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How to Succeed at Everything Online!

Are you ready to learn How to Succeed at Everything Online? I’m so excited to share this with you because this information has made a massive difference in my life and it will do the same for you. What do I mean by everything? I’ve broken it into 3 things for the purpose of this […]

Udemy vs Uthena

Udemy vs Uthena. Do you want to maximize your learning and earning online? I certainly do and I think the best way we can do that together is to take a look at 2 websites i.e. Udemy vs Uthena that offer huge value both to students and entrepreneurs. The students who want to learn new […]

Praying for My Mom Cathy?

Will you please join me in praying for my mom, her name is Cathy, because she’s very sick, she’s been sick for a long time and she is open and ready for your prayers.  She’s too sick to even leave the house, she lives by herself in Mississippi and she’s got offers to move and […]

How to Get More YouTube Views in 2020

Are you ready to learn the secret to get more YouTube views that’s worked for me to get over 17 million views that other YouTubers consistently leave out of their videos? I will show you right now what works to build a channel to over 200,000 subscribers and I’ll tell you the secret because other […]

Is TikTok the Next Instagram?

Is TikTok the Next Instagram? Is TikTok the hot place to start posting videos, creating content and give yourself the best chance to grow an organic following online? I think so based on the data I’m seeing here. TikTok is the number one downloaded app on the Apple App Store and on the Google Play […]

How to Stop Advertising on Facebook, Google, and YouTube — No More Ads for Myself

How to Stop Advertising on Facebook, Google, and YouTube? As an advertiser myself who spent almost $300K on ads since I started my business in 2011. This has been a big struggle for me. My biggest trouble recently with business is advertising. I’ve struggled to stop doing the ads. I say, “Okay, I’m not going […]

Twitch Prime vs Twitch vs Twitch Turbo

What is the difference in Twitch vs Twitch Prime vs Twitch Turbo? I was googling this last night and I’ve been watching on Twitch for years and it was ridiculous how long it took me to figure the difference between those. I’ll present it to you quickly and easily here and I trust when this […]

Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Programs for 2020

You are about to experience an awesome list of the top 10 affiliate marketing program for 2020 based on my research, actually making money with all of these programs and testing hundreds of affiliate programs to see which ones are the best. I’ve developed strategies that are successful for each of these programs which I […]

Get What You Want Meditation

How can you get what you want? We will do a gentle meditation on this now to empower you to get whatever it is you want. You can manifest anything you want in your life, anything. The first core step is to believe. When you believe then you have the ability to manifest. All of […]

When to Start Comment Moderation on YouTube?

Let’s tackle a topic today that has been difficult for me over the last few years – When to apply comment moderation to a channel, specifically my YouTube channel. What I’ve done over the last few years is I practiced the philosophy of love and tolerance so you can say whatever you want on my […]

3 Tricks to Trigger More YouTube Notifications to Subscribers and Get More Returning Viewers

What works to trigger YouTube notifications? I just found 3 tricks to trigger more Youtube notifications to subscribers & get more returning views. I didn’t even realize about these triggered notifications with viewers and I’ll give them here in this blog. First, to make this really obvious for someone to get notifications, they have to […]

Anything Worth Doing is Worth Doing Poorly

Welcome to the Jerry field show episode #1. Anything Worth Doing is Worth Doing Poorly. I have filmed this for the first time in St. Petersburg Florida. The room was empty which was actually a relief. It had given me a chance to set up my equipment giving me a chance to test the audio. […]

Create a Group Class in Acuity Scheduling

How do we create a group class in Acuity Scheduling where anyone can come in, book a slot in our class and show up in person. I’m so excited to be offering the Jerry Banfield Show live as I’m about to release it on my Kickstarter project tomorrow, which is Wednesday or whatever day it […]

Top 10 New Indie Musicians to Discover in September 2019

Do you want to know about the Top 10 New Indie Musicians I discovered in September 2019? The key with the list is that these are the people you’re not likely to have heard of before. I listened to Deadmau5 a lot but I don’t feel it will do much good telling you about Deadmau5 […]

Acuity Scheduling Booking Bar Installation Tutorial

Are you ready to start accepting appointments directly off of your website with Acuity Scheduling the way I’m doing today? If so I imagine you’ll love this video tutorial which is showing you how to set up a booking bar with Acuity Scheduling on your website. If you don’t have Acuity Scheduling already I trust […]

Start Python 3 Coding Today!

