Amazing Things Happen in Appreciating The Now

Any salvation you’re hoping for in the future is also available right now, in this moment. In the negative terms, there’s no salvation you can have in the future that is not already available right now. That, to me, has been an amazing power thought in my life that helps me through each situation.

For example, my little girl was crying this morning and that thought helped me through it. I kept thinking that there’s no salvation in the future that’s not available right now. In other words, when she stops crying, whatever I think will be available at that moment is also available right now.

The main thing that comes out is attitude. It’s easy to say that when this happens in the future then everything will be okay. Why is everything okay when something else happens? It’s ultimately because of attitude.

I always thought things would be great if I just made more money. Then, when I did make more money, I wound up having the same attitude I had before and life wasn’t any better. I was rushing through a moment to get to salvation to get to something that wasn’t there. Every time I got there I would realize I still had farther to go before I got there. Pretty soon, I was looking to the afterlife thinking that maybe when I die there will be salvation there.

There’s nothing that you can get at any point in the future that you can’t have now. Every moment in the past and every moment in the future is now. There’s now and not now. Although everything is done in now, the mind can still conceive not now. If you’re running around thinking that salvation is not now, that’s a miserable state to live in.

Salvation is right here, right now. I think that’s what the religious teachings had to say. Eternal life, everything you could ever want is right here in this moment. You don’t have to go anywhere, you don’t have to do anything. All you have to do is see that.

Often, the people that taught the religions we now worship are people that saw that simple truth. Life is now and eternal life is now. Salvation is now. You don’t have to go anywhere to get it. There’s nothing you have to do that will put you in a better place than you are now. I’m grateful I’ve learned that. I’m grateful that my attitude is my salvation. Anything could be happening around me. If I have a good attitude about it, I’m safe.

The baby was crying this morning and I was saved. I had a wonderful experience, I ended up crying with her. I went into a blank state. I saw that my future is right here in this moment. I don’t need some future moment where she’s not crying for everything to be okay. Everything is okay right then with her crying. Then I went blank right there and watched her cry Then her emotion was then mirrored back to her through me. Meanwhile, I felt purified through that and I felt wonderful. It’s a great honor to be able to cry with my child. I feel clean now and pure. It’s so nice to not need to rush through it.

I noticed I was rushing. I was making breakfast and I was rushing. My daughter was crying and her mom was holding her. I was rushing through breakfast . Thinking there’s no salvation in the future that’s not here now. I remembered I have everything I need right now. The baby doesn’t need to stop crying for everything to be okay. I just need to see that everything is already okay. Everything I could get out of the future I’ve already got it. I don’t need to rush into the future to grab something that’s already here. I slowed down making breakfast. I started not trying to rush through. I started paying attention to what I was doing and immediately started to feel okay.

This is tricky because there’s so many situations in life where we think salvation is in the future that the present taken for granted. For most of my life I couldn’t never see another way to live. Salvation was always in the future. No matter what I did, salvation was always in the future so I was grabbing and grasping at the future all the time. When I was a kid salvation was graduating 7th grade or getting report cards. Salvation comes at summer break.

You get to the point where you go forward so much that I’ll be sitting on my deathbed realizing that I hurried to get there. I would be wishing I didn’t hurry to get there. If you look through a bigger picture. I would wish I didn’t hurry through this life again trying to get to the end.

I don’t want to hurry to get to the end. I don’t want to cling on to what’s already happened either because that’s a ghost as the future is. I want to experience the peace that’s in this moment and the sacredness that’s in every single creation that’s right here now. I don’t need to talk about how great the past was. I don’t need to fantasize about how great the future will be because now is great.

My attitude is where I see how now is great. The beauty of it is if I can’t see how great now is, there is always help available. All I have to do is notice I can’t see how great now is, prayer works. When I see that I can’t see where my salvation is, that’s when I pray. I pray for help getting back to now. I don’t know where I am in the past or the future and I’m not here. Please help me get back here and get back to now. Please help me have the right attitude right now. Please help me be useful to other people right now, not in ten years or two minutes.

I’m grateful today that I can see my salvation is here now and I can see when I’m not seeing that. It’s amazing how fast happens now. That can happen anywhere and it happens over and over and the trick is to catch it right when it starts happening. The longer it goes on the more it hurts. If I catch it early on, it’s pretty easy to snap out of it. If I’ve been going at it for awhile, it hurts coming out of it.

I was waiting for this new video game to come out. I was excited about it. I kept seeing it and was wishing the game was out. Finally, right before the game was out, I was miserable waiting for the game to be out already. It took a lot of prayer, a lot of crying, a lot of meditating to realize that life won’t be any better when that game comes out. Life will be just the same when that game comes out.

I could’ve used that as a teenager. I thought salvation was in finding a girl to date. It’s wonderful to find a girl to date. It’s also wonderful to live at home with your parents while they’re alive, too. I missed a lot of nice times with my dad while I was trying to hurry into having a wife. Now, dad’s not here anymore and I’m left lucky appreciating the time I do have and appreciating the time with my mom.

I pray today that I know there’s no time in the future where salvation is not also available this moment. I pray that I notice when I am thinking there’s some salvation in the future and that I’m willing to ask to come back to now where salvation is. I pray that you have the same choice at any moment to see you don’t have to die, you don’t have to get married, you don’t have to do anything to have salvation. It’s here right here, right this moment. You don’t have to do anything else to get it. You’ve already done everything you need to have it. I hope you have a great day today. I value your feedback on this. Thank you.