Best Twitter Marketing for Beginners Course in 2019?

You are about to experience the best free Twitter marketing course created in 2019 here with me Jerry Banfield. Are you interested in learning how to use Twitter as a beginner and to make your time and energy you spend on Twitter worthwhile?

I’ve been on Twitter for 7 years. I have 90+ thousand followers. My tweets get 4,000+ impressions every 24 hours. I’ll show you what I’ve learned about Twitter. What you’re going to love is that I’ll show you both the things I recommend doing i.e the things that I’m doing and the things I’ve made mistakes doing which I recommend not to do. It will save you a ton of wasted time and energy if you don’t do them and I’ll give you the newest thing that I’m doing to take my Twitter marketing to the next level. This is totally for free.

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I do 3 new videos a day that I imagine you’ll love and you’ll find them helpful. Please subscribe us on YouTube and help us reach 500k subscribers & leave a comment. Help others find it by giving a like. Your contribution means a lot. That’s all I ask to give you the very best information I know about Twitter after 7 years of experience. Let’s go take a look at My Twitter Profile in the picture below. I’ll show you the key tools I recommend first.

So one of the key things you’ll want to do on Twitter is, to set up automation to share your new blog posts. For me, I use it for my new Youtube Videos, Blog Posts and, Podcast Episodes. I share all of these directly on Twitter using the following 2 tools.

#1 is Zapier. I use Zapier to automate certain platforms publishing. For example, I have a podcast to Twitter, Zap that I do. Whenever I have a new Podcast episode that comes out, it automatically creates an image tweet on Twitter. It gives me massive space in the news feed. It gives a link to my podcast and it gives a podcast title. Automation in this way is essential on Twitter to reduce the amount of time and energy you put out and allow anyone following you to always get the newest of what you create. I have another automation on Twitter to do a YouTube video published to Twitter image tweet. I’ll show you what that looks like in the picture below.

Every time I put out a new YouTube video, I automatically get the high-resolution thumbnail using Zapier from the YouTube video and I put the title of it with a direct link to watch the video. This gives me traffic from Twitter every day over to every new YouTube video and it gives me the ability to not have to do anything on my end. Now, I also use social media auto-posting and scheduling plugin for WordPress blogs named Blog2Social. If you’d like to help me earn and visit my link, you can help me earn when you buy Blog2Social. I discovered Blog2Social because I was looking to be able to auto-post on Twitter and what I got was something much more helpful.

Blog2Social has 3 annual payment plans.

1- Business
2- Pro
3- Smart

#2 is Blog2Social. It is what I use on my WordPress site now instead of automatically scheduling post. I have posts that are scheduled on all my social media platforms every time they come out on my blog and then that gives me the ability to post it to all of my social media platforms such as Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, and Podcast. Now a key thing that you want to do for sharing on Twitter is, to make sure you get some good hashtags in there. So, the ideal way to share something is to get it out in an image tweet. However, if you just share a link on desktop, you get all the hashtags and then when you click on the video, the video will come up directly. If you look at my Twitter profile, I shared all these on my posts with image tweets. So there are different ways of sharing tweets and your tweets look different. I’ve given you a really quick overview of the tools I use to do marketing on Twitter.

The number one thing I recommend to do on Twitter if you’re new is to use Twitter as a user. Now, this sounds really dumb like, “God that’s so obvious. Shouldn’t you use Twitter as a user”? Well when I first started trying to do my own Twitter profile and to do marketing on Twitter, I actually hadn’t done hardly anything on Twitter as an actual user and made me do a lot of stupid mistakes. For example, I’ll tell you one thing not to do i.e. #followforfollow. I did #followforfollow to build up the majority of my followers and then I paid $500 to unfollow all of them. So now I don’t even know how many actual followers I have versus followers that I’ve got for real.

Thus, I recommend to use Twitter as a real user and I recommend do it on your mobile device. Use your mobile device, follow a few people on Twitter and just learn how things come up on Twitter so you understand the receiving end of what you’re trying to give. You can see as a regular user, it seemed insane to do #followforfollow because your newsfeed would just be spammed with all these people you don’t really care about. Thus, I highly recommend to not be engaged in any kind of artificial follower inflation behaviors. I know these are tempting because you want to show people how important you are.

On Twitter when someone looks for you especially if you are like me, you’ve got a big followings in other places, just take the followers that are given to you organically and be satisfied to serve the people that are following you and do a good job following them and you will be able to build a following. At this point, we want to look at the newsfeed to see how the content gets shared. So, there are a few different ways. One of the main ways people are browsing Twitter is on the newsfeed and what I’ll do next is to help you learn the user experience on Twitter so you understand better.

