From $0 to $40 a Day Online in 2019 with the Best Business to Start Anywhere?

What is the best business to build in 2019 anywhere in the world? How can we go from zero dollars a day online in 2018 to forty dollars a day or more online in 2019?

Are you looking for answers to these questions? Are you looking for a business system that will give you hope that you can do it?

From $0 to $40 a Day Online in 2019 with the Best Business to Start Anywhere?

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From $0 to $40 a Day Online in 2019 with the Best Business to Start Anywhere?

All these people online you have seen making money, are you looking for a way to join us?

I’m Jerry Banfield.

I’m grateful I’ve made millions of dollars online. I’m not even sure how much I’ve made because I’ve never sat down to add it up. It has been millions and I’m very grateful for that today and I constantly am thinking, how may I help you?

I tried to start working online in 2004. There was almost nothing to make it easy. I gave up. I worked regular jobs and struggled and hated it for a lot of eight years before I was willing to give it a shot again.

I am extremely grateful I work from the comfort of my own home today and out of all the generosity that has been given to me I’m constantly thinking, how do I make this easier for you?

How can I make it, so you don’t need to learn 50 different things or thousands of different things like I’ve learned?

How do I make this easier for you?

I’ve got it. I’ve got it right here.

Do you want to see it?

After seven years of working full time online for myself, I’ve got a platform that makes everything you want to do online to build a business as easy as anything I’ve ever seen, gives you an unbelievable amount of resources to do it and explains exactly how to get started.

From $0 to $40 a Day Online in 2019 with the Best Business to Start Anywhere?

I am building this as my biggest idea in seven years of working online after I’ve done, I swear, about everything. Not everything, but about everything to make money online.

I’ve sold video courses and that has been the number one most successful thing I’ve done to make money online, and this business system gives you the ability to do that easier than it has ever been before.

You don’t even need to film any videos. You can literally use the videos I’ve made or the videos I’ve paid to make and use those and sell those as your own course if you want to. If you can make videos, that is a fantastic opportunity, but it’s hard to take advantage of even if you have very valuable skills. It’s hard to just put them up and actually make money. I’ve got a system to make that super easy for you.

If you want to freelance, this also combines all of that together. For email marketing, if you want to collect free offers, if you want to do coaching, if you want to do membership programs for the first time, you can put it all in one place, and I guarantee you can make at least $40 a day from zero doing it this way because everyone I’ve talked to that’s seriously trying to build a business online is having some sort of success.

From $0 to $40 a Day Online in 2019 with the Best Business to Start Anywhere?

The main limitation I see is the fragmentation. Almost everyone’s stuff including mine has been all over the place. You have got a Fiverr profile, Upwork profile, Udemy profile, a Skillshare profile, and 500 other profiles you use. You have got your own email marketing and your own self-hosting. You have got a business that looks like it has been smashed on the ground into a bunch of little pieces, most of which are not taken care of very well.

Imagine putting all those pieces together in one spot and a bunch of us doing that and putting those pieces together. Then, all of our collective efforts benefit each other.

When I do a great job advertising and promoting my courses, you end up getting some sales as a result of that. When you do a great job promoting your freelancing services, people come to buy my courses. That vision of this is just blowing me away and I’m grateful to invite you to be one of the first to participate in this. I will show you exactly what this is.

This is my Uthena partner program.

From $0 to $40 a Day Online in 2019 with the Best Business to Start Anywhere?

The idea is we build our businesses together on the same platform. I lay out the big money to start with myself to make this possible. I build all of these systems so that all you do is jump in, prove that you are serious and you really want to make a business online and I give you the tools, a massive ridiculous set of tools.

There are 3,000 plus videos, even membership. You can even talk with me once a week on our group video calls. There is a Facebook group. There are a ton of things that you can do with this.

So, let’s take a look at it.

So, what this is?

I have a Uthena partner program, which was formerly named “Jerry Banfield partners” and I’ve renamed it.

From $0 to $40 a Day Online in 2019 with the Best Business to Start Anywhere?

As a member of my partner program, you can now upload video courses, free offers and services all on one spot. You can do this in one place where then I can actually earn money selling your services.

This is something that is not available anywhere else I’ve seen before where you can partner up with me and I can make money selling anything you are doing and anyone else can sell your services.

Imagine if you could post a gig up on Fiverr and I could make money selling your Fiverr gig. Imagine if you could put a free offer up and have someone sign up for your free offer, and then they would buy my video course and you would get 20% commission.

This is just the tip of the iceberg we have got here and the best part is I’m setting all this up for myself. I’m building my entire business out here to show you as a case study.

I’m inviting you to be one of the very first people to participate.

As I’ve seen online when you get in on something that has huge growth potential early before a lot of other people see what you see, there is fantastic opportunity.

