Take Another Giant Leap into History with Me!

There is more than likely human beings already all over the galaxy. Most of the human history accounts you read, indicate a connection with the gods, the gods being the bigger galactic family.

The Aztecs, the Incas, the Egyptians, Indians, Chinese, Japanese, almost every civilization everywhere has some clear record of a connection with a higher power, super technological beings.

Take Another Giant Leap into History with Me!

Take Another Giant Leap into History with Me!

The Native Americans have a very clear connection with the stars. All these cultures pointing up. It is crazy today that we are collectively as western civilization, one of the most disconnected groups of human beings that have ever lived. We are very much in the dark ages.

I’m going to take another giant leap into history today, read on.

Europe history, World War II, Antartica and the Galaxy.

If you are into history in Europe, there was the dark ages, where people were basically just animals, killed and murdered each other, and didn’t care anything about civilization. We are pretty much in the dark ages today, relative to many of what our ancestors experienced.

The Germans got a little bit a hold of this higher connection during World War II, and they went crazy with it. They knew that what they had access to, was so much greater than what the others had access to. They got just power drunk. What they didn’t realize is that what they call the master race was willing to work with whoever is in charge.

So after World War II, who do you think started working with the master race?

As the Germans called them, they are us in spaceships and connected to the galactic community.

How do you think Jesus got resurrected?

There is technology that can literally take a dead body and put it together at an atomic level again. Someone with that kind of technology has been here all along.

Do you think if you went to terraform this planet, you would ever leave it alone?

On no!

The entire history of this planet has been governed as a part of a bigger solar system, as a part of a galaxy. The same way you might look at Star Trek and each planet in the Federation. At no point that I can see this planet has ever been completely forgotten about and left alone.

Europe history, World War II, Antartica and the Galaxy.

Yes, at many various points, they have let us go about the course of our own actions. They have let us murder and slaughter each other. They have let us do terrible things to each other. Yet, there is more of us today than ever before, despite humans killing a hundred million other humans last century.

In fact, in order to be a part of the galactic community, we more than likely need to go through a lot of diseases to be a more connected member of the community. In fact, some of the diseases we get are probably from extraterrestrials coming to live here discreetly and bringing all their galactic diseases with them.

If you think about it, it is like your child growing up. My daughter has to keep going and getting one new sickness at a time as she explores the world. Humanity is going through the same thing. If you look at it at a galactic level, humans would need to have very good immunity to a galactic array of diseases, in order to participate with the greater community. It looks like we are already doing good on the disease count. We have gone through a whole lot of those lately.

Where do you think we got all this advanced technology from?

How is it after World War II, the United States has just continued to pour out one technological advancement after another?

Here is a cool little thing.

Have you seen the movie “Close Encounters of the Third Kind?”

The basic idea in this movie is that the US government secretly meets with these UFO that land, and they work out a few things with them and talk with them.

Europe history, World War II, Antartica and the Galaxy.

Where did the idea for that movie come from? You might think someone just came up with that.

Oh no!

The idea for that movie came from a story told by a corporal of what happened in 1947 or something like that — I just put estimates out here because exact dates and all that stuff don’t matter. It is right now, that’s what time it is. It is not yesterday, or tomorrow, it is today. I just put these things out there as easily as possible.

The point is that most of the movies and things that we see are actually based on stories that came first. There are very few things that are truly creative. Almost everything that we really like is based on something that was told.

Here is a little bit of World War II history that took me a long time to find. In 1946, apparently the US discovered that a bunch of Nazis made it to Antarctica to hide out for their next base.

Europe history, World War II, Antartica and the Galaxy.

The US government sent an armada of ships, a huge bunch of ships down to Antarctica and guess what happened.

When they got down there, there were ships of amazing technology, UFOs you would call them that flew around, that cut ships in half with lasers. The US fleet turned around and went back without landing on Antarctica.

Antarctica is still one of the most mysterious places on the entire planet. In fact, there may be an entire country in Antarctica that most no one knows about, underneath the ice. Whatever is artificially generating the ice there, is also able to sustain an environment to live in.

The hollow Earth theory and Element 115

In fact, there is a theory called the Hollow Earth theory, that says the Earth isn’t actually full in the middle, but it is actually hollow, that what we see on the outside of the Earth is just a crust and there are rocks and things like that. This is a popular theory in “Lord of the Rings” at least, with the middle Earth idea, that there is an entire civilization.

“Well Jerry it’s not exactly Lord of the Rings, whatever they call it, middle Earth.”

