed. You might not think your experience, going and talking to people is valuable until you realize that you can narrate videos really well, based on your experience talking.

Yes, you can see I love to talk, you might say Oh, it’s Christmas natural. I’ve just loved to talk my whole life. And I’ve practiced and done it a whole lot. And that makes it easy for me to narrate videos, I don’t need a script, I just talk, I don’t need a script, actually probably should have a script, sometimes talking to people in person.

But I just talked with people in person. I don’t need a script for that. And if you’re really good at talking yourself, that’s a very valuable experience for teaching online. Get to know what experience you already have and count everything all that time you spent posting on Facebook and reading other people’s comments and looking at ads that’s valuable for your own business.

How does what you like to do match with why you do it and what people you need?

When you figure out how what you like to do matches with why you do it, and what people need, then you’ve got a business. And you can see an example that I like to talk, I like to share my experience. I like to figure out systems online, I like to teach. And then when I put these videos, I know I like to why I do it, I like to make a world I’d like to come back from.

I have some kind of hope that if this body passed away, and I came back, and I could essentially watch my own videos, that my own videos would empower me in a new body, regardless of my existing situation that all I need to do is come back and watch my videos and I could get on track. Why don’t you put that all together and with what people need. I see people need the same kinds of things I need.

And then I just make videos about them, put them up on YouTube, put them up on Facebook and anywhere else I can put videos and then put free previews of those videos out wherever possible.

And then for the best experience, then what I do is I sell online courses,

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Thank you very much for watching this, what I’ll do now is give you the original lectures that I filmed over here that will go even more into this for the purpose of helping you really get into these valuable questions and start figuring out what work you can do that will have the biggest positive impact on your life today.

Thank you very much for getting started with this. I love it, you’re awesome. And here are the original videos from the course.

The grand finale for this section, how does what you like to do match with why you do it, and what other people need. That ultimately, is the purpose of this self knowledge is to get to know yourself so well. That you can start thinking about what other people need, and start figuring out where you plug into that.

There’s the analogy of round peg square hole or all those things. Think about it like you’ve got a very specific setup. You’re not rounder square, you’re infinitely more complicated than that. And the question is, where can you go find the exact right place to be a part of, there’s all kinds of places in the world where your exact skills, your exact knowledge, your exact motivation, enthusiasm can be extremely useful.

Most people around the world have more talent than they would ever imagine. The question for you. And for me every day is how to match up how you can be of service to other people with why you’re working, and what exactly it is that you like to do and will be willing to keep doing.

All of this self knowledge is guiding you into the next section, where you figure out how you can most effectively take what you know about yourself, and position it in a place where you can be of service to one other person at first, and then potentially more people.

If you don’t know yourself, you can see how impossible This is. I blundered through the first years of my business not knowing myself well enough to figure out where I should be positioned. In a world where there’s infinite positions. The best tool you can have is to know a little bit about where you should try and position yourself. The more self knowledge you have, the more effectively you can position yourself correctly.

What experience do you already have, and especially what experience you already have online? And I mean, in all areas, not just things like work. For example, when I started out almost four years ago, in 2011, you might have looked at me and said you don’t have any experience working online, you don’t know anything about business, you don’t know anything about creating products, you don’t know anything about anything that matters for what you’re trying to do.

Because you have no previous experience, I got that a lot. My brother said that. And I had lots of the same kinds of comments come in. And yet I had a ton of really valuable experienced, it took me a while to realize I had, it’s not a coincidence, I have one of the top Facebook courses online in the world.

Because I also had one of the first Facebook profiles in the world back in 2005 in college. And I’ve used Facebook consistently for 10 years now, that experience matters. I viscerally understand ads from the point of view of the person who’s looking at them,

that allows me to make ads that are very effective, it allows me to push the limits, and allows me to do all kinds of things on Facebook that I’ve done. When I started matching what I was doing in my business with my experience in Facebook, by accident, at first, I was just doing what I already knew how to do sending messages, making connections, adding friends, and using the features on Facebook.

