9 YouTube Partner Program 2019 Tips for More Views, Minutes Watched, and Subscribers!

You are about to experience a really helpful video giving you 9 YouTube tips I got out of being in the partner program in 2019. YouTube invites YouTubers with a certain size of following, whatever their current threshold is, to have a partner manager that works directly at YouTube. He/she has access to presentations and data that aren’t available even in YouTube analytics and that aren’t publicly available for things like understanding the YouTube algorithm.

What I will do is, give you the best 9 notes that I took while talking to my partner manager because this way if you don’t have a partner manager, you can apply these tips directly to your YouTube channel.

9 YouTube Partner Program 2019 Tips for More Views, Minutes Watched, and Subscribers!

If you’re new to my blog, I’m Jerry Banfield. I’m a full-time YouTuber. I publish 3 videos a day especially about making money online and reaching your full potential. I trust, if you’d like to see my videos, please subscribe to my Youtube channel and turn the notifications on and to check your subscriber feed once you’ve subscribed. I publish new videos at 8 a.m, 2 p.m, and 8 p.m every day.

What I just did there actually combines several of the tips that I’m about to show you. it’s important to include a call to action to subscribe in your videos. This is the number one tip I’ll give you. YouTube has the number one goal of as follows,

  • The main goal for YouTube is to maximize long-term viewer engagement and satisfaction (high viewer watch time).

That means YouTube decides what’s a good video based on that ‘Do people keep watching with this channel over the long term?’ YouTube wants people understandably to watch a video and love it so much that they keep coming back to YouTube over and over to watch more videos. This is the number one thing my partner manager told me and it’s the secret to understanding the algorithm. The algorithm is all built with this main goal in mind. Therefore,

  • Step one is subscribers. When subscribers do well, then expanded until the audience likes it.

When your subscribers like what you’ve shared, it then gets the chance to expand more and more on YouTube until you reach a point where people aren’t liking it anymore. I noticed that how my subscribers react is often much different than how people that are new to my channel react. The key to this leads us in to point number 3.

9 YouTube Partner Program 2019 Tips for More Views, Minutes Watched, and Subscribers!
  • Make sure to include a call to action to subscribe in every video and recommend the subscription feed plus notifications.

You can see me doing this in every video I publish just as you can see in the image above. I got this out of my partner call because one of the key metrics YouTube uses for video ranking is the ratio of the number of people who subscribe and who aren’t subscribed after watching a video. This goes back to point one with the main goal being a maximizing long-term engagement. YouTube sees someone hitting the subscribe button as a very good sign that a video is of a quality that they’ll keep coming back for and by the same token, things like unsubscribers are inevitable. When you do too many different things, you can suffer from the penalty of essentially having subscribers give negative feedback because they’re not expecting you to do whatever that is. I will just work through that and then I get to do whatever I want but you can try and really make yourself into a niche if you want the fastest growth and that takes us into point number 4.

  • Know your niche’s tentpole moments like new software releases, video games releases, seasonal trends, etc.
9 YouTube Partner Program 2019 Tips for More Views, Minutes Watched, and Subscribers!

Know whatever niches you are in. My partner manager called them tentpole moments. Things like new software releases, video game releases, seasonal trends, etc. What you’ll notice a lot of YouTubers already doing is being directly on top of these key moments. For example, if you’re doing video games, a new game release, a new expansion for the game, a new update for the game, a new change to the game, and a new Easter egg in the game. These are some of the things you can have the biggest potential for making tutorials about. The problem or the challenge for a newer YouTuber, even one who’s established in trying to move into a different niche is that other people have often locked down the tentpole moments.

You can think of creative ways to expand on what’s already there, for example, I jumped on a video game tutorial in a new way for the same kind of thing other people were searching about on the Gorod Krovi map in call of duty zombies and that tutorial got a hundred thousand views. Even though, I didn’t have that much of an established gaming audience because I got it released within the first few hours the map was out giving me the chance to have one of the first tutorials. If you can get one of the first videos on a subject that’s in demand, you have a huge potential. You can use Tube Buddy to research these things and just knowing what you do so much that you know the big things that can be really helpful.

  • Thumbnails and the titles are more important than tags.

Apparently, YouTube doesn’t care that much about tags. What I’ve seen in my data is that the thumbnails and the titles drive all the initial clicks. The higher your click-through rate is per impression. The more potential watch time you get, the higher the potential placement you can get.