There is an idea that the Earth is actually hollow. I don’t know if any of these things are true because I haven’t seen them. These things to me make a lot more sense than a lot of the other things I have heard. It makes sense.

Europe history, World War II, Antartica and the Galaxy.

That’s why we have so rapidly developed from a hundred years ago to today, from being able to barely do anything with our technology, and just barely being able to fly.

Today, we have a smart phone in our hand that’s powerful enough to power a spaceship. Almost all of us have it. The technology everywhere is unbelievable.

Here is a story I really liked.

There was a physicist who said he worked at Los Alamos. In the nineties he came out and went public. He said there was an element called 115 (one fifteen), which is now big in “The Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies.”

He said there was an element called 115, which at the time had not been publicly discovered or discussed. He said that element had the properties that were used for advanced space travel and that he had been working with it. The US had tons of Element 115 that they had gotten in exchange for giving whoever they made a deal with what they wanted.

He was erased from all the government records and everything. They erased him and they said he never worked there and all these things like that. The one little piece of evidence was the phone book. See back then, they actually printed out hard copies with everyone who worked at the location. He was listed in the phone book. The one thing that wasn’t conveniently erased.

Guess what?

In ten or twenty years Element 115 was discovered, just as he said it would be. Now we take Element 115 for granted, although some of its properties aren’t publicly known.

Our history is so rich, deep and fun. That makes my world rich and fun today. I look around at this technology and I realize I have no idea how all of it got to be in front of me. It is funny to see some of our very advanced technology, it looks almost primitive, compared to a deeper idea of history and some of the thing that are possible.

It appears before that there was a giant wireless network of power on Earth. Think pyramids connected globally that would give you wireless power wherever you went.

You might think, well why is there no evidence of this?

The evidence is all over. It is simply whether you choose to see it and go look for it or not.

Were pyramids built with antigravity?

The pyramids stand as great evidence that at some point in the past, they had technology better than we what we use to build things today. When you analyze scientifically the pyramids, there is no way those were built with ropes and wooden blocks. We could not rebuild the pyramids today.

If we could, they would not be as well-engineered as they already were thousands of years ago. The pyramids are one example and there are examples of this all over the planet. Most of our buildings today are built with concrete poured in molds and those aren’t very strong though relative to having a solid granite block.

Were pyramids built with antigravity?

The best you could do for having something strong that lasts a long time, is to literally take existing blocks, cut them into size and stick them together. The problem is that our engineering methods today are not good enough to just put solid blocks together like that.


Because all the solid blocks have to be cut to such a precision, that they fit together with no mortar because the mortar then would be the weak point. All the blocks would just slip and fall apart.

There are all kinds of places in South America where there are the reminiscence of stone structures. We have no idea how old these things are. They could be a hundred plus thousand years old for all we know.

They are engineered to an absolutely unbelievable perfection. Literally blocks of all kinds of shapes, cut so precisely, that they stick together. You can’t slide a hair in between them. They are put together so perfectly. These are solid granite blocks fantastically heavy.

You would never build anything like that just for fun. You would never build anything like that just as a temple to the gods. These were built by some fantastically superior technology, that made it fairly easy to build them. The same as today, you might look at it like it is fairly easy for human beings in many parts of the Earth to put together a concrete building, and even relatively easy to build the sky scraper. Some of these ruins around the Earth appear to have been built with technology far superior to what we are using to build buildings today.

Some of the things, like the pyramids, more than likely used antigravity. These blocks are so heavy, you can’t just have even thousands of people, the ropes would break. What you need would be some kind of antigravity technology to counter the gravity of the block, lift it up, drop it straight into place. These blocks weigh unbelievable amounts. You couldn’t even do it today with cranes. These blocks are so heavy, you need to have some kind of antigravity to levitate the blocks and then if you had antigravity, it would be really easy to build something like the pyramids.

You could literally just antigravitate and lift the blocks up. You could float them as far as they needed. If these were built by pulling ropes, there is no way they would have dragged for hundreds of miles to put them in the right position.

Did I mention almost all of these ruins are perfectly lined up with some specific astrological formation?

Were pyramids built with antigravity?

The kind of thing you do if you had vastly superior technology. It just automatically put it in place. You could literally create a pyramid, the same way you might create something with a 3D printer today.

You just look and say, “I want to build this pyramid,” push a button and the whole pyramid would just be built. The historical records say things like these pyramids were built fantastically fast. Nearly overnight or in just a short period of time. These are indications of hugely superior technology.