When I realized and start seeing “Oh man, I really know a lot about Facebook,” then I was able to apply that experience in a way that drew clients at first. So made some money and now then create products out of it. I was able to use all that experience on Facebook, to do things on Facebook that people needed help with.

If you know all of your areas of experience, they all count. It doesn’t have to be just what you do for work. I’m amazed how many people I see. They think work mode and they think completely separate personal life mode, I played 10’s of thousands of hours of video games online since 2000.

And even before that, I was like googling and dog piling back in the day. And learning how to use these tools online. I’ve been using the internet a lot since the late 90’s, that experiences extremely relevant. And yet I never thought of it that way. I didn’t see the connection between playing lots of online video games and how that can be useful for my skills online.

So the better you get to know all of the things you do not just your work things but all the things you do.

You can see areas of potential, for example, my experience with video games, has given me a lot of visceral experience and knowledge with online systems and programs. So when I go to do some new online system, WordPress, YouTube or some freelancing system, there are a lot of things I unconsciously understand things like how the back end works, and I don’t even consciously process it.

And yet the speed at which I can learn new things like YouTube is much faster. Because I’m used to working with online systems. And YouTube is just another online system, I can almost imagine how things were programmed on the backend. And understand then what to test from there.

Because I’ve spent so many hours using so many online programs, and systems designed by computer engineers and video games, that there’s a lot I can do, unconsciously. That allows me to learn rapidly in areas that are related to what you might call work. So things like Udemy to understand kind of where to learn and how to expand and what to test. And to kind of have this visceral understanding of how things might be programmed.

But that’s not even conscious. And that just comes with experience. That’s why some people you might look at and say all they’re so they’re so good with their hands, or they can fix anything, my dad was like that. And it’s because my dad had spent thousands of hours working with his hands, fixing things and all different scenarios, you could throw him in with a random new scenario. And he’d figure it out pretty fast, because he had so much experience doing something else.

If you can count all of the experience you have across everything you’ve done in your life, you’ll find you have a lot more skills than you ever imagined. You’ll find that everything you’ve done, all the learning in all areas of your life is relevant to whatever you want to do now, and whenever you might be able to do in the future.

So take a more broad inventory of yourself. Really look and ask, what all do I have experience with? especially working online, in both personal life and work life?

What is it you hate doing? When you keep asking yourself and looking What are things you can’t stand doing?

If you find things you don’t like to do, then you probably don’t want to do them anymore. If you have a hard time finding things you like to do, it can be helpful to at least find things you hate to do, so that you know what not to do.

I know for me finding what I hate doing when I mostly live in a positive lifestyle and mindset. What I hate doing is kind of hard to find. I know, I hate going back and forth via email. I hate dealing with trying to schedule things. And I hate feeling pressured or feeling like I have to do something new to be validated. I also honestly tend to hate doing things that are brand new, I like to do things that are more comfortable that I’ve already done before.

I also hate trying to make new relationships with clients, it’s very stressful, it takes time to get to know each other. And building a client has all these expectations. So I set things up now so that I don’t get new clients, I make products so I can serve customers.

I guess the difference is with a customer, you’ve bought something and with a client, there’s ongoing service expected. I love customers. I’m not big on having clients. And I’ve learned that the hard way. And this, the more you ask this question of yourself, what is it you hate, then you can dig deep into knowing what you shouldn’t do.

And combine that with whatever you do know you like to do so that you can get things in a laser focused area, at least where you can get started today and figure out what you might like to do.

What would you be willing to do for the next 20 years? This can help you to isolate schemes and hustling from your true purpose, I would be willing to do I would be grateful to do what I’m doing now for the next 20 years, I would be honored to do the same thing I’m doing today.

And you know, slightly different forms, my daughter is likely to be older, I’m likely to be older, you’re likely to be older, I’m willing to make these videos for these courses, and run my life as it is today for the next 20 years. And this is the first time in my life that I’ve ever been in that position.

It’s taken a lot of mistakes. It’s taken me doing a lot of things I did not want to do for 20 years, I was in law enforcement did not want to do that for 20 years, I went to graduate school and looking at academia did not want to do that for 20 years. And that’s when I exited. When I looked at do I want to do this forever, I would exit and thankfully, I kept doing that.

