Do You Feel Fulfilled In Life? Benefits Of Helping Others

Life makes sense when I’m helping someone and when I’m being helped. When I’m having someone make dinner for me or someone’s giving me helpful tips on how to live life makes sense.

Life doesn’t make sense if there’s no help involved. I have a friend and he is in hospice right now. He’s had cancer for a while. He said his pain was great when he wasn’t doing anything and when he was at home sitting around trying to recover. However, his pain would go away when he was helping people by delivering furniture. He would completely forget about his pain while he was helping people with the things they needed.

A lot of the pain we have in life is because we’re not helping anyone and because we’re not getting the help we need. For some reason when we’re born, we need lots of help all the time. When we’re a baby, we need help all the time and when we’re old and at the end of our lives we need a lot of help, too. We delude ourselves in the middle of our lives that we can help other people and that we don’t need any help.

That makes life not seem like there’s a purpose for living. If you’re not helping someone and you’re not getting the help you need then what’s the purpose of being here? For example, if you’re just trying to play video games all day to level up your character. Some of the most meaningless times were where I’m playing a bunch of games without doing anything useful for others.

Writing these posts gives me a purpose and a reason for living. I receive a lot of help today. I can’t help anyone today unless I receive so much help that I’m able to be helpful to you. it’s just like taking care of my daughter. If I help her enough, she cannot only help herself, but she can help me and she can help other people, too. That’s how life works. We let people help us enough, we can actually be out there and be of service to other people I let people help me all the time. That helps me live a great life today because that gives me something I can give back to you. There’s two basic ways of going about helping people.

There’s some people that just focus on getting help all the time and don’t focus on anyone else. I lived most of my life like this.  A lot of the people living like this are addicts, sick people, older people, babies and spoiled kids. We are focused on getting what we want out of other people all the time. We love getting helped, but we are not big on other people. What’s funny is I have no problem asking people to move, but when people ask me to move, it feels like an imposition.

In life, if you help people move and they help you move, everything works out pretty well. You can see how the problems come in if you’re not willing to do both of those. If you’re not on the giving end and the receiving end.

I just experienced this a little bit before. I had a brief pause in what I was doing and I was starting to play video games for no reason. I was playing with my friends, but they logged off and it was time for me to shower. I wasn’t involved during my shower. I had a pause between helping other people and doing things for other people. I had nothing going on and no one helping me either. I felt empty.

That’s often a great opportunity to get into bad and shameful behaviors because life is empty. I felt bored like there’s nothing exciting going on. Exciting things go on when I’m out to serve. When I’m doing this, I’m here to help you. I’m here to tell you about what goes on in my life. Then as I help you, you can help me. As soon as I started considering how I might get back to helping you, that feeling went away. Almost all the time I’ve spent bored in my life has been that same basic reason. No consideration of what help I needed or how I would help anyone else. That is the complete solution to boredom. You will not be bored anymore if you’re focusing on what you can do for someone else or what help you need. That is an infinite job. It continues around the clock every day for the rest of your life you can give help and get help.

Even when you’re at the end of your life and you might think I’m an old person, what can I do to help people? There’s somewhere you can go and something you can do to help people. You can give people your life experience. The reason I’m able to do these videos is because I  listen to people with more life experience than me talk about how they get through life. I was helped by other people for two hours yesterday. They all got together at my support group and talked to me and helped me. I now have that to pass onto you. I’ve been living a wonderful life since I’ve been focusing on giving and receiving help.

I spent a lot of my life thinking about neither or only thinking about one. A well-rounded life is a complete life. You can’t specialize in one thing. For example, I’m going to be a super employee and that’s all I’m going to do and that’s all I’m going to be. It’s harder to be a great employee when that’s all you do and you don’t have any perspective on what other things are going on. It’s hard to be a good boss when you only know how to be a good employee. You don’t understand the things that people working with you have needs on. Things like family and friends and regular life things because all you do is work. That applies across the board. If all I do is play video games, I’m not very happy with my life.

A lot of the time I playing video games actually goes into these videos. I’m not playing a whole lot of games outside of making these videos. That gives me the ability to live a well-rounded life. Today, I’m grateful to understand that if I want to be happy, I have to do something for someone else. I have to let people do things for me.

I’m either learning more about the world or I’m teaching more about the world. Even as I am teaching,  I’m also learning. I’m learning more about this game. I’m learning by putting myself in the position to learn right here.

My goals is for you to make little improvements every day in your life. That’s what I try to do is make these little improvements because it adds up to a lot.

Today I pray to always check what part of helping or being helped am I in. I pray to notice when I’m in between helping and being helped. i pray to remember that’s a dangerous area to live in where I can get lost, frustrated, and depressed. The immediate solution is to go back to helping people and go back to getting the help I need. I pray that you have the same opportunity today to look around you and discover the opportunity you have.

Thank you  for reading this, I would love to know what you think because I need your help too. I need your help to figure out what videos I should make in the future. I need  your help to figure out what format out of these videos you like the best. Do you like them when I’m gaming live or when I’ve recorded over it. Do you like it best when I talk about a certain subject? That way, when you help me, I can get the help I need and we can just keep doing it over and over again. I hope you have a great day today.