How to avoid being BORED and maintain a life of Peace?

How to avoid being BORED and maintain a life of Peace?

Ongoing playfulness and experimentation help me maintain a fun life even amongst what outwardly might appear boring in that what I do every day is nearly the same.

How to avoid being BORED and maintain a life of Peace?

Each day I spend a few hours with my family, play a few hours of video games live here with you, go to an AA meeting, eat healthy, read/listen to inspirational books/music/courses, and maintain my relationships.

A lot of people might look at my daily life and exclaim, β€œHow are you not bored to death doing almost the same thing seven days a week without any drama or nearly anything interesting happening?”

Putting on a costume for this show today is as much excitement as I need!

Seeing new people at my AA meetings every day and hearing what they each have to say is a time I look forward to every day.

My children are always playing and trying something new every day. I love keeping up with the life stories and situations of my wife, family, friends, and viewers which are new every day.

Even though the circumstances of my life look routine, the details to me are so very interesting every day.

Therefore, the key to a life free from drama and boredom is a genuine interest in the lives of those around us and an ongoing relationship of play and experimentation in what we do every day.

We can have a peaceful life and be free from being bored at the same time.

I hope our show here helps remind each of us of how much fun we all are because when our inner child is free to play and enjoy the world, we find opportunities for excitement in the most mundane of details and are free of the need to create problems in our lives to fill our need for uncertainty.

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How to avoid being BORED and maintain a life of Peace?

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