Becoming a YouTuber Full Time

Starting today, I am now a full-time YouTuber. I can’t believe I didn’t do this sooner and yet I’m so grateful I’m doing it today. Being a full-time YouTuber means that I am letting go of Video Courses. I’m not filming any new video courses. I’m not going to pitch you on trying to buy any of my video courses. I intend to do 3 YouTube videos every single day for you and film on average 3 new YouTube videos every single day publishing at 8 a.m, 2 p.m, and 8 p.m. eastern every single day. Why? Because YouTube has been the very best resource in my entire business. YouTube is a platform of love and tolerance. I realized there are areas where there’s demonetization going on. I’ve experienced that on some of my videos. Yes, it is humanly imperfect and at the same time YouTube has the widest standards for what it can be published and YouTube has been extremely generous with all the content I’ve published in allowing me to do so and sharing it with other people.

YouTube is the number one platform where I’ve been able to just publish videos and YouTube brings people in to watch them for free. YouTube has helped me to have success and been largely responsible for the success every other place I’ve had. For example, there’s no way I would have earned six hundred thousand plus on Udemy if it weren’t for YouTube. There’s no way I would have done well with crypto investments if it weren’t for YouTube. In fact, I wouldn’t even have started teaching on Udemy if it weren’t for YouTube. Building that initial following on YouTube which then asked me to take video courses said, “Jerry, where are your video courses? Will you tell us more about this free training you put on YouTube”?

I recently just realized as I was frustrated with my business and I see the dislikes on videos I’m putting up. I’m talking like half of the video course and then trying to pitch you to buy the rest of it. I’m thinking like look this is dumb. It’s harder for me to put up Video Courses than it is to just give you everything for free On YouTube. To me, the top-level that you want to achieve as a creator online is being able to just put everything you create out for free. I can do that and I’ve been able to do that for a long time. So, why am I locking up anything I’m creating behind a paywall? The way I’ve thought about this can may really be helpful for you if you want to do YouTube as well.

I trust you’ll help me do this too. I think this is awesome and if you haven’t subscribed yet, I trust you’ll hit that Subscribe button on my Youtube Channel and turn those notifications on because that’ll help you see all the new videos I’m making.

I’ll tell you how did I come to this realization. My business has been stretched thin credit-wise. I bought over $100,000 to start Uthena this year to get some growth going again in my youtube channel. I tried what worked before and yet what I did before was that I didn’t have all the same pieces in play without being able to sell video courses on Udemy. That doesn’t make sense for me to keep making video courses because I can’t sell them on Udemy anymore which is the top place I’ve earned money selling video courses.

Thus, I was thinking again as when I started on Udemy but when I did really well on Udemy, I had this thought process beforehand. I said to myself, if I went out of business if my business did fail, what would I want that to look like if I knew failure was certain? What would I do between now and then? What I decided to do is, share all of the information and give it away for free. I thought if I knew I was going to go bankrupt and go out of business I would want to have given everybody all the knowledge and everything I know. I would have wanted to give everybody that for free. I would want everyone else to have a better chance to succeed because I failed. I just went through that same thought process again as fear of financial and securities been running through my mind as I look at the debt payments which are now about $3,000 a month for my business and the debt quickly is racking up on a personal level. Actually, the debt payments on my business are over $4,000 a month now and my income recently has been about $10,000 a month.

So, just the debt alone on my business is currently about $4,000 a month and then I’m consistently scaling my costs down. As I’ve told that my costs are about $10,000 a month. I’ve given a lot more money away than I’ve earned. I’ve been taking credit card cash advances to pay the bills each month like the mortgage because I understand I have fantastic earning power and this is a transitional time and I got back to thinking again. If I knew I was going to fail if I knew all of this was going to go downhill and I was going to go to bankruptcy and not be able to do my business anymore and if I knew it all was going to fail, what would I’ve wanted to do?

I was also thinking about selling a $1,000 video course. A friend of mine who is also one of my partners is making a $1,000 video course to sell about teaching online. I was thinking about that and I thought, what if that failed? if I spent a month making a $1,000 course, putting lead pages together, doing ad campaigns and if that failed, how would I feel about it? How would I feel if nobody bought the course and I went out of business?

I’d feel like a moron. I’d feel really stupid for doing that because that wouldn’t help anybody to film a video course which no one bought. To put up landing pages that no one converted through, that wouldn’t help anybody. Then I thought well, “If I knew I was going to fail, what I’d want to do is just drop making Video Courses and focus on YouTube and just give people everything I know away for free again.” Just like the last time, I was in a pinch financially. I had the Epiphany of well, I’ll just give everyone the best of what I know totally for free.

When I started on Udemy, I made these amazing Video Courses and just gave tens of thousands of free coupons out and let people take them and guess what? When I focused on sharing everything I knew and just giving it away for free, my business absolutely exploded after that. It’s ironic and yet what I see today is, this is me. I’m giving the most value I can with the least resistance. When I just give you the best of what I know, the best of what I’m learning, all of that out totally without asking you to pay anything. Everyone in the world can just watch for free on YouTube and it’s also mirrored on Facebook if you prefer to watch there. Even though I’ve gone thinking about what I would do if I would go out of business? Ironically this gives me the best chance to succeed and also because this has the right energy about it.

I listen to Tim Ferriss. His podcast and his entire business model is to give the best of what he knows and can do for free. He puts podcast episodes that are totally for free to anyone in the world with amazing quality content on them and he makes an absolute fortune doing that. I’m grateful that I’ve just had the Epiphany to see that this is my opportunity to do the same thing and I’ve been pitching the YouTube to join lately. I’ve realized that I do need to make money with my business or just putting YouTube Videos up. If I show you my stats, my ad revenue has gone up recently with the hacking videos but I had to delete the hacking videos. I had all these hacking videos up here deleted and I’ve covered it in one of my videos with the title “YouTube Bans Hacking Tutorials After I Spent $40K+ Producing New Cyber Security Courses”. Thus, the ad revenue alone is not even close enough to support my business.

