How To Have A Happy Healthy Future Right Now

A lot of my life I got stuck in the “I will be happy when” trap. I will explain it to you here so you have the opportunity to notice if the same thing happens in your life. I have to constantly be aware of this or I can end up falling into it again.

The idea forms in my mind that I will be happy when something happens. The underlying assumption is that I’m not happy right now because something hasn’t happened. For example, when I created this video, there was a loud weed whacker sound in the background. That was a perfect example of my personal growth. When I first started making videos, I’d get unhappy if anything was going on around me. I faced the underlying trap thinking I’ll be happy when that plane stops disrupting my video. I’ll be happy when there’s a chance to film another video.

This doesn’t seem like a big problem when it comes to filming a video and a minor annoyance. It gets to be huge problem when it’s things in your life. For example:

I’ll be happy when I get a girlfriend.
I’ll be happy when I’m married.
I’ll be happy when I have a house.
I’ll be happy when I get a better job.
I’ll be happy when the kids are born.
I’ll be happy when the kids move out and go live somewhere else.
I’ll be happy when I’m retired.
I’ll be happy when I have  more money.
I’ll be happy when people respect me.

These things are easy to believe and often require a lot of waiting. I thought I would be happy when I graduated high school and damn I was wrong about that. I discovered more pain and frustration than ever after graduating high school.

The same thing happens over and over again. I would get a girlfriend and think I’ll be happy when I get a better looking girlfriend. I thought I’d be happy when the next girlfriend treats me better or when I’m single again. I’d finally get a wonderful woman and all of a sudden I’m unhappy with work.

I’ll be happy when I get a better job.
I’ll be happy when I get paid more.
I’ll be happy when I hit 10,000 a month.
I’ll be happy when I hit 20,000 a month.

It never ends. The assumption is that things aren’t good enough and salvation is in the future. At some point in the future, things will be right. Things will be just right and happiness, salvation, love, and peace can happen then, but not now.

That’s the infinite trap to fall into. You can never get out of that. When you finally have everything you’ve wanted, you’re still unhappy. You’ve been conditioned to think happiness is in the future so it’s not something you can hold on to.

When everything happens, some part of it slips away. One little condition slips away or one little imperfection is found. All of the sudden, happiness is something that was in the past that you can never get back.

That was the best night of my life.
Those were the best times of my life.
Those were the best times of my life. 

You hold the underlying assumption that life is not as good as they were before.

I’d argue that life is pretty consistent. Things aren’t a whole lot better now than they were before. I’m happier today because I see there’s nowhere to go. There’s no past or future to go to, everything I want is right here. I don’t need to go anywhere else and I don’t have to do anything. I can sit right on my couch if I want to and have all the happiness in the world.

It’s perfectly reasonable once you see your way out of the “I’ll be happy when” or “I used to be happy when” trap. It seems crazy and insane, but many people can’t just sit on the couch. You have to do something. You have to raise a child. I have responsibilities. None of that has anything to do with happiness.

My happiness is all in the joy of being alive. That is happiness in its simplest form. That’s a beautiful thing. I only was able to come back to that after becoming so miserable in the “I’ll be happy when” or “I was happy before” trap. I got so miserable that I couldn’t stand it anymore and then I got let out of it.

It’s like being a child when you cry and scream and whine long enough, then someone will pay attention to you. That’s exactly in a spiritual sense what happened to me. I got so spiritually bankrupt. I was so spiritually and emotionally miserable, that then I just cried out and I got help.

Part of maintaining right now is being of service to others and sharing with others. I won’t get to see any of the consequences of me sharing here outside of me maintaining my own happiness right now. I’m now sitting on the couch right now because for me, that works between things to do, I’m here to do things. If there’s nothing else for me to do, I have the whole rest of the universe I can be hanging out in. This is where I belong right now because there’s service work here to do.

My brothers and sisters all over this planet are stuck in the “I’m not happy now” trap and “I’ll be happy when this happens” trap. I’m here to offer release from that just as others offered my release from that. Here’s the trick, no one can do it for you. I can show you that I’ve been let out of it. I hope that can motivate you to be let out of it yourself. The solution is just to look around and appreciate what exists right now.

I had a challenging day yesterday and I prayed about it and I got a lot of help. I kept looking around at the reality right in front of me. What is the reality right in front of me? That’s what’s real and that’s where all of life and happiness is.

The past and the future hold a lot of misery that is made acceptable in the form of salvation. You’ll get everything you want in the future. If you work really hard and work your whole life, you’ll get to go to heaven. I’ve got great news, I don’t have to go to heaven. As it says in the text “heaven and earth shall pass away.” That doesn’t mean that anything is going to happen on the outside, no external heaven is necessary. I’m grateful that I’ve seen that because I wouldn’t still be on this Earth if I hadn’t seen that. I’ve had enough of living on this earth stuck in the hell of past and future.

I pray that I remember the trap of “I will be happy when” because in remembering it I have a choice to not go into it. I pray to remember all happiness and everything I could ever want right here right now. I don’t have to go anywhere or do anything for it. I can be where I’m at and have heaven right here. Hell can be right here, too, if I think right here is not heaven. I pray that you have the same chance today to see what I’m doing in my life that works for me. You can adapt any of it to your own life if you want or look at my life and decide you don’t want it and decide not to do this. Thank you for reading this, have a great day.