Best Advice for New Live Streamers on Facebook, Twitch, YouTube, and Mixer ft Restream

What is the best advice I’ve got for you on how to be a live streamer? Whether you want to just get started, what are some of the things I wish I had known before I started live streaming online? How do we build a following faster?

Best Advice for New Live Streamers on Facebook, Twitch, YouTube, and Mixer ft Restream

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Best Advice for New Live Streamers on Facebook, Twitch, YouTube, and Mixer ft Restream

I’ve got three tips and the best advice for you that will really help you. Things that I did myself. Things that I wish I had known myself. Things that I’ve just started doing and found extremely effective.

If you would like to continue learning with me on any of these subjects, I have courses on Skillshare and I trust you will visit those.

I’ve got a whole course about, which allows us to put one stream onto other platforms.

For example, I’m recording this video in OBS. I put the live stream button, I hit that and it goes out to Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, Twitter and Mixer.

Technically, on Twitter it’s Periscope.

It also can go to, the Russian social network, Smash Cast and DLive, a new one on the blockchain. This allows me to be everywhere.

If 90% of success is just showing up, then the key is to show up on as many places as possible.

I just started using and it is outstanding. There are opportunities often that are limited times on different platforms.

Best Advice for New Live Streamers on Facebook, Twitch, YouTube, and Mixer ft Restream

For example, one game will take off on one platform, on a different platform you will be able to get on the home page, but if you are streaming just to one particular platform, you miss out on the majority of the opportunities that are available in the whole world of live streaming.

What I did starting out was I streamed to YouTube to begin with, then I started streaming to YouTube and Facebook.

After that, I expanded to YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, Mixer and to Periscope and to Smash Cast and what I noticed is broadcasting to all these different platforms, my following grew really well as people cross-pollinated.

Someone from YouTube would come over to Facebook. Someone from Facebook will go over to Mixer. Someone from Mixer would come over to Twitch.

The longer I did that, the more my following kept building and building and building all over the place. Then, I stopped doing that and I noticed my following dwindle and dwindle and dwindle everywhere as the best place for whatever day, the one place that was just bringing in new followers, I would usually miss that on a consistent basis and I wouldn’t show up to most places.

I started focusing at one point on Twitch and another point I focused more on Facebook, and I’m back now to restreaming on all of these. If you just try to do one platform, this is what most streamers do, and therefore, most streamers miss the majority of opportunities in most live streaming platforms because they are just not there.

I’ve got an entire course showing you how to get your stream set up and all your equipment, all you need is OBS on a computer to put your stream out to Restream.

OBS is free and you need a capture card, preferably a BenQ HDMI out monitor so you can put anything into one monitor, and then stream that.

Best Advice for New Live Streamers on Facebook, Twitch, YouTube, and Mixer ft Restream

It makes it really easy to stream from a PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and Xbox. You can do a PC into a Mac. I’ve got a page on my website at that has got all the equipment on there.

You can easily be on every single platform at once. What happens is some days on Facebook, they will put a bunch of followers on to my stream. Facebook will just dump views in on a particular game.

For example, I was playing “Battlefield 5” one day and that game was really hot. There were up to 1,500 people watching at one point. Other days on Facebook, I would play the same game and it does not do that. There are maybe a hundred people watching and at worst it dwindles down to ten or twenty sometimes now.

Meanwhile, when I started streaming on YouTube, I did “League of Legends” and that just blew up on YouTube and many of those followers went over to Twitch, then I stopped streaming on YouTube and Facebook because I got Twitch affiliate and I just started streaming to Twitch.

When I left everyone out on Facebook, everyone out on YouTube, everyone out on Mixer and all the people that were watching my live streams just on one particular platform dwindled.

Now that I’m back to streaming everywhere, the following is cross-pollinating and growing as fast as it ever has again.

You really want to do this in the beginning because every single follower is gold and many times when you don’t have a lot of people watching it’s really easy to interact with one person, and one person will then go hop over and follow on all those different platforms.

Best Advice for New Live Streamers on Facebook, Twitch, YouTube, and Mixer ft Restream

That way, whenever something really good happens, like you get in the Mixer hype zone, YouTube throws a bunch of views in on you one day, Facebook puts you on one of the top spots and throws a bunch of views your way, then you get the followers over to all the other platforms.

Then, if something bad happens to one particular platform, it’s not a big deal. If say you have a problem on Facebook and you lose your ability to stream there, it’s okay because many of your followers already went over to other platforms, and you just then help everyone on Facebook get over to the other platforms while continuing everywhere else.

I’m grateful today that I am using Restream and that’s my number one tip.

Number two tip is to focus on tutorials.

