AMEX Blue Business Plus 0% Credit Card Application Approved with $10k Limit!

How do we apply for the American Express Blue Business Plus credit card? Why might we want to? How can we use the money and what does the application process look like?

When you are ready for answers let’s do this together. I will show you through the entire application process.

AMEX Blue Business Plus 0% Credit Card Application Approved with $10k Limit!

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AMEX Blue Business Plus 0% Credit Card Application Approved with $10k Limit!

I’m grateful American Express approved me for $10,800 credit limit right off my application within just a few minutes.

This application process might seem intimidating upfront, but it’s really easy when you go through to look at everything with it.

To be sure, it’s important if you are getting a zero percent interest card, you have a very clear plan of what you are using it for because this is a powerful way to borrow money and 0% interest for 15 months is really nice.

However, if you miss any of the payments, you get the penalty APR immediately and if you don’t have a good plan in place with a system to pay this back, then you could be looking at paying a lot of interest whenever that 0% APR comes up.

What I’m doing, I’m building my business at selling video courses. This is the best way I’ve found to deliver a lot of value, which then makes money back online.

AMEX Blue Business Plus 0% Credit Card Application Approved with $10k Limit!

I’m paying freelancers to build video courses for me, which I’m selling in individual courses in bundles. I’ve also made these available for Private Label Rights and I’ve even got a franchise showing how to set up your own

I imagine that 15 months at 0% interest is way more than enough time for me to build several courses out for ten thousand dollars, and then to make that back in sales on

Once we have got our clear plan in place, we know why we want to apply for the card, how we are going to use it, then it’s a matter of just going through the application process, actually straightforward simple and easy.

I will show you exactly how to do it right now.

Use this link to go right there. I’m not an affiliate or a partner or anything, but if I do get something like that set up, maybe you will be able to help use the link.

AMEX Blue Business Plus 0% Credit Card Application Approved with $10k Limit!

But for now, I’m sharing this with you because it’s helpful. I found it useful and you might also.

The main thing that got me to apply for it is the 0% APR for 15 months on both purchases and balance transfers. Note that if you transfer a balance, you pay a 3% balance transfer fee, and therefore, for me, I’m just running up the balance on it and not transferring any balance.

I’m actually able to use this on to pay freelancers to then make video courses and also on PayPal. I got the 17.5 percent interest rate, however, the lowest it says currently is 13.5 percent, and the highest is 21.5 percent.

Note, if you miss a payment the penalty APR immediately applies and it’s close to 30%. You get 1x rewards on points on purchases or 2x on the first $50,000 of purchases and there is no annual fee.

These are the key things to know about it up front. Going forward, how do you apply?

First, you put your “Email Address” in here, an email address that you want to use to manage the account and an email address that is going to be with you at least as long as you have got the business.

AMEX Blue Business Plus 0% Credit Card Application Approved with $10k Limit!

Then you have got your “Legal Business Name.” The first screen here is all about your business, then the next screen is about personal.

You put your legal business name first here, then you put whatever “Business Name” you want to show on the credit card. Probably these will be the same, but you can make them different, I guess.

You can have a “Business Address” here.

For me, I use a mailing address that shouldn’t change for the life of my business. That way for my business registration and for my communications, I put the business mailing address here.

If you work at home like I do, I’ve got a registered agent that handles my physical need to receive mail. That way I don’t have to put my home address on my business. I’ve got the registered agent and a mailing address.

So, I put the mailing address in right here. I put my phone number in for the “Business Phone Number” here, then on the “Industry Type” I put “Advertising.” That’s the main structure of my business.

AMEX Blue Business Plus 0% Credit Card Application Approved with $10k Limit!

For “Company Structure” in here, I put “Single-member LLC.”

If you are in the USA and you have just got a business to yourself, this is the easiest way to do a business and this is the way you want to do your business until you either have investors or it’s making a whole lot of money.

There is no reason to complicate it further until you have got something that is already doing really good.

In this case, you won’t need to put the “Federal tax ID” for your business in if you are a single member LLC because according to the IRS, you are a disregarded entity, which means it is just the same as an extension of you, it’s not a separate entity.

For the “Years in business” for me, I put 2011. That’s when I started my business and “Annual Business Revenue,” that’s the total number of sales before any expenses. Mine for this was $236,000 before any expenses. Therefore, it’s not the actual profit.

Then, the “Estimated Monthly Spend,” I put in something like eight thousand dollars a month. That’s about what I normally spend on my other credit card and I plan on putting all of the freelancing courses on the estimated monthly spend.

For “Number of Employees,” you have to have at least one. So, I put one as myself on it, even though technically I’m not an employee. It makes you put one on there.

It’s put “Years in Business,” maybe that’s not since you started.

Once you get your business information in here, the next screen, this is your “Personal Information.”

The first one is all about your business and the next one is about your personal information.

AMEX Blue Business Plus 0% Credit Card Application Approved with $10k Limit!

These cards are secured with your personal credit, which means if for some reason your business fails and goes bankrupt, your personal credit secures the card, which means if for some reason my business goes under I still am liable for this business credit card debt.