For example, I was teaching on Udemy in 2014 when it was a fraction of what it is now, and guess what? I made the first best-selling Facebook Ads course right when Udemy started to get popular. The competition was almost non-existent at that point. I looked at a couple of other courses and I said, “These are awful, I can easily make one that’s better than this.”

I put all my energy into making a better course and got to the bestseller. That course made over a hundred thousand dollars for me, hundreds of thousands of dollars in total sales just on that one course.

I then started hiring freelancers to build some of the other in-demand courses. Those made millions of dollars in sales. It’s not nearly that easy now, if you try to jump in on Udemy.

However, with the system I’ve got here, you jump in, you can easily have the best-selling course on a certain topic, and I can then advertise and sell your course for you. Not only that, but you can offer coaching and anyone that’s on the website can help us sell that for you.

From $0 to $40 a Day Online in 2019 with the Best Business to Start Anywhere?

You might be thinking, “Okay, Jerry, I barely know what I’m doing here right now. Can you simplify this for me?”


One platform where you build your whole business. This is what I’m doing. It’s on

This is the URL:

There is one platform where you build your whole business.

I’ve got the hosting solutions and the email marketing set up for this, so that I can scale it out to you, where you can get all the benefits of self-hosting and all the benefits of having your own email marketing, while I pay those costs for you.

I got the highest level plan for all of us because that gives us all a very rich set of features we can use. Whereas, on your own, you are not likely to be able to do this, but I’ve already front-loaded and paid those costs out on my end, so I can just invite you to join in on something that you would not be able to build yourself either without a lot of time and energy to figure it out, or without having to then promote it and struggling more than likely to get anyone to actually use it.

So, I’m building this all out. I’m advertising this. I’m promoting this. This is my massive new project and I’m in the infant stages of this still.

I’ve got the system set up and I’m still building my whole business out here, putting up my services, I’ve got 17 video courses on here right now, and I’m demonstrating one of the really valuable things about this, the ability to offer a membership program in the exact same environment.

From $0 to $40 a Day Online in 2019 with the Best Business to Start Anywhere?

Unlike other websites where you might post your video courses elsewhere, I’m able to offer a membership program directly alongside my courses and let affiliates sell that.

So, when an affiliate sells my course and sells my membership program, the affiliate gets a commission for life on the membership program as well as the course.

I’ve got this up and that’s what we are going through and looking at right here.

Now, what do you get partnering with me?

Partnering with me, you get a massive load of benefits.

You get lifetime affiliate earnings when you are joining us as a Uthena partner. You get 20% commissions for life on any new user you bring. That means you can literally create a free offer, promote that, get new users to sign up, and when they then buy my stuff, my courses, my products, my coaching, this same Uthena partner program, you get 20% commission for life on all of it.

All you need to do is bring the new user, get them to sign up with your affiliate code using a little tracking link. It’s very easy, it’s just a question mark, an equal sign, and a few other numbers and digits and that’s your affiliate link.

You share that, and then you get 20% commission on the profit for life. That is so much better than the other affiliate programs I’ve participated in. In fact, the best affiliate programs I’ve seen are the ones that have this lifetime commission because the true value of a customer is the long term.

When I’ve sent hundreds of thousands of people to Udemy, even though I made millions of dollars in sales, they paid me over six hundred thousand dollars, I actually missed out on the majority of the income from those customers, because imagine all the courses those customers have bought over the last four years.

If I would have got even half, if I had even got 10% on all those people I sent that signed up at Udemy, I’d probably have at least three million dollars from all the courses they bought on Udemy.

From $0 to $40 a Day Online in 2019 with the Best Business to Start Anywhere?

The lifetime affiliate earnings this way is really cool also because instead of just having courses to sell, you can promote free offers, you can promote coaching, you can promote consulting and membership groups. This means that your one affiliate program can give you really deep promotion.

Right now, if say there is somebody you follow online and you love them and you want to promote their stuff, you might be able to sign up and be an affiliate with them.

But let’s say there is another person you love and follow online, you might be able to sign up and be an affiliate with them.

Let’s say there are ten people you love and want to promote all their stuff, their video courses, their coaching, where do you do that?

There is nowhere you get to do that.

There is nowhere that makes it that easy.

Sure, there are affiliate marketplaces, but there is nowhere else that makes it that easy where you could just see a course you like by any instructor, put it up there and earn on it as an affiliate, where you get rewarded for life for bringing people in.

The lifetime affiliate earnings, to me are one of the best opportunities, especially if you just put together your own free offer using even the private label rights I’ve got, you could put together a little video course that you think is helpful using my own videos, then you could promote that, get people to sign up, and then we handle everything else.

