Is ActiveCampaign the Best Email Marketing Software for 2019?

Is ActiveCampaign the Best Email Marketing Software for 2019?

What is the best email marketing service for 2019, especially if you are building a growing business online and you expect to scale and you want to automate?

If you would like the answer to this, will you please watch the video below with me or read this matching blog post because you might be able to save a lot of wasted time and energy versus using other services?

How do I know that?

I’ve done it.

I’ve used other email marketing services and after using this one for a year now, I finally for the first time in seven years of business online, I’m doing a good job with my email marketing. I’m being consistent, I’m sending out emails every week, I’ve got awesome automation set up.

Is ActiveCampaign the Best Email Marketing Software for 2019?

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One of the hallmarks to ineffective email marketing software is a desire not to use it, its inconsistency in using it and difficulty maintaining and building lists over time.

Therefore, without further ado, I will give you my pick for best email marketing software for 2019. Just kidding, I will mention one other page on my website first.

If you would like to see every single thing I use, will you please go to because I would have killed for a list like this when I started my business, and for the first several years of my business online.

Is ActiveCampaign the Best Email Marketing Software for 2019?

On this one page, I’ve got all the stuff I use, my web hosting, two different cameras, my microphone, my email marketing, and video editing. I’ve got all of it right here on this page in one spot, and I wish someone had given me this list when I started out.

Now, let’s look at specifically the email marketing software.

So, if you click the email marketing link on, this is where it will go to, and I clicked on the pricing page.

Here is my pick for best email marketing software for 2019.

It is ActiveCampaign.

Is ActiveCampaign the Best Email Marketing Software for 2019?

First, let me tell you how I even got to use ActiveCampaign.

I used the cheapest email marketing service before that, which I could find that was effective, that my friends used. What I kept doing is hating using that email software. I would always get all excited about a list, build the list up, use paid ads, and then I would stop using it because I hated trying to go in and send the campaigns, and then my emails didn’t look good.

I even hired a friend to do my email marketing for me and, of course, I ended up caning that list. I eventually deleted all of my other lists and stopped doing email marketing after six years in business online.

Finally, I realized that email marketing is essential. You need to do a good job with it consistently and with the right email marketing software that will happen.

My friend who had used both the cheap older one that I had used and ActiveCampaign, he said, “Jerry, will you try ActiveCampaign because I’ve used both and you’re going to like this a lot better.”

What’s better about ActiveCampaign, it’s better for scaling. If you are just getting started, you are often so cheap focused. Everything is cheap, cheap and cheap, but what happens if you succeed enough to grow a business, you will want to upgrade stuff. What stinks is having to drop your email marketing software because it’s not good enough to upgrade.

With ActiveCampaign, you can stick with the same email marketing software whether you have got no one on your list or whether you have got like 25,000 contacts, which is the plan I have. The bigger and bigger you get, you can stick with it as you add automation, as you add paid ads, and the different platforms you use can all integrate.

Is ActiveCampaign the Best Email Marketing Software for 2019?

I am very grateful Jordan got me on ActiveCampaign and I’m grateful to have this to share with you here today. I’ve waited a year to tell you this to make sure that I am actually happy with it.

Now, let me point out the worst part about ActiveCampaign.

Actually, there are two worst parts.

Because I know when someone is telling me about something I like to know the stuff that makes it suck up front. I wish someone would have told me that with some of my cryptocurrency investments upfront.

What’s the worst part about this?

It’s the cost.

The cost is significantly higher than other email marketing providers I used before, where the cost was a fraction of this one.

Now, you get what you pay for.

The level of service, the ability of things you can do on ActiveCampaign, that is way higher than the email software I used to use. It’s very easy to make the emails beautiful and what’s really cool with ActiveCampaign is I can automate certain tasks very easily.

For example, when I have a new blog post on my website, I have a specific list and ActiveCampaign automatically sends to that list.

That said, the price of ActiveCampaign is significantly higher.

If you are starting out, the very cheapest option is $9 a month. The downside of this is you don’t get some of the things that you really want like custom branding. I don’t want to have ActiveCampaign on there and I like being able to add more users.

Now, you can add up to three users on the Lite plan. I like to get the automation in and there are some automation and integration that you really need with the Plus plan.

