Best Online Teaching Platforms to Upload Courses? Udemy, Skillshare, Uthena, StackCommerce

What are the best online teaching platforms where you can upload your courses as an instructor? If you want to make money teaching courses online, it is one of the very best opportunities I see today. It is the number one way I’ve earned money online myself earning over a million dollars as a result of teaching online. That said, the marketplace is a lot more crowded with online instructors than when I started and for this reason, I’m giving you an exact formula you’ll want to use to earn the most by uploading your courses online.

Let’s start by showing you my income in the picture above. So those platforms are where I’ve made the most money. Now keep in mind, your results will differ from mine and I will explain each of these platforms in detail on what kind of opportunities they might offer for you and what is the best way to use them. I’ve earned the most on Udemy over $600k by teaching. Udemy is by far the best to just upload your course to get immediate sales, organic search traffic into your courses and have the chance to earn a lot of money just by uploading your courses. What you don’t want to do on Udemy is, to put any time and effort into promoting your courses. It’s better spent promoting something else and you decrease your amount of money earned, the more time and effort you spend trying to promote your course.

Basically with Udemy, just put the course up there. Give some free coupons away to get initial students into it using free coupon pages, for example, I’ve got one on my website at courses. You can put the coupons up on my website as I’m driving traffic there. If you take a bunch of time and energy to try Udemy, it’s very competitive for the top spots. The instructors that are in top spots often have incredible systems set up like I did when I was on Udemy. They’re in coaching groups like I have several best-selling Udemy instructors that I coach which you’re not going to just come into their niche and have a chance at competing with them without having an incredible system set up. Thus, Udemy’s great if put your course up there, take the money and answer questions but you don’t need to do anything else with it.

I’ll show you each of their websites. Let’s look at individual websites. So, first is Udemy as you can see in the picture above. Udemy is the biggest market place with over a hundred thousand video courses. There are tons of best-selling video courses on Udemy which is a problem. Almost all of the money I made on Udemy goes to top courses. You’ll be lucky in a lot of areas to make a great course and earn $50 a month on it especially in some topics the earnings can be disappointing on Udemy. There are some outstanding courses however as a student, Udemy hasn’t the best value either. There’s a much better place to learn which I’ll show you next although, for instructors, it’s usually not as good. So the best place for students is Skillshare, as you can see in the image below.

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Skillshare is like a Netflix for education. If you want to learn, Skillshare is a much better deal because there are 29k courses on Skillshare. While there’s a 100k on Udemy, there’s 29k on Skillshare and many if not almost, all of those 29k courses are also on Udemy. Would you rather pay $290k for 29 thousand courses or $15 a month? I trust if you want to Join Skillshare, you will use my link. You will get premium-free for 2 months which will allow you to watch all the courses and you help me earn $10.

Now, what’s annoying with Skillshare as an instructor? Even though Skillshare is really good for students allowing you to watch a ton of courses, Skillshare’s earnings actually suck. I’ve earned one of the lowest amounts on Skillshare, despite spending a significant amount of effort. Thus, as an instructor, Skillshare is a good place to upload your course and to just see if it makes any money but again it’s not a good thing to try and promote. You can just throw your course on Skillshare and see if it makes any money but the more time you spend trying to make your Skillshare account to make money, the return on Skillshare is by far the worst return I’ve got as an instructor. The amount of time and energy I’ve put in Skillshare to earn $34,229 is maybe comparable at 10% of the energy I spent on Udemy. But as you can see the money on Udemy is way more than Skillshare. If I’d spent all that energy on Skillshare, I estimate my earnings to be a fraction of what they were on Udemy.

As an instructor the most important thing to do is consider where your time and effort is going because when you’re spending time trying to promote things like Udemy & Skillshare, you could be using that to film a video course. You could be using that to do something often that’s more valuable. Thus, Skillshare is great for students and Skillshare has one of the largest course libraries but it actually is generally pretty bad for instructors but still, you definitely want to upload to Skillshare because when you upload to Skillshare, you can get more students there.

The next one I’ve earned the most money on is, StackCommerce. It is much better for instructors generally. StackCommerce does a really good job selling their courses and while you might look at StackCommerce initially, you might not get it. If you look at Udemy, you can say, “Okay this is a juggernaut for selling courses online.” There are tons of courses on StackCommerce.

Skillshare is a great offer having 29,000 courses for students. You get 2 months for free if used my Link to Join Skillshare which is $15 a month after that or $96 a year.