I had a nine to five internship after college. And I knew then I can’t stand having an office job nine to five. And I’ve never had one since then, my wife somehow has had one for four years, it’s hard. I wouldn’t want to do that for 20 years. I’m very happy doing what I’m doing now. So if you ask yourself, and this could help you make space in your life, if you already have a job that you’re working at, and you’re trying to add this on, or maybe transition, you might need to get rid of your existing commitments first to make room for this.

If you have a full time job or a part time job, that takes a lot of energy, they’re not willing to do for 20 years, you might need the space in your life to really do this 100%. Or I know a guy that he’s trying to learn these things while he has a job because he can sit there all day. He’s a car salesman, and he can just sit down computer all day until customer walks in.

If you find the space in your life, and you honestly ask, you know, do I want to sell cars for 20 more years? Or do I want to try and be hustling online and slinging out all these random social media messages for 20 years? No, I don’t. And I did that. Do I want to be serving clients for 20 years? No, I don’t. And that’s why I don’t serve clients in my business anymore.

If you don’t want to do it for 20 years, why would you want to do it at all? If the only answer is money, you can find something I guarantee you can find something you will do for 20 years that you’d like to do for 20 years that you’d love to do for 20 years, you will find a way to make money at it. If you make space to do it.

It might not be easy, I bought 50,000 plus dollars, so that I could do what I wanted to do what I like to do what I was willing to do for 20 years, I brought the money for it, so that I’d have time and space to just do it to just do it. And then now it pays for itself.

Now I’m paying back the loans at faster than I ever imagined. If you can look at and eliminate things you wouldn’t be willing to do for 20 years, you can open up a lot of space in your life.

And you can fill that space with things you would like to do indefinitely when you’re doing things you’d like to do. And definitely, it’s absolutely amazing how easy it is to have great joy in the work you’re doing. I’m thankful for that I’m practicing that right here with you be honored to do this indefinitely. And for in 10 years for you to still be taking courses with me and for us to be growing together.

So thank you for watching this. And I hope I’ve given you inspiration to start looking around figuring out what pieces of your life you could delete that you don’t want to do forever, and which ones you would like to do more of, and to give you courage to start doing more of the things you like to do. And you’re good at?

What would you do if money was not a consideration at all? What is it you would do if you didn’t need to think at all about the money you’d make out of it.

For freelancing online and for doing your work. I find this questions really important from me. Because when I take the money out of it, only the thing itself is left to do. I did a lot of things early on in my business that were purely money motivated. I did not have a big desire to do Facebook ads for other people, I just wanted the money.

Now for the first time of my life, I am truly doing things that are not money motivated. When you find the joy in what you like to do, you will find a ways to get the money to do it. If you try and do things for money, you’ll often find you’re doing things you don’t like in order to get money. So imagine this, however, you need to imagine either you already have all the money you need to.

And you can also do this as a scenario in the future say, “I already have all the money I need. And I already made it. What am I doing? What am I doing in that scenario?”

Today, I am grateful that I am doing exactly what I want to as if money’s not an issue. I love making these videos.

And I’m even integrating ways to play video games in that I enjoy. And when you do what you do, because you enjoy it, it’s actually way easier to make money. Now it might take a little bit of time to get set up, it might take a lot of money borrowed to get in a position to make the money. If you like doing it, you’ll do those things, though.

So imagine you just won the lottery. What would you actually do with it? And this question, you might need to move beyond fantasy and look at a day. Because you might start off off, “I just won the lottery, I’d go to Vegas, or I’d go to Hawaii, or I’d buy a mansion by a building.” And once you get past that, get past those fantasies, okay, you’re in your mansion in Malibu.

Now, what are you doing? Like sit around all day and smoke pot or something? Well, if that’s the foundation of what you do, you can find it through this question. And you can look deeper. “Okay, well, how long would you do that for a while, okay, I might get tired of that after a year or two, I might start playing some video games.