Every time I heart to tweet, everyone following me potentially can see the tweet that I’ve just hearted which is a very important thing to keep in mind. If you want people to heart your tweets, then you give some hearts out to others but at the same time, it’s annoying to follow people who just go through and hit the heart on almost every tweet because then you get a bunch of useless tweets. There are just too many so use your hearts in moderation.

Then there’s the retweet option. Now a retweet shares it as if it’s your tweet to your followers. The retweet is much more likely in many cases to appear in the Twitter feed. Thus, as you can see in the picture above, I’m following Harsh Agarwal. I’m not following Shannon Plantae but her tweet appears in my feed because he retweeted it. So a retweet is the best help you can give to someone and you can see.

Here’s another example as you can see in the picture above. I don’t follow realDonaldTrump or paying attention to politics. Two of my friends follow and so that’s how this appeared in my newsfeed even though there’s a thread attached to this even though I don’t follow realDonaldTrump but these two people I follow, do and then this just appears in my feed somehow. Then there’s also a Who to Follow on Twitter but almost all the time Twitter just recommends people that have a lot of followers already and well they’ll have some more. So don’t worry about how to get in here you may be able to get in here if you very carefully follow people you’re interested in and other people are doing the same then you may get some suggested followers out of that but realistically as with a lot of things in this life you look at who to follow. It’s just the verified accounts of people who already have a lot of followers who or can have more on there. So just kind of be okay with that instead of resenting it.

Here’s an example of the heart I talked about in the picture above. You see Harsh liked it. He hit the heart on it. So this comes up and I think I’m also following this blog. So, if one of my follower and one person I’m following heart something from somebody else I’m following, that’s got a more likely shot to come up in my feed.

If you can get a vertical video, it is a really good way to get a huge impression. If you look through the newsfeed most all of the content is what I would call rich media. So they’re images or videos. This is a very important thing to learn about twitter marketing right upfront. The main things that get shared at the top of the newsfeed are these rich media. So videos, pictures and sometimes just a straight-up text will get featured in there and if you share a link sometimes with the main things that come up in the news feed are the kind of big format posts.

For example, Tim Ferriss has this tweet come up as you can see in the picture above. You can do really well with a short text tweet also. So what I recommend and what I do is, I experiment with lots of different formats on my tweets. I mostly do the image and picture tweets but sometimes I’ll do a short text tweet other times I publish videos directly to my Twitter feed and the video is an ideal format. But the problem with the videos is that videos have to be under 2 minutes and 30 seconds currently on videos which stinks.

So one thing that is nice about Twitter is that you can discover new things if you follow people. For example, J.R.Swab is who I follow. He introduced me to a podcasting platform named Anchor just by hitting the heart button on one of his tweets. This is some of the big power you get in Twitter and when you see how Twitter works like this, you can see the value of posting really helpful content on Twitter. You want to post the kind of things people will heart, retweet and comment on because as almost all of us want to know, how do I get more followers? How do I get more reach? You post stuff that’s really helpful to people and that’s what I try and do all the time on my Twitter feed, Post what is helpful to people and just posting stuff that’s helpful to people doesn’t mean you’re going to get instantly a bunch of retweets and bunch of new followers but just doing that every day on Twitter repeatedly will help you grow. I get new followers almost every day without doing #followforfollow just by posting things that are helpful and then people share.

One of the ideas I’m thinking of doing for the future to expand my Twitter marketing efforts is by paying. I’ve tried Twitter ads. I may try those again. I could be doing some kind of micro influence or marketing to pay for tweets like the one shown in the picture above, to just have someone share one of my YouTube videos and just pay for a tweet like, “Hey write a tweet about my YouTube videos”. I could probably pay a very small amount for it and then that’s all organic reach. It gets out to other people’s followings and especially I paid the same person 10, 20 or 30 times to write tweets about different videos and different blog posts of mine, then I’ve got a good chance of them knowing exactly of them getting connected with their followers and starting discussions on Twitter.