Is ActiveCampaign the Best Email Marketing Software for 2019?

I am on the Plus plan with 25,000 contacts, which is a big payment. I just dropped $3,600 or so for a year for my email marketing software. I realize that’s expensive and the question is, what value are you getting back out of your email marketing software?

A lot of entrepreneurs and me included don’t take the time to think things all the way through. You start off on some cheap email marketing software, you don’t like it, you don’t use it that often, you go in waves with it, you stop attending to your email list, then you come back to it six months later, it’s cold and your emails go to the spam filter.

Using that free or cheap email marketing software has ended up costing you the entire value of your list. It cost me the entire value of my list several times because once your list goes cold it’s dead.

When you get a list and you don’t keep emailing it, all of a sudden anyone gets an email from you out of the blue, very likely to hit spam, then you are done. Gmail sticks you in the spam folder and no one reads your emails after that and the worst part is you don’t even realize it.

You just sit there sending emails and your products don’t sell, and no one comes to your website. You don’t even understand how much your email software and your reaction to it has reduced the effectiveness of your email marketing.

Therefore, I pay for the value I want to get.

My email list is worth much more than $3,600 a year, especially when I have courses, audiobooks, videos, podcast episodes, all kinds of things to promote and those are available every week.

Now, if you want to start on the Plus plan the bottom is $49 a month.

Is ActiveCampaign the Best Email Marketing Software for 2019?

So, if you are starting out with a new list, then you start off at $49 a month.

It’s not that much when you are considering all the value you want to get out of it. The nice thing about using more expensive email marketing software also is that you are motivated not to build a crap list full of just whoever would put their email address in.

When you look at how I collect email addresses on my website, one of the main ways is on my free courses page and it doesn’t even look like, directly, I’m collecting them.

But then what happens?

People sign up to take courses with me, then the email address is collected on the page where you sign up and enroll in a course, and you have got an account on my website.

I also have email collection forms by ActiveCampaign directly integrated into my WordPress website, which are very easy to use.

Is ActiveCampaign the Best Email Marketing Software for 2019?

Then on the home page of my website I’ve got email collection forms right here down on the bottom and the nice thing, I use two different email lists.

I’ve got a weekly email update list, and then I’ve got a daily email update, which automatically puts out my new blog post directly and specifically to that list.

Is ActiveCampaign the Best Email Marketing Software for 2019?

That allows me to serve the people who want those emails every day.

It doesn’t take any extra work for me to email someone every day versus every week because every single time I publish a blog post anywhere on my website, then it goes directly out via email immediately, which is really helpful.

That gives me the ability to provide much better service to my list without any extra effort.

I’ve noticed in seven years of building a business online, automation is extremely helpful. You really need to automate as many things as possible.

ActiveCampaign is very good at automating things and what you want with a growing business is the ability to build in automation because when you have got a few hundred people on your list, you can afford to do everything without automation, when your list keeps getting bigger and you keep creating more, then you need that automation, you need to be able to put people into your list automatically from several different sources and to integrate all of that.

Zapier is really helpful for ActiveCampaign integration.

Is ActiveCampaign the Best Email Marketing Software for 2019?

Zapier makes it easy because you can pull email list subscriptions in from all kinds of different sources, put them directly in ActiveCampaign, tag them by list, it’s incredibly helpful.

What you see is consistency over time. When you are happy with your email marketing software, you keep using it. What I’ve done here, my friend Michel Gerard does a once a week newsletter subscription for me and the amazing thing is the consistency.

Is ActiveCampaign the Best Email Marketing Software for 2019?

For the first time in my business every week for nearly a year my email list has received a weekly update. Now, what makes this amazing is the quality of these weekly updates.

If you take a look at the emails, this is one of my email accounts I just have to see how everything looks. You can see exactly what my email looks like. It’s got a beautiful header on top of it.

Is ActiveCampaign the Best Email Marketing Software for 2019?

It’s got text up here, then it’s very easy to put YouTube videos in here. There are direct links, there are blog posts, there are bullet points, there is a subscription.

You can get over here to subscribe on YouTube.

You have got a blog post of the week, more posts, nice buttons.

Is ActiveCampaign the Best Email Marketing Software for 2019?

You have got a podcast episode integrated right here with links to iTunes.