Or I might start just talking to people, the farther you can dive into what you would actually do. If money was an issue, then you can start sinking that with what you’re actually doing. If I had a billion dollars in the bank, I would be doing this. This is what I do. I would keep making these courses,

I would keep doing all of the things I’m doing if I had a billion dollars. And if I had no money at all, I would hope I could keep doing the things I’m doing now also.

So if you delete money from what you’re trying to do, then you can start isolating, okay, what is it I really want to do without the money motivation. Money is a huge, powerful motivator that often poisons what you can see that you like to do. I’ve done a lot of things in my life, I thought I wanted to do them. And I was just trying to get some money.

To do them jobs, careers, education, is taking me a lot of self knowledge, to put myself in a position where I’m doing what I do as if I had a billion dollars. This is what I would do. Make some videos, spend time with my wife and family, play some video games, have some friends, it’s what I do. And it doesn’t matter where you do it.

If you isolate, what would you do, then you can better match what you do. If money didn’t matter with what you’re doing when money does matter.

What have you done recently in your life for fun? If you can match up what you do for fun with what you do for work, then you can have the best experience you’ll enjoy learning the most.

And you can have a life today like I do where my work is fun. I love doing these videos. It doesn’t feel like a chore or a job or like I have to force myself to I am just bursting with energy to do the videos. It’s the same energy. I had to play video games when I lived at my parents house. And it might not always be obvious.

If you ask yourself, what is it you’ve done for fun recently, or you like doing for fun, you often can somehow relate that to what you like to do for work. For me, I’ve played video games most of my life for fun. And my dad used to say that if I could just find a way to get paid for him, then I’d be in good shape.

Well, that’s essentially what I’ve done. I’ve taken some of the things I liked about playing video games, I found how to do them my work, I like the chance to work. And to be online. I like being online. I like interacting in all these worlds online.

I like learning all kinds of systems online. That’s fun. I like being able to talk and be myself and participate and feel connected online, which was good and video games. And I like all the learning that comes with video games, all the different strategies and play styles.

And now even I’m getting it set up so that I can integrate playing video games into my work directly with the livestream. And I’ve already done it on my YouTube channel. The things I’ve learned from making videos from playing Call of Duty, and other video games, the things I’ve learned on my YouTube channel have helped me to do better with my videos on internet marketing topics, and even my daily inspirational videos.

So if you look at what you’re doing for fun already, you might be able to find how you can integrate parts of it into what you’re doing for work. And combine that into something where your work and fun at some point blend together so much. It’s hard to distinguish them.

So thank you for thinking about what this with me, and I hope this is a useful question for you.

First question is by far the biggest one. Why are you working? What are you working for? Who are you ultimately working for?

This was very popular when I posted it on the Warrior Forum. This first part about figuring out exactly the deepest reason why you are working. I’m here working with you out of the love and joy of being alive. That’s why I’m here. Because I’m grateful to be alive. I love being alive. I love life.

That’s why I’m here. Because I’m in a place. Now this moment, that’s beautiful. That’s amazing. That’s eternal. And I love life. And for me a higher power is helpful, for my understanding is choose to call my higher power God out of convenience. And out of being raised with using that term. I like it. You don’t have to use God, if you don’t want to, it doesn’t matter what you use, it’s just a word, the word God is just the word the same as any other word, it’s just the word.

I find it useful to embrace that connection to a higher power and why I’m working, especially in the sense that it helps me feel connected to all of humanity helps me feel the sameness that I have with all of humanity. So the reason I’m working is out of the love I have.

Now depending on where you’re at, you might find your answering, why are you working might find things like I want a new car, a new house a better job, I’m tired of my boss, I want to provide for my family, I want my kids to have an inheritance. I’m sick of working where I do and I want to try something new.

Those reasons are all fine. I started out because I didn’t want to be a professor anymore. I started out on a resentment because I lost a $300 bet, it might have been a little higher, I settled on 300 playing Call of Duty and I thought it was stupid a little money I had. And I thought you know what, if I made a business online, I could probably make some real money. And then when I had real money, I wouldn’t have to get all upset over losing a few hundred.

That was a big part of why I started. And everything I did corresponded to my why I was working, the why you are using with your work is the number one determining factor I can see of what outcome you’ll get out of it. If you’re working for new car, you’ll be lucky to get a new car. And that’ll likely be a big part of what you get another word, you’re not likely to get a whole lot more than what you’re working for.

