How To Be Happy With What You Have Now

There’s nothing I can get that would make me any happier than I am right now. This is a power thought that I use to help me stay centered and focused on what I’m doing. What I’m doing right now is all that matters.

Often our lives are set up to say what we did yesterday is more important or what we did five years ago was more important. My master’s degree is more important than what I’m doing right now.

There’s only one thing that matters is what I’m doing right now. That means there’s nothing I could get that would make me happier than I am right now. There’s only my happiness, there’s only who I am and what I’m doing right now that has the chance to make me happy. There’s nothing I can get out of life that will make me any happier. That makes things pretty simple. I realize that all I need to do is do the best with what I have.

I’m not saying how you feel now is how you feel forever. I’m saying nothing you can add to what you have right now will alter how you feel. I’ve got this the hard way but I’m sharing this with you so you can have it the easy way.

I kept thinking if I added certain things to myself I would be happier. If I add a hot girlfriend, then I will be happier. If I add 10k a month, then I’ll be happier. If I have a 40 higher leader board score on Zombies, I’ll be happier. If I have more friends to play with, I’ll be happier.

It was always the same trap that if I had something I didn’t have, then I’ll be happier. At some point, you’ll have to come to the end of that one way or the other. You can get everything you want or you can see it right now and you can have the chance to have the way out right now.

I went through that trap so many times, I saw through it. I saw that it doesn’t matter what I get, there’s something inside me that controls my happiness. It doesn’t matter what I have. It doesn’t matter about the hot girlfriend I have, my happiness matters for me. I can be miserable on the best day under the best circumstances. I can get a high score on Zombies and still be miserable. Anything in life I’m capable of getting, I’m still be miserable with it.

That might sound hopeless at first. You might say if there’s nothing you can get, why are you living? What’s the point of doing this? The point of doing this is to have life at its fullest right now. You don’t have to hustle to get something before you can be happy.

I believe there’s a bible quote where Jesus says I want you to have life in its fullest. I want you to have life completely in its full beauty and in its full glory. It doesn’t say I want you to work 50 hours a week, have 8 kids and a million dollars in the bank to have life at its fullest. I want you to have life at its fullest right now as it is.

I’m grateful for the chance to have learned this today by having thought so many times if I had this thing I’d be happier. Once I got the car, I thought if I had a better job, I would be so much happier. Then if I had an even better job, I wanted more money. I wanted an even hotter girlfriend. Then I wanted a better career. Then I wanted to play more video games. Then I wanted a wife. Then I wanted to make 10k a month, then 20k and then to not go bankrupt.

Finally, I realized things are fine just how they are now. I realized I don’t have to get something new to feel okay with what I already have. When you are okay with what you already have, life if pretty sweet. Life is pretty nice when you’re happy with what you have. Life is pretty helpless if you’re not happy with what you have. If you think you’re missing something, life’s pretty miserable.

I like this example that Eckhart Tolle gives in The Power of Now. He shares the story about how there’s a bum on the street sitting on a crate. He asks the wealthy man if he could give me a little money, that would give me everything I need.

The man the says “you already have everything you could ever want. Why do you need me to give you anything?”

The beggar said he didn’t have anything. “I have no money. No one loves me. I’m sitting here on this street corner all by myself. Life’s miserable. I have nothing.”

Then the man says “well take a look in the box you’re sitting on. Take a look inside and see what’s in there.”

The homeless guy says “I’ve been sitting on this for years. I know there’s nothing in there I could possibly need.” The man looks in the box and he sees there are bars of gold in the box. “Here I’ve been sitting on it the whole time asking people for money.”

That’s all I can do for you. I can remind you of the gold you’re sitting on already. That’s the most anyone can help you with. I want to inspire you to look at the beautiful life you already have today. You can see that when you start seeing that there’s nothing you can get that would make you any happier.

That sounds hopeless at first, but when you see that you realize you have everything you need to be happy now. You don’t have to wait for the job or the girlfriend, the car, the next job, or the house.

I am in the process of buying and selling my house and I realize I’ll be no happier when this house is sold. When a buyer comes along that will offer me no additional happiness that I don’t already have. My business is doing well, and if it does better, it will offer me nothing I don’t already have. If my business makes more money, it will not give my any more in the way of happiness. My happiness is up to me and only me. Sometimes, I just can’t be happy and in those cases, the only thing I can do is pray for help. I can ask for the help to be happy because everyone else is a lot better off if I’m happy.

I pray today to remember that nothing I can add to myself or my life will make me any happier than I am today. I pray to practice as I go about my life. Anything I can hope to get doesn’t give me anything I don’t already have. I pray that my ultimate health in the immortal sense is based on having love and joy for what already exists. Thank you for reading this. I pray today that you have the same opportunities. I pray that you don’t have to keep going through the cycle of getting things thinking they will make you happy unless that’s what you want to do. If you want to do that, feel free. I had to do that as many times as I did to get to this point today. Once I did it enough times, I didn’t have to do it anymore. I’m grateful I don’t have to do it anymore today and that’s why I shared this with you. Thank you for reading this. I hope you have a wonderful day.