Best Muse in 2020 to Create Online for Readers of The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferris?

If you read the Four Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss like me

And you’re looking for an updated Muse, if you’re wondering what’s the best Muse in 2020 to make something that will earn money for you online, especially something that has good passive income potential where you can work on it a lot for a period of time and then you can step away from it if you want to, and keep earning money on a recurring basis, my suggestion and what’s worked the best for me is teaching online.

In fact, I just filmed a new video that shows about Teaching Online full time today.

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Teaching on YouTube to start out with is very easy and can get you started. Then, once you go from there you teach on Udemy, StackCommerce, Uthena and Skillshare, you basically film video courses on specific topics, programming technical topics.

For example, courses on certain software’s are very specific skills. These tend to work the best because there’s always new versions that are needed.

There’s always more in depth you can cover and these are things that professionals with money are constantly spending on to learn new courses and learn new skills. The beauty of teaching online is if you’ve got some free time, if you’ve got 40 hours a week, you can teach in your parents bedroom.

I’ve got a list of equipment everything that shared in this video and I go into more detail on all of this. In the video I made called “Start teaching online today with Udemy, Skillshare, StackCommerce and Uthena“. This description has a link to all the equipment you need in it from the microphone of the USB interface, the green screen it helps you look professional, the exact screen capture software, you can use the websites you want to use to teach on and even services and support.

For example, I’ve got a Partner Program that’s very effective if you want help building your business as a teacher online.

This makes such a great news today because when you teach online, you can set it up and you will continue getting income almost indefinitely. I can just tell you how much it is here.

This is how much I’ve earned teaching online.

I’ve been an entrepreneur online for eight years. Teaching online is by far the best Muse to set up to be able to earn income indefinitely. I’ve earned the most on Udemy, although Udemy is not a stable, reliable platform for many instructors to earn on because of the pricing, it is a very good marketplace that you want to have your courses on.

You’ve got StackCommerce is very good to help sell courses, SkillShare will bring new students to you.

The best way to make sure you earn the most money and set up the best Muse is to build your own self hosting, to build your own website and to put your course on there.

You can put them on Udemy, StackCommerce, SkillShare, and Uthena. Then get five different paychecks every month, you get the income from your teaching platform, you get them for other paychecks from all these other platforms that you’ve uploaded your course on.

What’s really hard about teaching online is to figure out all the stuff I’ve just given you in a description, the microphone, the software, the websites and the services and support.

And I’ve got a lot more videos that you might enjoy If you’d like to learn how to really build this Muse up.

This is one, a Muse that you can build, that you can do from anywhere in the world. You can move around, you could go somewhere like Nicaragua where you only need 500 a month or so to live comfortably.

And if you have a few thousand a month you can live like the ultra wealthy over in Nicaragua. Teaching online gives you the ability to really live and practice the four hour workweek, which, how do you think I got into it? I got into it by wanting to do exactly that, by trying a bunch of other things that worked.

It’s very nice having a digital product online that you can sell anywhere in the world and you’re doing some real good when you teach online.

Also, you’re not just trying to sell something as a means to an end. Ideally, you’re actually communicating your skills and helping people build their careers and be useful to humanity on the planet.

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Thank you for reading this until the end.

I love you. You’re awesome.

And I’ll see you on these online course platforms and maybe in my Partner Group.

Jerry Banfield