Best Side Hustles for 2019

What are the best side hustles for 2019 and how can you be successful starting them today?

What you read right here is me showing from the easiest side hustles to get started with through to those that have the most potential. If you’re wondering: Who are you and what do you know about having a side hustle? I’m Jerry Banfield, full-time YouTuber and founder of, I’ve earned millions of dollars online and spent millions of dollars to help other people’s side hustles online using the exact services and website them about the show you right now.

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Ready? Let’s go in and show you the best side hustles for 2019.

Best Side Hustles for 2019

Number one my suggestion is I’ve spent over $100,000 on and it’s pretty easy to sign up for a profile and start working at an hourly rate. I’ve put this first because this is the easiest to get started with. My wife Laura signed up and up very quickly found some jobs and begin earning money on Upwork.

This is a side hustle that is the fastest likely return you’re going to get. By the time you sign up vs a time you start making money using is one of the best options. 

Now here’s some tips for success on 

Focus on applying to jobs that are brand new and do whatever it takes to get some good feedback on your profile to start with. You really need to stand out on because there’s so many people in certain categories like designing and creative, in writing, in sales and marketing… These categories are very competitive and you want to do something to stand out. Thus you may need to find a friend to get the first job on Upwork, you may need to apply to a lot of jobs on Upwork. 

I recommend to focus on working for good clients like me who has hired hundreds of people before and do a really good job on your application. Take the time to fully answer questions, take the time to see if it’s a good client. What you don’t want to do is apply for a client that ends up giving you a 1 star review and you can usually spot that by just looking at the job and getting to know the client really well. Better not to work for them at all. Therefore is a great place to start a side hustle, you can easily pick up 5 or 10 hours a week on Upwork and immediately beginning payback.

Best Side Hustles for 2019

The next to the website for you is All of these websites will be linked in the blog post, all of these will be linked for you. I’ve put second because is not as easy to get started with as Upwork. On Fiver you put up a gig, I’ve  spent thousands of dollars paying other people for their gigs, and you really succeed on Fiverr by having repeat clients and higher priced gigs. 

At the same time it’s easier to stand out on Fiverr but it may be harder to get that first order since you can’t directly apply to jobs as easily on Fiverr. For success on Fiverr I highly recommend – get some of your friends or family to order your gig, give you feedback and leave a review on it because, just like Upwork, you really need those first reviews. If you take a look around you can see what other people are already doing. I recommend to find something you can do really well that’s not offered, if possible, anywhere else on Fiverr. Figure out something you can do uniquely that you won’t have to compete with others on Fiverr.

The downside of Fiverr is – it gets to be a very exhausted business and you can easily get banned at Fiverr anytime if you try and actually bring someone outside of Fiverr via email or any kind of suggestion to work off the platform. Thus I see Fiverr as a good place for a bit of a side hustle but to me it’s not a place that’s good to build a full-time business. It’s a good way to test your skills. 

By comparison Upwork is a place where you can really scale app to working full-time and Fiverr is easier to build a little bit of a side hustle maybe then Upwork and it offers a little faster potential but it also, at the top, gets to be either overwhelming or annoying.

Best Side Hustles for 2019

That will move us on the next option which is – starting a podcast. I have an entire video that shows you exactly how to start a podcast including the microphone and the ways to get people to listen to a podcast. is also something you can use directly on your phone, you don’t even need to buy any equipment. You can literally download the app and just talk into your phone like you already do and make a podcast. It is also very easy to get some sponsorships immediately on unlike on YouTube or on Facebook where you need to have a certain size following it actually get a sponsorship.

On you’re able to get sponsorship almost immediately. The CPM, the amount of revenues is great on the sponsorships on and all you really need to do is get some of your friends and family listening to your podcast, get about 100 listeners per episode and put out an episode every day and you can make it anywhere from a hundred to a few hundred a month almost right away on, as soon as you get those sponsors and record the ads which you should be able to do pretty quickly. I’ve changed my podcast on and I’ve earned almost $1,000 with pretty little effort on it so I’m sure you can do it too.

The nice thing about is the ability to do this on the side of anything else you’re doing and complementary to anything else you do. For example you could refer people to your Upwork profile or your Fiverrr gig on Anchor or you can mix and match any of the other strategies whereas on Upwork is it difficult to get people in the rest of your business and on Fiverr you will get banned for getting people into the rest of your business. allows you to do content marketing, then help people get into the rest of your business from there. It can also give you a chance to just get to know people in your life and collaborate on some podcast episodes and have some great conversations and get to know the people you are already hanging out with better.

Best Side Hustles for 2019
Jerry Banfiled Partners

That’s 3 ways to make a side hustle in 2019 we are going to the next one. For this – I’m showing you my Jerry Banfield partner program as an example because with this way to make a side hustle is to get to know somebody you’d like to work for and then get in their inner circle and you would just be handed outstanding opportunities.

For example I have a membership program called Jerry Banfield partners which is available at which has rewards like group coaching calls, one-on-one calls and a private Facebook group.

What happens is the people join my partner group get network with me and other people in the partner program and then for example, one partner has made $15,000 in 2019 working with me alone because I realised I need some graphic design I got the new partner that did graphic design and now they’ve done all of my graphic design work in 2019 and are on pace to make properly $100,000 or more working with me as a function of being in my partner program.

Partner program

It’s not just my partner program I’m talking about, the list goes for the people who have worked with me otherways. The idea is to get to know somebody you’d like to work for and then get close to them. This stuff really is about networking. If you follow somebody online do whatever it takes to see if you can get into their inner circle.

You might need to join their membership program, join their Facebook group, comment on a bunch of videos, buy their courses, etc. 

