How to Automate ActiveCampaign Email Marketing for Course Sales on Thinkific with Free Enrollments?

How do we automate our sales funnel with ActiveCampaign on Thinkific?

You can use a very similar process to automate it in other places as well. I’ll show you ActiveCampaigns specifically how we have it set up. Here’s the actual automation we’ve got set up. What happens when anyone joins any of our courses on Uthena, they are put into this specific event in ActiveCampaign which says user “created once” as seen in the picture above.

Once the user is created, they’re subscribed to the list. They get a welcome email and then everything else is possible after this. What this looks like on Thinkific is shown in the image above. We put our API key in on Thinkific. Then when it’s integrated, we hit create events (make sure you turn it on “Active”). That’s how it populates the events into ActiveCampaign. Now, if you are interested in having outstanding email marketing and you’d like to try ActiveCampaign, will you please use the link available at the sidebar on Click on ActiveCampaign and you can see exactly how much it costs. The cost is a little bit more than some others but you get a ton of value with it. The things I’m telling you are all easy and possible. If you use another email marketing providers, I’ve done it. Then you try and build your business and you find that you need to switch. It’s often a real pain in the butt to switch when you’re bigger. It’s much easier to start with something like ActiveCampaign and steadily build up over time. I trust I’ve told you enough about ActiveCampaign now let’s show you how the sale process works.

On Uthena, our basic sales funnel is that we bring people in with free previews. We give away about half of a course directly on YouTube. If you’d like us to give your course away, just hit the Teach button, do your application or watch a related video about it on my Youtube channel that’ll explain more. What we do is that we give away half of the course for free on YouTube then we send people and say, “Hey go buy the full course for the best experience”. What usually happens is that, either people go through and purchase a course right away and then we do automation to sell the bundle or people start a free preview. The free preview is really good because the free preview in Thinkific triggers a sign-up. You have to sign up on Uthena to get the free preview. Thus, you put in your first name, last name, email and you agree to the terms and conditions. Then this event triggers inside of Thinkific and it gets trigger in ActiveCampaign. That’s how it gets triggered. After that, we subscribe to a list and then we send the welcome email. The welcome email sells the all course bundle and sends other relevant links.

From here we move towards the next step based on the exact action a user takes. For example, if you sign up for a free preview of the hacking course, we’ve got hacking automation on. So, if I go through all my automation, we have a hacking forever bundle sales. So, what happens is that you sign up for a free preview in any of the hacking courses on Uthena. Then we have a wait for one day as seen in the picture above just because if you just signed up on Uthena and we sent you a welcome email, we don’t immediately want to send you another email right after that. Then we are able to check the conditions. If you bought the hacking bundle already we don’t want to try and sell it to you again. This is where some of the other email marketing software’s are a bit weak with the ability to do things like this.

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So what we do is, we screen out anyone who has bought the Ethical Hacking Forever Course Bundle which is triggered on another automation. Then we send an email saying, “Thank you for enrolling with us in a hacking class. You can enjoy all of our courses for life with this bundle”. This often will result in a sale and we wait six more days to give the person time to see if they really want to buy the bundle. Then we can essentially repeat this as often as possible. Right now, I haven’t even set up anything after this, we’re still building all this out. But we can essentially do this over and over and over again to say, “Oh you still haven’t bought the bundle? Here it is again”. You can set up a funnel of sales pitches over and over again. You can just add the courses which is really nice. This is kind of infinitely recursive as you can go over and over again. You can sell bundles like for example once someone sold the hacking bundle then we want to sell them to a bigger bundle. We also have services. We can upsell from there and anything that’s related. We can all use the automation to do it correctly.

Now if you’re wondering, “Okay. Well, how do I actually set this up inside ActiveCampaign and Thinkific”? You need to get your API key and don’t give anyone else your API key because this allows direct access into your email marketing. So what you do is, you go over to “Settings” on ActiveCampaign. It’s on the very lower left of your settings. You click on settings then you’ll go over to “Developer”. On developer, it will give you your API key and whatever other little fields it asked for. Then on Thinkific what you need to do is, go over to “Market & Sell”. Then you need to go over to “Integrations”. Once you click on integrations, you scroll down to “ActiveCampaign”. You put your API key and other information. You put that in there and then it will trigger it so you can put “Events” in. Now note the one key thing you have to do, you have to actually click on “Create Events” every single time in ActiveCampaign. Let’s say that I add some new courses. Every single time I put a new course on, I need to go into Thinkific and hit create events. Then what I can do in ActiveCampaign is, I can trigger an event.