I’ve been thinking a lot. What do I offer people with? What do people need out of me? I’ve been thinking a lot about that and I finally set it up. I’ve set it up in a way that I imagine will be the most helpful and accessible for you as well as supporting me to earn. Thus, I do have a way that this makes sense to monetize. I’ve got a Partner Program because I put out everything I do for free but what if you need some real hands-on help with me? What if you need your questions answered? If you need a call with me? If you need accountability? Then that’s where I can charge something and I’m grateful to see that with this system of doing it YouTube it goes very well with having a membership program. So, I’ve got YouTube. I just put all the content, training and teaching out for free. Then when you want a closer relationship and more hands-on help then I’ve got a Membership Program.

So, my intention going forward is to put out everything I know for free. No more video courses and then the one sales pitch so to speak that will be in every video is to join the partner program and this empowers me also to get most connected with the top fans. The top 1,000 people who watch my Youtube channel. The Partner Program is a perfect offer for at least 10% or 20% of that which is nice because then I don’t need massive numbers on my Youtube Channel. The 5,000 views I get a day with the partner program in mind is plenty. I literally only need to convert one person a day out of 6,000 views for me to have plenty of income to do my business.

So, let me explain the big updates to the partner program. The Partner Program gives you weekly group coaching calls and I just added this today right over here. You can now as a partner program member, schedule a one-on-one call with me each month. I’ve thought back to what people have really found valuable and that, the one-on-one monthly call seems to be a treasured part of the program especially if you can’t make the weekly group coaching calls or if you don’t find value in meeting with several other people online to talk. Now, I find that really valuable. It’s a key support system.

We’ve also got a private Facebook group to members and you get access to all the video courses I did film. I’ve just adjusted the pricing for the partner program. I’ve struggled with the pricing over the years. I’ve had it on a whole range. I had it at one point $49 a month at the low and the high, I had it for $6,789 a month. I’ve thought a lot about what’s the sweet price point for the Partner Program and to me, the sweet price point for the partner program is high enough where I can offer something of real value that other people have already proven is in demand and for me, that’s that one-on-one call every month. And then for me how many one-on-one calls can I handle a month and what rate do I set to have one-on-one calls included?

Another thing that’s proven a big value is, the weekly group coaching calls. People have found those really helpful to get to know me better, to see me every week and to find ways to collaborate with me. Thus, I’ve tested so many different price points. It doesn’t do me any good to price things too low because then I get resentful and suddenly raise the price of it way too high and it doesn’t do too good to price it too high because then people won’t join.

What’s happened in the past at a low price? We’ve got some obnoxious partners and people who don’t really fit in with the full-time entrepreneurs online. People who just kind of piss everyone else off. Thus, have a price point that discourages the people who are not going to be truly invested and really want to get something out of the program who are just there to kind of self promote and get something back. Thus, I’ve just updated the price. The price today as I’m putting it up is a $198 a month. This is the price that proved to work really well just for a one-on-one call alone and then when you consider all the other benefits. I feel really good about pitching that. The last key consideration for me is being a full-time YouTuber. I mean I do need something that I feel really good about pitching that makes sense to make some deeper monetization for the channel. Thus, I had the Partner Program membership. I had it for over $6,000 and I didn’t feel good about pitching that because I don’t buy stuff like that.

I’ve never bought into anything else like that but I will pay $200 a month absolutely to talk to someone who’s helpful. I’ve paid more than that to talk to someone and thus the key I found is, I gotta have something I feel good about pitching to make being a full-time YouTuber work. I was pitching the YouTube join button and you see the join button next to the subscribe button on my channel and I realize it doesn’t make sense to pitch a $5 a month service that YouTube has control over when there’s a small percentage of viewers who not only can but will love to pay $198 a month to get a call with me and to be able to go to the weekly group calls and in my private Facebook members group. Thus, I’ve shared the process. I’ve gone through with you to finally take a leap of faith and become a full-time youtuber. I’ve shared the journey. I’ve went through constantly using YouTube as a means to an end and I’ve shared what I’m doing it to monetize being a full-time YouTuber today based on years of testing what has worked

If you’d like to join the partner program, you can subscribe now. The Partner Program membership maybe higher-priced by the time you see this. People paid as much as $1,000 an hour to talk to me in the past. Thus, I intend to keep raising the monthly price of the partner membership slowly as we get more partners because right now, I can handle a one on one call with every partner every month. But as more partners join, the call space will get competitive which means that we need to limit how many more people should join. Thus, that’s a scalable solution. I’ve really thought it all out, haven’t I?

I appreciate you being here today. I trust you’ve already joined us as a subscriber but if you haven’t, I imagine you hit that Subscribe Button on Youtube channel to help us reach 500k subscribers. If you want to follow on Facebook because you like browsing on Facebook or you want to really make sure you see my videos, I trust you’ll follow on Facebook and hit that “See First” button in your newsfeed to make sure you actually get to see new videos. You can also follow me on Instagram, Linkedin, and Twitter. If you want to talk to me every week in group coaching calls, have a one-on-one call with me every month and a private Facebook group, I trust you’ll join us as a Partner. I get really excited to see a text message as soon as a new partner joins. I get really excited about that and really excited to talk to you. I love you. You are awesome. Thank you very much for learning and continuing with me on my journey here now as a full-time YouTuber.

Jerry Banfield