How To Be Grateful and Appreciative when Avoiding Accidents

Being grateful for the bad things that almost happen brings me a lot of joy each day. When something bad almost happens, I’m grateful instead of pissed off.

For example, when you almost get in a car accident. Most of my life, my reaction was to get pissed off or something similar. I was driving into a shopping center the other day and the car in front of me almost hit another car at a stop sign. The car in front of me didn’t have a stop sign but it pulled out in front of the other car and they almost wrecked. The passenger went crazy, flipping off the other driver and I smiled because I know how that is. I want to flip out anytime something bad almost happens. Today I don’t have to be like that and I find gratitude in bad things almost happening.

For example, I was out walking my dogs and a neighbors dog came flying across the road in front of traffic. A couple of drivers were good paying attention and stopped so they didn’t hit the dog. Many times, I would’ve been cussing out that dog talking about how stupid the owner was and all these things.

Today I was grateful that I didn’t have to watch a dog get hit by a car. I was grateful everyone was okay. The lady whose dog ran across the street discovered that her back fence gate was open so she closed it. I’m grateful we found out what the problem was and it was fixed so she could go on about her day. I’m grateful that nothing happened to my dogs and that the dog didn’t come over and attack my dogs. it seemed pretty friendly, it just wanted to come and say hi.

Today I see great joy in the fact that the cars on the road were paying attention. They slammed on their breaks so they didn’t run someone’s dog over. They did the right thing to not hurt an animal.

Usually most people when they’re put on the spot will do the right thing. They will try and not hurt something for no reason. They will try and be a good driver. They are paying attention. Today when faced with the same situation that I used to get mad at and curse people out, today I find gratitude. For example, a dog getting run over in the road or a car accident. There are usually anywhere from a hundred to a thousand near misses. There are a hundred to a thousand reminders to be grateful that something bad didn’t happen. Considering those near misses, it helps to be grateful when bad things don’t happen.

When there is a car accident, that’s how everything was lined up to be. There are hundreds if not thousands of times before where there almost was a car accident and it didn’t happen. Most of the time there are near misses to be grateful for all over.

I was driving home from the gym a few months ago and this is one of the first times I ever practiced this and I was blown away. I was turning left because I had the light. The car that I was turning in front of started pulling out when I was turning in front of it. Then they slam on their breaks right before hitting me.

Most times in my life I would’ve flipped out at them. I would’ve been cursing them all the way home. I would’ve been complaining about it for the rest of my night. I would’ve found an opportunity to say how bad life was when nothing actually happened. What I did that night was I said thank you for not having me be in a car accident right now. Thank you for not hitting me. I said thank you instead of “F” you. It was one of the first times in my life when I’ve been in a situation like that and I’ve felt complete gratitude.  I went home feeling good as if the world gave me a nice reminder of how good things are and how close anytime I can be to having things be disrupted. It reminded me of how easy it can be to have a random car accident. All  the things I take for granted like health, working limbs, or a car that functions can be stripped away. All the near misses in life are an opportunity to be grateful.

If you can at least see when other people are being grateful for their near misses, you can do it yourself. Near misses are a weird thing. A lot of people are positive in practicing gratitude on a regular basis will see a near miss and get all upset. I’m grateful today to have the choice to either be thankful that it didn’t happen or to be resentful.

The funny thing is that for all the near misses you find out about there are a bunch of near misses you don’t find out about. Times when you didn’t even see you almost got in a car accident. If you’re in a world of gossip and drama. There were times you almost got into a lot of drama and you didn’t even know about it. There were times where people stopped short of saying something bad or stopped short of telling the wrong person the wrong thing at the wrong time.  I’m lucky to be here today. All I need is to be happy to be alive. I don’t need anything else.

I think I need other things sometimes and then life gives me gentle reminders that I don’t need those things. Those are the things I want, I don’t need those things. I just need gratitude that I am alive. Even more foundationally, I need gratitude that I am. I don’t need anything more than to know that I am.

I am grateful today to have the opportunity to share this message with you. The more that you find opportunities to have gratitude in your life, the more you can keep having a life of peace and joy. It’s all about finding opportunities to practice gratitude. Near misses for me are one of my best opportunities to practice gratitude.

I pray today that I will continue to keep that mind throughout the day. I pray today that I will continue to practice and remember that gratitude throughout the day. I often think back to the prayers in these videos when something happens and it helps me to get through the day. It helps me to practice what I’m sharing with you. I pray that you have the same opportunity that I do. You have a lot of opportunities to have a great peaceful life today and I’m honored to be a part of that with you. Thank you and I hope you have a great day today.