Bare Biographies

Bare biographies. This is my latest and greatest big idea. Imagine this, having someone who shares the best most interesting worthwhile intimate parts of their life and do it all while revealing everything. No clothes on. Full nude.

Bare Biographies

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Bare Biographies

Imagine if you go to a recovery meeting, something like a speaker meeting, except the person is naked.

Yes, it is original.

I think that is amazing because it’s intimate, it’s personal, it’s a really deep connection. It gives us something in a way that is unusual, that’s vulnerable instead of exploitive.

There are very few contexts where we see nudity in a way that’s vulnerable and that’s given to us with trust. We see it in a lot of other ways that are kind of nasty or gross. Anywhere from people who work in hospitals to people watching adult movies online.

One of the only places many of us get to see true vulnerability and have our souls bared is in the bedroom with a partner. This is the kind of experience we are looking for here, except nothing sexual about it, it’s only intimate.

Imagine the best stories of people’s lives. If you go to things like Alcoholics Anonymous like I do every day or I imagine this happens at other types of recovery meetings, imagine hearing the very best stories of someone’s life, the stories they would usually rather keep private.

If you want a reference, take a look at my book Speaker Meeting 2017 on Amazon and Audible. You will not believe all the stuff I put in that book. I’m an immortal soul. I’m on an adventurer here to help until this body passes away, and then on to a new adventure. Why not put all my best stories out there?

It’s our best stories, often the things we are most ashamed of at one point in our lives that were frustrated, that were awful, these are the stories that tend to have the most power when we share them in our lives.

Imagine a show that you could watch where the person would be fully, absolutely no armor on, no clothes on and no armor mentally where they just bare their soul. That to me is something I would watch every single day.

Bare Biographies

I am imagining how personal and connected this would be. I see a world of people starving for this kind of content, frustrated with the inability to connect and get the truth out of other people.

The truth being the stories that are nearest and dearest and most powerful in our hearts, to have an experience with someone who really connects.

I’m grateful I’ve got a wife and family, I go to Alcoholics Anonymous every day and I share. I get a lot of opportunities to connect and be vulnerable and bare my soul with people.

There were a lot of points in my life where those were most infrequent and this is a show where we get the chance to just share this all over the world.

Now, I’m grateful today that I’ve learned and progressed to the point where I’m open to any kind of help to make this show a reality.

I’m imagining this. I’m imagining fantastic power and energy about this show where people who have incredible lives just take everything off and share their story and just blow you away with what you hear.

This show makes watching regular TV dull because we are drawn to stories, and a lot of the TV shows I watch are so lame compared to a person just baring their soul. The drama on TV shows is so boring compared to what a real person will tell you about their life, and if they will be really vulnerable and share the good stuff.

Bare Biographies

I’m grateful I was initially planning to just ask for a very certain type of help, to say, “Well, let’s do it this way,” but I’ve realized I’m open to whatever we need to do to make this possible collectively.

That means if you take this idea and run with it and do it all yourself, good. I just want a link to the show, so I can watch it. I am loving the idea of this show existing however it comes into reality. I think this would make an amazing show on HBO or Showtime or something similar. I think this could be a huge hit somewhere like HBO or Showtime.

I have no idea how to pitch HBO or Showtime right this moment and I’m open to learning how to do that. I’m open to helping produce this on myself as the first episode.

I will take it all off. I will be the first episode.

Of course, I will.

And I’m willing to find more people who will do the same thing.

I imagine there are thousands of people who are capable of doing amazing episodes of this show, people that you would not watch any other show until you watch everyone.

This would make something like “Game of Thrones” — I mean, who could watch about fantasy killing when you could watch a real person get naked and share the truth?

Bare Biographies

That is really exciting in a world of almost no one gets naked and shares the truth.

I’m grateful to be here with you today.

If you want to help make this a reality and I imagine if you got to this point you do, here is a few things I can think that will make it happen.

First, just leave a like on this version of the video on YouTube, that makes a huge difference, that will share this with more people who might be able to do other things like get this on HBO or produce the show themselves, or fund me to do the show, whatever, I’m down for it.

