How to Add Cards in Bulk on YouTube to Every Video on a Channel with TubeBuddy.

Do you want more YouTube views?

I sure do and I’m grateful I’ve found a strategy I can share with you to make the most of existing videos by using bulk card annotations or bulk cards technically across all of videos.

Especially if you’ve got a lot of videos up, having cards, little pop-ups that are inside YouTube that promote your newer videos or the content you want to feature are a great way to get more people watching newer videos and therefore to subscribe.

I talked with the YouTube Partner team and this was one of the suggestions they made is to use your older videos and get people watching those newer videos that will stay connected and subscribe and join you that way.

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Let’s go take a look at how to do this. So the first thing you need with this is called TubeBuddy.

I don’t have an affiliate link yet, but if there is one, I trust you’ll help me out and use that in the description. But you can just search for TubeBuddy and you’ll find it pretty easily.

TubeBuddy is an add-on that goes right in the browser extension for YouTube and as you can see it’s got these formats, these things you can do with it bulk description and thumbnail updates, bulk card updates, end screen updates.

And what we want to do is do a bulk card update.

So I’m going to do that using the copy feature which means first I need to go through and set cards on one of my videos.

Then what I’ll do is use that video as the template and copy it to all the rest of my videos so that all of my videos have the same cards that pop up. Most of my videos don’t have any cards on them and that’s a huge opportunity to miss.

Especially for me I’m grateful for hundreds of thousands of views on my videos every month and it seems pretty ridiculous that most of them don’t have any cards.

So what we’re going to do is we’re going to actually do this in the ‘Creator Studio Classic’ because it’s easier to do in the ‘Creator Studio Classic’ versus doing it in the ‘New Analytics.’

That’s step one.

Step two, what we need to do is pick out a video to use as our template. So I will pick a video out that I want to be the baseline for my card format.

So what we’ll do we will open one of these in a new tab and I can just go over here to ‘Watch time’ to grab one of my videos out here. Any tutorial will work.

Ideally though, I want to use a newer one for this, because then it’ll be really easy for me to get to.

I do all my tutorials live so it could have been easier to do this than the other one, but let’s go through and just grab this one right now and we’re going to set this up over here.

All right, so I pulled that up. Any of your videos will work. The one thing you don’t want to do, you don’t want to use a video that you’re actually going to promote in the card template itself so you can fully set it up.

So what we’re going to do, I pull the video up, I’m going to hit ‘Edit video.’

Now when I use this ‘Edit video’ function you can see this is in the new studio and then you’re supposed to like put the cards in here, but it doesn’t work very well for some reason.

So we just go over to ‘Creator Studio Classic’ for this and now we need to pull it up again. So you’ll see this looks real easy in the ‘Creator Classic’. You’ve got the cards option on here. So this one already has cards on it so this is what we want as a template.

So what I’m going to do is I’m actually going to use TubeBuddy. This little TB is for TubeBuddy. I’m going to clear all these cards to begin with.

What kind of cards are best?

Cards that keep people on YouTube are best, because you want your videos to rank high, and in order for your videos to rank high you want people to watch and subscribe off your videos.

So all of the cards I’ve prepared for this are to promote other YouTube videos. And the nice thing is anytime you want to change these, you can copy these and do this again.

So the first thing I’m going to do I have a new Uthena channel I want to promote on YouTube. I want to get some subscribers on that. So I’m going to put this over here the Uthena channel to get some subscribers on this new channel. Now you can use ‘Teaser text’. The ‘Teaser text’ is what pops up over here.

For the ‘Teaser text’ I’m going to put ‘Subscribe for more free courses or subscribe for more free courses’. It’s just the exact wrong link right here. ‘Subscribe to Uthena for more.’

See the ‘Teaser text’ is the little thing that pops up so you want something that people will click on and take action on, but will also be an appropriate call to action. So ‘View more free courses on Uthena’. There. ‘Enjoy more free courses on Uthena.’

Now see you got to put the exact ‘Teaser text’ over here. So I had it, but it was too long. You only get a real short amount of characters for this.

So ‘New tutorials daily on Uthena.’ There. Look, that’s perfect.

‘New tutorials daily on Uthena’. It promotes the channel. I’m going to put ‘See new free courses on Uthena.’