Hello everybody and welcome to this online Python programming course. Now, before we begin with the actual coding let us talk about a few stuff such as for who is this course, and what we will be doing in this course. First of all, what we are going to learn in this course is Python […]

New Online Workshops with Jerry Banfield!

You are going to love the new online workshops I’m offering because you can have a video call with me and work on anything you want to related to my experience online. You can work on making money, having better relationships and maximizing your potential. Talk about your health, we can talk about all of […]

The Jerry Banfield Show Kickstarter Launch!

Welcome to the Jerry Banfield Show Season 1 Kickstarter project, launching for live workshops in St. Petersburg, Florida, on how to make the shift, here with me, YouTuber Jerry Banfield. I’m grateful for the chance to live the life of my dreams and to have taught millions of people online, everything that I know, in […]

How to Start Your Project in Kickstarter

Are you ready to see how to start a project on Kickstarter? If so, I imagine you’ll love reading this as I’ll walk you through the basics of what I’ve learned failing Kickstarter projects, what I’ve learned setting up a project that looks to be successful and what I’ve learned looking at a lot of […]

0 to 22K YouTube Subscribers and $0 to Earning $100K Online with Essetino Artists

Are you interested to learn how Essetino Artists went from 0 to 22K subscribers and $0 to earning $100K+ online? I’m here with two beautiful ladies who have done this on their Essetino Artists Youtube channel and with their business online. We’re here today to hear their stories and get to know Jewel and Auret. […]

Personal Branding Social Media for Success

How do we brand ourselves for success on social media? What personal branding strategies do we use to get the most followers to help people find us everywhere? What has worked for me? I’m Jerry Banfield, and I’m grateful to share this experience with you today, based on making millions of dollars online, getting millions […]

Android File Manager App Creation

Hello, and welcome to this Android development tutorial. This is part one on how to make a file manager application. If you will enjoy reading and contributing to the discussion for this post, will you please join us on the YouTube video above and leave a comment there because I read and respond to most comments on […]

How to Presell Udemy Video Courses with Kickstarter!

You’re about to see an awesome system to presell Udemy video courses or any video courses on Kickstarter to give you validation that people actually want the course. I’m about to show one instructor pre-sold a hundred thousand dollars of a course on Kickstarter before even making it. This is the system I wish I […]

Jerry Banfield Services + Experience with Making Money, Creating Courses, Facebook Ads, Google Ads

Are you interested to work with Jerry Banfield closely and take advantage of Jerry Banfield’s services to build your business your brand and share your vision online? If so, I trust you go to jerry.tips/hire where you can get me for an hourly rate for anything that we want to do together i.e. one on […]

How to Become a Business Guru!

Do you want to become a business guru? How does one become a business guru? I’ll show you exactly the steps you can go through if you want to become a business guru. Number one over anything else, to begin with, is who do you listen to? What results are the people you are listening […]

$200 YouTube Ad Revenue on Video with Only 8K Views?

Do you want to see tips for learning the most ad revenue on YouTube? Are you wanting to understand how you can make videos that don’t seem to get lots of views when you release them and yet still earn you a lot of money in ad revenue? I will show you inside a particular […]

How to Make Passive Income Online 2019

How do we generate passive income in 2019 and beyond? What really works to make money online, even after you’ve stopped doing anything to make that happen? I’m Jerry Banfield, I’m excited for the chance to teach you. After eight years of earning money online averaging over $10,000 a month profit in the last four […]