ActiveCampaign Tutorial 2019: Basic Automation, Tagging, and Sales Funnels

Are you ready to do amazing email marketing with ActiveCampaign?

Let’s learn the fundamentals of my favorite email marketing software. I’m grateful that I’ve been using ActiveCampaign for a few years now after struggling to get a regular email marketing system set up before on different providers. This tutorial will give you a quick look at the most important features in ActiveCampaign and how I use them within the real-time live interface of my ActiveCampaign dashboard.

Let’s tab over to ActiveCampaign now and take a look at the basic features we need to be most familiar with.

ActiveCampaign, the first key thing to do is to set up a list. A list is a group of contacts and that is where you begin with creating campaigns and automation generally. A list is where you add people to email and a list is kind of your foundational element. The list is on the left. You click on the list, then Add a list, and this is what it looks like as shown in the picture above. You just put the name, the URL, and the description, I have lists that are created different ways here all in the same account. For example, if someone signs up on Uthena, they go on the Uthena list. That is triggered by integration with Thinkific which is a platform I currently use to host Uthena for online courses.

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There’s another way people can get in here with forms that I use on my Website. If you’ve got a website, you will want to use email forms and you can get people directly on the list that way.

I also can mix and match list creation and methods. For example, when someone signs up on Uthena, they’re on the Uthena list. Then if they enroll in a Jerry Banfield course on Uthena, they join the Jerry Banfield Uthena list. For my weekly Jerry Banfield updates, I then combine the contacts on the Uthena Jerry Banfield list plus the Jerry Banfield weekly list which is nice because then nobody is duplicated if they’re on both the lists.

Lists are the starting point for success on ActiveCampaign. One way to build a list is to do forms. If you don’t have anything else online besides maybe a website or just a YouTube channel, what you want to do is have a form where people can subscribe to your email list. It is on the left. You can see what a form looks like in the picture above. You can do a basic weekly email update form like the one shown.

You can put first last name, email, and then hit on the checkbox to verify that you’re not a robot. That will give you the ability to join the list that way. Or you can also do a very specific form and offer some kind of reward. This method has been working good for me, for example, I’ve been giving people upvote every day on Steem if they join my email list. Thus, this one has got more entries in just a couple of weeks than some of the others have in years. I’ll show you how this one looks like in the picture below.

This is nice because you can add custom fields here which for this particular form I need. Then that is included in the account on ActiveCampaign and I can make automation off of that if desired as well.

If you want to add someone a different way, you can go down to settings, get your API code under developer and if you’re on a platform like Thinkific, you can integrate your ActiveCampaign account to trigger certain events. That’s what we’ll look at with automation. With the automation that this is where ActiveCampaign shines. When you click on automation, you can see all the different possible automation and that’s why I love ActiveCampaign. It is the ability to connect to something else and automate all the various email sales funnels if desired or which lists to put people on the automation are very powerful. I can look at things like the Jerry Banfield welcome automation.

This simply shows when people join a list up here you can add a trigger to start an animation then you can have things that happen after you’ve triggered the automation. You can even split automation, and have an email sent at various points based on user behavior. This is why ActiveCampaign is such a good solution for starting up a business because you’ve got room to grow and the room to automate.

This is where I send the welcome email to new subscribers on my email list. I have 2 conditions set. I send this email first if the contact subscribes to the Jerry Banfield Uthea email list as can be seen in the red rectangle. If they subscribe to Jerry Banfield weekly as can be seen in the blue rectangle. Under either of those circumstances, I want to then send the email out directly to that user by clicking on the green rectangle. To do that, I just hit plus and then I click on Send email. That’s how I do it.

To add a trigger that can be seen in the yellow rectangle, I click on it and ActiveCampaign has a lot of different triggers. You can even trigger when someone unsubscribed from a list, submits a form, reads an email, clicks a link with a lot of your integrations that will come up as an event recorded. But you can have automation that runs when someone visits a specific page on your website, shares an email, a tag is added, lead score pipelines, certain dates for things & more. It’s amazing what you can do with the basic automation. I’ll walk you through a few of those different ones. First, let’s look by clicking on the purple rectangle at how you go through and edit and automation email.

One of the things I love about ActiveCampaign with all these automation is the ability to personalize the emails from. On my welcome email, I make it say %FIRSTNAME% instead of having something generic it is better to customize specifically for the email subscriber. Let’s say their name is Jerry, then it says, “Jerry welcome to the Jerry Banfield family“. I’ve then got links people might find helpful and then a laundry list of different possibilities people might be interested in after joining my email list. I have the option to add different pictures, texts, each of the link clicks can be tracked. I can set the width, the alignment, all the standard email creation, and customization features.