They are on my email list and now I’m promoting my stuff to them, and anyone else that joins, I’m promoting their stuff as well. The best sellers are consistently promoted. All you do is get people in the door, you sit back and get recurring income for life.

What I’ve noticed, one of the big downsides when you are trying to work on almost all these other platforms, there is one constant limitation. There is almost no one to help you. There is no community or the community is so big you can’t really participate in it.

When you are trying to teach on some third party website, that’s got millions of teachers on it you are lost in the numbers. You try to join the group, there are all these rules, guess what? When you work hard and connect with people in the group, you can’t just share links to your courses.

Then, you do all this work to help other people and it’s hard to even promote yourself, you can’t even very easily work together.

From $0 to $40 a Day Online in 2019 with the Best Business to Start Anywhere?

The key is if you want to make money online, you have got to work smarter together. Almost all of the things we see that make the most money in the world are the function of very effective collaborations between large numbers of people or small groups of people collaborating very effectively.

That’s what we are building here. It is a small group of people collaborating together very effectively. We are cutting out the background. We are cutting out all these other scattered parts of our business.

One huge thing I probably should have mentioned before 14 minutes into the video is that you actually get email marketing included.

You get full control over your list with the one exception, if you want to import any contacts we ask that you just instead if you were using another email marketing provider just promote your free offer, promote whatever it is to get people to sign up directly with us first, instead of importing old email addresses and then getting spam filtered, which I’ve done that. It doesn’t work very good anyway.

Your email marketing is included with us. Anyone you bring in, let’s say you make a free offer, anyone who signs up on your free offer, you get their email list, you get very powerful email marketing that you can use to your whole list.

You get incredible automation you can set up. You can set up the ability when a user enrolls in your course, you can trigger a certain email. You can build your entire email funnel out from there. You could do it if someone signs up for your free offer, you automatically have a series of emails that promotes my courses or that promotes another instructor’s courses.

As long as you get them in the door through your offer, you can set up the whole rest of the email automation after that.

And guess what?

There is no extra cost for the email marketing.

Yes, this means if you are already self-hosting, you already got your own email marketing, you can literally throw those things out and just group up with me instead.

You also get weekly group calls.

These weekly group calls are where I’ve been inspired to do this. I had a partner program before that was just loosely based on a bunch of us having businesses online together and I saw what we all had in common.

We need to work together more effectively and automatically.

We need to make it easier to collaborate.

From $0 to $40 a Day Online in 2019 with the Best Business to Start Anywhere?

I’ve got a friend, I love his courses and in order to promote them I have to sign up as an affiliate with him, and then share links to his self-hosted website and that isn’t very effective then because where his courses are doing the best, I’m actually banned as an affiliate from there.

And even if I was able to sell his courses on there, then I would only be able to make a few dollars selling his courses. When someone upgraded and purchases his hundreds of dollars of workshop, I wouldn’t be able to earn anything off of that.

If you want to be able to earn money online it’s about working together. There is this myth that you just hustle and work hard and sometimes lie, cheat and steal. That is not what really works to make money online.

What really works to make money online is to think:

How do I solve other people’s painful problems?

How do I help other people?

How do I make things easier for you than they were for me?

That’s how you really make money online, it is going at it just like that.

With this partner program, you also get all my video courses. I’ve got a bunch of video courses and I’m not even sure how many I have. There are over 3,000 videos from my video courses you can use to construct your own free offer.

Even if I’ve got a paid course on the exact same subject, you can make a free offer as long as you name it differently and it looks distinct. If two people are comparing them side by side and they look different, then you can actually do a free offer on the same things I’m trying to sell and bring people in that way.

Yes, I will let you do that to me because I have a mindset of abundance. There is more than enough for all of us and if you can sign people up giving my course away for free, then I’m very happy to do that with you.

So, you get all my video courses.

I’ve got a bunch of video courses and all the new ones I’m filming, you will get included into this.

Now, there is one critical component of this and this is a lesson if you haven’t got it already, there is a payment.

From $0 to $40 a Day Online in 2019 with the Best Business to Start Anywhere?

If you want to make $40 a day online, it’s up to you to be willing to spend something, to give something. It is unreasonable of you to expect you shouldn’t need to expend anything in order to get something.

Now, you might have expected that what I’m talking about should cost thousands and thousands of dollars.

I’m giving you email marketing you can do, a huge private label rights library, lifetime affiliate earnings, the ability to build in this business system with me, which I have huge promotion plans for that will help you sell whatever you put on the website.

You would think this might cost a lot more, but you can start for $48.81 a month to become a partner or you can join for life for $981.81.

Here is the sweet part of this too. When you love it, when this works for you, that is a very natural affiliate sell for you. It’s very easy for you to say, “Hey, this is working for me,” then imagine getting 20% of these payments for yourself for anyone you are able to sell, plus being able to sell all your own courses, plus being able to sell all your own services, plus being able to sell your own whatever.