Keep that in mind when you are applying for this.

I put my first name in here, last name, my name on the card. You can put the same or you could put a nickname, and then I put my home address number in here, my home phone number, social security number, date of birth, total annual income, and nontaxable annual income.

For the “Total Annual Income,” I looked at my taxes for 2017. The total annual income was something like 200,000. Almost all of it from my business and from capital gains. I just finished my taxes this year. Something like a hundred and seventy thousand between capital gains and my business.

I’m very grateful for all that you are doing to help me have an income that gives me enough to give back to others and help others and I love money.

I’m very grateful for money and that’s one of the reasons it’s okay, it’s easy for me to borrow money because I’m comfortable with it and I intend to pay it back, and then have lots more left over to give back to others.

You put your “Annual Income” in here. What’s nice, for better or worse, they don’t do any verification that I can see on it, which means you could put whatever you wanted in there.

However, honesty is generally the best policy. I just take the number straight from my taxes, the income for my business, and capital gains and throw that in there.

I don’t have any nontaxable annual income so there’s nothing there.

Then it asks where to send your bill. I put my business in there because I intend on keeping that mailing address indefinitely.

Then, I just get the mail there.

You can choose either of those and this is the final screen. Once you are on this screen, you will get an option to go down and submit.

Once you go down and submit, then you will get this screen. You get a screen that says, “Thank you, your application has been received.”

AMEX Blue Business Plus 0% Credit Card Application Approved with $10k Limit!

You can also add employee cards. If you have other people that you would like to be able to expense directly on this card, then you can add them directly right here and hit “Save.”

I didn’t put anyone else in.

I hit “Not now” and as soon as I hit this, if I look at the time point on these screenshots, it literally was 30 seconds later.

I hit “Not now” and it says, “Your Blue Business Plus credit card application has been approved” and it gave me immediately the option to transfer balance.

AMEX Blue Business Plus 0% Credit Card Application Approved with $10k Limit!

Note that the fee for each balance transfer is 3% and a minimum $5 fee. So I chose not to do any balance transfer even though it was at 0%.

If you are wondering what’s my credit score that I got this, it currently is somewhere between 800 and 850 because I’ve always paid my debts even if it meant borrowing and borrowing to make the minimum payments, and then video courses, as I said earlier, have been just like divine intervention on my finances.

Video courses have given me the ability to pay all my debts, and help teach and educate people on really valuable skills.

AMEX Blue Business Plus 0% Credit Card Application Approved with $10k Limit!

So, that’s how I’ve got a credit score over 800, and that gave me this instant approval on this.

My credit score was below when I had borrowed and borrowed a whole bunch of money. It dipped as low as six hundred and something and just paying off a bunch of my debts it has gone back over eight hundred over a period of a few years.

Once you have gotten approved, then you will check your email inbox for confirmation. You will get a card in the mail within two or three business days. Mine actually came almost a week later.

AMEX Blue Business Plus 0% Credit Card Application Approved with $10k Limit!

If I look at the screenshot here, this was on the 5th of March and I just got the business card a couple of days ago.

So it came about seven actual days from when I sent the card in, even though there was no holiday,

Once you have set the card up, I immediately went in and created an online account and as soon as I got the card in the mail, I set up auto pay. If you miss a payment at all, you immediately get the penalty APR and you immediately lose that zero percent interest.

The first thing I did is create a new account immediately right here with username and password. That was a little tricky actually. It has these requirements.

I recommend to use some kind of password manager or some system where you don’t use the same username and password on any other website because if one website gets cracked, your whole business doesn’t fall down like dominoes.

Then you have got your username and password in here. The key thing to do is set up your auto pay.

You go in, set up your auto pay on your account, that way if you are not able or you don’t even remember, you just automatically make at least the minimum payment every month. That way you don’t lose your zero percent interest on the credit card.

I also changed it so I get electronic statements because getting a whole bunch of statements in the mail is just annoying, because of the time lag between when you receive the statement and when they send it.

I just switched it all to get electronic statements. I just used this credit card on both Upwork and PayPal to pay for the freelancer’s newest videos for the video courses on Uthena and I’ve already charged something like a thousand dollars to it.

AMEX Blue Business Plus 0% Credit Card Application Approved with $10k Limit!

I also synced this up immediately with QuickBooks Self Employed to automatically track the expenses.

That way I know at all times how much money I spent. In this case, I’ve spent more than I’ve made in 2019 investing in building up Uthena, and this way I see all the expenses from all my business cards and bank accounts all in one spot and I don’t have to go sign into each individual account.

This does sync very easily with QuickBooks Self Employed, it pulls it right back in there.

That’s all I’ve got for you on this.

I could probably try to sell you on a whole lot more stuff that I do, but there we go, that’s the essentials of how to do the American Express Business Plus credit card application.

I’ve explained how I did it and the things related to the setup.

AMEX Blue Business Plus 0% Credit Card Application Approved with $10k Limit!

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I’m grateful to serve you today and to just teach you what I’m doing on a daily basis and that’s enough of me talking.



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