9 YouTube Partner Program 2019 Tips for More Views, Minutes Watched, and Subscribers!

It’s a complete snowballing effect and that’s why now as you can see in the image above, I get all of my thumbnails professionally designed now because the thumbnails are that important. What I do is just, get a thumbnail graphic to start with. I put my face on all my thumbnails that way people who are in a habit of watching my videos can very easily see, “Oh, it’s him again”. That way, you’ve got a consistent branding across all your videos to help stand out amongst all the others. That can also help for things like suggested video placement, home feed placement, and something that people know right away on every video that it’s you. You’ll notice a lot of the top YouTubers almost always have their face on their thumbnails and the thumbnails are almost always professionally designed.

With titles, you can play around with organic search and you can play around with something like clickable titles. These are a just constant experimentation game. I’ve had some titles that just did very good because they were really clickable and other titles optimized for directly to be searched for that exact keyword have done well too. Just keep experimenting with this and find what works for you.

  • Deliver the promise of your thumbnail fully (avoid overlong endings)

This is the one I’ve personally struggled a lot with. If you say you’re going to give 9 Youtube tips, make sure you actually give those 9 Youtube tips. Also, I might have been better to put carefully deliver the promise with your thumbnail because what I’ve often failed at is, I offer something and then I deliver it in a 20-minute video. I deliver what I promised within a minute then everybody stops watching. This is why things like top 10 videos do so good because people stick around to see all of the top 10.

9 YouTube Partner Program 2019 Tips for More Views, Minutes Watched, and Subscribers!

When you deliver something too early, people abandon the video and that gives it shorter viewer retention and minutes watched .and then that makes it harder to rank. Whatever you promised in your video, try and deliver it throughout the whole video as I’m doing here in the post that you can also watch here. You’ve got to stick around through the full video to see every single one of the tips.

Once you’ve delivered the promise of the thumbnail, don’t fool around with a huge long ending. If you have, for example, a certain image on the thumbnail, that image should always be in your video or very related to your video. You can imagine how annoyed people get when, for example, the thumbnail is of a hot girl and then she doesn’t appear in the actual video itself. That kind of thing can get you negative feedback and make it harder to rank.

  • Keep strong calls to action to another video or playlist

This is another one I have repeatedly not done well up until this point. What I’m doing now is consistently putting my calls to action on to YouTube and this ties back in with number one. Since YouTube’s main goal is to maximize long viewer engagement and satisfaction, you need to keep those strong calls to action to another video or playlist. That way when you get someone into one video, they get into another video, into another video, and so on. That increases the odds of a subscriber, the original video and all the other videos ranking high.

9 YouTube Partner Program 2019 Tips for More Views, Minutes Watched, and Subscribers!

If you constantly try and get people off of YouTube to make money somewhere else as I did for so many of my videos, it’s a struggle to get the key amount of views on it, to get the organic traffic, to really get the sheer amount of visitors you need to make good sales. Thus, for most videos, most of the time, keep the calls to action into YouTube. When you’ve got the bigger, bigger, and bigger audience, you can just do a little sales pitch, in the beginning, a little sales pitch at the end of a video and convert a lot more than constantly trying to get people off of Youtube.

  • Ranking is based on how video performs after it’s been published (unlisted does not count).

This was a good thing for me to understand because anything that happens while it’s unlisted or while it’s private, does not count. That means that you might as well wait to like the video yourself until you’ve published it. That means, if you’re having people watch it and it’s unlisted, that is not counting it all on the ranking algorithm and therefore nothing you do until it’s published actually matters. Thus, you don’t want to do anything like run ads or share a video a whole bunch until it’s published because that’s not counting on ranking.

9 YouTube Partner Program 2019 Tips for More Views, Minutes Watched, and Subscribers!
  • Avoid being overly sensational or outrageous (does not work long term).

You may see other people doing this and I have done this on my videos. I’ve been sensational. I’ve been outrageous and it has worked but just like it says, “It did not work for the long term”. My overly outrageous and sensational videos, people got tired of them, started leaving a bunch of negative feedback, still are leaving negative feedback, and unsubscribed. I would have been better off sticking to more of like, here’s how you do things and how may I help you? videos instead of “Oh my God! This is going to blow up and it’s so huge”.

Believe it or not, all CAPITAL TITLES do not generally work that good. Tip: check the trending page and see most of the videos there are not in all caps and not overly sensational.

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As you can see, I did throw my little calls-to-action in there but I made an effort to not do too overlong of an ending while also putting an additional way for me to make money and much above ad revenue in the post. I love you. You are awesome. Thanks for going through what I hope is not an overly long ending. I hope you liked theses tips. I’ll see you in the next post. Check out my playlist on how to do YouTube for many videos.

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