Advertise on with Sponsored Blog Posts and Banner Ads!

You can now advertise directly on

I am shocked I haven’t offered this earlier, my friend Michel Gerard suggested that I start offering the ability for you to place your banner ads and links directly on

I get requests almost every day for guest posts and I finally set up a service that you can get started with.

If you’re wondering how much it costs to advertise on I’ve got the current prices listed.

These are the launch prices, these are subject to change at any time. I have these upward and these are first come first served, meaning if whoever gets the top sidebar ad first, then the top sidebar ads are gone. Same thing with the footer.

Advertise on with Sponsored Blog Posts and Banner Ads!

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A single post ad, if you want to publish a guest post that links back to your website or your YouTube channel, you can do that with a single post ad.

If you’d like to do an ad in an existing post that links back to your website. You can also do that with a single post ad.

I’m grateful for the chance to help you get more people to your website.

You may wonder why you would like to advertise on our website? We are currently averaging 1,827 page views a day on

Advertise on with Sponsored Blog Posts and Banner Ads!

The advantage of placing an ad directly on is that there’s no adblocker that’s going to block your ad.

It doesn’t matter how many people see it or click on it. The ad is there for branding and for impressions.

If you are a big supporter, if you love all the JerryBanfield stuff then that your ad can appear in these two places on the entire website, you’ll have the advertisement in the footer down here that’s the footer add.

The footer add is currently $234 a month and that is right down here at the bottom of every single page.

Advertise on with Sponsored Blog Posts and Banner Ads!

There’s also a sidebar ad the only place the sidebar ad does not show is on the homepage, the homepage gets maybe 100 visits a day, the majority of the pages are on the blog posts individually.

There’s a top sidebar ad that appears right here, this is a very good spot.

This also appears on mobile devices, all ads appear on mobile and on desktop because the sidebar is on the bottom of the page on a mobile device. Therefore if you get the top sidebar ad, this is the best in terms of getting your ad seen.

If you get that the top sidebar ad spot is $456 a month and that will get you in front of every visitor on the website, you’ll be able to see that ad.

Advertise top sidebar

If you want an ad for individual posts, these have been the most requested. The single post ads.

If you want to post a guest post on the website, you can do it with a single post. It would be great if you would like to link back to your website.

All the posts are shared on all my social media accounts meaning you’ll also have your posts shared out on Twitter and on my other accounts to help more people discover your posts help the post rank higher.

Most of the traffic for my page comes in from Google organic search.

You can see the people on my website right now with the users in my current Google Analytics, the number one traffic source we go over to acquisition you can look at all traffic source medium over here.

Most of my traffic comes in from Google search or from social media, meaning I’ve got very high quality traffic coming into my website is you can see Google organic search. These stats are for last week’s 6,818 visitors directly from Google’s organic search and this is on the way up. traffic sources

My search traffic is consistently growing, because I published so many new blog posts and all these blog posts are long format. They’ve got videos at the top of the page on YouTube and I let people on my YouTube channel that subscribe know as often as possible if you want to read the videos instead of watching them.

All the posts on my website have matching blog posts from the videos unless it’s a guest post or a sponsored post. However, what some advertisers want to do is that you’re searching for a specific term, you come up and see, hey, Jerry’s post is ranked on this term, then what you can do is you can go over to this service and on the service, you can use that your post here as an individual banner ad directly in one particular post.

If you really are crazy about a certain post on my website, you love it, you can pay for an ad directly in that post, which can give you some very ideal traffic to your website.

For example, the post happens to be on the exact topic you help people on, you can then place a little banner and a text ad directly in one post.

Advertise on with Sponsored Blog Posts and Banner Ads!

The nice thing is that a single post ad is a one time payment. Whereas these website and footer ads are ongoing payments.

That said, the website and footer ads will give you great impressions every single month. I imagine plenty of clicks. Whereas the single post ad it completely depends on which post you pick.

You could pick some posts that won’t give you hardly any impressions. You can pick other ones that have thousands of people visiting them every week.

I’ll show you my Google Analytics, the top page on Jerry’s

We’ll go over here. If you’d like to get started with the service, go to or go to the link in the description or look around on Uthena.

You can go look and see what are the top pages on my website, we’ll go through the traffic in Google Analytics site content, all pages.

This may help you if you want to advertise on a certain page to figure it out.

Advertise on with Sponsored Blog Posts and Banner Ads!

The free course page is currently the top page on my website. I’ve been advertising and promoting that this page has a bunch of free Udemy coupons on it and there’s a lot of good spots for sponsored links there.

Look at how I’ve set this up. There are a lot of free Udemy coupons. There’s a freelancer who edits this page every day.

If you’ve got a video course you’d like to promote, you could use the one-time ad option to put a link to your course.

Or you can put your own course platform here and with the number of people that come here a day, I’ve got my Skillshare affiliate link here, and I’m earning about $10 or $20 a day just from having this Skillshare link there.

This is first come first served also meaning whoever puts the links in first gets them, meaning if 10 people have done this before you your link can be pretty far down on the page.

Therefore grab it.

You can also see this Facebook ads account disabled posts are very popular. This has been popular for years on my website.

If you do anything related to Facebook ads, there are two very good posts you could stick an individual ad in.

Also, if you put courses up on Udemy or Skillshare this post has been popular for a long time.

If you do Facebook gaming, or anything related to that, there are several Facebook gaming posts that are doing well on my website.

This is how I get so much organic search traffic is I have a bunch of long format posts that are taken directly from videos on my website.

I’ll show you some more top posts here, twitch affiliates, livestreaming games, and more Facebook posts on here.

The blog page is where you see all the posts, you can see the resources page, you can see lots of different topics on here.

If you do anything with Fiverr, this Fiverr post is on the way up and there’s lots more.

If you’d like more details on which posts are at the top, I’ll scroll down a little bit more. So you can see some more of the URLs on here.

Google AdWords, Freelance jobs, you can see some Ethical Hacking ones on here, another Facebook account disabled.

Now these are starting to go down to a lower number of page views. So I showed you the main ones that have 100 or more every week, those could be some real good ones.

Advertise on with Sponsored Blog Posts and Banner Ads!

These top two, top four or five, these all could be really good for an individual addition.

If you want to just do a guest post where you can get a link back to your website that could be a really good way to use this also, you get a new post that pops up in here you can write it.

The condition, a guest post must be completely original content published first on Jerry Banfield.

Nothing spun or just copied from somewhere else you must write a post from start to finish that could help someone, put that up and then you can be included on there.

I think I’ve gone into pretty good detail, this is available at

These are the current prices subject to change anytime and you can scroll down for more details on the page about each option.

You can also get a sponsored video with me or sponsor my whole channel if you’d like to as well.

Thank you very much for learning how you can advertise at

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