Tools To Get Started Accomplishing Your Dreams

How do people do so many amazing things? People ask me how have you made so many of your online courses in just two years? To me, that looked amazing before I was able to do it myself. When I saw that someone had twenty courses a year ago I thought that if I had 20 courses I’d have it made. Now, I have 20 courses online and the key to doing amazing things is simple.

It’s to do a little bit of what you love every day and to help and work with other people. It’s simple and it goes against so much of what we’ve been taught. It goes against the thing that you’ve got to work and do it on your own. When I say that I’m teaching 40 courses, it sounds like I’m doing something amazing. Yet, it’s not something I’ve done other than do a little bit of what I love everyday and work with other people. In school, you have to work on your own and it’s cheating to work with other people. That contradicts what actually happens when you need to accomplish anything in the world.

You can do anything you think is amazing if you do a little bit of what you love every day and work with other people. I didn’t intend to create 47 courses online. All I did was try to do a little bit of these kinds of videos everyday and find ways to work best with other people. That’s what I did. I didn’t say I want to be the number one teacher online. If that happens it’s not because I set out to do that.

It helps to focus on figuring out what you can do and realizing that you have potential to do things that you imagine. For example, you have potential to write a bestselling book. It wouldn’t make sense to suddenly say I’m going to write a best-selling book. What does make sense is to say if I want to try to write a bestselling book, I can try to write a little bit today. I can try to find the right people to collaborate on with that book. I can’t try to write a bestselling book because I don’t control that outcome. I can’t try to be the number one instructor online because I don’t control that outcome. What I can do is keep making videos every day.

My wife says I’ve always had a knack for the camera and that’s what my mom says. She said that even as a baby I would be crying and fussy and if you got a camera out I would stop. If you can find those same talents. There are things you are in a place to do where you have a big advantage in doing them over other people. They’re things you are already doing whether it’s playing video games, reading, writing, or talking with people. Whatever you’re doing. You’re probably already doing the things, sometimes it just takes a slight tweak. My life today is similar to what it’s always been. What some people say is that I’ve done and accomplished amazing things. To me, they feel ordinary because what I’m doing is ordinary. I’m doing things I love every day and working with other people. It’s hard to get started to see that sometimes and that’s a little bit about working with other people.

What do I mean by working with other people?

I mean being helpful to give other people the same opportunities that I have and that other people helped me to have. I’m not here in isolation. There have been thousands of people who have taken their time to help me. I’m amazed that when I first started making some of these videos online and I first made a few of these spiritual from the heart videos. I had several people they made sure that they contacted me when I was not that easy to contact. They got a hold of me and said I love your videos, but if you want to do a little bit better job. Try doing some better lighting. Try a different background. Try to be more animated. Try standing up instead of sitting down. I’ve gotten tons of help with what I’m doing.

Then I try to extend that help to other people. It’s amazing to see what is possible and how things can happen when I extend my hand to others.

I’m teaching 47 courses online because I’m not teaching any of them alone. For most of my courses I have another person I’m teaching them with. Then there are people helping to do things like subtitles for the courses. There are people working to promote them because then they get a percentage of sales out of them. Then Facebook and Google both are getting paid to promote them. I talk to my friends and family and I share with everyone about what I love to do. What I’m here and able to do is a function of what my wife, daughter, family and friends do.

You might not be set up here on this earth to be an actor or bestselling author. You might be here to help someone in your life do that. That is just as valuable as being the person themselves.

My wife is an immense help to me. I never would be doing this without her. If she wasn’t giving me so much help and support, there’s no way I would have it to give to you. If I didn’t have 10-20 people every day come to my support group, and sit down and do the same thing. The only things I can give you is that which has been given to me. In other words, I have to receive love and help and support in working with others in order to give that. I’ve had a lot of people express frustration of the simplicity of some of the things I say. Well, you can’t just do what you love and work with other people, that’s too easy!

Well, it is easy enough to see on the surface, but there’s a lot of depth and courage to step out and do what you love. There’s a lot of courage to go forward on faith. I went forward doing this on faith before it paid anything. In fact, it only cost me money to start with. I went forward making videos on this long before anyone watched them. I went forward making videos that people hates and making all kinds of mistakes. Yet, I kept doing it because I loved to do it. If you have something you love to do and you have other people, other people will help you do it better. Thousands of people have helped me do better and in a few more years, I’ll be doing things in a different format.

If you want to do anything amazing today, it’s as simple as reaching out to the people that are already in your life. You don’t have to find anyone new. Almost everything good that’s happened with me has been with people I already know.

My friend Joseph, the company vice president, has been my most consistent collaborator. He works with me on everything. He sits here and puts all these videos on YouTube. He gets people to do all the background work on the courses that otherwise wouldn’t be as good or sell that well. He’s a friend I had from Xbox for 8-9 years now.

You might look at the people in your life and say none of these people can help me do something amazing. I already had everyone in my life set up to do amazing things. Occasionally when I needed someone new, it’s as if they were just handed to me by the universe.

Almost everything good I’ve seen comes with working with the same people over time. It’s just like dating. I have a deeper relationship with my wife than I ever imagined possible. When you try to first date, it’s the same frustration because you don’t have the time and experience working together. It’s the same thing working with other people to do anything you might think is amazing to produce or create. Everything happens by doing what you love every day and building relationships.

It’s the same way you would invest in a house or build a big bank account. You do a little bit every day and you keep growing it and you keep building that relationship with it. I’m grateful to have the chance to share this experience with you today. I get this mentality that I want to take everything for myself and not give to anyone anything else. This reminds me that I must continue focusing and I am doing my best right now to focus on what I’m giving. The more unconditional love and help I give, the more I receive.

Today, I pray to remember that anything I think is amazing to do is done by love for what I’m doing and working with other people . I pray to remember that there’s nothing complicated about doing great things in life. There’s a lot of daily love and simplicity in doing amazing things in life. Ultimately everything in life is amazing, the same that nothing is amazing. I pray that you have the same chance today to hear whatever you need to hear out of this in your journey to do what you are doing that’s amazing for this world today.