Is ActiveCampaign the Best Email Marketing Software for 2019?

You have got the ability to sell courses directly in here.

This is all in one email, which is amazing.

Is ActiveCampaign the Best Email Marketing Software for 2019?

There are links to my Discord channel, more buttons, and then I have it so you can see exactly who sent the email.

Is ActiveCampaign the Best Email Marketing Software for 2019?

When I actually invested some money in my email marketing software, I then was motivated to think about, how can we do this indefinitely?

Because I can’t be bothered to write emails every week like this. Michel puts hours into these beautiful emails like this every week, and this then allows me to consistently reach the email list every week.

When you are using a free or cheap email marketing provider, it’s very tempting to just try to do everything yourself, even if you can afford to pay someone, and then what happens, you get busy doing something else, you stop sending those emails out, and finally the whole value of your list is wasted.

I’ve noticed this in the people I’ve worked with so many times and in myself. When you look at the prices on ActiveCampaign, you see that you are not going to pay this kind of money unless you actually use it.

Therefore, it is very helpful to actually pay more and get more with email marketing.

One of the features that is really nice on ActiveCampaign is the ability to just automatically, when you have got a WordPress blog you can easily and automatically send out a new post without touching anything every time there is a new post.

I will give you two examples.

These are automatic posts and all I did is set the template up in ActiveCampaign.

Is ActiveCampaign the Best Email Marketing Software for 2019?

I didn’t have to write anything for this.

It automatically pulls the title of the post, it pulls the beginning of the post, and then it pulls the link to the post so you have got an exact link of who wrote it and where it appeared with the link.

This way if someone has got a text-only email, which when you are thinking globally, some people might just have text.

Then, you have got the hard link to it and it has a nice picture with it, and then it has a signature and it’s also got my social media accounts, even my Patreon right down here on the bottom.

Then I’ve got another example of this.

Another new post I made, another automatic post.

It automatically sends this out and you can customize each of these features on it.

I put this, “The post Facebook vs YouTube was written and first appeared” because I used to use this list on another website, and then I started publishing on my own website.

Is ActiveCampaign the Best Email Marketing Software for 2019?

So, I put this extra thing in here and people can see that it was written by Jerry Banfield and it first appeared on my website.

This helps me consistently get traffic back to my website every day from that small number of people who go down on my blog and want to get those updates on every single blog post.

It’s very easy in ActiveCampaign to have multiple lists, and then I’ve got this daily email updates list that gives people the ability to choose.

Do you want weekly or daily?

Is ActiveCampaign the Best Email Marketing Software for 2019?

Now, some people might not even want weekly or might be scared to even sign up on the list. I like knowing how often I’m going to get emailed and this weekly email update makes it clear, how often you are going to get an update versus a daily.

So, even if people don’t even want the daily, it makes the weekly more attractive to sign up for.

I will show you my lists here in ActiveCampaign. The lists allow me to just go in and build the different lists for different situations very easily.

Is ActiveCampaign the Best Email Marketing Software for 2019?

I’ve got my “Jerry Banfield Partners” list, which is from

These are people all that either have paid $1,000 for life or $49 a month to be in my membership program, which the best feature of it is the mentoring for online business.

The partner list then is kind of my list of the biggest insiders, that if I’ve got something just for partners, I can email.

Then, I’ve got “Jerry Banfield Posts.” There are a hundred and thirty people on this list currently and it also keeps all the inactive ones.

That way, I’ve got a hundred and eighty-six. I can see that fifty-six people unsubscribed.

That is the daily automatic email.

Is ActiveCampaign the Best Email Marketing Software for 2019?

Then I’ve got the “Jerry Banfield Weekly,” which those have specifically signed up for the weekly email updates, and then there are 8,200 people on the University of Jerry Banfield list who have signed up to take a video course with me.

The beauty is, all of these lists then have their own rules for things. The weekly emails go out to the University, the weekly and the partners and/or posts.

So, if you are on any of my email lists, the weekly ones go out there, then the posts ones, only automatic posts, go out on

If I have a new course I can release that just to the University of Jerry Banfield instead of the weekly, and then for anything partner related I’ve got this Partners list.

Now, I realize other email marketing services allow you to make multiple lists. What’s nice in ActiveCampaign is the ability to automate all of this.