They set it down for whatever. I’m down for whatever. Another thing you can do is share this episode as a podcast from, that can also help a lot.

If you have got a very specific idea in the YouTube comments, will you please drop a comment there?

Say, “connect me,” whatever you think will be helpful. I trust you can drop a comment here.

I filmed this on a background of stock videos as a stark contrast to my vision of what I’m imagining. These stock videos are essentially the opposite of what I am imagining.

Bare Biographies

Totally fake.

Totally staged.

Everyone is clothed.

It’s the opposite experience.

It’s just boring generic videos.

Now, I would love to see all the people in these videos get naked and tell the truth, but in all of them, it’s some boring generic thing. It’s another business presentation. It’s another pitch as so many of my videos are.

It’s something that we don’t get a chance to really connect and get the power of story out there.

It’s statistics.

It’s models.

It’s fake business presentations.

It’s boring.

We have got a world full of this already. What we have got the opportunity to create is a world full of vulnerable courageous souls that bear the truth. All of the truth with no armor and with no shame, with full honesty and transparency.

This is an example of what I am making. I’m making a course on Skillshare right after this and if you want the course go to my Skillshare profile.

I’m using this as an example of what to me is the definition of great content or quality content. I asked several Facebook partners, what is great content?

And to me, great content is something that a video, audio, blog post or any kind of communication that is intended to kind of go out from one to many.

Bare Biographies

So, something one person can do and be communicated to many. Great content to me is something that fulfills a genuine human need for connection, love, understanding, entertainment and it’s something that is based on the truth of the person who is sharing it, therefore, honesty.

And it’s based on an assumption of underlying connection often that are executed through interaction.

On a live streaming video on Facebook that might mean I respond to comments.

On a podcast, it might mean I create it based on what listeners have shared with me in previous episodes.

It might mean for a blog post that I link to other things that are relevant and mention what readers have suggested before.

In a book, it might mean I get a lot of feedback in publishing that book.

Quality content to me is something we do through a workflow process. It’s sharing our best ideas openly with the world instead of keeping them secret and this is intended to be an exact example of that for you.

This is the best idea I have for the world today right this moment. It’s a gigantic idea. It’s an idea that lots of us might be tempted to just keep secret, to say, “Well, I’m just not going to tell anybody about that because someone might steal it.”

Please steal this idea.

Bare Biographies

Please steal this idea!

I bought the domain name.

You can use the exact same name. I will be happy to sell you the domain name if you want to seal it completely.

Please take this idea.

You see, when we have something real to share that’s exciting, there is no possessiveness in it because I am loving the idea of watching these bare biographies so much.

Feel free.

Go ahead.

Steal the idea!

I will be happy to just watch.

If I could just watch and not have to do anything else, that sounds awesome.

If you want me to produce it myself, I can do that. I’ve got a video editor, James Brooks. I imagine he would be willing to edit these. I’ve got a transcriber who can help make these into blog posts on my website. I’ve got an editor, Michel Gerard. I imagine he would love to help get these edited into maybe even a book if desired or blog posts.

I have the ability to go film these both myself, as myself, and in person with anyone else locally who wants to be a subject for an episode.

I’ve got a Patreon account where I’ve seen a business model for a Twitch streamer proven very effective at offering what appears to be, I don’t know because I haven’t signed up for her account, but what appears to be a proven system.

Bare Biographies

You put a video on Vimeo where you can be fully naked, then you put that on Patreon to people who are paying.

I’ve got a system set up to monetize it if desired.

I’m grateful today, I see that with quality content you just share the truth, the truth that’s inside you with honesty, kindness, love, consideration of others, and then you respond to feedback.

So, I think now I’ve fully fleshed out the basics of the idea and I am ready now. To me, the other end of quality content is to receive the feedback and make it interactive.

Thank you very much for watching this or listening to it on my podcast.

I love you.

You are awesome.

“I’m thinking of you, thinking of you, but now my video is on YouTube. You see my face everywhere you go.”

Bare Biographies

Yeah. I’m thinking of you every day.

That was like a little randomly remixed Kesha.

Alright. I’m done. Later.


Jerry Banfield

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