Audible Membership Review 2015 with Promo Code

My Audible Membership Review 2015 with Promo Code!

Audible has been wonderful for listening to audio books, educating myself, and as a travel companion.  I have received nearly all of my business education from Audible, listened to now most of my favorite books on Audible, and use it nearly every day.  Use this promo code link to get your free trial with Audible!


Watch the video above to see my complete review and enjoy the transcribe below!  I am listening now one of Malcolm Gladwell’s most recent books; Audible has allowed me to be inspired WHILE I READ in situations I never would’ve read before.

So Audible has been a key to both growing my business and in enhancing my personal life. That’s a hell of a thing to get out of a subscription. I have the maximum subscription, too – the $230 a year is the maximum they offer. You can get a subscription through my promo code offer here, I think, the first two or three months for $7 or $8 a month. That’s what I originally started on. I quickly saw how valuable it was so I upgraded to the maximum. So it’s even less expensive depending on how you use it, and you can use it for the whole family.

My mom and I have separate subscriptions (mainly because we’re not in the same area), but if we were in the same household then we would share a subscription like my wife and I do.

It’s just a beautiful system.

If You’re Still With Me…

I’ve given you a long-winded overview of how awesome Audible is, and why YOU should give Audible a try.

You might be thinking, “Why shouldn’t I just go to and sign up there?”

You can certainly sign up there if you want to, there’s no harm done in doing that. However, if you want to contribute to my cause of spreading love, hope and faith, then if you use my URL you can contribute to what I do to spread love, hope and faith in the world.

Why Am I Doing This Audible Membership Review in 2015 with a Promo Code?

I have a WONDERFUL life that I’ve just been blessed with from my parents working so hard and finding my wonderful wife.

I want to help as many other people have a wonderful life as possible. Mainly just spreading messages of love, hope and faith is very helpful in accomplishing that. How do I do it? I have my YouTube channel, and my business is built on giving everyone in the world the opportunity to work like I do online, and to make it easier.

Right now there are online work platforms that really give you the chance to work from home legit, not all the scams and stuff. You can just sit down on or and get real jobs from companies that post jobs. I hire people on oDesk to transcribe these videos because as you can see I’m a bit of a gasbag and my videos have a lot of words to them.

Hiring someone transcribe them to words gives me additional content to share, which helps me spread the message.

So I pay someone, like a single mother who’s supporting her children by working on oDesk at home. I pay her to transcribe my videos, and she has many other companies that pay her to do things every week, too. She’s able to stay at home with her kids and be in their life because of oDesk.

What I’m trying to do is make an improved version of oDesk, because oDesk is great for someone like her who’s willing to work 40 hours a week on it, and who’s already established.

If you’re new trying to work on oDesk, it’s terribly difficult to get started. I want to make something where it’s easy for people to get started who have never done anything else before online, but that have expertise, knowledge and a desire to work. I want to make that accessible to the whole world in a way that helps people around the world feed their families.

That’s one thing I want to do.

Another thing I’m working on is a professional gaming website.

What’s different about my gaming website versus what’s out there will be that my gaming website will be made for the players, from a player’s point-of-view.

The professional gaming websites out there now are made by companies with money that have money and want to make more money. They’re filled with advertisements, they’re not player friendly, they’re hated by most gamers.

I want to make something that gamers actually love, that uses the advertisement and online marketing methods that will help a website like that to grow. That’s another initiative I have.

I also have several charitable and non-profit initiatives that I’m working to do.

My wife and I love dogs. We rescued a dog recently from a shelter. Now, this dog at the shelter would’ve been put to sleep if we or someone else hadn’t rescued him. The shelter is located in somewhat of an urban area where there’s not much space and the dogs are fairly crowded in their conditions.

I want to make a place where the dogs can be open.

There’s a cat place called “Cat Depot”, locally, and I want to have one for dogs. They allow the cats to roam freely and they have a unique facility that’s recognized around the world for giving the cats an opportunity to live more of a free life. I want to make a place like that, for dogs.

Then on more of a political front, I used to be a police officer.

In being a police officer, I saw a lot of ridiculous things in the justice system. The most ridiculous I see is the current pattern of incarceration, and that is putting people in prison for non-violent and trivial offenses.

Putting people in prison has horrible effects on the community.

Whether you like it or not, there are lots of people that go to prison who are parents. With the recent “war on drugs” and rapid amount of drug arrest increases, the amount of female, especially, but just parents in general going to prison is a horrible thing for the long-term effects.

As a kid, if you have a parent that goes to prison, you are way more likely to start committing crime and go to the juvenile prison, which is where I worked as a correction officer before becoming a police officer. You’re way more likely to end up in there if one of your parents is in prison. Almost everyone in the juvenile prison I worked at had a parent in prison.

So I have a charitable, non-profit, political, whatever-you-want-to-call-it initiative.

I want to promote more house arrest. What is house arrest? That means where you get the electronic bracelet on you and you can’t leave your home. Like, if you watched the Sopranos, it’s like Junior Soprano had.

The thing with house arrest is, for most people, house arrest works great! They stay in their home, they don’t go out and commit more offenses, and they’re surrounded by the people who love them… instead of being surrounded by other prisoners.

I don’t propose this for the worst-of-the-worst offenders (however you want to define the worst-of-the-worst), but I propose it for the vast majority, the 70%-80% of the people in prison – you know, the people who have written bad checks, I mean, I’ve seen plenty of people in prison who have written bad checks. The people who are in for “three strikes” and things like that, who are in for smaller crimes that they’ve just done a lot.

If you restrict them to their house, they often will comply with that, or cause minimal problems on account of that, they’ll be taken care of by the people they love. With technology rapidly getting into every corner of society, they could actually work and be a productive citizen sitting under house arrest in their own home. Or hell, they could sit online playing video games all day. Anything they would do would be better than having them in prison or out on the street causing problems.

Since house arrest, for most people, is so much better of an option, they wouldn’t want to violate their house arrest and risk getting put into prison. It’s a great halfway option, and hell, it might deter more crime, too!

If you look at a guy with a family and he’s out committing crimes, and his likely punishment is minor drug crimes that you can get sent to prison for that aren’t really hurting anyone, at least in my experience. If you can drink, get wasted and go hurt people that way, and only get in trouble for hurting people, I don’t see the big difference if it’s marijuana or whatever… but the thing is, if he’s looking at getting stuck and forced to live at home with his family, that might be a lot bigger deterrent than going to prison. Having to account to your family every day can be a lot scarier for some people than having to go to prison.

You Can Help Me Do All of These Things…

By getting your Audible membership by clicking here.

I get a very small amount of money from Audible when you sign up. If anything your costs are lower, and whatever special offers Audible has, you get those through my affiliate link also.

So for you, the costs are the same or less than if you were to sign up through Audible a different way. At the same time, Audible gives me a small percentage to help me on my mission to spread love, hope and faith – so it’s a win-win for all of us.

Thank you so much for reading this, and I hope you can have Audible in your life in as meaningful a way as I have. I hope you’ll join me on and getting your subscription started.

If you enjoy my videos, I have more videos and tons of helpful information on online advertising, at the moment I have hundreds of posts on online advertising, and I also have all of the other types of these videos up on, with a link to my YouTube channel.

If you want to support me in other products and business services that I love, those that help my business and life be effective; you can use all of the other links there, too.

Thank you so much for your time, and I look forward to seeing you on another of my articles again!