So I hit ‘Create a card’. Now this will help me promote another YouTube channel.

Now since this will be the same on every video, I don’t want the card to pop up right away. So what I will do is I will move this card. I want people to have at least been watching for a little bit before this card comes up. So let’s put this card out to about 17 seconds.

The average person will only get through on average maybe a minute or two so we want to get this in before that.

So I’ve got the first card down and now I’m promoting a second channel. It can be good to have a second channel or you could use this to promote a friends channel or a sponsor’s channel, but for me, I want as many people who come from my channel and subscribe to a different channel, because then I’m focusing on exactly on tutorials there.

Plus the initial subscriptions on that channel will help build it up as well. You can promote whatever you want in this first card though, but I recommend it be a YouTube video or playlist or another channel.

Now what we’re going to do is start promoting some more videos. I’m going to grab the URL here. The next thing I’m going to do is promote my membership program on this.

So I’m copying this over here, pasting this over here and I also want to customize the ‘Teaser text.’ So this time what I’ll do is promote ‘Get early access to new videos’ and that’s one character over the limit.

‘Members enjoy videos early.’ And there. So I got the custom message right there. ‘Members enjoy videos early’. It’s going to this video so I’ll hit ‘Create card’ here.

This one goes out at the same as that first one. So we’ll want to move this second card back here to about a minute. That way we’ve got a good chance of people actually seeing it.

Now what I can do I can also preview this and see how it will actually look on the video. So I’ll show you how this card looks on desktop and on mobile it’s proportionately bigger.

All right. Did you see how that popped up right there? See how it popped up?

So that’s what we’re doing. We got little cards that pop up like that. So that’s exactly what we want. So we got a little card that pops up right there and now we’ll put one in maybe about two minutes and we’ll just have these little cards that pop up every minute or so.

So now I want to promote another video. So I got my second YouTube channel is going up as the first card, then this next one I’ll put a YouTube video in here and this one will say ‘Your name here.’ And this will give people an idea. ‘Become a sponsor today’. There.

So this one is a video about sponsoring my YouTube channel. So I put this up at about two minutes. So after the first bit, right away people see my second channel that will have more video tutorials from other instructors that I really want to promote. Then next one, a video showing my membership for the channel then the next one ‘Sponsor the channel’.

Then after that I can go over here and now what we’ll do is we’ll do a playlist. We’ll add another card that will go over to a specific playlist and this will say ‘Check out my new income report’. Yes, that fits perfectly. ‘View income report playlist’. There we go. Nice.

So now I’ve got another new card that pops up that’ll get people my income report videos. These videos people tend to really enjoy, because I talk about my money and it’s a playlist.

Playlists are really nice to promote. So you definitely want to get your playlist to get people watching new videos. Then after four minutes, I’ll use my last card, I’ll promote one more YouTube video and this will be a ‘Sponsor a video.’

So if someone didn’t click the other one, this one will say ‘Sponsor a video with Jerry’. ‘Learn how to sponsor a video’ there.

Now I’ve got these cards done and now the last thing I want to do on TubeBuddy is I want to set this as a template, but I want to call it something else. This will be ‘Jerry Banfield channel cards,’ and I’ll just call it by whatever today’s date is. July 10th 2019.

All right so I’ve got this set up. Now these five cards, I’m ready to copy these five cards to every single video on my channel now. This allows me then for all those impressions and views I’m getting everywhere else, I can start building the Uthena channel, I can help people see that you can sponsor a video, watch the income reports and get people from one video that they might be about to stop watching and to go into something else to get deeper in.

And I imagine I’ll test this over time, but this is what I’m starting with right now. So I’ve got these five annotations did one right in the beginning. I’ll move this one back a little bit, I’ll move all these back a slight bit. Move them all back just a little bit so they appear at about even intervals. So they pop up, they go away and some people click them. Lots of people don’t click them, but even if you think about it if 1% of people click and go view my new Uthena channel that’s really good out of hundreds of thousands.

That’s thousands of views on my new channel that wouldn’t have been there without these cards and literally most of my videos are sitting around without cards right now. And it only takes one person to sponsor my YouTube channel and that might be worth a 100,000 a year.

