My First 9 Years As An Entrepreneur Online in 5 Minutes!

Do you want to work at home with your own business like I do?  Let me tell you how I got started because you will be inspired reading my story!  In 2012 I quit my job to do my own business online even though I had done nothing but lose money for the first year of it.  I took a big leap of faith giving up my $1500 a month paycheck on just 20 hours of work each week, my health insurance, and my graduate assistantship which was on its way to giving me a PHD in 3 more years.  I was able to make that leap of faith because Laura was making so much as a personal injury attorney I knew I could totally fail and we would okay!  For the next year I continued to lose more money and struggle until I learned a very valuable skill (Facebook ads).  I messaged tens of thousands of Facebook pages resulting in hundreds of clients paying hundreds of dollars each for me to make campaigns and I finally make a profit in 2013 (2 years after getting started).

My Facebook ads experience led to teaching online courses where I applied my digital marketing and online advertising skills to become a top 10 instructor on Udemy.  In 2016, I got banned from Udemy, despite never violating any policy, and started playing video games full time and building a following on YouTube at which led to being a six figure investor in the booming crypto market.  In 2018 I left crypto (which looked like a really bad decision at the time) to make music full time online and play video games again.

2019 started off with launching as a marketplace to sell private label rights and now in 2020 I am making the most successful long term business I have ever made by focusing on directing everyone to my website at where I have 21 online courses mostly on digital marketing.  I intend on starting a local digital marketing mastermind soon in Saint Petersburg, Florida where we can connect in person to uplift those in my local community.  None of this crazy adventure and worldwide recognition from millions of followers would have happened if I had not had the courage to take that initial leap of faith and completely given up what I was doing.  It looked from the outside to be a foolish move as so many of the choices have in my life.

Today I am grateful to have this experience to share with you and have written this with the hope that you will have the courage today to give up anything that you are only doing because it is safe and secure.  I am grateful in my life I have been ruthless about cutting that which no longer has passion for me even when it looked completely irrational to an observer.  You are God having a human experience.  You can do anything that you want as long as you are willing to give up everything that does not help it to become possible and accept help.  I am available to help the students in my courses at every day and have helped thousands of entrepreneurs online build better businesses.

Thank you for reading this and I am imagining a day of inspiration for you as I show you this picture of me stepping into my home office studio to work!


Jerry Banfield