Best Water Filtration System for Home with Fast Bottle Filling Home Master TMAFC-ERP-L Review

Are you ready to see the best water filtration system for filling up water bottles quickly with the highest quality water?

I’ve been looking so long for a better alternative to using a Brita filter and pouring water in and this finally has done. I’ve researched and I have found it the reverse osmosis water filtration system I’m about to show you here.

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This thing is so good.

Best Water Filtration System for Home

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This is my review of the “Home Master TMAFC-ERP-L Artesian Full Contact with Permeate Pump Loaded Undersink Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System”.

Wow! This can do up to 75 gallons a day. It is so tasty and it removes way more like five or 10 times as much from the water as the Brita filtration system based on the data I saw.

According to the data I saw, the Brita filtration system got about 10% out and this gets about 90 to 95% out of the water.

You might wonder why would you even want to filter your water, you want to filter your water because unfiltered water these days especially in the USA from the tap often gets a lot of other things in it.

Best Water Filtration System for Home

Even things like the prescription drugs, it can get all kinds of contaminants.

This reverse osmosis system, acccording everything I’ve seen should take it all out.

Some of the highlights for this filtration system are:

  • The pump on this side over here.
  • This is a water tank that is pressurized, it gives you a nice pressure out of the sink.
  • This is the tap and the actual water filtration system.

It’s currently $482 with free shipping. It does seven stages of water purification, removes up to 99% of contaminants so tasty, and it has a non electric pump that reduces the water waste.

One of the downsides this does put out as much water in straight into the sewer as it does into the faucet itself.

I sure think it’s well worth it when we live in a world where there’s an abundance of water and keep that in mind. You want to order this version of it or some of the other versions put out even more water waste.

This is so much fun. I’ll show you a look under the sink and give you some tips.

You’re seeing behind me the water purification system as its installed under my sink directly behind my head is the reservoir which gives this thing amazing pressure. It’s at least one gallon if not more reservoir. It has lots of extra water in it.

Then what you’re seeing off to right here. Here are the filters that put it through five different filtration. Get it tasting delicious.

Water Filtration System under sink

Here is also the pump I’ve got up on top of it and it also has a drain line.

Here are a few things that you will love about it:

This water tastes really good and it’s comes straight out of here. So you see you just turn this on right on my sink and it comes out of there.

I’ll show you filling it up now.

—Huh, this is some tasty water, man! That is good, good, good water

I’ve looked so long to get some water that’s tasty like that.

It just doesn’t taste like anything. It just tastes like water that doesn’t have a bunch of extra stuff in it. It’s so good. You saw how fast it came out behind me out of the water faucet right here just come shooting out really fast.

You don’t need to fool around changing the filters every three months or waiting and constantly refilling it the sink.

Best Water Filtration System for Home

—It’s so nice. I love it!

I’ll give you a few tips for getting this thing installed successfully:

  • The biggest challenge with this water system is getting it installed correctly.
  • The first time when I ordered it, I got a system where something was wrong with the filters.

Maybe somebody had used it before even though it said it was new. I got really nasty briny water out of it. However as soon as I called customer support, they sent me a new filter kit for it and as soon as I put that in the waters tasted delicious.

A few installation tips.

  • If your water tastes really nasty, or briny and your certain you hooked it up right call customer service.
  • Make sure the drain line couldn’t possibly backup on the installation.
  • Read the instructions really carefully.

I hired a contractor to help me with this water filtration system installation.

Drilling through this granite countertop was the biggest ordeal along with figuring out why the water was tasting bad It took about 30 minutes to an hour to drill through that countertop.

Best Water Filtration System for Home

I was serious about getting this thing installed.

You will also want to make sure you’re when you go to let the water run the first time, make sure the filter reservoir tank that’s right behind my head is closed so you don’t get any of the initial water running into the reservoir tank.

Make sure you slow down, read the directions carefully let the initial water run straight out. Otherwise you’ll get some of the initial water that comes out that’s dark that’s not meant to be drank you’ll get that in the water tank, then you need to flush the water tank several times in order to get it done.

This does take a few hours to install. However it is so worth it. Once you get it set up. It should be able to run at least a year and then all you need to do is change out the filters in it.

Now that may not be what the maintenance manual says. I’ll post updates if anything different happens.

Make sure you connect everything right go ahead and my wife recommends hire a plumber to get it make sure it’s installed perfectly that way if you’ve got any issues you know if the water is nasty, just call up. They sent me a filter replacement for free.

I love this because the water tastes great and it comes out fast.

Water Filtration System

It’s easy to fill up and this is the main water I drank now.

So thank you for finding taking a look with me underneath my kitchen sink.

Thank you very much for reading my entire review of the Home Master TMAFC-ERP-L water filtration system, it’s got 49 other customer reviews and 79 answered questions on the Amazon Detail page.

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