Thus these cards can be a really good opportunity to just maximize everything you’re doing on YouTube. So what I want to do now is I want to ‘Bulk copy cards.’

So what I just did, I just went over here and now you can see I have the option with TubeBuddy to go over here and pick the video I want to copy cards from.

Again, I’ll slow us down a little bit. so I’m over here, I click on the ‘TubeBuddy bulk’ and I go to ‘Cards copy’.

Then I go pick out the exact template I want, then I hit ‘Continue.’

Now this can take a while, but this will bring up all of my cards on here. It’ll show me when all of them come up, it’ll show all the message on here. Thus it will confirm that I want all of these annotations on here.

So I could expand that a little bit and say ‘ YouTube Channel’ there. So you can see it’s got a title on there and then a custom free message. So now these are ready to go. So I hit ‘Continue.’

Now ‘Which videos do you want to copy cards to?’ This is the key step, ‘I want to see a full list of my videos’. So this can take a while.

So be ready for this to take a while especially if you have a lot of videos. You could specify all your video IDs manually I actually have a CSV of all my video files I’ve downloaded. I could just specify those all. But what we’re going to do we’re going to hit ‘Continue’ and then what you can do, as you can see, it’s loading all these videos right now.

So it’s loading the thousands of videos I have up right now and what I’ll do is just select all and let it put card updates to all of these different videos.

Now this is done in an individual browser window, so make sure you’ve got this in a window you can keep open for a long period of time, because TubeBuddy is a browser extension. So you want to make sure you can leave this maybe overnight if you’ve got a lot of videos. If you don’t and you’re thinking, “Is this really worth it?”, it definitely is.

Let’s say you’ve got a few hundred views a month, if you can get the top 1% or 2% percent of your viewers clicking on those cards that could be a really good opportunity to convert a new customer, to get some new views on your newest videos. And I could constantly update the cards to all of my newest videos and I might try that at some point.

For now I’m going to try the Uthena channel and the sponsored videos to see if anyone actually takes action on it.

So the next step we’re going to do now, we’re going to go through here and we click on ‘All.’

So I need to select all of my videos on here. So I’ll click on ‘All.’ All right. I’ve selected all 2,554 of my videos. Now you can customize these and it may have some errors. For example, if you promote a video that’s in the annotations it won’t work on the annotation itself. So what you do after you’ve selected all videos, get ready hit ‘Continue’ and then now we’ve got some different options.

Now it says ‘If you’ve selected more than 2,000 we don’t recommend processing more at this time, because of browser limitations’ and I could unselect like 500 of them, but let’s just give it a shot. ‘Yes continue to bulk copying.’ Now I can delete all existing cards from destination videos before copying. Now this is good. Let’s say I go do this again several more times, then the option to delete all existing cards is good, but for now I don’t have cards on that many videos and the ones I do, I probably just want to leave them so there’s no point to do it. So what we do now we disregard that warning we’re going to hit ‘Start copying.’

And now it shows in real time which videos are being worked on. You can see it will produce an error if you’ve got a video and it couldn’t copy all the cards for one reason or another.

But it’s really cool you can see which videos are being processed in real time here. So I can show you these are the videos it’s putting up, it’s gone through seven of 2,000 so I want to just let this copy as many of these as possible. What’s nice is it’s going through my new videos first and then going back. So everyone that’s watching these newer videos now will see all of these cards.

And I’m interested to see what the results are. I’ve set this up so I can present the results of it especially that first card on the Uthena channel. There’s currently nothing else at all promoting that Uthena channel.

So my intention is to share the results of this with you especially when they come out good or they come out really bad. Thus let’s say this works to promote the Uthena channel I will do a video on that.

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If you’d like me to link to your channel or to one of your videos on all of my videos, when you become an exclusive sponsor on the channel then I’m willing to put one of these cards in for you for your channel and/or your videos on every one of my videos.

So take a look you can find that on under ‘Services’. There might be an annotation on this video to it or if not check out one of the older videos. There should be an annotation on it as you’ve just seen here. Or you could just Google it.

All right, I’m done filming this video.

I love you.

You’re awesome.

I trust that when you’ve subscribed you’ll get to see how this works out.


Jerry Banfield.