Where to Get More Packs for Ableton Live 10?

Where to Get More Packs for Ableton Live 10?

How do we download more of our Ableton packs using Ableton Live 10, especially when we have got the Suite version?

Where to Get More Packs for Ableton Live 10?

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I’m amazed that I’ve probably used Ableton for 6 months and I’ve been looking for more synths, more sounds and more drum racks, and I just realized that inside the “Packs” folder there are just tons more things that I already essentially bought with Ableton Live Suite.

These are really easy to download.

What I recommend doing, I click on the link “Get more packs at Ableton.com,” and then I read what each one is, so I don’t needlessly just download a 60-gigabyte pack.

Where to Get More Packs for Ableton Live 10?

I read through these and I want these “Synth Essentials” because they look awesome.

The problem with downloading or installing them is that it takes a while.

Once you go over here to “Packs” in Ableton, you see if you have any available packs, it’s pretty quick to download them, at least on my Internet, but the problem is once you click “Install,” then we are liable to be here for a few minutes.

Where to Get More Packs for Ableton Live 10?

Now, how do I install these?

I have a split hard drive. The small one is an SSD with like 250 gigs just for the operating system and the things that run faster. Then, my main hard drive is 2 terabytes and that’s where I install all the packs on there because I can put a whole lot more on there for less.

Now, obviously, if you can afford to just get an SSD Drive that is super-fast, then I’d encourage you to go for that. I’ve got a 6-terabyte drive for my videos and it’s all SSD. It’s amazing for video rendering, but on this computer where I make music, it works just fine for Ableton to make music and have it on there.

So, you can see how long this is taking for “Synth Essentials.” I just did this for another pack up here, the “Build and Drop” kit. So far, it seems like this is going to take maybe five minutes. The other one took maybe 10 minutes to install.

The problem is you can’t actually use Ableton while it’s doing that, so if you are around the house, the office or studio, and just can passively install some of these, it’s nice to do that whereas I’m on a live stream and recording a tutorial showing how to do this, but I can just talk through it too.

It’s nice to read about each of these packs before blindly installing them. I find it’s a little harder to use Ableton. The more stuff I get, the harder it is to browse through it, but at the same time, I know it’s time to start getting some new stuff or get to know the stuff I have better when I’m starting to struggle to find things.

I’d like to take a look at this “Orchestral Strings” one because I’ve been looking for some orchestral strings. I think those would be really nice.

Where to Get More Packs for Ableton Live 10?

What I’m going to do on that is, I can go under “Not yet downloaded” on Ableton, and it looks like this. You have got your account here and you can see I’ve got my “Live 10 Suite” on here.

Where to Get More Packs for Ableton Live 10?

Then what I do is I scroll down and see the packs I’ve got.

I can go to “All” or “Not yet downloaded,” then I can download these “Orchestral Strings” and “Orchestral Woodwinds.”

Where to Get More Packs for Ableton Live 10?

For some reason, it says I haven’t downloaded the “Orchestral Strings” one and what I do to read up on these is then I can go over here and I just open a new tab.

Where to Get More Packs for Ableton Live 10?

Now, I read over here and see if I actually want this.

I can see that the contents include 38 presets on it and has 4 gigabytes. It has a great selection of stringed instruments, a solo and ensemble violin, viola, cello, and double bass.

Where to Get More Packs for Ableton Live 10?

I’ve been looking for exactly this, so I definitely do want to download and install this one.

This helps me to just go through it real quick to see, do I want to actually download the pack or not?

You don’t want to waste your hard drive space. It’s like 4 gigabytes of hard drive size, so I don’t want to waste it. I was actually just looking at buying a “Native Instruments Bundle” and I realized I’ve got a lot of the same kinds of things already inside Ableton.

I’m looking for orchestral sounds and it looks like there are some great orchestral sounds in here. This one has 69 presets. It’s got a solo and ensemble flute and clarinet. I’m looking for these exact things to throw some of these in my dance music.

Where to Get More Packs for Ableton Live 10?

So, I can see from reading these, I do want all the orchestral ones. I can just download them whenever I want to, but it’s definitely best if I want to actually use Ableton and make music.

As you can see, it has been three minutes and that last pack is halfway through.

I’m actually ready to make music now. I probably don’t want to go download and install a bunch of packs and block my ability to actually do something in here, so what I will do is I will grab all these orchestral ones next time.

I can download them all right now, and then whenever I’m hanging out in the studio, but not making music, I can just install them, at this rate, over a period of an hour or so.

Now, I think this would go faster if you have got an SSD drive. This might be taking longer because of the hard drive I’m putting it on to.

So, if you can afford to just get a massive SSD hard drive that can help things like this go faster, but for the cost is it worth it for installing a few minutes faster?

I hope this has been helpful for you.

I’m shocked that I’ve missed out on these packs that greatly expand the things that are available to do in Ableton, especially if you have bought the Suite version.

There is a bunch of them already included.

Where to Get More Packs for Ableton Live 10?

You might as well use that instead of buying something else, and then trying to figure out how to use that.

The packs are already integrated with Ableton Live 10’s built-in powerful synthesizers and it’s really easy to just drag instruments on and get them to work there.

So, I’m grateful for the chance to make music today.

I’m grateful my first album 35 Hours in Prayer just released.

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