Thinkific has a rich group of templates that you can choose from to make your email look a certain way and I consistently edit this email for whatever is new with me. Thus, you can set up an email like this.

You can also do things like conditions and workflow. You can split it and say, for example, if a contact has a certain tag or if a contact has a certain status like it is subscribed to a list. You can split the workflow. You can trigger additional automation. You can even post the data out to Webhook to allow a different app like Zapier to use the data from that you can modify contacts like updated contact, add or remove a tag, and add to custom audiences. You can do a lot more than I’m showing you which are just the basics here.

I just go in my Thinkific dashboard and hit create events which I’ve already shown in a different video. Then all these events pop up which represent an event is happening on Thinkific. I just pick one of those out then I’ve got the setup next to wait for one day because often when a user joins, he’ll get a “Welcome to Uthena” email immediately.

Let’s take a look at different automation to show you a little bit more about how you can do this. When I have my automation, I can click active and see which ones I have on versus turned off. Let’s look at the Hacking Forever Sales Automation. What I’ve done is an automated sales funnel where I have users that enroll in certain courses on Thinkific and then what happens after that is, the users get an email to buy the full course bundle. I have all the different courses that users can enroll and triggered by specific events using my Thinkific automation. So I can hit “New Trigger”. If I want to, I can hit event is recorded and I can go in all of these different events which are imported from Thinkific.

I don’t want them to get a sales email immediately after they’ve just signed up to preview a course. So what I do is and it’s possible also that if I do this automation without waiting, someone could have signed up, immediately bought a course bundle and then get the sales email for it right after that which is annoying.

How I’ve got it set up is, when someone triggers wait for one day, then check for the following tags, does the contact have Hacking Forever, University, Jerry Banfield Forever or Hacking Forever Sales. In this case, if they do, I don’t want them to get the sales email because they already have access to those courses. So I’ll remove this condition from there.

So it only has Uthena University and that Hacking Forever Sales and I hit delete this condition. So it has deleted that tag from it. Now what I’ve got, it sends out an email that sells a bundle.

The email just says, “Hey, thank you for enrolling with a hacking class with us on Uthena. You can get all of our courses at this link.” and then there’s a picture of it. All of them go to the bundle. A simple automated sales email for someone we know as a high likelihood of wanting to buy that.

Then they have the tag after this Hacking Forever Sales, as in this original tag check. Now, for example, they start one of the courses and trigger this automation this way, they go down and get the Hacking Forever Sales email. Then after that, they trigger it again in a different way, next time they won’t go through this automation twice. They won’t get the same sales email twice.

Now I’ve got a 6-day waiting period and from there I can write out the rest of this automation. However, I haven’t added anything else to this automation. I just have the first email but I could build this automation out indefinitely if I wanted to. I could put wait for 6 days, send a different email, and just keep emailing people as long as they were willing to read emails and subscribe.

This is just a tip of the iceberg of what you can do with ActiveCampaign. For example, I have a Steem upvote list to Webhook where when someone joins my email list, it throws the info out to a Webhook which is then picked up by Zapier and transferred over to Airtable. And then I have a virtual assistant who takes the Webhook information that was sent from ActiveCampaign, put that in Airtable and uses that to put someone’s Steem account onto a list.

With automation, it’s amazing what you can do and the amount of effort you can reduce. If you want to get to your billing on Thinkific, you need to go to your little profile picture at the bottom left and go over to billing and upgrade.

If you want to create a campaign and view previous reports, you can go to campaigns and click on Create a campaign, choose from templates, and edit every little detail of it. You can see all the previous campaigns you’ve set up. You also have a Reports tab that will show you the basics of how your campaigns have been going lately, including the percentage of opens, clicks, etc. You can just dive deeper and deeper into every single thing I’m showing you here as well.

If you’re interested in getting ActiveCampaign, you can click on the link to ActiveCampaign which will give me 20% of whatever you pay indefinitely that I’m very grateful if you’re willing to use that.

Activecampaign’s pricing if you choose the light plan, it does not have the full level of automation I’ve shown you. Although, it does have the most essential automation and I imagine that you will be very happy just using the light plan. However, there are some deeper integrations that you can use on the plus plan. I have the plus plan monthly so I pay $399 a month and I feel great knowing my friend that referred me to ActiveCampaign, he gets $80 a month off my subscription which is awesome.

This ActiveCampaign plan grows really well though you can start for $15 a month on it and then as your business grows, you can just upgrade your plan and you can do almost anything with your email marketing from there. You can also save a lot if you pay yearly as well.

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