So one of the main ways people use Twitter especially on the mobile app is just browsing through the feed but there’s one other thing you need to understand about Twitter that is very important for learning how Twitter works. What does Twitter do well? Twitter does well, allowing anyone to see real-time conversations about what’s happening. For example, if I search game Game of Thrones, is one of the ways I use Twitter. So after the Game of Thrones Season Finale, it was fun to look through and look at the tweets from what people were saying about Game of Thrones. So this is one of the ways that Twitter is most effective. If there’s some kind of happening story or like a season finale of something or anything that people are talking about it. Twitter can be really good for looking for the conversation about it and I had some fun on Twitter the night of the season finale. I just searched for Game of Thrones and just watched all the discussion about it and the discussion was incredible and Twitter is one of the best places to just see what people are talking about real-time.

For example, if I want to see what people are talking about Bitcoin, I can just search for Bitcoin and then there’s top news. I also can search the LATEST. Latest can be helpful if you just want to see the absolute newest on something. So literally I can see what people are talking about in nearly real-time. We can see exactly who’s posting and if you want to find some people that are talking in your niche, if you want to find some people you might like relationships with, for example, sometimes you can search for people talking about things and start commenting on their tweets and begin building a relationship. Now, this tends to work best to do some niche searches, for example, I just searched for Steem and you can see the newest tweets directly about Steem. The more niche you get, the more you can find a discussion about. Similarly, I can search for myself. I can search for Jerry Banfield. I can see exactly what the latest people are talking about Jerry Banfield. It’s very easy to follow a specific topic you can check out the discussion and if you do something like latest, you can just scroll back and see all of the conversation topics at LATEST.

So, this is what Twitter does well. It allows you to find real-time conversations about topics and if you want to build a real following, that’s not just about numbers but that’s about meaningful engagements. What I see is the opportunity to do that is engaging in conversations. This gives me the ability to get down and engage with people and the more you know what people are talking about, for example, if I want to see what people have to say about ActiveCampaign, I can search for ActiveCampaign. You can get ideas and get inspired, for example, if you’re doing affiliate marketing, you can search for something like this and see who else is doing affiliate marketing, how are they doing it and the kind of videos. You can get into the latest of what’s going on this way on Twitter.

Now that you know that you are empowered to make some good tweets. If you’re wondering, “Ok Jerry, how do I get my very first followers on this? Let’s say I’m starting from zero. How do I get my very first followers? What I recommend to get your very first followers is to reach out to existing friends and family members that already use Twitter and to start engaging with other people and ask people directly that you follow. What might make sense instead of starting with 0 people that are following you and 0 people you’re following is, to start and follow some people that you want to follow and that you want to compose your newsfeed with? And then ask those accounts if, they’ll follow you back and not just do it out of like, “Hey I’m gonna keep following you if you follow me back” but out of genuine interest to say look, “I like what you create. You could do that with me on Twitter”.

Almost no one asks me to follow them. You could try having me follow. You can follow me on a tweet saying, “Hey Jerry, I just followed you. I’m interested in what you create. Will you try following me back?” Now I might say, “No, I don’t know who you are. I’m not going to follow you back or I might say Sure, I’ll give you a follow as well.” That can be a great way to build up that initial following and stay away from doing anything artificial. I highly recommend avoiding anything early on like Twitter ads or anything that’s not organic because all that stuff is the distraction and the ideal is an organic following. Now once you’ve got things going on your Twitter account, how do you get in there and see what’s going on? So, the key tab we’re gonna talk about next is the notifications tab.

The notifications tab is where you find out what has happened on your Twitter. This is where you find out all your new mentions, all your new follows, and all the tweets to you. I’ll tell you about my notifications here. I had 3 new followers in the last 3 hours. I can see 2 people liked my tweet. Then I can see I was mentioned directly in a tweet and I can see a comment that you can see in the image above. This is a good question from RUTKAT says, “Why not a WordPress LMS without monthly fees”?

One of the many mistakes I made on Twitter was not engaging consistently with the people who were tweeting to me especially early on if you’re fantasizing about having a lot of followers and wondering how you’re going to build your following and you get to hustling and trying to build your following. You might not appreciate or you can make the mistake of not appreciating every single comment. I try and reply to almost any question I get like this on Twitter today and this gives me the ability to have a conversation with people which then is a good way to build a following. On this one, I see a question I haven’t thought of yet. I’ll reply to his tweet as “I had not thought of that yet! What do you recommend?” It’s nice on just a little short reply makes a big difference and I’ll heart that tweet.