You might look at StackCommerce and say, “Well I don’t get this. Where are the courses at? Where are they selling”? This is my confusion. StackCommerce has a publisher network. What StackCommerce does is, it makes custom stores for publishers and then allows the publishers to earn 80% currently of the sales. For example, websites like Entrepreneur make their stores using StackCommerce. StackCommerce delivers them the video courses then entrepreneur makes it look like they’re selling courses on their store but it’s hosted with StackCommerce. This means StackCommerce is by far the second-best upload option in terms of the time and effort you spend. You don’t need to promote your courses at all on StackCommerce and that’s a big consideration. If you put your course on Udemy, StackCommerce, and Skillshare, you’ve got a good chance if you don’t promote any of them to have about equal or comparable earnings on all of them which is truly passive income because then you’re not doing anything with it.

On StackCommerce you put your courses up and you don’t have to do anything else except occasionally respond to an email. StackCommerce sells these big course bundles and you can often just get a course in a course bundle and it will sell for years. By far the best return I’ve got teaching online in terms of time and effort is, putting my courses on StackCommerce that I already had on Udemy and Skillshare and they got almost nothing else to do to earn $153,781. Now when you compare that to Udemy where I spent a ton of time and energy and a ton of marketing to earn $661,410. I spent hundreds of thousands in ads to earn that $661,410 on Udemy. I didn’t have to do anything to except put courses up on StackCommerce. You definitely want to put the course up on StackCommerce.

There’s now a new option on the market. A platform that I’m the founder of named Uthena. Uthena is a set up to give you something you can’t get anywhere else except your own self hosting and without any additional promotional. So Uthena is hosted on Thinkific which I recommend putting up your self-hosting. Now by comparison, if you put the course up on Udemy, Skillshare or StackCommerce. This is what’s called 3rd-party hosting. You are giving your courses to someone else to sell to make money for you. Uthena is the same system and what we do on Uthena is, we combine the best of Skillshare and StackCommerce on Uthena. We do what Udemy doesn’t do. Udemy doesn’t allow you to bundle courses. It doesn’t allow you to sell services. It doesn’t allow you to make a full business on their platform. Thus, we have a subscription on Uthena just like Skillshare except, it’s cheaper. We have a lifetime option for all the course bundles.

Now as an instructor this makes it good for you because when you click on the teach button on Uthena, we combine well with all of the other platforms. So, to be an instructor on Uthena you either have to be at jerrybanfield/partner currently or you need to have a Udemy course that’s up. Because Udemy does the work to verify you and to make sure you’ve got a quality course. We then take quality courses from Udemy and put them on Uthena just like Skillshare and StackCommerce do for the most part. Except what you can do on Uthena is, you can sell a course bundle directly, for example, I’ve got a bundle for all of my courses. We’ve got other instructors that have bundles for all their courses. Then you can also offer services on Uthena, on the same platform and this is really powerful. Let’s say, you only have one subject you’re an expert on and if your course doesn’t do well on Udemy you’re not going anywhere and if it’s not that popular on Skillshare you won’t earn anything and on StackCommerce if they don’t have a bundle for it and they don’t promote it, you won’t earn anything. You don’t have any opportunity on these other platforms to sell your services to people who’ve bought your courses.

On Uthena, we help make the most out of every single person that you come across and then we can sell your services to the same person who’s bought your course. Now Uthena is a very early-stage startup and we’re seeking investor funding to take us to the next level. Thus, you may see a different look to it when we’ve built our own platform. Finally, there’s one more option I’ve saved this to the end to make sure you’re really serious about uploading your courses.

If you really want to teach full-time online and do this as more of your main thing instead of just a hobby, it’s nice to film a course up, throw it on Udemy, StackCommerce, and Skillshare. If you just want a hobby, you just want to make some money and have a little passive income, it can be a nice hobby to make a video course but if you want to do it full-time and you have any ability to promote your courses, I highly suggest based on my own experience doing both the opposite and following my advice. I highly suggest putting up your self-hosting that means your platform, for example, it could be Even if you don’t have a website, you can make your video courses for your website and then just have other pages on it. For example, Uthena is actually hosted on Thinkific.

You can go get your plan on Thinkific, I’d be very grateful if you use my link to Join Thinkific. So, as you can see in the picture above, this is what it looks like when you use my page. If you join Thinkific with my link, I’m very grateful as it helps me earn 20% of whatever you pay. I love helping other people out like that. I highly recommend you use your self hosting for your courses. Here’s why?

Let’s look at my income in the picture above. Now if you’re not understanding a couple of these other symbols, these other symbols are my self-hosting. I’ve had a teachable account. I earned $80,459 on my teachable account. On my original Thinkific, University of Jerry Banfield, I earned $46,188 on that and the Uthena data is a little old. It’s actually over $60,000 in total. So, you can combine that with the University of Jerry Banfield. I earned about $20k or so on Uthena in the first few months. For the very best return for a full-time instructor, you almost always want to have your self-hosted platform. Meaning something you fully control. You use something like Thinkific, You sign up for Thinkific plan for $99 a month. You upload all of the courses to Thinkific and then you get your own version like Uthena. You can have something like this yourself and then you make all of the money on the sales. You control the course pricing and I’ve even got private label rights on Uthena, if you want to put my courses on your own platform.