Make videos showing people how to do things, especially if you can do it during your live stream. I try to do tutorials showing people how to do specific actions in the game during my live stream because those are the main things people watch and are looking for and discovering new people with.

Consider your own viewing habits. Do you spend most of your time watching live streams or watching pre-recorded or highlights from live streams?

Most people watch mostly pre-recorded or shorter videos. Most people have not yet transitioned into spending a lot of time watching live streams. Many of my followers on Facebook say that I’m the first live streamer they have consistently watched.

On YouTube, many people come over from watching pre-recorded videos into a live stream. On Twitch, you build a following by having people enjoy your videos on YouTube or see your posts on Twitter or Instagram, and then you send them over to Twitch to follow you.

Best Advice for New Live Streamers on Facebook, Twitch, YouTube, and Mixer ft Restream

You have almost no chance, not zero, but close to zero chance of just starting out and live streaming and hoping people will follow because guess what everyone else is doing?

Live streaming and hoping people will follow.

Guess how many people browse all the way down to the bottom to see those streams with 0 or 1 viewers?

Almost no one.

And yes, I get how frustrating it is. Even after years live streaming, people make sure to point out anytime I have 0 or 1 or a small number of viewers watching on any one particular platform.

“Oh, Jerry, nice. You’ve got 250,000 subs and there are only 2 people watching on YouTube.”

Well, there are people watching everywhere else too: Twitch, Facebook and Mixer. That’s the idea.

As you can see, when you have got smaller numbers of people watching it’s hard to get anyone else to watch. What you really need to get to the next level is tutorial videos. Just a single tutorial video can go viral and bring you in a following by itself.

I have a video on League of Legends named, Can a pro coach help me get out of bronze?

That one video went viral even after I stopped playing League of Legends and that one video brought me hundreds of viewers in on YouTube on every single one of my League of Legends streams I did after that, and it brought hundreds of followers over to Twitch and some over to Facebook and Mixer as well.

When you make one video tutorial or make something really good that goes viral, then it’s super easy to build your live streaming following.

I’ve had a bunch of videos like that. I’ve had several Call of Duty ones that have gotten tens of thousands of views. I’ve got several with a hundred thousand. I don’t know how many. I’ve got plenty of videos with a ton of views and when you add that together, you have gotten off the ground then.

Best Advice for New Live Streamers on Facebook, Twitch, YouTube, and Mixer ft Restream

Once you are off the ground where you have got people watching almost everywhere, then you just snowball. You just keep streaming, keep streaming, keep engaging with your following, keep showing up every day and it builds and builds and builds.

I’ve seen some people grow really fast. Others keep streaming and go nowhere. My stream has grown the fastest recently when I’ve been doing

People follow in different places, and then someone coming over from Facebook to Twitch gets me an extra viewer on Twitch, gets me way higher in the browse features. Then people find it in the browse features, and then it goes up even higher. That has been working really well and I’ve made tons of tutorials in so many different games and for the first time in a long time I’m consistently putting out new gaming videos instead of just live streams.

Would you rather watch a four-hour live stream or see the best 1 minute of that live stream?

Most people are only going to give you a minute or two to start with, therefore, you want to have those highlight videos with the best 1 minute of your stream and consistently sharing those, plus tutorials, plus restreaming, then you get this crazy snowball effect going.

The smallest little thing that happens, adds up with another thing that happens. For example, you get one view on YouTube that turns into a subscriber who comes over on Facebook. On Facebook, they get a few of their friends to watch.

Their friends go back over to YouTube, share your videos. They end up going over to Twitch. One day you hit the Twitch homepage, then you have got tons of followers coming in all over the place. On Facebook, that triggers you off. You hit the Facebook homepage another day.

On YouTube… You see how this works?

Just one person coming in and engaging with your videos, when you have got it set up this way, it has an amazing snowball potential and that’s why I’ve made several courses about this on Skillshare.

I imagine when you want to take a look at these courses, you will go to my website at and I’ve also got a podcast I put new episodes out for every day.

Best Advice for New Live Streamers on Facebook, Twitch, YouTube, and Mixer ft Restream

So on, you got links to all of my video courses. I do a podcast with the newest information like this every day that I hope is helpful.

Thank you very much for watching this or listening to it on my podcast or reading this as a blog post on my website. If you really want to take it to the next level, have your own podcast and have your own blog posts because blog posts can also pull in lots of organic search traffic and bring you new followers.

Thank you for being here.

I love you.

You are awesome.

This is a tutorial video and an exact example of what I’m talking about here and I imagine maybe I will see you soon on one of my live streams.


Jerry Banfield

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