I have one partner who recently bought a bunch of my udemy courses and then won a contest and started working with me that way and now has earned $50,000+ hours working with me. I have one guy who just helped me start my business that I knew from Xbox and he’s made about $100,000 hours working with me online. 

Getting in someone’s inner circle that has a growing business is the way to get handed a dream job. On Upwork you often will be doing work you might barely enjoy it sometimes or not even enjoy it at all. On Fiverr you might need to or get tempted in the creating gigs that you don’t enjoy that much. On Anchor you should be doing a podcast you love and enjoy.

When you get close to somebody you’d like to work for that can be a way to land a dream job as a side job and it can even turn into a full time job. For me the best way to do that is in my partner program and for others a membership program or a Facebook group. Whatever it is you figured out because you follow them.

The next is number 5. The next way to do an awesome side hustle in 2019 is just what you are seeing here – affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is where you have someone else’s product and you help them make the sale and you get a percentage of the sale as a thank you. For example I have a Skillshare referral link where I get $10 if you go sign up on skillshare using my link, it will come up just like this “Jerry invites you to try Skillshare Premium free for 2 months .”

I’ve made over 10 thousand dollars referring people to join skillshare like this. Now, I’ve got a following online and I’ve been doing it for a while so I’ll give you some tips that you can apply when you don’t have a following or are you don’t think you do and you haven’t been doing it for a while. If you want to be successful with affiliate marketing the best strategy is to consistently promote and talk about one programme indirectly. You might think – What did you say, indirectly? Yes, indirectly. I mean to talk about the benefits and the reward and the mindset of the program but not the actual program itself.  I’ve actually missed probably more affiliate commissions then I’ve got because I openly talk about whatever it is I’m promoting. For example, I’ve just showing you Skillshare here instead of keeping whatever it is secret and then making you afterwards message me and then being able to give you the affiliate link directly.

I am friends with a mum who has her main income source from affiliate marketing and what she does is she has a group of weight loss products that she promotes but she only does it via private messages and sharing before and after photos. She never mentions any of the products directly in her posts and she convert everyone via private message.

Therefore I suggest if you want to do affiliate marketing find something you are really passionate about, post about it everyday on your existing accounts and when people start asking questions don’t actually post the link to it but just posted about it generally, for example, if you want to do Skillshare you could say – I love watching video classes everyday, I learn so much, I get inspired to try new things, video classes is the number one suggestion I have to grow and earn more income. In a post like that you didn’t mention skillshare at all and then when someone comments, they say Hey where do you like to watch video classes you say Send me a private message and I’ll give you the link. They send you a private message and you send them your skillshare sign up and you are virtually guaranteed to get a ten dollar sign up right there from doing that on your profile.

Affiliate marketing has earned me lots of money and in the same time I failed at lot at affiliate marketing by just putting links out and not consistently mentioning one program.

I’ve given you some tips I hope all of you to do better at affiliate marketing than me.

Best Side Hustles for 2019

Finally our last way to do a side hustle in 2019, I saved the best for last, I saved the one that’s made me the most money and I’ve left this here for you then did not quit reading earlier, who have stuck with it to give you the number one side hustle on 2019. 

The number one side hustle for 2019 is to teach a video courses online. is one of the top places to teach video courses. I’ve earned over $660,000 teaching on Udemy despite having my profile taken down right when I was earning $1,000 a day.

I also teach on Skillshare, I’ve got about… I don’t even know how many courses I have on skillshare. I also have my video courses up on Stackcommerce and then I promote them via YouTube. 

However, I actually don’t teach video courses anymore because I would rather put everything out there for free. I’ve got a big enough following to just do things like add revenue and direct sales in my videos. I like to just have all of the information I can out there directly for free because to me that seems to be the top level business system. 

When you can just create and have everything available totally for free that seems to me to be the best business system in the world today. However, that is not a side hustle.

You can start out doing that but you are unlikely to make almost any money. What’s really good to work into doing full-time online is teaching online. If you want to make some really good money on Udemy there’s two different basic strategies.

Number one – try and make the best course on a popular subject that has better quality of teaching, new information and the most hours out of any of the other courses. Many of the top sellers on Udemy you’ll see that they just purely have more hours of video than others . If we look at one course it has 24-hour videos right here then we randomly look at another that has 46 hours of video. If you’re just new to teaching online then I don’t recommend that angle and I actually recommend doing is to try and find a subject in that you can teach where there in not even one good course about it and go for that subject. When you start earning a little bit of money that’s positive reinforcement then you can do more and build on that. Once you upload your courses to Udemy, I started with Udemy, then upload them to Skillshare, upload them to Stackcommerece, also for some additional income you can also upload them, once you are on Udemy, on my platform Uthena. 

Jerry Banfiled Partner Program

Then that you’ve got the ability to transition into a full-time online entrepreneur from there. When you’re ready to transition from a side hustle to a full-time online entrepreneur or you just want to start a really strong side hustle I have what I think is the best support group and mentoring group for this, it is called Jerry Banfield partners. You get calls with me, you get group coaching calls, you get a Facebook group and you get more than that when you join my group. This is something that once you have converted your side hustle into full time you can go into full-time then something like a membership group can be a really good way to do it. That’s one of the top ways I monetize being a full-time YouTuber is then having a membership group to get the top 10th of a percent to help fund of the entire business.

Thank you very much for reading my blog today, talking about the best side hustles in 2019. I trust if this is helpful and you ready or will right now press that subscribe button on my YouTube channel and turn notifications on you can actually see new videos I post. If you prefer to watch on Facebook try that follow button and put see first in your news feed and return notifications there to make sure you see the new videos.

Thank you very much for reading all the way to the end of this.

I love you, you are awesome and I will see you in the next blog post.

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