You could sell an audiobook, you could sell a PDF, you could do free offers, you could do consulting or coaching. It’s up to you.

So, I’m seeing that this is the best business you could start in 2019, to jump in as a part of my existing business system and to go all-in on this, to put everything in with me.

I’ve been talking with at least one or two of my partners who are newer to building businesses online and I’ve noticed that list of to do things they have is just daunting.

From $0 to $40 a Day Online in 2019 with the Best Business to Start Anywhere?

They are thinking about teaching classes online and they have made a workshop online. They got email marketing to do, trying to consider freelancing profiles, uploading videos to YouTube.

It’s way too much to learn all at once. It really helps to have a simplified process. It really helps to have everything in one spot. The best I’ve done online is when I’ve really bared down and focused on one thing.

Every time things have gone either really well or there was no growth happening, I said, “Well if I’m focusing totally on this and there is nothing happening, then it’s better to move somewhere else.”

It’s constantly being in the middle of a thousand different things and having your business scattered all over. Even up until now, my business has been sloppy.

I’ve been sending people to my Fiverr profile to get services from me. I’ve been sending people to Skillshare to take my courses because I saw the pointlessness of promoting my own self-hosted website by myself.

Then sure, you can make money from it, but there is a lot more money to be made by working together.

I’m imagining that once you have seen this and you have read this all the way to the end, that I’m imagining in a year you are saying, “The best money I’ve ever spent in growing my business was to join Jerry on his Uthena partner program.”

“I got the vision of what he was talking about, I could see that he’s got the experience and he’s building a business system that I could just plug into instead of having to build my own business from scratch all over the place.”

I’m imagining you will say that you like my transparency about it, that it’s not something that says, “Get started for free,” and then you find you can’t do anything useful on it and it costs a fortune.

I think it’s really helpful to have prices out there in the open.

Now, it works. You can do it a different way, but I like getting the money right out there in the open. I often will not sign up for things if I don’t see the money out in the open.

So, I’m very grateful you have spent this time here with us.

From $0 to $40 a Day Online in 2019 with the Best Business to Start Anywhere?

I’ve just done a huge update to the partner program that I’ve been offering under “Jerry Banfield partners” and that’s now “Uthena partners.”

Let’s build our business together.

Let’s grow together.

I want to help you make more money than you help me make more money.

If I can give you one of really strong conclusion to this, it’s that I want to help you make thousands of dollars a month, even if you only help me to make an extra hundred dollars a month.

I see that when I help you to make thousands of dollars a month, even if I only get back forty-eight dollars a month out of that, then that’s a great deal for me because I can help you make thousands a month, I can help ten other people make thousands a month, and that’s good money for me.

I’m very interested in helping you get your income from zero to $40 a day because I love the freedom.

From $0 to $40 a Day Online in 2019 with the Best Business to Start Anywhere?

I went to the bowling alley with my daughter today and it was awesome because I’ve got a flexible work schedule. I just woke up and decided. My daughter said she wanted to go bowling.

We went bowling with her the first time last weekend and this Tuesday morning my daughter really wanted to go bowling so I said, “Sure. Let’s go bowling sweetheart. I’m available to go bowling today. I’ll do my work in the afternoon.”

I am grateful I’m living that lifestyle I heard about on a bunch of BS seminars where you needed to struggle and be a serf and sell all these things you didn’t believe in.

With this, you don’t have to struggle, this is really easy.

You literally sign up, work with me, talk with me, try to put some of your own stuff out there. The others of us will help you to put the best things out there, and it’s in my best interest to sell your products because when someone comes to buy your product, guess who else’s products they probably have a good shot at buying?

I noticed as a Udemy affiliate, before I got banned, that half the time when I sent someone to buy my course they would go buy someone else’s course, and what’s missing on almost every business system is either affiliate marketing or full connection with the people that have bought from you.

For example, on Udemy there is really good affiliate marketing, but there is a lack of connection. The affiliates, the instructors and the students all get disconnected. It’s difficult as an instructor on Udemy to do any email marketing because you have to get them off of Udemy, and then get them on your email list.

It’s difficult to just establish direct communication.

Then you have got websites like Fiverr and Upwork where it’s pretty easy to establish direct communication, but there are no affiliate sales.

Now, this brings it all together.

You have got direct communication and you have got affiliate sales. You take the leap of faith with me to be one of the first on the new and I imagine you have got moon potential right there.

From $0 to $40 a Day Online in 2019 with the Best Business to Start Anywhere?

So, thank you for watching this.

I love you.

You are awesome.

I appreciate you being here with me today and I’m excited for the chance to serve you as a partner on Uthena.


Jerry Banfield

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