If you’re working for all of humanity, you’re working out of the joy of living, if you’re working to be a good person right now and be of service, you likely can unlock your full potential for what you can really do. This is so far beyond whatever I imagined I can do before it’s way beyond.

I’m in outer space right now compared to where I started. And yet, it’s not that I’m doing a lot different things. It’s the why I’m working because I love being alive. I’m grateful to be alive. I’m here to serve you. I’m here to be useful to you. That’s why I’m doing this. I’m doing it because it feels like the right thing to do.

The deeper you can go because your motivation to get a new house or make some new money, or to have a new Xbox, or to impress a future girlfriend or wife or husband. Those motivations can get you looking deeper and deeper and deeper in them. Well, why do I want a new girlfriend? Why do I want to make money online? So I can get a hot girl in a hot car and hot wife? Why want to feel good about myself? Why do I want to feel good about myself? I want to feel like I belong the human race? Why do you want to feel like you belong the human race? I want to be connected with everyone else.

And then you’re right back to the higher power. Well, you already are connected to everyone else. Thinking about why, why you’re here trying to do what you’re doing today. It’ll unlock your full potential. And by full potential, I mean your full potential to be useful for other people, your full potential to do things that other people need you to do.

I feel kind of like a drone lots of times today. “Hi, what do you need me to do.” And I have the best life I’ve ever remembered. I get up, I pray, I asked to be of service, I pray to take care of myself and be useful. And here I am.

It’s amazing. So when you think about the way you can unlock your full potential, and I want you to unlock your full potential, because I need you to unlock your full potential. So you can be useful for me. So you can do things that are good for all of humanity.

We all do our best to with that, which ultimately we’re doing, then we can have the best life together. So thank you for sharing, and thinking about why you’re working with me today. And sharing some of my thoughts on why I’m working.

Knowing yourself is the biggest thing you can do to get a good start. Or if you’ve already got started to continue better from where you’re at, the more you know yourself, the less you have to work blindly in the dark, and the less frustrations and less walls you have to hit.

One of the main problems I had getting started and growing for several years was that I had very little genuine self knowledge. I thought I knew. And that was very dangerous. Because it turned out I knew very little about myself. And the more you know about yourself, the more you can match what you’re doing, why you like to do it with what people need. And the key is what you’re doing for other people. How are you out there helping someone else? When you start thinking, How can I help someone else. And you will be amazed at how fast good things come back.

In order to do that, you’ve got to know what you have to offer, you’ve got to know who you are, you’ve got to know what you’ve done, there’s so much to know about yourself, in order to match up what you’re doing with what people need to do. So the easiest thing to do, and it takes the most time and energy is to get to know yourself.

Once you know yourself, you can fairly easily start getting out there to who you need to be out there with. So this section and the one after it, cover getting to know yourself just with some simple questions. So they seem simple, you’ll see the answers are end up being deep when you go do them. And I encourage you to share any of these questions you’re thinking about or having a hard time with, I’ll do my best to provide a thoughtful answer.

So each video in the next two sections, is just one question posed to you to ask yourself right now and to look at and think about the purpose of all these questions is to get you in a good mind state to make a strong foundation of your business, the most critical thing you can do is think right, have a good way of thinking.

To start with, you can change that right now you don’t have to have anything, or do anything else you can work on analyze and look at your thinking right now. And then nothing is more important than how you’re thinking about what you’re doing online. If you’re thinking about things in the right way, with service to other people, everything will almost effortlessly come together.

If you’re thinking in a way, that self centered, and you’re trying to go grab money like I was, for the first several years of my business, you’re trying to go take things from people without regard to what they need, you’ll continually be frustrated. And I was. So I’m giving you the gift of right thinking that I’ve been given that’s allowed me to be here with you. And through the next two sections.

I’ll try and encourage you or guide you some things to think about that can help you see where you’re at with your thinking and see some possibilities you might never have imagined for yourself.

Wow, you’ve made it all the way to the end of this video.

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