AA Step 3! Became Willing Explained in Alcoholics Anonymous

What is step three in Alcoholics Anonymous in practical terms?

I’m Jerry Banfield, I’m an alcoholic and my sober date is April 2014. This is my understanding of Step 3.

In the most basic form, the first two steps, we’ve realized that we are operating at an insane level of thinking and we’ve come to believe something that’s greater than ourselves.

Whether that be a person with more sobriety, a religious figure, God, the AA group, we’ve came to believe something can help us be restored to sanity.

What we do in Step 3, is we open ourselves up to letting whatever higher power it is to guide our life.

If we have some atheist or agnostic leanings, the higher power might be a sponsor, a sponsor has demonstrated the ability to maintain sober time and that might mean just taking suggestions from a sponsor taking guidance.

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For me, it meant to trying the suggestions I heard in meetings, it meant for me buying the book, Alcoholics Anonymous, it meant for me, when I was stressed out and struggling, to take recommendations from people who’d been sober in the meetings as to how I could get some relief, instead of going to the liquor store.

One of my most powerful Step 3 experiences was when I really wanted to drink bad one day I knew I was insane. I’m praying to God, or Jesus, or my dad, or whoever would listen to please help me stay sober and I remembered, in the meeting, one of the ladies with 25 years of sobriety said, -Oh, when I’m stressed out, I just go get a massage, it helps me relax so much- and when I first heard it in the meeting, I thought that’s dumb and it’ll cost too much, they probably do weird stuff with you in there and I can’t be any part of that.

My opportunity to practice Step 3, when I was in absolutely crazy stressed out and wanted to drink is to say, Okay, this is a time where I try something else. And I was scared to go try getting a massage, I didn’t want to spend the money on it and I went and did it anyway.

That’s what Step 3 looks like, is just to trying some suggestions from others that have proven their staying sober, because if you believe in God, or you have a connection or experience with the higher power, to me, this is usually delivered, the guidance from God is usually delivered through the mouth of other people.

That lady in a meeting, who shared about that massage might have saved my life that day.

When I pray to God for guidance, what I often find is a greater ability to listen and take the suggestions of those around me.

Now, that doesn’t mean take every single suggestion, for example, a guy shared in a meeting one day that he thought doing mushrooms is really helpful for his sobriety. And that’s the kind of thing I’m like -OK, I’m not doing that one.

Also if you’ve got a suggestion, you’re not sure about it, it’s good to ask other people and say, Hey, sponsor, hey, partner, hey, whoever you trust in your life to give you good advice to.

If you get a suggestion, you’re having a hard time with it, ask other people about it and say -Does this seem like a reasonable suggestion? For me turning my will and my life over to God today means thinking constantly, how may I help looking around for those opportunities to help and means consistently going to a meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous every day, so that I can get more suggestions, and be available to help others.

When we’ve practiced Step 3, enough, then we are ready to jump into Step 4 and get into an inventory of our lives and then the 5th step and all that.

Step 3, is it key a transitional step, where we are actually taking some action where Steps 1 and 2, we just really need to look around, see that things are a mess, believe something to restore us. But Step three is where we start to say -Okay, I’m going to take these suggestions, I’m going to try something to live a better happy, sober life. Today I’m going to go through and work the rest of the steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, and see what happens.

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Jerry Banfield