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How to Promote Your Podcast in 2019 for Free!

What can we do to promote our podcast totally for free? In this post, I’ll give you some tips on that based on my experience having a podcast now for about 6 years with 100’s of listeners on every single episode and with new episodes every single day at jerrybanfield.com/podcast. I was just talking with […]

Massage Tipping Suggestions for 60 and 90 Minute Massages

When you’re getting a massage, how much is a good amount to tip if you’re new to getting massages? Massages are an awesome way to learn to relax, learn to meditate, to help the body heal and release a lot of toxins. One of the big questions then becomes well how much am I supposed […]

Where to Start on YouTube or Facebook for Filming Videos, Making Money, and Building a Following?

Are you wondering where to start making videos online? What are some of the best strategies that can work? Have you not taken this step yet to do almost anything on a YouTube channel? Or you’re just in the planning stage of thinking you might like to do something like what I’m doing as a […]

Deleting 5 Million YouTube Views

Are you ready to see me delete 5 million YouTube views from my channel? You might wonder why would I delete 5 million views from my channel, I’m going to delete three different hacking tutorials. These have been wildly successful on YouTube, getting over 5 million views collectively, and over 100,000 likes. These are in […]

Top 10 Plant-Based Diet Switch Success Tips to Stay Committed

Are you new to a plant-based diet or are you thinking about switching to a plant-based diet or just looking for some tips to make it work? Right here I imagine you’re going to love this. This is 10 tips for switching and staying committed to a plant-based diet. I’m Jerry Banfield. I’ve been on […]

Sponsor Jerry Banfield in 2,000,000+ Monthly Impressions on YouTube, Facebook, Podcasts, and More?

Sponsor Jerry Banfield in 2,000,000+ Monthly Impressions on YouTube, Facebook, Podcasts, and More? I could use your help… I have millions of people that are seeing the videos, I’ve create the podcast, the blog posts, the Facebook and YouTube uploads. I’ve millions of people that see what I create every month, and I could use […]

Best Online Teaching Platforms to Upload Courses? Udemy, Skillshare, Uthena, StackCommerce

What are the best online teaching platforms where you can upload your courses as an instructor? If you want to make money teaching courses online, it is one of the very best opportunities I see today. It is the number one way I’ve earned money online myself earning over a million dollars as a result […]

Becoming a YouTuber Full Time

Starting today, I am now a full-time YouTuber. I can’t believe I didn’t do this sooner and yet I’m so grateful I’m doing it today. Being a full-time YouTuber means that I am letting go of Video Courses. I’m not filming any new video courses. I’m not going to pitch you on trying to buy […]

Why I Quit Gaming Again in June 2019

Why did I quit gaming again in June 2019 and where do we go from here? I quit gaming recently because the passion had slipped away from it. It felt like a chore. It felt like I wasn’t doing anything that was really useful in my heart. Now that changed from a year ago. A […]

8 Questions and Answer Before Going to Work that Every Employee and Freelancer Should Know

8 Questions Every Employee and Freelancer Should Ask and Answer Before Going to Work! “What are eight questions that are really helpful to ask before going to work as a freelancer or employee?“ “Why asked these questions?” If you will enjoy reading and contributing to the discussion for this post, will you please join us […]

Start Podcasting Today!

Are you interested or ready to start a podcast today? I’ll show you real quick exactly how to set up a podcast for free that has hosting and sponsorships built in at no cost. I’ll show you the best microphone set up to order and I’ll give you some tips for success on building a […]

Payment Using Cash and Cryptocurrency on Uthena to Buy Udemy and Skillshare Courses

Buy Udemy and Skillshare Courses with Cash and Cryptocurrency on Uthena You can now buy you to my courses and Skillshare courses with both Cash and Cryptocurrency as both cash and cryptocurrency user myself, I think this is really exciting because online learning is one of the best opportunities to advance your career online. If […]

How to Stop Thinking While Listening

How do we stop thinking while listening? If you want to be an outstanding listener, it’s difficult to do that while you’re constantly thinking about the next response. If you want to be an amazing listener, here’re some tips I think you will love that will help you start listening without thinking. I frequently get […]

SBA Loan Requirements, Application, Borrowing, and PFS Form 413!

SBA Loan Requirements, Application, Borrowing, and PFS Form 413! You are about to experience an awesome Small Business Administration loan complete guide that I imagine will be helpful for you in anything from considering needing funding for your business through successfully getting one of the best business loans available if you’re in the United States […]

How To Have Patience In Life

I am learning how to have patience in life! A core value of genius is patience. Patience means having the ability to not have instant gratification in what you’re doing. Patience allows for all good things to happen by having a little bit done every day. Patience has taken me a long time to develop […]

How To Become Invisible Online

Learn this awesome way of how to become invisible online! I’m going to show you how can you actually connect your machine to the Tor network, how to use Tor network, how to install all the tools, and how to configure them. Therefore, you can see how can you develop a script that actually hides […]

Ask Any Question and Get An Answer

Today, you can ask any question and get an answer! Thank you very much to Tom for being the first to use Worthyt to ask me a question privately. After years of struggling to find a system where I’m available for you that really, really want to ask me a question and get a guaranteed […]

High Value Man

Are you a high value man? A man, or woman that has leveled up in life. That is the goal of this class! It is to never have to be in that job hunt mode again. I know I personally don’t want to ever have to be in that position again of the unemployment mess […]

How To Influence Others Positively

The question, how to influence others positively? It is a huge factor, when determining how to be presented socially. What is social proof and why does it have a massive impact on how our message is received and therefore what influence we have when we deliver our message? How To Influence Others Positively If you […]

How To Use Burp Suite

Learn more on how to use burp suite to facilitate our attacks! Right now we finish the SQL injection part which could have been for you a little bit hard to understand. I always encourage you to read more about it that will make you understand it a little bit better. Also you can watch […]