How To Be Guided by A Strong Moral Comass

Today I listened to that small voice that helps me avoid temptation and bad things. It’s as if there’s that good angel and bad angel. You could say it’s the voice of God that helps guide. It’s also the voice of reason and morality that most of us have been programmed with.

Today, I listened to it when I need it and I realized what happened right away. As a kid I used to listen to my inner voice all the time. As an adult, I started trusting my own judgment and I stopped listening to that voice of reason. I listened to my own constant thinking and there wasn’t enough silence to hear the voice of reason.

Today, I recognized my voice of reason telling me something. For a lot of my life when I did hear it I didn’t recognize what was going on so I didn’t realize when I stopped doing it either. As a little kid and teenager I respected  my inner voice that said I shouldn’t cheat on a test or project. I remember consistently listening to that.

At some point in college, I stopped listening to that. I cheated on a test even though a voice was saying I shouldn’t write the answers down and take that into the test.  I would say I want to get an A in the class and I got a C on the last test. I would take an answer sheet in because I knew I could get away with it.

To me, it’s not what makes you a bad person is ignoring that voice or anything because you just do your best each day. If you’ve never ignored that voice, how do you know what you’re liable to get into? It’s like being a parent. You have to let your child fail and screw things up so they understand how to live.

For example, with my daughter,  if I do everything for her she doesn’t learn how to do it on her own. Lots of the best ways we learn are making mistakes and ignoring that little voice of reason.

I thought it was fun to ignore that voice and see what happened. I would drive forty over the speed limit because I’m a cop and if I get pulled over I’ll get away with it. I still had those bad habits when I wasn’t a cop and I didn’t get away with it anymore.

I had a lot of bad things happen in my life because I started ignoring that little voice of reason. My life is in good working order right now. The temptations I have are small most of the time. I’ll share with you something that happened to me earlier that I hope highlights this.

I was looking on Facebook. I teach a course on Facebook ads so it’s important for me to use Facebook as a user also. I need to see how things are happening on Facebook so I can continue to teach the course.

I was looking at one of the ads today and it said “find out anything about someone” by doing a background search. I clicked on the ad and right there before I clicked on it, I heard a voice telling me this isn’t a good ad to click on. It’s not coercive or mean. It’s something small with absolute certainty. I have started paying attention to that voice most of the time now.

For a lot of my adult life, I clicked on things all the time like that. I would see things like hate or violence or sex and I would go look at it. I have to find out what’s the newest gossip. I was like a zombie clicking on whatever came in front of me. I was interacting with it without thinking about whether this was a good idea for me to do or not. I clicked on it and I started searching for myself. It then went to charge me for the full report. I went to go get my credit card because from a rational point of view, I spent so much time doing it already. I wanted to see the report on myself because I wanted to see everything that it has about me online.

I was walking out into the living room to get my credit card when that small voice warned me that this wasn’t a good idea. I stopped in my tracks because the first time I ignored it. Then I started feeling that temptation of blindly going forward. I looked around as if someone had spoken to me and asked if I was sure this wasn’t a good idea. I waited in silence after that and heard “absolutely.”

I stopped immediately. I didn’t want to do anything that wasn’t a good idea because I had done so many things that weren’t a good idea. I don’t want any more things that are not a good idea for me. I was still stopped and then I turned around and went back. I got a brief moment when I was walking down a rabbit hole.

The problem wasn’t with looking up my own stuff. The problem was that I had one month of member ship to look up everyone else. I got a brief second of seeing that rabbit hole I was going to go down that would let me look up all my friends and family. That is where the problem was going to happen. I would’ve gotten too much information that I didn’t need to know about my friends and family.

I’m grateful that I had the chance to think about my actions and listen to my inner voice. Then when I walked back to the computer, I realized what just happened. That’s not something that would’ve been a huge mess or a huge disaster. It’s a little thing where I avoided pain and frustration. I see miracles in every little opportunity to avoid something like that. Every chance you look down and notice there’s a pile before you step in it. I’ve shared this with you with the hope that this helps me practice listening to that little voice of reason. I like to think that God offers me little tips throughout the day to keep me on track. God also gives me the freedom to do whatever I want.

I pray to say yes to those little tips I get throughout the day because my life is so much easier and better. When my life if easier and better it’s easier to pass that on to everyone else too. I pray today to be grateful for the awareness I have and to see the process happening so I can share it and explain it here. I pray that you have the same opportunities today to notice those little reminders in your life. Those reminders can help you avoid all kinds of frustration just by listening to that voice of reason. Thank you for reading this and I hope you have a great day.