This is how you keep up with what’s going on, on Twitter with your profile. Now as I continue to scroll down, I see people that are retweeting my tweets which gives me a good idea. I hit the heart on the comments and it gives me a good idea of what people care about on Twitter than I’m posting. I’m grateful to see that I’m getting some new followers every day without trying to promote my Twitter account directly. I’m able to see what people are hitting a like on with my tweets and which tweets people are liking and this gives me really good positive reinforcement for what to create more of. I can see that almost all of the types of videos I put out are getting some likes on Twitter. This gives me that positive reinforcement to keep coming back and keep posting especially when you post a lot. It’s helpful to see all the engagement right here in your notifications because if you’ve got your automatic tweet set up like I do and you just first scroll through your profile, it might not look like much is happening.

Sometimes it can take a few days to get some engagement on Twitter. We see consistently a little bit of engagement on these and by engagement, I mean retweets, comments, hearts or even link clicks on Twitter. It might not look like much is happening but if we go to your tweet activities and we click on view top tweets, now it shows us a 178k impressions for me in 28 days as you can see in the image above. That means I’m reaching a lot of people repeatedly which is ideal for building deep relationships and what we can see also that’s good is consistency in impressions. I’m getting about 5 to 6 thousand impressions almost every day on Twitter and this is good. I highly recommend taking a look at the tweet activity in the tweet reports because even if your tweets don’t look like they’re doing anything from an engagement point of view, you may be reaching a lot of people with your tweets and people are doing things like link clicks on them.

For example, this tweet which you can see in the image above got 25 engagements on it. Now, if you click on it, it says, “I could promote my tweet” on that. It shows my tweet engagements on here. It shows that I got 8 link clicks, 7 likes, 3 replies, 3 profile clicks, 3 detail expands, 1 retweet and 1 media engagement for a total of 25 on there as you can see in the image above. Now that is awesome given that was an automatic tweet. It just went out and reached 1,726 people which if I had to pay for it would probably be several dollars. It got 25 engagements again all for free including link clicks over to my Youtube channel probably and every time someone goes to my YouTube channel, they can potentially be seeing more videos directly on YouTube. I’ve got 40 retweets in the last month. I’m not holding myself up as I’m not putting you out here. It’s kind of an average twitter user. You can do a lot more than this by focusing on building an engaged following and consistently showing up on Twitter every day.

What I like to see is that people are clicking on my links every single day. There are retweets almost every day. There are likes and replies almost every day. That’s got some life on it and all there is to do for me here is to optimize and continue growing. This is all free which is nice. If I had to pay for all those impressions, that might cost a thousand dollars to pay for all those impressions. I may try some Promoted Tweets again on Twitter. I tried some Promoted Tweets before. I was completely unimpressed with the results. They were too expensive. The feedback was often people saying nasty things and Twitter for some reason Promoted Tweets seem to be a place people like to troll.

What’s helpful in this field is to go through and look at which tweets were the top and then you can get an idea from looking at which tweets were the top on what you might want to do more of. That can include what format to put them in. Almost all of my top tweets were picture tweets. You want to do those big images or video tweets because those get a lot of space in the newsfeed which means someone has to scroll harder to go past your content. Lots of times there may not be any conclusions and you can immediately draw from them. Sometimes you might do an exactly similar kind of post and not getting the engagement other times you can try and do something like you’ve already done and do more from there.

The key is to just constantly expand and to just constantly test and innovate. I have 16,500 tweets on Twitter. Almost all of these are automated and I’ve got 3,445 photos. I’ve just switched to doing photo tweets more recently and the photo tweets are nice because if you click on my profile you can very easily scroll through all these different photo tweets I made. You can see all the YouTube videos I make here. It’s very easy to scroll through and kind of see my latest content just by scrolling through the tweets.

There’s another thing that can be an opportunity which is “direct messages”. However, I’ve turned off direct messages in my settings because I find direct messages are very often spammy. You can send a direct message automatically under lots of circumstances. So, I’ve turned those off because they’re so consistently spammy and if I don’t want to respond to something like I don’t want to respond to direct messages then I’ve disabled it. However, you can have a lot of opportunity for growth by doing direct messages and you can set up automatic direct messages. However, that might not be worthwhile. So what I’ll end with here is kind of a “call to action”.

If you want to do marketing on Twitter, the key thing to do is to go to Zapier. Go to Zapier and get automatic tweets set up for the new content you release. If you’ve got a blog or a Youtube channel, get the existing content that you’re publishing to other places out on Twitter in the form of an image tweet. That is the first key thing to do like if you’ve got a podcast get it out automatically to Twitter. I’ll show you quickly how to even set that up on here.

What you need to do first is, you need something to trigger it. So if you’ve got a podcast, you’ll get an RSS feed as you can see in the image above. You just put the RSS feed in here.