Floating cities fired burst, Indiana Jones and men in black.

Here is something cool.

According to India, in the ancient text it says that floating cities fired burst, burning shots at each other. Floating cities had these great fights in the sky. Then they would shoot down at Earth these gigantic fire bombs and when the people were burned by them, there was a great white glow, that then it made the people who lived there have their hair and their nails fall out.

What does that sound like to you?

That sounds like an atomic bomb to me. There is evidence of nuclear weapons used in our ancient past and we think we are getting these things for the first time today.

The first nuclear weapon test site.

In many of the World War II science research efforts and since then, the researchers were consulting ancient texts to look for things, to describe how things would be built.

That’s why the Germans, if you have seen Indiana Jones, this is real. Again, the writers of the movie got this from reality, from history. Once the Germans realized that history was much deeper and full of advanced technology, and beings that were just like them, human beings who more than likely left great technology all over the earth, the Germans then went and looked for it.

Floating cities fired burst, Indiana Jones and men in black

If you have seen “Raiders of the Lost Arc,” or if you have seen “The Last Crusade” and even “The Skull,” the newest Indiana Jones, these are things that the Germans then realized, if UFOs are real and there are extraterrestrial beings, then we could just go find the technologies at other places and bring them home.

They got obsessed with that, just like in Indiana Jones. Now, after that, guess who, the USA has got a great case of that. Any time there is any UFO activity, anywhere, the US has influence. There are stories of people from DC, think, “The Men in Black,” suddenly showing up, taking over, regardless of who actually owns the country, often collecting any evidence that the people received.

For example, photographs or videos taken from the very best cases. What is really close if you have seen the movie “Men in Black,” the men in black are more than likely very real, that you actually can get to be a man in black, and that’s a real purpose. They go around the planet keeping things quiet until the people collectively are ready to join the galactic community, and not be crazy and shooting guns and going all fear of we are all going to die. The idea is more than likely the men in black keep things the way they are, until the population itself is educated and enlightened enough to participate in the galactic community.

It seems currently the masters running things would like their presence to be kept quiet, so this planet can continue to evolve a bit on its own. Then, when the people of the planet are enlighten enough, and are ready to join the galactic community, then we can all just do that together peacefully, without having Independence Day or crazy things like that go on.

The president and area 51

I think this is a lot of fun today because then, it takes out all these big drives on things like elections.

I got asked a lot, who is going to win the election? What do you think?

I think the election is about as important as the Super Bowl. It is fun and it might be worth watching, but it doesn’t matter who wins though because after all these other things I have described, do you think a politician who gets elected in one country, is going to go around dictating things for even his or her own country, let alone the whole planet?

Wouldn’t you think that the people in power are already at the time when all the contact was made, they reconnected with the gods over here so to speak, wouldn’t you think they set things up to manage the existing system?

Maybe occasionally a president might have to be killed, if the president didn’t go along with the program. Then once the one president was killed, all the ones after would quickly fall into step with the program.

I like something Clinton said. Clinton wanted to go see the secret areas of the US because he was the president. They told him no. He wanted to go see Area 51, they said no.

The president and area 51

Who would tell the president of the US, that they can’t go wherever they want to?

Well, whoever has the real power in connection with what you call in the other cultures, the gods, which the Germans might have called the master race, which you and I today might think of as humanoid beings, whoever set that relationship up, probably manages things pretty well.

I have a friend who just drove by Area 51, and it is not even clearly marked as Area 51. He said that what you notice is signs up that says, “Unauthorized personnel will be shot on site.”

That means they may murder you for going into that section of the country.

What about your constitutional rights in that section of the country? Don’t you get a lawyer?

Well, no!

They have the right to murder you and it is posted clearly for anyone to see, that you can be murdered for going in certain parts of the country, with no questions asked.

The only reason I even feel comfortable sharing these things is because many other people are talking about these things now too. It seems the population generally is becoming enlighten enough, accepting enough to see a deeper reality and to peacefully accept it.

I don’t think we need to do any great evolution, I think things are just fine, just the way they are. I find a great peace in knowing that it doesn’t matter who gets elected president in any country anywhere in the world.

The master planners have already got things situated. It doesn’t mean that some individuals may not suffer greatly, as you saw in the twentieth century, a hundred million people killed by other people. It doesn’t mean other people won’t kill other people.

It does mean the Earth as a whole is a part of a much bigger galactic federation.

