What makes more money? Android developing or Web Developing?

If you want to make more money, focus primarily on your mindset, how you’re thinking, how you’re feeling and listen relentlessly to inspirational books. That’s what I do. Listen and focus almost completely on your mental state because, in the right mental state, you will be seemingly effortlessly guided into the right spots.

If you want to really make the most money, it’s almost all mental. Let me tell you before 2015, I was in what looked like hopeless debt. It was death. My marriage was on the rocks. My business was getting close to needing to declare bankruptcy and my life did not look very good. This was right before I got sober.

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I started going Alcoholics Anonymous. I saw that “Wow, I can go read this book, go to Alcoholics Anonymous, get help and I can fix something”. To me, I loved drinking so much. It was really hard to quit. Once I realized that it could work on that aspect of my life too, I wanted to know what else can I get help on and I constantly was learning and I still am.

What makes more money? Android developing or Web Developing?

If you want to make the most money, the key thing is to focus on the mental state and this seems counterintuitive because you think it should be on how to make money but the key thing is to focus on why you want money and how you think about money? I’ve got a hundred thousand in debt from spending on my business so much and yet I imagine that debt is completely paid off.

I imagine making more money than I’ve ever made before even with having already what I had made. I still imagine making much more and I noticed that I got a lot of debt this year because I was thinking about getting a lot of debt. Therefore, I don’t know whether Android development or web development is most profitable.

What I can tell you is,

  • The more you optimize and focus your mind
  • Take care of your mind
  • Help other people
  • Live a life of service
  • Volunteer
  • Read Books
  • Do charity
What makes more money? Android developing or Web Developing?

The more you do good and help people, the more opportunities to make money will seemingly drop right in front of you. For example, I just started doing the workshops on my website and within 24 hours of launching them, someone already joined which I have been wanting to do live classes for a long time. One hour for $20, that’s really affordable.

I imagine in the future, we will easily have 10 to 20 people in the slots and it only takes me an hour. I can earn over 500 dollars in a single hour by doing a workshop with people and that’s something that is just materialized for me out of seemingly nowhere. Doing the live streams offer huge income earning potential and yet I didn’t see that until yesterday. I was in the right state of mind to receive that.

What makes more money? Android developing or Web Developing?

Thus, there are things you can learn that might be outside of your focus right now and when you are in the state of mind like I have a lot of money, I’m very wealthy, I’m grateful for what I have, you might find just be attracted into the right place at the right time. How I’ve made most of this money online? It is because I was in the right place at the right time repeatedly and getting in the right place at the right time is a function of your mental state. It’s the law of attraction.

I recommend reading the secret. Listen to your wish is your command. Listen to see you at the Top by Zig Ziglar. If you want to earn more money then the number one suggestion I’ve got is to read books, watch and listen to things that inspire you relentlessly. This is what I do and stay away from Downers. Downers are things like the news. Downers are things like advertisements on TV. I work hard so that you can’t reach me with an advertisement.

What makes more money? Android developing or Web Developing?

I don’t watch any TV with ads. I avoid ads online like I’ve got an ad-blocking browser named Brave. If you want to earn money, it’s all about that mind state because there’s an analogy with radar. Think about a radar screen. A radar screen that tracks planes and flying objects on it. A radar screen is really small and yet if you consider all of the air, all of the potential places, the radar screen could track.

The radar screen is very small compared to what’s not on the radar screen and lots of times the best opportunities may be about to fly in on the radar screen and if you’re in the right state of mind, you will attract the best opportunities to fly into your radar screen. So, you can see them.

What’s tough about it is sometimes you can’t see them until they literally have nearly landed on you and this is tough for me too because I am just like everybody else. I mean I love making money. I want to make money. I want to be where the best opportunities are and I am focused relentlessly on my mind-state.

Sometimes, the only thing you can do to really know and understand is to just do something. Follow your dreams and when you realize that’s not what you really wanted, you know what not to do. I try and learn what not to do fast.

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Jerry Banfield