Ask Any Question and Get An Answer

Today, you can ask any question and get an answer! Thank you very much to Tom for being the first to use Worthyt to ask me a question privately. After years of struggling to find a system where I’m available for you that really, really want to ask me a question and get a guaranteed answer, we’ve finally got something that’s working. Within the first week of setting this up, we’ve got our first question. If you’re wondering what I’m talking about, I’ll show it to you. You can feel free to go to Worthyt and message me. It’s You can get to my profile and what you can do on here is you can ask me any question or send me any private message you want to, you will get a guaranteed reply within three days or you get your money back.

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Ask Any Question and Get An Answer

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The cost for this is $27 at the current rate and the cost can go up or down anytime based on the demand. I’m very grateful for this system because, for years, I’ve struggled to find a way to answer private messages and to say no to private messages. Just because I put up videos and try and help people every day, I felt this obligation that I have to answer every private message people send me and I need to answer every question people ask me. I’ve gone through all these various phases of trying to respond to every comment on YouTube and every message on Facebook. What happens is there’s too many and I get burned out and frustrated, then I don’t respond to anything, which is really frustrating for all of us.

If you see me responding to stuff and then I don’t respond to you, if feels unfair and I don’t like that. I know I don’t like being on the receiving end of that. If you don’t see me responding to anyone, you’re like, “Why bother even posting a comment or question here?” Then people comment on my post, “Did you see my private message?” and now my answer’s, “No,” unless you’ve used this. This is the one way I make available that I will always see your private message.
Now that I’ve got this first question in, I’ve got it set up, I’m going to set it up in Zapier so that I literally get a text message as soon as you go through. It’s at Worthy- it looks like it’s Worthyt, but you can just go to jerry banfield .com /contact and you’ll see a direct link on it here.

If you go over here, you’ll see a direct link on I like it because it’s super simple. You just put in your question. If possible, you can hit ‘Show my question publicly’, because if I can answer a question, you have that others might have, then that might be really helpful for more than just you. If you just want to send me a private message, you can just leave that unchecked.

Then it’s $27. $27 is enough that I get excited to answer your question and it’s a serious investment. For some people, that’s a serious investment. For others, it’s very effective to keep out the 99% of people who aren’t willing to pay to send me a private message and who are only willing to send me a message if it’s free, which that’s the goal. I want to be able to respond to the 1% of messages, but if I just let everyone message me and try to judge everyone based on their messages to see who’s worthwhile, it doesn’t work. If I want to respond to your message, I know you’ll pay $27 to do it.
This has been a challenge for me to set up because there’s some part of my mind that says, “You’re not worth it, this is wrong, you shouldn’t be charging people to message you,” and then there’s lots of criticism like that that comes out from people who, “Oh, God, I’m not going to pay messages. This is disgusting.” I’m like, “Well, all that doesn’t matter. This saves me a ton of time and energy.”

I’m so grateful that Tom just went through within the first week and proved that this does work, that I’m not just imagining this in my mind, that this is a valuable service that I’m offering and it’s a good way for you to get connected with me. I’ve set the price based on, “If this went really well, then how available would I be?” Let’s say if there were a hundred of these every single day, would I take the time to personally answer every 100 questions? I might even need to turn the price up to try and deter more questions. I looked at it and said, “I’d be very happy and certainly make time to answer every single question that I got at this price unless it got way out of hand. Then, I need to increase the price.”

I’m going to respond to Tom’s message now before I’ve done anything else on my business today. The nice thing about this is, when you go through and do this, you’re a priority because you’ve paid directly to message me. When you use this, you’ve paid specifically for me to message you. This works good for me because often I can answer your question in just a few minutes of my time. The answer might be worth hundreds, even thousands or tens of thousands to you!

I can run your question through all of my experience and process out an answer for you that it might have- based on my experience, doing so many things wrong. If I’d have just paid to ask someone who was an expert on something in a lot of areas, maybe my business loans, it might have saved me thousands of dollars. Instead. I didn’t. I just tried to do it all myself.

I put this up because this is a service I think might be really valuable for you and and it’s a guaranteed way to cut through all of the other requests that come in asking for things to be done for free which then I feel good about ignoring. I’ve got this up, if you use this, I’ll drop what I’m doing and answer your question. If you don’t, I probably won’t. There’s a lot of other people that can answer your question in the meantime. Thank you to Tom for doing this. I trust when you want to give this a try, you’ll go to, click on the, you just click, ‘Ask me anything’. If for any reason, something happens to me and you don’t get a reply, you get your $27 back. So far I’m sure I’ll be answering Tom’s question right after this, that will put us at 100% so far.

The cool thing is, you could even do coaching this way if you wanted to. You could just ask me a question everyday if you wanted to, every week, just ask these one questions, lots of time, you might ask something like, “Jerry, what’s the best web host?” I’ve done years of research the hard way on that, I’ve got one that’s outstanding, and there’s affiliate links to it all over, I’m sure, I can answer something like that and might save you a thousands of dollars doing it in a less efficient way and I can answer that, it might only take me five minutes. That’s a good deal for all of us. That’s what I try and do everyday, is think, “How do I make a good deal for all of us?”

Thank you for taking a look at this, I appreciate you watching it to the end of this. Now it’s time to get ready to answer Tom’s questions here. I always have something else. You do need to pay for every single question. One question, you get one answer. If you ask a second question, you need to complete it again for every single question. Every single question is an additional service. I make every effort to give you as complete of an answer as possible, but to really flesh out what you’re needing to ask, sometimes you might need to ask five, six, ten questions to get the full thousand or $10,000 of value from the question or challenge or situation or planning or projection that you’re trying to do.

It might take a series of questions to fully realize, Oh I have everything. For example, if you asked about a web host, you might then want to ask several more questions after that like, “All right, now I’ve got a good web host, how do I get traffic?” Then when you get a good web host, you get a good system, you get traffic and you help me personalize these things specifically to you based on what you say, then you can easily realize a whole lot of value from a series of questions. Be courageous, go through, ask several questions if you need to and also expect that one question gets one answer. Is it 10 minutes yet? All right, I made it under 10 minutes. Nice.

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