The automation in ActiveCampaign is what sets it apart. It’s very easy to move people among different lists on ActiveCampaign. It’s very easy to drop people into automated workflows on ActiveCampaign and that’s what makes ActiveCampaign so amazing.

You can go set up all of these different automation over here and when you have got all these automation set up, then that is what you can do that really makes the maximum value on your list.

Is ActiveCampaign the Best Email Marketing Software for 2019?

For example, all I’ve got right now, I have a partner welcome email set up so that when someone gets added to that partner list, they automatically get an email from my best email address instead of everyone else that gets the emails from the emails I don’t check.

When you sign up for $49 a month, you get the email from the good email or you pay a thousand for life you immediately get the email from the good email.

I can even do deep level integration and pull multiple sources with Zapier.

I pull multiple sources to drop into that same list.

If you sign up on Patreon my Zapier integration drops you into the exact same automation as when you sign up on my University.

The University and the Zapier integration just checks the exact sign up. It knows when you sign up on the University of Jerry Banfield and you have signed up for the partner program. It then triggers an addition to the partner email list in ActiveCampaign.

The automatic partner welcome email then triggers from my best email address. I realize if someone is signing up for $49 a month or $1,000 for life, that I need an instant gratification on that, and that was complicated with having all these different sources where people could sign up for the partner program.

There is one I’m still working on getting integrated, which is Coinbase. So, when someone sends the thousand dollars for life in cryptocurrency it will automatically add them to this as well.

I’m fairly certain I can set that up with Zapier by having it check my email on the email I get from Coinbase and if the amounts say greater than nine hundred dollars it can automatically add them to the partner welcome list using whatever information I have from Coinbase, although I would have to find a way to have them email back. You need to submit and join a Discord server on that, and I’m not sure how to get that set up immediately.

The nice thing is, with ActiveCampaign I’m certain there are ways to do it.

I’ve got another automation right here.

That’s the one that sends out my posts every day. Then, I’ve got a University of Jerry Banfield welcome.

Is ActiveCampaign the Best Email Marketing Software for 2019?

When you sign up to take my course, it sends you out an automatic welcome, which I just realized I haven’t checked in a while.

Then, I had automation for new subscribers.

Whenever you subscribe to my email list, what I loved is that with ActiveCampaign I built a workflow of 20 or 30, maybe even 40 emails that automatically sent out based on when you subscribed to my list.

I eventually canned that because I wanted to just do the weekly emails instead of having 40 different emails that trigger over a month telling people about one thing or another.

What’s really cool about ActiveCampaign though is you can build these deep automation where if someone joins a list, you can then automatically send an email every day with a very specific topic and title.

You can even customize it so if someone clicks on an email, then they get the next one. If they don’t click on it, they might get a different one.

Now the click tracking is not always perfect on that, but you can see the depth of things you can do on ActiveCampaign makes it something you could scale with.

The problem of having a different email marketing software, a cheap one, is that once things start going well, your list is a thousand deep, then you are looking at having to go through the pain of switching and most of us are programed to seek pleasure and avoid pain. Most of us don’t take that step to switch. We just keep using the old thing until it gets absolutely unbearable or until we just avoid using it because we can’t stand it anymore.

On ActiveCampaign, when you start out, you might not need all this, to begin with, although a “New Subscriber Welcome” email or specific lists from the very beginning might be well worth investing time and energy in, and then as you build up more things, you can just add these in.

I used to have specific welcome emails for every single course. When someone took a course on the University of Jerry Banfield every single course had a customized and specific welcome email to it.

If you have got things like online courses, it’s wonderful to be able to have this level of automation all within ActiveCampaign. That was one of the big reasons I got ActiveCampaign. It is because for having courses on my own website, then I could customize, do all kinds of automation to give people very specific welcome emails instead of some generic welcome email.

I appreciate you learning about ActiveCampaign with me.

I think I’ve very effectively explained it and I’ve saved one of the best things for last.

You have hung out here, you have gotten this far into the blog post, ActiveCampaign has an awesome affiliate program that I haven’t earned any money off of yet.

Is ActiveCampaign the Best Email Marketing Software for 2019?

