Should I accept investors in my startup business?

Your opinion on how I should manage the next step of my company’s growth is important to me.

Should I accept investors now in my startup company or not?

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In the simplest terms, my company made less than $100 in 2011 when I started by selling t-shirts on online.  In 2012, my company earned over $34,000 while losing more than $29,000 as I started learning and offering Facebook advertising services.  In 2013, my company made over $225,000 with a more than a $29,000 profit as I obtained hundreds of clients in more than 30 countries for online advertising consulting services.  2014 will continue this growth trend as I emphasize passive income and a more effective business system.  Since 2011, I have bootstrapped my company with my savings and my wife’s income as an attorney.  Three years later, I have more earning potential than ever and less than $2,500 per month in expenses necessary to sustain my company.

What I value is your opinion on is how to manage this transition from my 2013 business system of accepting as many clients as possible and working like a company to my 2014 system of emphasizing a personal brand as a top consultant worldwide for online advertising and digital marketing at  I am considering accepting investments to ensure I have time for making exceptional videos, expanding my monetization methods, growing my passive income sources, and conquering unexpected challenges.  Do you think I should be open to accepting investments?  If so, who should I share this video with and why would they be interested in investing with me?

While money ensures my company’s survival, my work is for humanity and God.  I am growing online because I want to share the love, hope, and faith I have with the world.  I see myself and the people I love in every person.  I think everyone is good and I hope my work in this life can contribute to greater feelings of love, hope, and faith in all of us.

You can see proof of this through my choice to share my best information for free and in how I speak during my videos.  The love my fans have shown me online has already given me the most successful Facebook advertising YouTube channel in the world.  People have said things like “You’re a legend Jerry… thanks” and “Fantastic video! Jerry gives away some super effective yet simple methods to land clients if you’re first starting out your online service based business. I watched the video in its entirety and took notes along the way. Thanks again Jerry!”  These comments are just a few of the thousands of positive messages I have received from my fans in nearly every country.

The bottom line is I value your opinion on how I can continue building on these last three years of success and inspiration.  You can share your opinion on this page in the comments or through the contact form on my website.  I appreciate your time reading this and hope to hear from you soon!