Acuity Scheduling Zoom Integration Setup Tutorial for Automatic Appointment Booking

Do you want to see how to accept calls using Acuity Scheduling and setup directly with Zoom to do video calls with pre-booked appointment links that are automatically sent out and all you need to do is show up?

This is really helpful if you want to accept calls with clients online, this is the best solution I’ve found, especially if you want to do interviews and record them and accept payment up front.

This is what I’m doing now, as you can see on this website, you can schedule a call and it’s automatically synced with my calendar.

Acuity Scheduling Zoom Integration Setup

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In this tutorial, I’ll show you exactly Acuity Scheduling integration with Zoom yourself and explain why you might want to set this up this also.

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I’m really excited about I’ll show you how to set up stuff that I’m setting up for myself.

The first question is why do you want to do this integration?

If you want to make some money online, a great way to do it is to teach for free like I’m doing on YouTube, do a lot of tutorials and then say, hey, if you want coaching or help schedule a call with me on my website.

Then you’ve got a little option to book a call on your website and then it can be automatically synced with your calendar.

Location Settings

The most annoying part of this is trying to add people on Skype or figure out how to call people. I used to use Acuity Scheduling before the Zoom integration was done and it was really annoying. Now, get that setup.

With Zoom, as soon as you book an appointment, it sends you a link using the integration directly with Zoom, then all you need to do is use the link we don’t have to share phone numbers or Skype names or any of that stuff, it’s really easy to set up for both users, you can do it on your phone or on your computer.

Now that you see why you might want to set up this Zoom integration, I’ll show you how to set it up.

Go into your Acuity Scheduling account, which if you didn’t have one, maybe you create through my link or the one in the description of this video.

Click on integrations, then you need the Zoom integration here.

What you will do is click on Set-up on the Zoom integration.

This assumes you’ve already got your appointment type setup, and that you’re ready to actually accept calls and you just need to be able to to have the actual call scheduling itself.

If you’re not to that point, check my Acuity Scheduling playlist, I’ll go through some more of the basics there.

Hit Set Up to do this integration, then you’ll get here it says step one connect to Zoom, you click sign-in to Zoom.
Acuity Scheduling Zoom Integrate Setup
The next step, you’ll put your login right here.
Acuity Scheduling Zoom Integrate Setup
After that, it’ll say Acuity Scheduling is requesting access to your Zoom account, you need to click pre-approve, and click”Authorize” right here for this to work.
Acuity Scheduling Zoom Integration Setup
Then it’ll say “Your Zoom integration is incomplete”. Please select one or more appointment types.

I actually had to go back through and click on “Set Up” again.

What you do this way is you click the exact type of meeting you have that you want to schedule a Zoom call for.

For example, I only want Zoom calls scheduled when someone that uses the 45 minute voice call or a video call with Jerry Banfield.

Acuity Scheduling Zoom Integrate Setup

I have live workshops I do in person also, I don’t want unless I’m going to live stream and have people in on Zoom on those which maybe I can do but for now I’m not ready to do that.

I only want the Zoom calls scheduled when someone schedules a video call with me, I don’t want the Zoom call integration to be used for my in-person classes.

8- Therefore you just pick the meeting that you want Zoom to schedule, then that you can click on “Enable Join” before host I highly recommend to click that setting.

That way, if someone comes early, they can join the meeting and you can join them and they’re already there, they don’t have to wait for you to join in.

I did not click on the “Personal Meeting ID” to create meetings, I’ll see what it does before and then we can go from there.
Integration calls appointments

I also have created a single meeting per class I just left that checked, I don’t see why not.

Once you’ve got that setup, then there’s one big change you need to make in your emails, you need to go to the “Email Settings” to the initial confirmation and any other confirmations.

schedule calls with zoom
Make sure that you use this “Location tag” when you are in the email.

It’ll say “Thank you, your appointments been successfully scheduled join the meeting using this link”, then put that percentage symbol is location, put that in there that will give someone the link to join.

schedule calls with zoom

The nice thing the way this is set up by default, it has the where then there will be a link to the

This is so convenient compared to going through and adding on Skype which was obnoxious for years. Now this is so easy.

You’ll just have a link that pops in and it’ll join up right there.

If you’d like to give this a try, just go on click on “Contact” scroll down to“Video Calls and Workshops with Jerry Banfield” and you can see how this works on the other end

Zoom setup Calendar

That way you’ll know how this is a good thing for you to set up in your business to get more clients.

I appreciate you watching this Acuity Scheduling and Zooom integration setup tutorial, I intend to make lots more tutorials on Acuity Scheduling and because a great way to make money online is to be available for appointments, calls, workshops, coaching with people and have that on your website.

This is a great way for a YouTuber like me to offer monetization options as well.

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