So, let me tell you how to trigger an event. You scroll to the right and hit “Add a New Trigger” and then you’ve got “Event is Recorded” in the trigger as shown in the picture above. So when you click on “Event is Recorded”, then you hit continue. What you’ve got then is a full list of all the different events that Thinkific gives you. So, when someone completes any course on your website, that can be an event that happens automatically in Thinkific. For example when someone finishes watching one course, you can set that up as an event. You can trigger an automation to then go through and send an email saying, “Hey, I see you finished this course. You might like to buy this one next or I see you finish this whole course, you might like to join my mastermind program”. The course completed is one type of event.

Another type of event is “Enrolled in Course” as can be seen in the picture above. Enrolled in course counts any full enrollment in a course which means if someone’s bought a bundle they get to enroll in a course. If someone’s paid for a course that also counts as enrollment in course and if you use a free coupon, that counts as enrollment in a course as well. This can be confusing when you’re setting this up. Enrolled in course means that any way that an enrollment happened except a free preview and bundles automatically enroll for free.

Now, what they do on these is, you use the URL and it is the little description. So, when it says enrolled in course Photoshop Web Design, the URL on Uthena is “Photoshop Web Design” the exact same as you can see in the picture above. That’s how you tell which one. If you update the URL on your website, you need to go back through Thinkific and create another series of events in order to do this again.

Now, the next thing that you can have is a “Free Trial Enrollment” and the free trial enrollment is a really nice thing as you can see in the picture above. What you can do and what we do is when you start a free trial of a course, then you can set it up so that you offer the full course. Now, we don’t do couponing on Uthena but if you do couponing, for example, you could have the course at $199 and then someone could enroll in the free trial of the course and then you could send them a coupon to say, “Hey, thank you for starting this course. Here’s a $9.99 coupon to buy the course”. Thus, you’ve triggered the desire for the course. A person starts watching it then BAM, you get the coupon easy sales funnel right there. But we don’t use coupons on Uthena because for a marketplace Transparency.

You can also do product purchased as the trigger and this is one of the ideal triggers. For example there are 2 types of things that can be purchased i.e. course & bundle. These can be triggered. What we do mainly with the product purchase is, when someone buys the product and we tag that they bought the product so they don’t have to buy it again. For example when you’re a student and you’ve bought Ethical Hacking Forever Bundle, we don’t want to ever sell you that bundle again as you already bought it. So, when you purchase something you get a tag on it and then the automation workflow will stop you from getting anything selling what you already own. Thus, the product purchase can be really helpful for that and upsells.

Finally, the last type of event that I think is the most critical is the “Thinkific User Created” which is shown in the screenshot above. This is when someone actually signs up to the school and this is how we’d have the big general Uthena list. You can also do page visits or redirect. You can even trigger emails if you’ve got site tracking on. Once someone signed up on Uthena, we can literally trigger emails based on what pages are visited while they’re signed in to their account and we could do this on Uthena if we wanted to but we’re not currently doing it. Thus, you could be signed in to your account, you could look at a course and we could trigger an email maybe the next day coincidentally or something. We don’t do that but you can do that inside Thinkific. So, this is how you get your automation set up for getting automating your sales process with ActiveCampaign. I trust you will go and use one of those links on Also, if you want to help me earn 20% to 30% of everything, you pay ActiveCampaign for life. I know I feel really good helping people earn. I signed up for ActiveCampaign off of my friends’ affiliate referral. I’ve loved ActiveCampaign. I did not want to change my email marketing provider and yet he explained it to me so clearly it’s like, “Jerry, I use the same provider usually. It’s just that there’s no future in it. Anything you want to do, grow or build, you’re gonna need more automation and ActiveCampaign has got that. you can start cheap and then when you need the automation you can pay more for it and just unlock the features in your account instead of not having access to the tools you will want”.

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