How To Successfully Become A Udemy Instructor

This is an introduction to teaching online on YouTube and on Udemy. This is what I’m doing on YouTube. I have million of videos on YouTube and 41 courses with 81,000 students in 191 countries. These are the classes I’m teaching.

I am not special. You can do this, too. 

I will give you the exact tools and motivation to get started and give this a try right now. No one’s special and if I can do this, there’s no reason why you can’t do it, too.

How are you going to do this?

I will show you how right now. For best results, try taking a course here on my website. Seeing is believing. If you’re willing to take one of my courses, you can know that people will be willing to take your courses.

I am going to give you three steps that you can do today to start teaching online.

#1. What do you know?

The first step is to get to know yourself. Get to know your skills and talents. If you don’t know your skills and your talents, you have nothing you can teach. You have to know what your experiences and what work, skill, and talent that you can teach.

Do you think you don’t have any specific skills, work, or talent?  Then you can learn something. I knew none of these things I’m teaching. I only knew how to play videos online and using Facebook related to what I learned. There’s no reason you can’t decide to learn something new. If you look at your skills and talents and decide to learn something new, go for it. The skills you can choose to learn are the in-demand ones. Things like working online and all the skills you can learn and use online are in high demand. What you need are skills you can teach online.

The majority of work you need to do is in step one. Two full years to build up step one and two full years working online before I got to step 2.

#2. Make videos on YouTube.

Why YouTube? It’s free, it’s the world’s second largest search engine right behind Google. YouTube is where you can show what you know. YouTube is where I got started teaching online. Screen capture videos showing what I was doing. You can also start out with talking head videos depending on what you’re doing. Here, I’m doing a screen capture and talking head combined because I do a lot of videos and I can do it like that now.

These are ideal ways you can get started and it’s not that hard. You can do tutorials and case studies doing things that people have problems with. When I’m googling, I look for things I have a problem with. You can figure out a problem for yourself that you’ve solved online. There’s your next video idea is you’ve already started. Make a tutorial showing how you solved some problem.

For example, I was trying to download an audio book online and figured out a solution. I found a program that was able to do it. I’m showing exactly how I did that. I making all the videos to do that. This is a case study so you can see I’m doing exactly what I’m saying works.

There are two ways you can do this. Apple computers are the easiest way to do this. I will show you windows also. Apple has a free screen capture and recording with QuickTime Player. All you have to do is launch QuickTime, go to File Menu, and then go to New Screen Recording. It’s that easy.

You can record the screen for free and it’s awesome. If you have an Apple computer there’s no reason you can’t give this a try. It’s free and it’s already on your computer.

I use Camtasia to record on my Mac. I use Camtasia because it’s easier than using the free option. I also use Final Cut Pro to edit. I will be editing this video with Final cut Pro X because it has a nice set of editing tools I love. Windows  is what I started on and I’m using Windows and Mac to make this. I’m doing the PPT on windows and I’m capturing it over on the Mac.

I started making videos on Windows for the first year and I switched things over when I started getting more efficient. Windows have a lot of screen capture tools you can download for free. I use Camtasia on Windows because it works. Since about a year ago, I’ve loaded over 200 new videos to my YouTube channel.

Once you’ve finished the screen capture you must upload it to YouTube. Uploading a video once a day it will build a huge channel with a large number of subscribers and a whole lot of traffic. Up until this point, you’re not making any money, unless you have clients or another business system. Up until this point, I didn’t make any money but I learned a lot of valuable skills. I also got a lot of followers online and put myself in position to do this third step where the big opportunity is.

#3 Udemy

The third step is what gives me the opportunity to be here with you today. Udemy is revolutionizing education. Education used to be something that was scarce. You would have to pay a lot of money or get hired and trained by a company. Udemy is making it so that for a low price you can get incredible information on demand anywhere in the world. I teach about 40 courses on Udemy, most of which are paid and this is where I monetize what I do.

I put a lot of videos on YouTube for free, but on Udemy is where the paid courses are. That’s where I make the sales. Where do I learn how to do a good course? Where do I figure out how to do my video production right? YouTube. YouTube is essential as a first step for Udemy. YouTube is where most of my sales have come through on Udemy.

Udemy combined with YouTube is powerful. YouTube is pretty easy, you sign up and you upload. Udemy has a lot more to it. Getting your course approved can be intimidating. It takes a lot more time. I will show you the basics here so it’s not so scary so you’re not afraid to try it.

When I say not so scary I find that if I see a little bit of it, it’s not so mysterious. I recommend buying other people’s courses first to see from the buyers point of view exactly what goes on. I wanted to see exactly what goes into making a good course. What are the best ways to make a good course and teach a good course? It’s easiest to figure that out if you’ve bought some. I’ve bought a lot of Udemy courses. Many more than I teach. I did that and then the next step is to teach on Udemy.

Go to

Put your course title in down in the box and hit create. Then you’ll get a little green bar and it says you created a course and give you a to-do list that you need to follow up with. I’ve been through this course many times. The first time my course didn’t get approved and it was annoying. It took a long time and I didn’t like it. Many of the things you try to do in life can be frustrating to get started. Hopefully, this will make it a little easier.

The first thing to do once you get started on Udemy after you create your course is give them a little test video. Give them a little video where you give them an idea of what the rest of your course will be like.

I’ve had to re-shoot an entire course before because I skipped this step. Make sure you do the test video and make sure Udemy is okay with your production set up. On YouTube, you can throw any nasty, ugly pixilated image up there and YouTube will not say no. Udemy will say no, that’s why they’re paid courses, they’re higher quality.