Next you’ll connect your Twitter account and then you just put in a specific format. So what I do, Step 1 comes in from the RSS feed and then I put a static thing says “is my newest podcast episode” and every time it sends people over to my Podcast on my website then the image is pulled directly from the RSS feed on the podcast and that’s how I set that up. I’ll show you how I set it up with YouTube videos also.

I just put my Youtube channel in there then I put my Twitter account to create an image tweet and what I do is, I take the title of the video and I put the word “at” and some spaces. Then I put a link. Next, I go down on the image and I take the image off of YouTube.

The key to do this is to use the maximum resolution default image on YouTube. If you want to pull straight from YouTube, you use the max res default image. Now you can set up automatic tweets if you want to for my videos you could set automatic tweets up even if you’re not making your content, you can set automatic tweets up for those that you follow. I’m just thinking about it maybe I should hire people to set up automatic tweets on my YouTube videos and my Podcast episodes. That might be a really good thing to do. Finally, one of the best things you can do is set up manual sharing and get into hashtags.

Now, I don’t get too much into hashtags on Twitter because you don’t need a hashtag to show up in search results but people do browse hashtags and what you can do for hashtags on Twitter, you need to manually share for hashtags or you can put it directly in your Zap. For example, you could put hashtag podcast but you don’t need to put #podcast in a podcast if it already says my newest podcast episode. But you could put hashtag for the platform #Anchorfm or something like that. The main thing that’s nice about hashtags is, they give you the ability when someone’s looking to quickly see some of the key points of the tweet. Hashtags also can be useful to let you put the context of what you’re sharing. So, I put the videos on how I grew as an instructor on Udemy and then what you can do with hashtags you can expand the context words you might not have put in otherwise like you can say #fulltimeentrepreneuronline, etc. Also as a bonus thing kind of here, you can do live streams on Twitter.

Here’s one that I did sharing it myself as you can see in the image above, where I put my podcast link. Then I have all the context of it here like, #incomereport, #anchorfm, #podcast, #podcasting, #business, #entrepreneur. Things that give you kind of the more general umbrella that the specific tweet is about.

So, thank you very much for reading this. I’ve made a nice 30 minute read course here. I hope it is helpful for you to get started as a beginner for Twitter. I have shown you some of the things that you definitely want to do like, get to know the Twitter user experience before you start expecting people to follow you and get on your tweets. The summary of this article including all of my advice is as follows,

  1. Don’t do #followforfollow or any artificial followers building behavior.
  2. Don’t just follow a bunch of random people to start with.
  3. Don’t jump right into Twitter ads and trying to promote your account before you have consistently been on Twitter.
  4. Don’t just share a bunch of text posts. You’ll want to use those rich media, the images, the videos and at least a link at a minimum.
  5. Occasionally a text post can be good.
  6. Vertical videos can do well on Twitter.
  7. Direct messages, you might want to disable them or you can get the automatic spam ones or maybe you can make some real relationships with direct messages.
  8. Watch your notifications. This is probably the most important part of your Twitter account.
  9. Keep on top of the notifications. Make sure you look at who’s talking and if there’s a question or something, make the most of every single opportunity you can on Twitter.

I’m Jerry Banfield. I’m a full-time Youtuber and Jerry Banfield on Twitter. Thank you very much for reading. I trust you’re one of the elite 1% who’s made to the very end of the post. If you have not already, will you please join us as a subscriber by hitting that subscribe button on YouTube and help us reach 500,000 subscribers and turning the notifications on. I do 3 new videos a day. If you prefer to watch on Facebook, follow my Facebook page and hit “See First” and turn those notifications on and you’ll get the videos on Facebook. You can also follow me on Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin.

If you’d like to talk with me every week, if you want to have your one-on-one calls with me every month, I have a Partner Program at I imagine you will love and enjoy. This is my high-level offering. We have group coaching calls. We are full-time entrepreneurs online. We have a private Facebook group and this is a really good way for me to get to know you to end up following you and retweeting what you create on Twitter. Making deep relationships with people like this through my partner program is a great opportunity if, you want to then reach my audience on Twitter by me following you. I trust that when you want to join us to take a look at

I’m honored you’ve got to the end of this one. I’ve intended to make this, The Best Twitter marketing beginner course in 2019 as it just gets straight into the information, it doesn’t sell you to buying another course somewhere and it gives you all of what I’ve learned in a quick 30-minute reading format. I love you. You are awesome. Thank you very much for reading this and I imagine I’m going to see you again real soon since you made it to the end of this post.

Jerry Banfield