Asteroid belt in the middle of our solar system

It is not going anywhere and that’s good because here is one of the coolest things I have seen and this to me explains why we love things like “Star Wars” so much.

There are a few “Star Wars” movies, I think at least a couple, where either a planet is blown up. For example in the first “Star Wars” movie, which now is the fourth one. The planet Alderaan gets blown up by a Death Star that shoots the planet with a beam of energy which blows it up.

Remember I was talking about an electromagnetic weapon earlier?

Now, here is a funny thing about our solar system. There was a lot of drama at one point about Pluto not being a planet, because Pluto is too far out there and not big enough, whatever. I have a shirt that says, “Dear NASA I was big enough for your mom Pluto,” which I think is funny.

In our solar system we kind of take for granted that the planets that are supposed to be here are here. What if we are missing one and where would it be?

Asteroid belt in the middle of our solar system

There is a giant asteroid belt. I believe it is between Mars and Jupiter. Again, you can go look for the exact details of these things yourself. You can watch Ancient Aliensand all kinds of other programs, read all kinds of other books, as there is a ton of more depth that any of these things you want to hear more depth about.

I believe that between Mars and Jupiter there is a big asteroid belt.

Why is that asteroid belt there?

There is no asteroid belts between Earth and Mars, or Venus and Earth, or Mercury and Venus, or between Jupiter and Saturn, but there is one big asteroid belt in the middle of our solar system.

How would an asteroid belt get formed?

According to some of the ancient texts, there used to be a planet where that asteroid belt is and due to some inter galactic war, that planet was blown up.

An entire planet blown up.

We may have even originally been from that planet and we went from there over to Mars, and then over to Earth.

As the first planet got blown up with a super weapon that blew the whole planet up, the second Mars then got hit with an energy weapon, which didn’t blow the planet up, but which wiped the atmosphere and wiped out most all life on Mars. Now here we are on Earth praying to some kind of galactic god that we don’t also get this planet wiped out from a super weapon.

Now this is some history for you, and that’s fun to me.

If you blow a whole planet up in the middle of the solar system, what happen is, all the mass, all the rocks and all the chunks of the planet all fly out, but they are all still in orbit. Some of the chunks will go one way. Some chunks will go another way. The chunks are going in all different directions, but the chunks are all orbiting. When the planet gets blown up, an asteroid belt would form. An asteroid belt in the exact orbit the planet used to be and that’s what we have got.

Asteroid belt in the middle of our solar system

We have got an asteroid belt where one planet was and we have got then Mars, which looks like it was hit with a similar super weapon, as shown in “Star Wars,” that the Death Star possessed.

You might think that if the galaxy is just as insane as the people on Earth are, this is really hopeless. You could look at it that way, you could look also that the better we can do on Earth, we might be able to contribute some sanity to the rest of the galaxy.

“As above, so below.”

We probably are the extraterrestrials

What’s happening on Earth is pretty much a reflection of what goes on in the galaxy, which is why there are so many different things going on, on Earth.

There is not just one race of extraterrestrials that come here. In fact, we probably are the extraterrestrials. If you have seen “Men in Black,” you see how many different aliens there are in this movie. There are stories of all kinds of different aliens. There are stories of the ones that look just like us, that are a little bit taller, which are likely from lower gravity. There are stories of the green or grey aliens with their big eyes and little tiny mouths and noses, which actually could be space dwelling human beings also, who were designed that way.

We probably are the extraterrestrials

Interestingly enough, people who have communicated with those grey aliens, say that they are just worker drones. They are just drones designed to operate the equipment they are, which then I kind of feel like that’s what human beings are too. We are also worker drones designed to produce resources for our bigger galactic community. It seems to be the main thing on this planet, and maybe to settle it and colonize it.

We are the miners.

What is your real job? What’s the meaning of life?

Mine some gold, so you can send that back and help some superior planet’s atmosphere stay intact. That’s the story in the ancient text. The reason gold is valuable, is because another planet that was very wealthy I guess, needed gold to sustain their atmosphere. Probably to power the machine and whatever to sustain their atmosphere.

Almost every little detail of life with a bigger look at history gains meaning. The things that are valuable are things we have been told are valuable, usually on a galactic scale.

Why are we making all this technology?

Probably because then we can contribute and sell it on a galactic scale. Imagine an entire planet pumping out technology that you could sell, that would be profitable, wouldn’t it?

I think that’s really cool, that you could look at it that way.

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