Get your test videos done. Then, once you’ve got your test videos approved, it’s time to go to work. You create the outline of your course and do all the work in the curriculum section. This is what the curriculum section looks like. You have the option to ask questions over on the right and this blue button, you can add their names.

I just add lectures. I don’t like doing lectures or practice exercises as a student, so why would I add them into my course? I go in and I add the lectures, using mostly video. There are already so many great courses and book out there. Video is where the opportunity is. After you add your video in, you’re ready to submit the course for review.

Once you get through review, your course is live on the marketplace and can be sold for organic Udemy sales. The first time I uploaded a course, I thought the review process was daunting and challenging. I struggled through it and kicked and screamed, but now my courses get approved no problem.

When you go through all the checklist items, you can also get your course approved with no problems. These are the things you have to do in addition to putting those videos up. You’ll see basic information about your course, you’ll need to do your bio. You have to have at least 30 minutes of content, all video or maybe a PDF to go along with it. You’ll want a course image which you can get done for free by Udemy. You’ll want to outline the objectives and let the intended audience be known and then summarize the course. Once you’ve done that, you submit it for review and pick the url.

I like short to the point urls. You’ll notice my Udemy Instructor course is Most of my courses have short urls. You’ll notice the first course I made, the one with the most students has a long ugly url. There’s a tip that you might find valuable.

Once you’ve got your course approved then more than likely you’ll want to do more. You’ll see here 15/40 courses I have because you keep doing this, it might seem like a lot the first time. I remember seeing another instructors email thinking how great it would be to have 15 courses like that instructor. Now, I have 40. I create an excel spreadsheet and every day I track what I’m doing in my Udemy courses.

I started this is 2014 and it’s less than a year later. If you said Jerry, I need you to make at least 1000 lectures in the next year. I would’ve said that’s crazy! That’s about 5 lectures a day.

I set my goals to just a couple of lectures each day.  I have 1650 lectures I’ve done in less than a year because I do a few of them every day.

I played fallout 4 before this for 8 hours, then I had lunch and decided to do a video. A little bit of work each day can be very effective. This is where you find out if you really want to do it or not. If you are willing to do a video roughly every day you can have great success doing it.

That’s the number one thing, doing it every day. Doing it every day will solve all your problems. You’ll figure our your limitations, you’ll learn new skills that are valuable. Even if you don’t have anything to teach to get started, if you start uploading videos on YouTube you’ll have something to teach pretty soon. There’s a ton of opportunity for people who speak other languages. My spreadsheet I keep holds me accountable. Tracking your progress can be helpful and motivational. If you want more help, go to where I have coupons to my courses and you can get a ton more free.

These are the three courses that are the most helpful if you want to apply what I’ve shown you. You can also to ask me questions and interact with other people trying to do the same thing you’re doing.

The Complete YouTube Course: Go From Beginner to Advanced
Create a Udemy Course in 5 Hours
How I Teach Full Time on Udemy and Created 30 Udemy Courses

Thank you  for reading to this point. You are one of the few people that has made it this far in the post so I have some bonus material for you.

How to Get a High YouTube Ranking

There are a lot of people that tell you all these secrets and gimmicks. I’m going to tell you something simple. It may not be easy to get started but it’s simple. I’m going to tell you how I’ve been able to rank these videos so high and get so many views and sales on Udemy.

Google Adwords is Google’s advertising product. Adwords for video is Google’s advertising product for YouTube. Take a look at my stats:

This is how I got so many people to watch my videos that were viral. I got Google to show my videos in ads to get people to watch them. That’s exactly how I got people to show this video and then then organic ranking gets high. All the views come from this. You can do these searches yourself.

Those Google Ads boost the minutes watched on the video. The higher minutes watched your video has, it signals to Google that it’s a good video. Google doesn’t care where the views are from, all you want is the minutes watched. Even if you spend $20 – 30 you can get a lot of views. At $0.01 per view, $10 will get you 1000 views. That’s enough to get you into a much higher percentage of getting your video watched. It’s a much higher rank of $100 is enough for 10,000 views. That puts you in the ranks of videos that are over 10,000 views, relative to how many videos there are on YouTube. That guarantees you a ton more traffic and the organic traffic is where you make the sales. It’s where you get the feedback, it’s where all things happen. I’m happy Google Adwords for video was effective in making my videos.

The basic formula is you learn on YouTube. You have to know thyself beforehand. You put a few videos on YouTube. 1-2 videos is plenty to get started with. Then, create a course on Udemy and the videos you put on your YouTube channel should work as a preview to your Udemy courses. They shouldn’t just be promo videos or generic sales videos. They should be helpful.

When they’re helpful people will want more from you. When you’re solving problems that people have, they will want much more from you. You can see how effective this is right now. If this works on you, it will work to people just like you. That was a little lesson I learned. If I’m willing to go through something one way then I can create something similar.

The main problem I experienced with my businesses online the first two years was that I made systems like squeeze pages and email capturing  that I was not willing to go through as a user myself. How could I expect anyone else to go through it? People are willing to watch a video for free. People can find the video on YouTube and when people like studying with a teacher, they will go pay for the course. This doesn’t happen all the time, but a small percentage of the time someone will go pay for the course.

I’m excited you’ve read this far because you are the 1%. You are the 99% of people who is exactly who I want to be talking to. You are here for the right reasons. There’s so much more you can get on my YouTube channel for free.

I’m so excited you’re here. Thank you. I would love your feedback. I want to do a better job for you each day. Thank you and I hope you have a great day.