This is nice because then you can send anyone you promote your courses to, to this one platform. The big problem with Udemy is instability. On Udemy, you have a lack of control. You have almost no control over the pricing on Udemy. Udemy can anytime ban the topic you’re teaching. Udemy can ban you as an instructor. Skillshare, same thing. These are unreliable platforms where you could lose all of your income or a significant amount of your income at any time and I fell into this myself. I spent a fortune becoming a top 10 Udemy instructor which I did not consider that as a top 10 Udemy instructor, someone could just get rid of me out of purely an ego thing even without doing anything wrong, just get rid of me because of not liking me. As a top 10 instructor, it was hard not to notice me on Udemy. So, I was so successful on Udemy that it cost me being able to teach any longer on Udemy. They gave a mysterious final suspension out of nowhere.

What I’ve also noted this is, full-time instructors teaching on Udemy tend to be in a constant state of fear. If you just uploaded your course on Udemy, you’re getting a few dollars. But if you are going all-in and you’re building a business and trying to sell a lot of courses on Udemy, I’ve noticed instructors in a lot of fear because after seeing what Udemy did with me, just banning me for no reason, just making something up that didn’t exist and getting rid of me and not talking about it. Udemy is doing that to a bunch of other instructors too. Udemy changing price policies for getting instructors to leave these other platforms. Especially Udemy and Skillshare are not a stable source of income. You can earn a lot for 1 month. I earned 90k one month on Udemy. I earned 80k another month but if I would have sent people to my self-hosted platform instead of Udemy the entire time, the overall earnings in the long term I estimate would have been several times higher on my platforms.

I did not spend that much time and energy to promote my platforms and I earned 80k with my first self hosted platform and now over 60k on the 2nd one. I’ve hardly ever done any paid ads for these platforms. I just did like promoting them this way and that’s with me kind of making my own platform cheap most of the time. Only once I sold a course for $199. I made like $10k or $20k just promoting it on YouTube a little bit selling at $200.

Thus, you really want to have your own self hosting in place because then when you promote it, you can do YouTube videos to promote your self-hosting and you can get everyone over to your self-hosted solution where you’ve got control and you don’t have to worry about these other platforms. Then you can just put your course on Udemy, put them up on Skillshare. StackCommerce is unstable in terms of the promotion. On StackCommerce, one month you might have a bundle that makes thousands of dollars and then the rest of the year it might do almost nothing. Uthena, we are just starting up so in some of the courses in some of the bundles, you might be able to start earning hundreds of dollars a month as soon as you upload. However, as we get more instructors, your earnings might dwindle down from that bundle steadily where you might only earn a few dollars every month without adding any new courses to it.

Thus even for my platform, I’m still suggesting that you make a well-rounded business online. The most important thing you can do on Thinkific is, you can sell your own services. You can have much higher value offerings for example if you’re teaching online, there are services you can offer. There are courses you can offer that should cost hundreds of dollars such as Graphic Design, Facebook Ads Management, Hourly Services. For me, I’ve even got a $9,876.54 a month “Sponsor my YouTube Channel” on Uthena. You can do that on your self-hosted platform and a lot of the money you can make teaching full time online is from services, sponsorships, and higher value collaborations. On Udemy you can get reached sometimes with these through messages but generally only if you are the best selling towards the top of your niche. On Skillshare my email seems to have gone out on some marketing lists from Skillshare. I don’t know if they sold them or what they did but I consistently get emails from other platforms that are usually total crap or very early startups that don’t even have much promotion or sales as my brand new platform. It appears, Skillshare may have sold my email address on some list or got hacked or someone stole it, I don’t know.

I went over this in a lot of detail for you because I get this question and people ask me about this so much what are the best teaching platforms. Now occasionally you might be able to find another platform that’s outside of these that could be an opportunity. Here’s the thing now, I’ve applied and tried to get my course on lots of other platforms and for the most part, it takes a lot of time. It takes a lot of energy and the money is just consistently not there. Students are almost are focused on buying courses especially on Udemy but also on Skillshare. Watching courses on StackCommerce with the publishers and with Uthena, you can see our sales in real-time. We’ve got a Sales Report that shows you exactly how many sales we are earning in real-time and when we get the investor funding, I imagine then we’ll have a whole flood of people that join and get excited after that. If you’re going to put your courses somewhere, the platform needs to have some kind of money behind it. I’ve put a hundred thousand into building Uthena this year myself. You need platforms that truly have something invested in them. Thus, it’s generally not worth trying to put your course on all these other platforms at this point. You might as well spend your time making an outstanding self-hosted platform.

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