It has an awesome ActiveCampaign affiliate program with high commissions and what you see is recurring commissions.

Now, my friend who recommended me to ActiveCampaign has earned over a thousand dollars from referring me to ActiveCampaign.

I tried the affiliate marketing programs on some of these other email marketing software I used before and they stink.

No one signs up with the link because people have already heard of that email marketing service a hundred times and no one ever sign up with the direct link and the commissions are ridiculously small and it’s annoying.

The nice thing is with ActiveCampaign, when you use it and when you love it, there is a really good affiliate program and even one person you know signing up for it can be good for a lot of commissions and most importantly a lot of value to the person who is using it.

Jordan referring me to ActiveCampaign has given me a fantastically valuable tool that I use in my business and I’m very grateful for, that was much better than what I was using before.

All you need to do is sign up and you can easily create an account.

My account was very easy to set up right away, and then you get paid monthly for all the accounts you have referred, which so far I’m just starting to present this.

Is ActiveCampaign the Best Email Marketing Software for 2019?

The only place I’ve presented this before has been on my resources page.

In a year I haven’t made a video about it because I wanted to make sure this is the best. So many times I’ve got so excited about something and I pitch it, and then the next year I say, “That sucks. I can’t believe I pitched that.”

I’ve taken the time, I’ve used ActiveCampaign a lot, my friend Michel has used ActiveCampaign a lot, this is the best for at least entrepreneurs working online and growing a business.

I don’t know if you have got a company, a huge massive list, I don’t know.

For me, if you are starting out or building a list even into the hundred thousand and you want to be able to use automation online, this is the very best.

What’s awesome is that you really don’t have to get that many in commissions. It’s a 30% commission when you bring in $500 worth of new monthly business in the past three months or have $2,000 worth of active accounts.

I theoretically ought to be able to get to Platinum Tier at some point with your help for 30% commissions. With your help because this is an outstanding email marketing software and it’s got recurring commission.

Is ActiveCampaign the Best Email Marketing Software for 2019?

Now, with affiliate marketing, recurring commission is really nice because my friend Jordan got $400 when I first signed up with no email list. Then the next year when I renewed, he got that massive 20% commission on $3,600, which gave him about $700 plus, in Canadian, it was more than 800 CAD.

You get monthly payouts, which is really nice. There are no extra fees, you just need an ActiveCampaign account and the tracking is very simple. The nice thing is you can see when someone is actually signed up and what stage they are counting, whether it’s a trial account, inactive or what level it’s at.

If you have read all the way to the end, you are excited about this, you are one of the top 1% in terms of readers on the blog post or viewers on the video, when you would like to sign up for ActiveCampaign, will you please use my link because you will feel as good helping me out as I feel helping Jordan out, to earn that commission on ActiveCampaign.

My friend Jordan is earning the commission and I feel great about that. I’ve helped him make over a thousand dollars and he has given me an email marketing software that’s awesome.

That’s a great arrangement for everyone.

If you would like the links, all of them, the best place to go is on the resources page of my website because everything is on this one page.

You can be an affiliate jackpot for me!

You can go hit all these up.

Often what I find is one person goes and hits a bunch of these up and I occasionally make hundreds of dollars from one person using several of these links and I intend to make that worth your while.

Is ActiveCampaign the Best Email Marketing Software for 2019?

I hope that sharing this with you has given you the ability to avoid just tons of wasted time, energy, and money that I put into building other email lists because it was cheap to build it.

Several of the email lists I built, I would not have gone about it that way if I had signed up for ActiveCampaign because of the cost. I either wouldn’t have done ActiveCampaign or I wouldn’t have done any email marketing, or I would have stuck with it if ActiveCampaign was my only option.

This is a direct link to ActiveCampaign and I also put a direct link in the description on YouTube.

Thank you very much for getting all the way to the end of this post.

If you have found anything helpful, will you please leave a like on the video because that helps other people find this who then might go through the process and might save someone else a bunch of time and energy and money?

When you sign up for it, you will realize, “Hey, I got Jerry an affiliate commission. I probably have a friend or two that I could get an affiliate commission for on it as well.”

It all works together for all of us.

I love you.

You are awesome.

Thanks for getting all the way to the end and all right, I’m cutting it off now.

That’s what she said!


Jerry Banfield

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