Gaining Peace in Accepting Your Circumstances

I don’t mind how things are. This was a phrase by a spiritual master. Everyone wanted to know why he was so happy and so peaceful and he said “I don’t mind how things are.” That was his secret.

I love that phrase. It’s a way of thinking about not resisting or arguing with life. I spent most of my existence arguing with life. The basic premise in arguing with life is that I don’t mind how things are or things are not how they should be.

I play this Zombies game and I’ve played the same game for years now. Usually when the Zombies would get me and I would die, I would  get so mad. I would say I hate the game. I shouldn’t have taken that route. I should’ve went farther. The basic premise is  that I don’t like how things are. I think I should’ve done better. The fact that I didn’t is the reason I don’t like that.

The fact that I mind how things are means I mind the miserable state of mind. It’s one of frustration and comes out in many different forms. It comes out in saying this isn’t right with the world. It comes out in saying this thing that happened to me is wrong whether it happened now or in the past. It comes out with a judgment or criticism. The underlying assumption that things are wrong right now and that it could be made right in the future.

The viewpoint that I’m sharing  says that everything is okay now and I don’t have to fight how things are. I don’t have to argue with how things are. I don’t have to get upset with how things are. Things are just fine now and I’m okay with how they are. Therefore I can be peaceful with how they are. I don’t have to get upset. I don’t have to get mad. I don’t have to start an argument. It’s a beautiful way of living. Sometimes the only way you can get to that way of living is to be in a miserable state for so long you can’t take it anymore. You will decide on your own when it’s time to find a new way of living.

Being okay with how things are is a simple way of living. When you’re not okay with how things are there’s always something or someone that has to change. It could be your bank account or your mother-in-law. There’s always someone or something that’s not good enough. Therefore salvation always ends up being in the future.

Whatever needs to be changed is not right and you have to wait around for things to be right. Therefore you have to wait around to be happy. You have to wait around to live. It stinks to live that way. It’s similar to living the 5-day week miserably waiting for the weekend. You live through 5 days just to get to the weekend. That’s how it is to live like that and you live through 5 days of living to get through to the weekend.

For example, I was always miserable about my dating status. I was miserable because I don’t have a girlfriend. I don’t have a wife, kid, or someone who loves me at home. That’s what I was sad over. Then the thing would happen and I would get a girlfriend. Everything might be good for a little while. All of a sudden things weren’t good anymore and I was wondering what I do next. That happened to me so many times that I got to the point I could see through it. There’s never going to be any set of circumstances that stays the same way forever so I can always be happy about it.

Whatever set of circumstances I am happy with will change, then I’ll be miserable. In other words, I’m stuck being miserable no matter what.  Either something needs to change and then it does and I will find something new. When I find things aI like and nothing needs to change, then I’ll be afraid of it changing.

For example, people who are broke and then they get some money. The used to be miserable for not having money, then they become miserable with money. You wonder how they can be miserable with money when they were miserable about being broke before. It’s the same basic thing that things aren’t good enough how they are and things need to change.

If you can see that that’s underlying everything that you’re doing, then you can get away from it. As long as you take that as a default state of existence and you don’t see any other way to live, then there’s no way out. There’s no way out when you can only see living that way.

If you can see another possibility where everything’s okay, nothing needs to change and no one needs to change. Then you can have a chance of living a happy state of life. I’m honored I get to live in it so much today.

To be fair, I only get to live in this state because I was weak. I couldn’t handle that miserable sate where things are wrong. Every time I worked and I got things. I worked and I struggled and did everything to get life perfectly set up so nothing was wrong. Every time I did that, it would go away and I would be so mad. I couldn’t take that cycle one more time. I did it so many times where I worked hard to get life perfect and then it was and then it wasn’t. Then I would say it used to be good and now it’s not. That’s worse than having it be good at all because  if it’s never been good at all then you hope it can get better. When it’s been good and you’ve lost it then it’s easy to feel hopeless.

If you can’t agree with life because you’ve been disagreeing for years, it can be hard to start now. It can be unnatural. It can be really uncomfortable to sit somewhere and say nothing is wrong right now. What do I do then? Everything is okay right now, what do I do? I don’t know what to do. When you base your life on how things are wrong and you’ve been that critical for most of your life. Not having anything to say can be silent and scary. That’s good because that’s when you have the chance to start doing your real work. That’s when you have the chance to make everything worth it. Then you can start helping other people. You can start showing other people a way out of a situation. You’re just living in a happy situation all the time.

How things are is good enough.

You can warm up to the idea that everything is good enough. It doesn’t have to be better, it’s good enough. You may not want to live that way, thinking everything is just good enough. When you see that it is good enough then you can make it better. You can see ways to improve.

When I see that my videos are good enough, then I can also see the effort that I’m making and the ways I can try to be better. I can add feedback to try and be better. I can learn when you don’t think the videos are good enough and I can try to fix them. If you think that things aren’t good enough you will tend to be in a place where things aren’t good enough. Everything you do will continue to prove that things aren’t good enough as they are. You’ll go through life and continually get more proof that things aren’t good enough. If you try the outlook that you don’t mind how things are, you’ll keep getting more proof that you don’t mind how things are.

I think the little miracles in life are amazing. In the game, I can die without getting mad about it. After I used a lot of these perks, you can see there’s no rejection to what is. I have the complete attitude that everything is good enough. I don’t mind how things are.

It’s not that I do that every minute of every day. The miracle is that I notice change. I notice that when I’m playing with my friends and I’m getting upset at how the game’s going, then I see it. I know when I’m in “things aren’t good enough” mode and “I hate everything” mode right now. Once I see I’m in that negative mode then I can open up to receiving the help I need to get out of it. I can’t get out of it’s not good enough mode. I have to open myself up. I have to ask for help. I have to admit I’m in “not good enough” mode. I have to understand that I’m  not in a good mood and I need help.

I can ask for help to  get out of this for the good of other people and everyone around me. Everyone around me get’s a piece of I’m not good enough and life’s not good enough. People are wrong, places are wrong, and things are wrong. It’s for everyone else’s good for me to get out of “it’s not good enough” mode.

I’m making this video today because I want you to get the chance to see if you’re in “I’m not good enough” mode. My biggest shame is being not good enough. It’s my biggest shame and it comes in many different form. Ultimately it comes back to not being good enough.

Today, I remember it’s not good enough. I pray to remember that I don’t mind how things are. I’m grateful that almost every moment of every day now I live in peaceful mode where I’m not resisting life. I pray that you have the chance to live in the same way. I pray that you have a chance at living in a place where you are just what you need to be in this moment. Thank you for reading this. I hope you have a great day today. I’d love your feedback, your comments, your shares. And I appreciate you watching this.